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End of the month, payday!


Well, glad to be arriving at payday again, and the weather's improved, so who's up for some outdoor fun ? Not sure it's warm enough yet, but you really don't know until you've tried it! With the prospect of a warmer month and longer days, what's everyone planning ?..

9:27 pm Friday, 17th February, 2017

Bi curious female with straight hubby


We are a easy going couple up for a good laugh. we are looking for a single bi female or a couple with a bi girl straight man. I want to explore the length of a lovely ladies body while my hubby watches.(HE WILL HAVE NO INVOLVEMENT AT ALL) IM 40Yr old and just want to lick a beautiful wet horney..

9:21 pm Friday, 17th February, 2017

very shy and gentle man


i am very shy and find it very hard to meet people due to being so shy. and i know i am not the best looking man but i do have a good heart if someone would just give me a chance but i always seem to get no your not for me. should i just give up on love?💔..

6:11 pm Friday, 17th February, 2017

knock, knock anyone there?


Hello? *Echo* Locally, Lincolnshire. This place seems devoid of anyone. Messages are sent, not read. "profile liked" sends a message, why? Such a shame. I'm often feeling I'm too young... anyone real here?..

5:58 pm Friday, 17th February, 2017

Looking to meet tomorrow


Looking to meet single women or a couple tomorrow day time in the London area. I'm up for anything and would do anything too. I am bi so totally game for a lot of things, if you are interested just drop me a message and i will get back to you as soon as possible ..

5:16 pm Friday, 17th February, 2017

Another Best Erotic Night of My Life!


Last year samir and me went to a party out of the town. At this party all ladies were topless. Half way through the night we were all pretty fucked up. There were two matured ladies there and they were all over each other. We found one of them was so fucking hot. Just watching them had turned me..

5:01 pm Friday, 17th February, 2017

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Looking for the right one


she dresses for her night out her mind thinking off one thing to find the right person. She puts on her sexy black basque her stockings black sheer, smoothing them over her long legs. Attaching to her Basque. Slips on her leopard print mini skirt, leather bike jacket and finally her knee high..

4:13 pm Friday, 17th February, 2017

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How I was attracted towards 3some my real encounters


while in college i was seeing a girl who shared her apartment with another chick,we all became fast friends, her boyfriend was in another city so she spent most of her free time hanging out with us when she wasn't in class which was mostly evenings.

I was usually free in the afternoons and so was..

2:01 pm Friday, 17th February, 2017

Threesome Action Needed


Why is it so damn hard to find another girl to join me for a threesome with my hubby???? I have been trying to no avail. Hope someone reading this could help me. Lol!

I am in Japan and it seems so difficult to find someone who is also interested. We have some experience but since I am in Japan and..

1:44 pm Friday, 17th February, 2017

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Do women really like anal sex ?


As a man I imagine it must hurt like hell. A big thick cock in a tiny hole, being pounded. Or do you need a thin cock like a finger ?

So do women really enjoy it , or do it to please their man ?Not being judgmental just curious :)Please reply I am genuinely interested..

12:35 pm Friday, 17th February, 2017

to re-live a fantasy again


 new to this hook up n fuck site stuff, just finding my feet;  I'm looking for someone to help me out with something I used to have going ..
.. she would let herself in and lock the door behind her, sometimes I would be sat naked on the stairs watching as she teasingly undressed before..

2:59 am Friday, 17th February, 2017

I love the times when...


... a kiss is with passion and lust,
a taste of how much you want to play,
hands stroking, touching, feeling, groping,
to show you a tenderness, a new way,
not just a fuck or a quickie to save time,
a fumble in a car or in the cold,
come round to mine, my bedroom's just fine,
for hot sex and..

10:23 pm Thursday, 16th February, 2017

All dressed up and not a cock to suck.


im all dressed up, makeup everything, anyone near ponty wana come fuck me? i just need a cum flood, even if there were a group of you, you can all go through me one after the other bareback cumflood me. if not its a cucumber again till i squirt my own load in my face. im up late but need to cum..

10:15 pm Thursday, 16th February, 2017

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Always up for meeting new Adult playtimes


Hi, we are a couple from the USA in Malaga starting Feb 18th. We will be here for 30 days. We hope to find new playmates. Let us know if interested.
We are a mid-50s couple. Wife is a BI he is str8. We love erotic play with fun uninhibited attractive couples and BI ladies. He's latin and she's not...

6:43 pm Thursday, 16th February, 2017

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Friends interested in making my wife scream


We are due back in Bangkok for the rest of the year starting in early march & looking for like minded couples & hot single girls looking to enjoy my wife while i just sit & watch before i too join in on the pleasure between us 😊 we are a very open couple willing to enjoy all the pleasures that..

6:06 pm Thursday, 16th February, 2017

Feeling horny, looking for some pussy


My house will be empty tonight. So any couple or single female from Suva wanna join me then drop me a message. Looking to have some fun tonight. If you think you're interested then message me. Let's have some wild fun..

5:34 pm Thursday, 16th February, 2017

Awesome Encounter With A Mumbai based Couple


I am Prasad, 26 years old and I live in Pune. I am narrating a story of my threesome experience with a Mumbai based couple.

As usual I was browsing through this popular adult dating site. After spending few minutes I found some of the couples in the chatroom and tried initiating conversations..

2:22 pm Thursday, 16th February, 2017

My First Threesome Experience


Samir has been asking me for about 2 years if he could watch me with another guy, but I kept saying no. But in my mind I thought mmm maybe I could, it would be so cool. But I resisted. Then Samir bought me a dildo, and he would get me to suck him while he fucked me with the dildo. He’d use it to..

11:25 am Thursday, 16th February, 2017

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How do you know... If you have fallen for him?


He’s the last person you think of before falling asleep, and the first you think of when you wake up.

Every time you hear your phone, you hope it will be him.

You find a way to mention him to your close friends on a daily basis. You hope they ask about him.

You have to make a conscious effort to..

8:30 am Thursday, 16th February, 2017

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Built on trust, understanding and commitment for one another, open relationships have unfairly earned a bad rap. For those who don’t know the basis of these arrangements, here are of the most popular myths about open relationships.

They’re Sex Addicts
Arguably the biggest misconception about open..

8:29 am Thursday, 16th February, 2017

housewife who like to get groped in public


i was traveling by bus one day it was very crowded so i was just standing in corner thn 4 woman in sari get abord the bus thy wer looking normal housewife but somthing was diffrent , one woman get close to me s srt standing very close to me thn she turn so her butts wer right in front of me like..

7:39 am Thursday, 16th February, 2017

Hi there adulthub!!!


Im 22 from quezon city philippines.Legit Walker,well i dont usually doing this thing but when im thinking about eating my pussy and sucking cock like a sleeping baby,im starting to feel horny.Do u like it too?You can message me if you want to know more how this baby works in bed.And also we can..

4:22 am Thursday, 16th February, 2017

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Paid Service ? - Yuk!


this site is suppose to be a membership fee paid and a quality place to meet up with quality people. BUT some are spoiling it, with "PAID SERVICES" "MONEY ONLY"

daem!! I dont know why they are here

3:02 am Thursday, 16th February, 2017

Looking for cuckold couples and females


Hello everyone how are you..  Anyone interested please pm me.  I have place.  I'm interested in in group fun and one to one. I have experience with two couples otherwise I'm new to sex.  So I'm looking for sex teacher too..  😍👅..

2:43 am Thursday, 16th February, 2017

Looking for erotic meet with girl/Couple


Hi Bangalore, I am single guy from north India staying in Bangalore.who looking for some erotic experience with fun loving couple or girl/ woman.  I can give all kind of satisfactions like oral sex, ass liking and i can participate on threesome also. If any one interested then ping me...

2:35 am Thursday, 16th February, 2017