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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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Wifey plays solo - part 2 (wifey tells the story)


As Thirdy sits me on the counter, he continued to kiss my lips, my neck. I got hot when he kissed and nibble on my neck. He whispered, "I like how you smell". Then he licked down to my breasts, circled his tongue playing on my nips and then started to slowly suck them in his mouth. I gasped a..

9:39 am Friday, 16th February, 2018

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Pensando en hacer un trio....


Mi marido desde hace tiempo tiene ganas de hacer un trio m-h-m.... y yo debo admitir que me da morbo.. me da curiosidad.. él hace años hizo uno... yo nunca.. a veces me animo y otras me da miedo... tengo el gusanito de saber q se siente.. pero a la vez tengo miedo de que si lo hacemos cambie..

8:17 am Friday, 16th February, 2018

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Fun Times with Thirdy..


Meet this guy, lets call him Thirdy. I have a nice conversarion with him, sets the mood on a proper place and time. Young but intelligent, has a catchy tongue.    

We did set the time and place, its a discreet meet. He went to the lodge first, ordered food, waited and gave me the room..

2:27 am Friday, 16th February, 2018

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Young, Patient and Less Experienced Guy


Chatted this guy on a dating site, he is so nice and im comfy talking with him. We talked about life, adventures, travels and experiences. We have something in common, he likes to took pictures and same as me (photography).

Share pics of different kinds, including the censored ones. He is so..

2:22 am Friday, 16th February, 2018

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Are you out there? Please tell me you are


My fantasy has always been to meet a couple, me knocking on the door he opens it reaches for my hand and takes me in.  She's on the bed he tells me to take me clothes off and get on the bed with her. 
She takes me starting to kiss me touch me my body trembles. He leans over me and tells me to be..

12:15 am Friday, 16th February, 2018

Best Friends Forever...!!


'It's like an unending drought, a dark tunnel without any hope of light', Anika said to HER. 'It's been 6 months since Abhay has gone to Europe, and I feel like I am losing my mind. I feel unwanted and lonely all the time. I need to be touched. I need to feel desirable. I don't want to cheat Abhay..

3:28 pm Thursday, 15th February, 2018

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Test blogtest blog Test blog


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3:07 pm Thursday, 15th February, 2018

Erotic Short Stories


Hi Guys and Gals, Looking for reviewers, particularity couples, to read my erotic short stories before I submit for publication..

11:02 am Thursday, 15th February, 2018

First Night Prep for Love


Tip to prepare the hotwife for first night with Bull:

For dramatic results make the Hotwife dare to do Brazilian waxing. or apply Veet to remove all under arms and under panty hair. Laser hair removal is also good.

Apply Nivea or Dove 'no more dark patches roll-on' her under panty areas and..

10:40 am Thursday, 15th February, 2018

Suggestion require for make better holi with couples


Holi festival is very near and my couple friends want to blasting celebration on holi. 
Anyone of you suggest me which is better for us 
Swingers party , Cuckhold with rough type sex , Gangbang , Adult games , Group fun , orggy etc etc ???
Can you suggest me which one is blasting celebration for..

9:57 am Thursday, 15th February, 2018

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My wife has a preference for mff


She has tried a lesbian, and yes, she enjoyed it a lot. I'm talking about my wife. In her younger days, a close friend and she got naughty one night (probably because they got a little drunk) and they were alone in a room, so they started kissing, and touching, and eventually, her friend got to go..

4:45 am Thursday, 15th February, 2018

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Am i the only one who hides


Who is as we say  is hidden? I guess like many here i am married and my oh knows nothing of Annie thereby lies the huge for me problem, the chances i get to dress are limited as are the chances to meet anyone in fact so far never been able too.. however i really want this to change but in my case..

3:35 am Thursday, 15th February, 2018

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Making Love to First Time Cpls


if its a first time cuck cpl then usually the hotwife will be still shy and very fresh for the bull size. after the first intro there needs to be a private engagement and dating period for her to accept the bull as her new master. on the mutually selected D-day the hotwife deserves to be dressed as..

3:27 am Thursday, 15th February, 2018

This one’s for my king.


For my King.

I sit in his office. Blindfolded. My hands tied to each side of the strong wooden arms of the chair. My ankles secured to each leg too. I am naked and exposed. For all I know I could have an audience. But there’s only one person I have in mind, he is the one I want to be surveying me..

11:36 pm Wednesday, 14th February, 2018

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Erotic story of the day


Close your eyes and imagine my hands sliding up and down your back, kneading your tired muscles, My thumbs working down your spine,... to your glutes. Firmly massaging your ass.... knowing exactly where and how you want to be touched...  Teasingly, not doing so.... and moving to your legs, your..

4:10 pm Wednesday, 14th February, 2018

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The Essential Self, The Essential Self


We can have no sense of the essential Self unless we arrive at our core – that which is deeper than thoughts and emotions, likes and dislikes, opinions and ambitions. It is possible to listen within while following the rising of the breath, to listen for a silence behind thoughts and emotions. This..

12:21 pm Wednesday, 14th February, 2018

What would you like to read?


On this side is an experienced bisexual male who wants to write here. I would love to hear from you what you would want to read about. You may choose from the following categories...
- Erotic Fantasies
- Steamy Experiences - Heterosexual only
- Steamy Experiences - Bisexual 
- Steamy Experiences -..

6:44 am Wednesday, 14th February, 2018

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Feeling sad that I’m not a woman, not pretty. I have accepted it already but!


When you browse the site and you get caught up looking at beautiful lesbian women kind of by accident, not just perving because I don’t feel that is right and you know that it’ll never happen. It makes me feel a little sad. 
Just that really and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. It seems such a..

12:45 am Wednesday, 14th February, 2018

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about what I want...


hi everyone, I am 48, white, average body, blue eyes, red hair, 5' 6", divorced no brats, I am here to have sex with women alone "no males", I would do 3somes with willing females, want to do anal with  few women, not looking for love but if it happens it would not be refused, one fantasy is to..

10:00 pm Tuesday, 13th February, 2018

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Something to always be thankful for.


IDK why but I feel like skipping on sex feels more romantic and more special than having sex during Valentine's Day. I think most older couples can relate with this and I hope the younger ones do too. Having sex regularly made 'being there for your partner not just in bed' more romantic. I mean,..

8:40 pm Tuesday, 13th February, 2018



Hi ladies and gentlemen,

It has been such a long time since my last blog. I am glad to be back once again to have a feel for ****. As always life took over and now I am in a different continent and area all together so exciting times.

What is really the definition of "sapiosexual"? According to..

8:07 pm Tuesday, 13th February, 2018

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The Story of Myself Part 1


I am a person who believes that women are gems on this Earth. They are born to be respected in every way especially sexually. A woman should be sexually satisfied even how bizzare her wishes are. Well in front of the world I am a person with good family background, good education and a decent guy..

5:23 pm Tuesday, 13th February, 2018

Its been a while people 👌


Hi all, 
Its been a while since i posted on the site so apologise for that.
Hope everyones been naughty and still having fun? 
Still having issues matching with people from my area it seems as london and down south comes up a lot. 
Anyhooo just thought id say hi..

2:43 pm Tuesday, 13th February, 2018

A recurring dream.......drifting off thought


Since coming on here and chatting to you lovely ladies I've had recurring fantasy or horny drifting off to sleep dream....it hasn't come true yet but we live in hope. 
It's about meeting a stranger off this site. Maybe you can visualise this one. Meeting the mystery lady at Stafford Railway..

12:47 pm Tuesday, 13th February, 2018

Young single body massuer


I'm 26 single male massuer from Delhi, any cpl or female  from delhi ncr is interested in getting erotic body massage service 
Interested people who have place and free on sat or sunday in daytime can drop me message and will contact u or u can also drop what's app no 

12:40 pm Tuesday, 13th February, 2018