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Fantasía con ella nº1


Es algo temprano pero cuando noto la piel de tu precioso culo rozándome la mano ya no hay sueño que valga. Te empiezo a acariciar la espalda, me encanta notar lo calentita que estás. Aparto un poco tu cabello y te doy besos en el cuello, suaves. Casi sin tocarte. Se te pone piel de gallina...te..

2:36 pm Sunday, 16th April, 2017

Sodom and Gomorrah and all that.


I wonder if any of you perverts can answer a question that often troubles me?
I guess I know what must have been happening at Sodom. After all I have been sodomised and I have sodomised.
But what in Hell's name were they up to in Gomorrah? Has anybody on this site ever been Gomorrahised? Has..

1:49 pm Sunday, 16th April, 2017

Dating an age gap submissive


It may seem strange that a 30 year age gap works but I have been with jade nearly a year now. We live together in a 24/7 relationship in a house in Bilston near Wolverhampton.
Our life is a vanilla mixture of work and Bdsm play with cloathing restrictins bridging the two jade is not allowed to wear..

12:47 pm Sunday, 16th April, 2017

Decent guys always finish last????????


I appreciate how hard it is for women to weed out the freaks and weirdos from the messages they get but decent guys are at a real disadvantage on these sites. It is hard enough to even get a conversation started in  lot of cases as a woman's freakometer will always be  (and rightly so) turned up..

9:41 pm Saturday, 15th April, 2017

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Hoping to make new friends


Speaking to a few people on here and so far it has been very good we are very new to this not had a meeting at but hopefully we will we are on here to have sex of course but more importantly to make new friends..

5:41 pm Saturday, 15th April, 2017

Jayne's Adult Fantasy Day Out 3


Jayne got up early it was the day she was to visit Tony's school. Her parents and head teacher had decided she need to attend a school with a strict disciplinarian for two days. She got out of bed still in her pretty in pink nightie. She ran a bath with lots of bubbles and jumped into it. She..

3:24 pm Saturday, 15th April, 2017

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Jayne's Adult Fantasy Day Out 2


It was the day, before Jayne's visit to Tony. She was excited and apprehensive at the same time as any girl is before her first day at school or visiting somewhere new. First she packed her case ensuring everything on the kit list was there. Then she added a pair of pink denim shorts, pink ruffle..

3:19 pm Saturday, 15th April, 2017

For Fun in Chandigarh


Hello guys we will be in Chandigarh on 28 & 29 Apr...Ny real cpl wanna have casual meet ???...Then we will see how much far we can go....We r ready for everything...But compatibility is must...Thx guys..Have fun.....

1:54 pm Saturday, 15th April, 2017

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learn to respect your date ! when men meet a woman they tell her stories of their love stories and meets with other woman disccusing other woman. thats such a big put off and indian men are great in it. i met men from world but none of them discuss their meets with other woman insulting a woman in..

1:43 pm Saturday, 15th April, 2017

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yo,mi circunstancia,mis placeres, mis deseos, mis hablidades


MI perfil es bastante claro, dominación, sumisión. Soy lo bastante maduro como para haber podido experimentar lo suficiente como para reafirmar que mis deseos y fantasías con mucho más que eso. De jovencito, yo veía a mis amigos locos por los pechos y culos de las mujeres, mientras mis fantasías..

9:50 am Saturday, 15th April, 2017



whats up swingers.✌️✌️
I believe in light of Donald Trump's presidency and the American voters essentially damning the world to a probable Nuclear genocide. I move the motion that any woman out there between the ages of 20 and 40 who wants t help me repopulate the world and ensure the existence of..

3:55 am Saturday, 15th April, 2017

Exploration of New advetures


I am new on this site. Very interesting topics. 
Hope you guys enjoying this sites.
Looking forward in getting to know more people from here.

I am a cool and calm guy. Travel alot. Love parties with friends ..

1:39 am Saturday, 15th April, 2017

Easter Greetings...BLAH!


Hi,Guy's and Gal's ,
How's your Easter been so far? I hope you've caught up with your much needed rest,and are catching up with the things you've been trying to do for sometime.
Just before you return to your daily grind you should have a mental health day,it 's about taking the day out for..

11:57 pm Friday, 14th April, 2017

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what the heart wants the eyes long for and the mind dreams


I am not one for ego or "all about me" introductions, I could give you line after line of "good looking, FAF" bull - but this is the internet. To know me is to talk to me and the photos that follow and the video chats will cut through any misgivings.However, this is the blog bit of the club. What..

11:49 pm Friday, 14th April, 2017

Fun , exciting places to have sex at a public place


There was this one time when me and my girlfriend went clubbing and we were both tipsy as I was driving home .. Suddenly I felt her hands unzipping my pants.. And her eyes was like smiling at me as thought telling me u are gonna have a mind boggling bj while driving home.. The feeling was superb as..

7:36 pm Friday, 14th April, 2017

Thetford area dogging


Does anybody know where the hotspots are in thetford and surrounding areas?? Would love to come to some events if I could be informed to when they are and where I could find some people dogging who are up for fun with someone new to all this hope some is whiling to hel ..

7:32 pm Friday, 14th April, 2017

Her First Ever Scene


As she stood there in her black corset and silk stockings with her blond hair resting on her shoulders, she seemed almost lost. Her blue eyes darted across the room as she hopped uncomfortably from foot to foot, her hands crossed and shielding her genitals.

“Are you nervous?” I asked.

“Yes.” she..

6:39 pm Friday, 14th April, 2017

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no luck on here so far :(


well after having no luck so far on this site it looks like i am visiting the neighbour again to have some fun 🙂 so im just going have to have some fun closer to home than i would expect hopefully will get some action from this site in the near future 🙂..

6:00 pm Friday, 14th April, 2017

The idiots I come across


While I normally don't like to complain about things online, my very recent chat with a 'couple' (I use parenthesis because I firmly believe they're fake) led me to post this. So I initiated a chat with said 'couple' to potentially put my dry spell to an end. However I didn't realize I'd be losing..

4:51 pm Friday, 14th April, 2017

Yoga or Tantric???? Are there any experienced females or couples???


Ok this is more of a question to anyone reading this but have any of you ever tried Yoga or Tantric sex??? I have read bits and pieces but would actually like to try it.So if anyone has done it or is interested in doing it, then drop me a line and we could maybe learn together???..

3:08 pm Friday, 14th April, 2017

Fakers so easy to find


Some people really think that the whole world is stupid. So yep so u see these persons who are apparently females and straights but then go and like other female profiles.. or u see females who are straight but then they go and like men's profiles who are gays.. for f sake...assume ur body and stop..

8:49 am Friday, 14th April, 2017

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Blind Date & Quick Meet


Wanna explore through this site.

If things are smoith for both then hit bed at private place. 😊

Should start with romance, kisses cuddling, lots of foreplay and then hardcore session n fantasies.  

If u found exciting.  Hit me. ..

5:08 am Friday, 14th April, 2017

Hi,we r in nenital and surrounding areas from 13 to 16 may


Hi we r in nenital and surrounding areas from 13 to 16 may. Any young  cpl pls contact. Cpl shd be hot n young down to earth n straight  forward. Only parties  during  night no swap only fun. Local cpl..

2:50 am Friday, 14th April, 2017

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Gangbang 2 couples and 2 singles


We are planning to have a gangbang with 2 couples and 2 single males... Anyone interested to join? Pm us.... We already have 2 couples and 2 singles... If anyone wants to join let us know... only couples or females are allowed.....

8:29 pm Thursday, 13th April, 2017

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Travelling to Bangalore


I will be in Bangalore on 20 April...
Any couple or female up for fun...
Eagerly waiting for meet up n fun in Bangalore....
Let's meet up and enjoy ........do mail me if anyone ON for the day...........

3:59 pm Thursday, 13th April, 2017

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