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Forrest Drive and play pt 2

10:40 am Thursday, 14th September, 2023

So as we parked up in the Forrest drive overlooking the fishermen playing with their rods casting off and stuff we were eating our lunch quite innocently as I heard her quietly moaning next to me.

As I looked over she put her legs up on the dashboard again and opened them wide so I could see her blonde glistening pussy as sh fingered it rubbing her clitty and wet lips this was getting me hard as I started stroking my cock she slapped my hand and said that’s her toy as she started wanking me , feeling me throb she reached for a Banana and peeled it and started to push it in and out of her wet hole
I couldn’t believe my luck wow she was working that hard banana against her clitty as I was groping her tits playing tug the nipples
As I did she moaned as she came over the banana and wow she had made me shoot my load over her hand 🤚🏿 and then she began licking her fingers tasting my cum as she was pounding her pussy with the Banana so much it was breaking up all over her pussy covered in juices
She looked at me and said cum Daddy and clean this Mess up
So I got out and around to her side as she had moved osition into the back seat legs wide open laying back playing with her nipples as I got down to work eating her banana coated pussy it took ages to clean every bit up as she kept cumming for me time and time again as I was rubbing her clitty with my nose and chin so much she was in the throes of a Squirt as she begged me not to stop as she tugged on her nipples I knew she was about to explode and she did soaking me wow I loved that day

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Mature Divorced man looking for naughty  Horny women for fun times.  Cuckold clean ups , Slap n tickle Kinky and sex toys, Oral sex , big hands big feet  Genuine guy

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