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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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Right there, in the past, is a huge repository of stories. Think about it and a lot of them have something to do with love, lust and sex. We think about them, but never say a word to our friends, except if they share our lifestyle. Fro those who don't here is what you are missing...

Last post The Hot Chick from Out of Town at 12:11 pm Friday, 12th February, 2016

i love when i suck a pussy, how the girl wraps her feet around my head and pulls me in to pussy even more, how she moans and groans, feeling her hip go up and down just going with my tongue movement, how she jumps with excitement when i start sucking her inner thigh, one after the other, then back to her pussy, her stomach, boobies, i live her boobs sucking it and nibbling on her nipples, i can do that all day.

Last post Slim Indian at a massage parlour at 12:31 am Thursday, 11th February, 2016

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let your hot, sexy fantasy free, you biggest sex organ is your brain ;-)

Last post continuation of Ana and Maria at 8:22 pm Tuesday, 9th February, 2016

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New to this site but feel like I am missing out. Is it me? Helpful suggestions are welcome.

Last post Hoping to Fulfill a long held fantasy at 2:55 pm Tuesday, 9th February, 2016

Seeing your wife enjoying herself with her bull or betteryet lover makes a lot of hubbies out there being in a statevof outrage. How about you guys? Seeing your wife having a creampie is like a living nightmare or a real life heaven? Your choice and why?

Last post The love of your life kneeling down. at 5:48 am Tuesday, 9th February, 2016

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I fuckyou you fuckme open to new ideas I girl that will let me fuckyou in every hole then you can strap on fuckme

Last post Fuckme like a sissy at 10:35 pm Monday, 8th February, 2016

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I often times being bullied for carrying extra pounds since grade school but overtime, i got used to it. Until i met my husband who accepted my physical physique and love me as if I'm size 0. That was the only time I felt gorgeous and sexy. Society look at you as if your a piece of meat and should be well done, from head to toe. "Size 0 is better that size 18", that's what I usually hear. But it changed when both of us accepted the lifestyle, beauty and being sexy is beyond the size. If you feel beautiful it will come out naturally even without any make up on.

Last post BBW (big beautiful woman) Yay or Nay? at 6:52 am Monday, 8th February, 2016

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I am a sahil 30 year old. I am well educated, I am reasonably nice to look at, well endowed, and with great stamina in bed. I am a gentle lover, who likes a lot of foreplay, I am very discrete, clean, hygienic, drugs and disease free. I am looking for a discrete ladies & couples who are looking for a person to join them in bed. The boundaries of our interaction will be set by you, and I will adhere to the limits set by the two of us awaited for ur reply

Last post come for new kind of fun at 6:04 am Monday, 8th February, 2016

I'm going to share my inner thoughts, fantasies and experience with you so I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to find a hot, sexy woman to share some of my fantasies too?

Last post There is definitely something naughty about an overnight hotel stay at 3:15 pm Sunday, 7th February, 2016

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Recently I discovered this website and It was like a wow moment for me. Now I'm hooked. I will try to document all the events lead from this website. I hope to see some fun. :)

Last post A burglar looking for 'that thing'! at 7:20 am Sunday, 7th February, 2016

They say size doesn't matter. I think this saying only goes to those that don't have THE SIZE. As for me I have big boobs. Yes, I get plenty of looks. Some nice, some naughty. But hey it's still a compliment. I know they're thinking of sucking them, squeezing on them, fucking my tits silly. Seeing them bounce as I get fucked.....fucked hard. There may be disadvantages to having big boobs. It's hard to find the correct bra size Sales clerks ogle at you with wonder and some with envy. Sometimes your back may hurt. It's hard to find a bikini that won't budge and let your boobs pop all out. But I'm happy with my big boobs. And so is my hubby. He's so happy. He brags about it. His friends envy him for having a big tit wife. Most of all he's PROUD to have a big tit wife. He gets a lot of action every chance he gets. Everytime he wants to. He gets a hard on everytime, sometimes even when I'm wearing even the simplest clothes.

Last post Why Bigger is Better - Big boob wifey at 3:26 am Sunday, 7th February, 2016

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Friday 7th March 2014 Over the course of the next week I shall be grooming, training and disciplining Deborah, as stage one of my plan to bring her totally under my control and prepare her for 24/7 uniformed domestic service, where she will become my personal maid, fully trained to serve and please in all respects. For the first few days, I shall be concentrating on giving Deborah oral training, curtsey training, and of course training in dress and deportment.

Last post Deborah's Discipline Now Complete at 4:55 pm Saturday, 6th February, 2016

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Out of curiosity , is there any girl out there that has been in a hurry to remove her knickers as a result of receiving a message that has consisted only " " I want to lick your pussy" or " I want to fuck you all night", or worded in a similar vein? Crude, crass messages indicate a crude crass sexual partner. A thoughtful considered message indicate a thoughtful considerate one? Yes I do know what kind of site this is but surely honey attracts more than vinegar !

Last post The ups and the downs in the bedroom at 2:05 pm Saturday, 6th February, 2016

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Tweaking my ass off needing sum long over do sex love nipple clamps anal play giving and receiving from female butt plugs

Last post Needing kinky female help me plzzzzz at 7:13 am Saturday, 6th February, 2016

I had to laugh at some pics posted lately......and just to get this straight....I was not laughing at the people.....I was laughing at the items in the pictures! I am not sure how the rest of you feel, but I think a picture is worth a thousand words and some pics can be a real turn off for me when certain items are included in your pic.....especially if there is a box of Tampons in the picture with you! Pictures can be a real turn on.....but what makes me go past a pic are the following: Dirty clothes in a pile Dirty dishes in the picture A toilet, especially a dirty one, in the background....well you get the "picture" Maybe its just me, agree or disagree, but if you want to meet people and you definitely want a hook up.....this may not be the way to get one. From my experience, most people are visual, a little thought to what is in the picture with you.....can be the difference in action.....or no action.

Last post Will The Want Ever Be Found at 4:20 am Friday, 5th February, 2016

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When I was a young yuppy I was fortunate enough to experince being a member of the Davao orgy club. It was fun being with like minded people who enjoy sex as it is. The group had rules and was compromised of discreet well educated professionals. Unfortunately, the group did not last long. The rules which was supposed to be the backbone of the group was not being enforced. The quality of accepted members started to stray. In-fighting, jealousy, power struggles, emotions started to get in the way of everyones thirst for fun and excitement. I tried reviving the club but unfortunately, It was harder to start from scratch. I almost had it running again... then someone ruined it by starting a relationship with a fellow member which was a no-no by club rules. Dead again. I wonder. Was it my organizational skills that failed or was it the quality of members that ruined everything?

Last post Finding the perfect regular FUBU's at 5:31 pm Thursday, 4th February, 2016

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I've never understood men who aren't into eating pussy.How can you not enjoy eating pussy? I don't get it. Sex without eating pussy is a lot like taking a shower whilst wearing a raincoat. Yes, your feet will get wet but it' pointless. I remember one guy even said "That thing is disgusting.. I keep a little towel nearby to wipe away the juices plus I have to spit into a tissue because, eish, its disgusting".. My God! WIPING AWAY THE JUICES?! I KILL for that shit!! It was at that moment that I decided to cut the guy out of my life. I do not need to hang around with such. I think we have to brew some traditional beer, dance naked around a huge bonfire and ask for forgiveness from the ancestors for such men. Me? I LOVE eating pussy. I could eat pussy all night and day! I think it is my calling in life. I am so good at it I can put any porn star to shame. Honestly speaking, rather.. honestly writing, I enjoy it more than I enjoy receiving head. I am all about pleasing whoever I am wi

Last post Eat pussy it Organic at 2:47 pm Thursday, 4th February, 2016

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I am married, and fully intend to remain so, but as she is no longer interested in taking part in any swinging or kinky activities, with her agreement, I am looking for discreet friendship(s) with others with shared interests. I don't have a specific objective, and I am open to a variety of possibilities. A few examples, neither mutually exclusive, nor comprehensive: a woman close to my own age for occasional/regular erotic meetings; a younger woman who wants to experience the attention of a fit and randy 'greybeard'; a couple who enjoy threesomes, cuckolding scenes or want a voyeur; someone (f or Mf) who wants to explore some kinky D/s roleplay scenes; I am a lover of 'The Great Outdoors', and enjoy visiting wild places away from the 'maddening' crowd. (Not only because of the play opportunities offered by lone trees, nettle patches, waterfalls, remote forest clearings or mountain

Last post Profile supplementary ramblings at 1:48 pm Wednesday, 3rd February, 2016

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arranging an orgie in POM..any body wana join?? Very discrete only couples are encourage to join...

Last post Lets get Started..Time blo bung na kwap.. at 6:39 am Wednesday, 3rd February, 2016

the best feeling in the world that u say what u feel tell your desire , go creasy go wild , this is u , feel what do u need to feel

Last post feel free and tell your desire , be happy be creasy at 6:22 pm Tuesday, 2nd February, 2016

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Just be true to what you say, write and do, then you are more likely to get your needs met.

Last post My Funny (kind of) Sext Fight :-) at 2:02 pm Monday, 1st February, 2016

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well i have for the second time decided to cancel my membership, and when it runs out at end of month I wil be taking a break from the site. I have chatted with some wonderful people on here and some not so but hey thats life. i will keep in contact with those of you who were kind enough to trust me with your private details, and I will happily take some more if any of you girls are comfortable with that. I wish you all the best everyone of you and hope you find what you are looking for once again thank you for some fun and happy times here. lots and love and kisses Michelllfc

Last post leaving site girls for a break and a think about my future at 1:16 pm Monday, 1st February, 2016

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Hi was looking for confident females on here were are u all at I've been searching to no avail , also real people to hook up with too no avail so do u like danger excitement and adrenaline after all life is a roller coaster wanna hop on and go for a ride .(on my coaster) there are no limits how confident are you????

Last post glasgow meet on sunday at 3:19 am Sunday, 31st January, 2016

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Its my first time here..and im excited to meet someone who has the same urge to do things like mine..but also it gets frustrating because its hard to find one..

Last post Need a Date on 14th, for me to be happy at 8:03 pm Friday, 29th January, 2016

It's nice place free and open.good to party and relax the pool is free all the time night time is the best whit all the lights off and we can be free for the rest of the night .

Last post Its nice to have nice people at 6:55 pm Friday, 29th January, 2016

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In this blog on the art of making sweet mouth love to your woman, we will talk on how to eat pussy with like a king (or queen).

Last post Lolli's Guide on how to eat ur girl's Pussy at 5:48 pm Friday, 29th January, 2016

Just so that i'd met this cool, nice and good guy ( a foreigner ). Well at first we just had a chat a day or two that leads us to meet in person eventually after the New Year's day. His profile doesn't seem to be NASTY unlike others.. So it catched up my interests unto him. Well, i was expecting (in my mind) after the long hours of conversation with him and by the time that we met, had some bottle of beers I was waiting for him to open up about SEX topic but he didn't, so therefore I was the one who insisted to talked about that. I couldn't imagine this guy showed me so much respect & never asked me out to sleep with him that night. I was expecting that he would do a move but he didn't. So i was really surprise and overwhelmed that a man like him still exist. And now we are now good friends... And he is kinda special to me right now...

Last post Lingerie and Undergarment Fetishes.. at 4:35 pm Friday, 29th January, 2016

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God has given females a very important Button to reset all Harmones ..that is Clotris... please feel free to ask any question.. .Perfect Orgasm The lust for a clitoral orgasm originates from the physical necessity for 'being reset hormonally'. Like the lust for consuming fruit originates from the physical necessity to obtain sufficient glucose, when glucose level is low. The better the orgasm, the more oxytocin is released. And like you need glucose in your blood to live, you need great orgasms to be in good health. A perfect orgasm can only be obtained from total relaxation. Sitting on top of the man is not relaxing ; you need to use your muscles and your intestines are troubled by the unnatural penetration. To obtain a perfect orgasm you need to lie down and relax, to enable orgasmic contraction of as many muscles, instead of muscle contractions enforced by your conscious mind. For a perfect orgasm you need your imagination.

Last post Does women and men take equal time to be ready for sex at 2:34 am Friday, 29th January, 2016

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Male straight 47 female bi 48 looking for a bi female for meet ups and same room fun for most weekends into most things if ur intrested hit us up on here hope to hear from u soon xx

Last post male straight 47 bi woman 48 looking for bi woman at 4:19 pm Thursday, 28th January, 2016

I am red hair bubbly fun anything sub dom mistress madame escort bondage fetish bdsm kinky hot water sports etc threesomes foursome gangbang etc girl on girl etc discreet massage anything etc i love men in stocking high heels etc fisting etc

Last post Meet from the 3 February 7th at 11:20 am Wednesday, 27th January, 2016

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Basically anything that gets me talking. Could be someone I saw, met, experiences, desires or anything on gods green earth.

Last post Filling in the blanks at 8:37 pm Tuesday, 26th January, 2016

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Hi i was looking at my emails last mouth and notice a mail from a couple for first time fun. Where the hubby watches and takes photos. I reply to the mail. We swap phone numbers. Chatted for two hours. And set up a meet to talk face to face. Which turned out to be a great. We set up another meet this time in a hotel. The hubby said at the frst meet he pay for the hotel room it turned him on. I recived txt with the room number. And went to the hotel. Knock on the door to be opened by the hubby mick she called him wanker. Gill was in a white blouse with a black bra showing through, black skirt and black stockings and high heels. I found out she got black knickers. I kissed gill full on the lips letting my hand slide over her back to her sexy ass. I then let my hand slip under gill skirt to find her already wet pussy. Through her knickers , I slip her knickers to one side and slip a finger in her wet hole . I saw out the corner of my eye gills huddy playing with himself and weari

Last post Out of the blue text. at 10:53 am Monday, 25th January, 2016

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I want to try all this, I'm shy and looking to come out of my shell and live out some fantasies. Any ideas people?

Last post Fuck Buddy Needed or One Off Hook Up at 4:53 am Monday, 25th January, 2016

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f#*k it! let's everybody just get naked! Join sexual adventure

Last post Today's show for everyone who mist it at 11:57 pm Sunday, 24th January, 2016

English is not my first language and so I do apologize in advance for future blogs where I may not make any sense. However, I promise I would try to make justice to such a great language. I have been encouraged by some dear bloggers here to write who I admire a lot. I am not going to be so arrogant as to say I will teach anything to anyone but I enjoy sharing thoughts and feelings about things from the hub which I find amazing...This has had an impact in my life for sure... Yes, and I am still looking for him.

Last post THE SILENT GENERATION at 4:59 am Sunday, 24th January, 2016

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After going through a whirlwind romance/affair/relationship its hard to find another guy who is gonna step into the large shoes my ex left empty sexually so I decided to DO IT MYSELF little did I know that unlike having a big hard cock all day long and still want more, one could get tired of masturbation Quickly. Now am back here. If you r in lagos, well hung, handsome and open minded ur my man, all I want now is a friend/fuck buddy nothing serious. Not so "no strings attached" but warm kinnda affair you also have to be single, I dnt like stealing smfin from sm#

Last post feels almost good to be back!!! at 4:56 pm Friday, 22nd January, 2016

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Nothing turns me on more than watching my wife having more than one guy at the same time. I enjoy so much watching other men fuck her brains out that most of the time I like to fuck my harden wife at last. She also expects it and it is not a new thing to us. I love sharing my wife and watch her...

Last post My Wife Sharing Experience at 8:38 am Friday, 22nd January, 2016

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Some of woman meybe wanna meeting with me .? I like mature woman and milf :)

Last post Meybe some meeting norfolk at 9:55 am Thursday, 21st January, 2016

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Who am I, and what the hell am I doing on a swinger's site? I arrived here by accident, which I hear a lot from those I chat with. Some come with an agenda, fantasies to be fulfilled, people to meet, sex to have as much of as possible. I'm not quite like that. I prefer to sit back and watch the world go by for a while before diving in. As far as meet ups go, in general I prefer to get to know someone over a period of time before seeing them face to face, and then saying good night with no more than a good night kiss. Maybe it'll go further, maybe not? But not a decision to make in a hurry. Time. There will always be enough time.

Last post Age is but a number and all that at 9:21 am Thursday, 21st January, 2016

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travel couple.......its means we are able to give you company during your business trip/social trip/holiday,,,we have join thees site since last three month but experiences is not good ,,after four days is my darling wife birthday and i want to make some blast on that day.its my wife romantic movement to celebrate her birthday . thees time i have plan to go some hilli place like pachmari (its in madhya pradesh)and enjoy whole night i wish to some stranger ppl will join us its enhance her excitement ,and also want to give her some unique surprises like gang bang or some more spicy .. i feel so romantic because its really a nice movement to make blast on my darling birthday waiting for the real guanine couple/male/female..i have request to all fake and time passer please don/t waist our time or don,t spoil our mud also .i request to all time passer or fake its real romantic movement for me then try to understand and don,t waist time please

Last post her birthday is special for me at 7:07 am Thursday, 21st January, 2016

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Quenching the insatiable thirst for pleasure without foregoing respect and manners.

Last post Of Festive Urges and Answers at 3:18 am Thursday, 21st January, 2016

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We had been playing our fun games for a while now and having sex in some very interesting places at some very strange times, not worried about others seeing us or joining us the life of fun was being enjoyed totally. We had decided to go clubbing to a great spot near to us but not to near if you know what I mean, total anonymity was pretty much guaranteed and this was preferable for all, we had a great day going around London sorting some sexy things for you to wear for the nights fun. Bonus was I saved a fortune on underwear as you wear not going to be wearing any. We had settled on a sexy black short dress falling to just above the knees but with a nice slit running up the back to just below the start of your sexy ass, perfect for when you bent over or squatted so you would let everyone see your bare ass. The front was crossed over with a deep v plunging between your sexy breasts so all could see you had nothing underneath but nipples and breast. It was making me hard just w

Last post some Fun on a swingers cruise cruise at 4:36 pm Wednesday, 20th January, 2016

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The odd post about what I have been getting up to. There won't be many but the few may be worth reading.

Last post Another meeting planned for tomorrow at 3:08 pm Wednesday, 20th January, 2016

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Always wondering what if? Not shy to speak up but always greatful for the little things that come my way.

Last post BEING OWNED IS NOT MY STYLE at 2:25 pm Tuesday, 19th January, 2016

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Wanting to entice a kinky female who's been needing, craving and desiring extreme physical pleasures. Allow us to push your limits to complete extasy.

Last post Addictive Pleasures at 11:51 am Tuesday, 19th January, 2016

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How my wife whose mentality was a total opposite from the lifestyle was slowly changed and now is more than a willing participant.

Last post How the First time Happened at 5:58 am Tuesday, 19th January, 2016

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Bi Female, Looking for couples to meet and cam with..

Last post Don't understand while single males pretend to be couples at 11:56 pm Monday, 18th January, 2016

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Enquiring as always, after the answer to life, the universe and everything but failing that just the secret to the Colonels chicken recipe. I hope by understanding what makes other people tick i can better understand myself and be able to reach enlightenment instead of reaching for Mr Jack.

Last post Blue Monday, Ruby Tuesday.. at 1:40 pm Monday, 18th January, 2016

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Just got in from a New Year's Eve party to remember. It was just a regular party that got very fruitful for me. While I was at the party I bumped into Ali a girl I went to school with. I had not seen her since leaving school and I had always had a bit of a crush on her. We spent ag s catching up and chatting until the booze pushed to conversation past the norm. It turned out she had fancied me to. We joked about it then found ourselves kissing each other. We des reply slipped out into the garden on the guise of wanting a fag but with the intent on mischief. We were groping and kissing each other like teenagers but our fun was cut short by the sudden downpour of rain. We quickly legged it back in the house but I was so turned on I wanted more. Ali was a bit reserved in the house as she was better friends with the host than me which made me even more frustrated. But the tension was getting to us both. So I boldly asked if I could just slide my cock into her just to know what it was

Last post another encounter with some good folks at 1:13 pm Monday, 18th January, 2016

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Spend some time feeling sexy later, deciding which of my sexiest lingerie I'll slip into, and then which of my toy friends is going to spend some time with me, getting me all excited and wet... If I can, I'll get a few snaps..

Last post Felling naughty for my frillies at 9:04 am Monday, 18th January, 2016

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I had last night with a couple M38 F31 .But the lady was so young against her age .I mean i didnt even thought she would be so young for her age.I already met them many times but the last night was blasting for me .They are on letsmeetup . The most beautiful sentence was from beautiful lady .After Kissing her and making her seduced ,when i entered my bull in her she just screamed and said "Please use Oil" .lol . That was a funny sentence .I used oil "sarsu ka tel" .haha .I am able to give 30 minute sex to anyone But in her case it was 18 minx of rapid shot .I tried my best but she was so beautiful that i felt myself in love with her and i finished on her . Everyone sees in you the compatibility ,more accurately "the confort level" you provide to others. They felt with me so confortable so they decided to have threesome . Ill not mention their names as it must be kept private But hope so they will read my blog Now iam ready for another hunt .Anyone From Lahore pakistan ca

Last post Guys link with me for beautiful paradized nights.(for couples) at 9:11 am Sunday, 17th January, 2016

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Es una curiosidad de saber eso! si me apoyan para saber cuando y cuando uno debe hacer el juego previo

Last post curiosidad personal e intima at 7:08 am Sunday, 17th January, 2016

i have searched and searched and now i'm home. Dont get me wrong. Being a separated single mom is a choice i made. and dont regret. I'm not really kinky. nor do i have any fetish. But i like to have sex now and then. I miss being touched. having a quickie at the most unlikely places. or waking up with my skin touching skin. my nips caressing against chest while i slowly ride...yep. it's good to find a home.

Last post On Events, Meet Ups and Parties at 11:11 pm Friday, 15th January, 2016

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I never thought that I would even entertain even the thought of having your love/partner fuck someone else besides me. Greatest fantasy I had since was an FF action. A very lovely lesbian to just caress and make me feel ecstasy no man give. But upon our first experience of partner swap, the incident boosts both not only our sex confidence but also our individual and relationship status. I know the Filipino norms considers it taboo. But with this day and age, all we need is an open mind and respect for each other.

Last post Swing in the Philippines at 9:36 am Friday, 15th January, 2016

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Our thoughts on the lifestyle, and region specific issues.

Last post We Have Met Single Guys at 6:22 am Wednesday, 13th January, 2016

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Documenting our seemingly never ending quest to get under the sheets with others...

Last post Why Do People Have Fake Profiles at 10:59 pm Sunday, 10th January, 2016

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I wrote a blog this morning and having told me I hadn't enough letters in the title, I added more to make the 20 required. I pressed save and the screen cleared. I have no way of knowing what has happened to it. It is not on line yet, eight hours later. Are they moderated? My comments on blogs are normally on lone in a few minutes. When I altered my profile, the profile said under review. What happens with blogs? I have tried with this to be cunning and edit an existing blog, so maybe this will be on line at once, or will this disappear into the ether? "Did you try 'Blog Help' I hear you cry." Nowhere does it tell you how to post a blog. Your thoughts and comments. Here goes, save button

Last post What would it take for you? at 6:21 pm Sunday, 10th January, 2016

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Hello everyone. I decided to explore the possibilities of this site after a brief foray onto another one, where the hostility was really quite shocking. For a genuine bloke who is simply looking for a discreet lover, rather than work my way around the women of western Scotland, it came as quite a shock. Blokes were tarred with the same brush and the overriding opinion appeared to be that they were scum and lowlifes. That may, of course have been a justified moniker with the behaviour of people on there. The ritual sending of 'appendage pics' was rife, and let's be honest, none of them look like Johnny Depp or Gleb Savchenko, do they? There's likely a few Brian Blesseds around though, not to mention a Jimmy Krankie or two... So for the benefit of this uninitiated, what am I likely to find on this site? More of the same, or greater respect if you simply want to chat and get to know someone? I'd like to think the latter, as that would inspire me to join and stay around, but I wou

We a happily married mixed couple make our first steps in the swinging lifestyle. We like to share experiences, humor, questions and stories.

Last post Netiquette or some normal rules of engagement.. at 10:30 pm Thursday, 7th January, 2016

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Do let me know more about u And what you seek of me

Last post The Story that i fell in love with "The Arab-Israeli Affair" at 8:45 am Thursday, 7th January, 2016

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Hey guys thanks so much for all the like and perks in profile and all the love u have in msgs I have being new to this site but I really felt like it's worth spending the time and energy The people here are much better than rest of the sites I have visited I hope to see few friends I can make here and few friends I can share the experiences with

Last post First date with my ex again at 5:14 pm Wednesday, 6th January, 2016

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I am only 25 years of age, straight & apparently single guy. & yes I am proud for having a nice dick. I receive tons of mails asking how to make dicks bigger or whether I take any medicine or exercise.My answer is... NO. I am a normal guy. A very next door type. And here goes my secret...gentlemen, JERK OFF as much as you can.Funny isn't it? But trust me,I swear upon my unborn children...IT WORKS. at least worked for me perfectly.I am a sexual beast with a very high sex drive. & I've dated a few girls but never had the chance to fuck any of them.I started jerking off 1st in 2003. I do this at least 3-4 times EVERYDAY. And what I've got right now is definitely BIGGER than it was in 2005/2007. And highest time I've jerked in a single day is 14 times. We were 8 friends gathered in one of our butt buddy's house, watched on porn of different genres all day long, had booz & Bar-B-Q & we jerked together. & YES...I was the winner.Won 3000 taka (took place in 2009). at the end of the day,my di

Last post Couples, threesome,single...would you? at 6:09 pm Tuesday, 5th January, 2016

I've been on the Hub for a little over a year now and this is the first time I have written one myself. Unfortunately it's to have a moan! I've always enjoyed reading the blogs, there are some funny and articulate people here who always have something intelligent or thought provoking to say. Now, I'm not sure if it's really the case or just my imagination. But this year they seem to have deteriorated. They are either blatant requests for meets, (surely the forums, events and chat rooms are for this purpose) or highly entertaining blogs are hijacked for the same purpose! Can't they read? Is it a basic lack of comprehension or plain bad manners? Does it annoy anyone else or do I have to face the fact that I am, in fact, merely turning into a grumpy old git!? Any thoughts?

Last post Time to say goodbye at 9:36 am Tuesday, 5th January, 2016

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I love playing outdoors with women, couples and men whilst I'm dressed in Iingenie and stockings. This blog will describe my challenges and successes. I like being daring and don't mind being persuaded to do things. I plan to update this blog to tell people how I get on. My first challenge was to go shopping in Tescos in my mini dress and wig. I completed that with some interesting looks.... x Sara

Last post Lingerie on the train at 4:52 pm Monday, 4th January, 2016

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Aloha :) Our first blog attempt, and here we go. We feel fortunate to be located at a true crossroads of the world, and we very much enjoy our visitors, but since we have been on The Hub we have noticed the genuine international flavor of sexuality even more. For that we offer our thanks to The Hub owners at the seat of the old British Empire. We believe the site is a great idea that brings many of us in the world closer together, and we believe in the old adage, “Make love, not war.” In the various aspects of so many places around the world, it seems to us that in our continuing experience some of them have their own more/less distinct sexual characteristics, and we think that is cool. It truly is different strokes for different folks. The following are only opinions, everybody has one, you know, but thus far this seems to be our general experience with some of the regional or continental characteristics. America seems to be advancing a little faster now, but the sex

Last post Different Strokes For Different Folks, and Viva la Difference. at 3:07 am Monday, 4th January, 2016

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Looking for travel buddies to explore the world together...love exploring and experiencing different cultures...can never get enough of the great outdoors..and hey we've got the naughty side too.. So if it sounds like you this goes out to you..drop a line if you feel like game... And anyone travelling to this part of the world... just give a buzz... cheers!!

Last post Looking for skinny dipping partners at 10:00 am Sunday, 3rd January, 2016

Any pussy available local milfs on 29/12 Glasgow and surrounding areas hurry I'll need to book a hotel room and champagne email me wulliefalconer@outlook.com

Last post time to lose my virginity at 1:46 am Sunday, 3rd January, 2016

I am curious about a few things and would like others take on it. If you are offended easily please don't read any further. I would like open minded opinions. My partner and I recently indulged in a MFF threesome arranged through the site. It was utterly fabulous. However, it was always going to be a one off thing for her and didn't really get chance to ask many questions...... ;) I would like to know what drives a female to be with a couple? a lot of the women I have talked to on here seem to be driven by the female on female experience. I am wondering if it is necessary to pick a couple so as not to label oneself a "lesbian" or "bi"? For me the whole thing is about pleasure, both his and mine. I love to see my man fucking other women whilst enjoying her myself too. Oddly, there's nothing more romantic than your man having his cock inside someone else whilst you are sat on her face and he mouths "I love you" whilst balls deep inside her. I have a man and I worship him, I don't w

Last post Kicking 2016 off with a massive bang! at 1:47 pm Saturday, 2nd January, 2016

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Yes, this was a dare, although a number of people already know this.... and each of us have a different story to tell so here is mine ........ When – October 2000 Where - The Rock Café: Fuerteventura – Corralejo Background For the previous three years I had been to the Rock Café three times per year, sometimes 4 of us, sometimes 5. We used to go out after dinner, of an evening, to listen to the live music, and drink great cocktails. The waiters were, without question, eye candy, so it was a lovely place to go and chill. It’s important to understand the dynamics and layout of the bar that night. On the night in question Dave and I were sat on high stools, at a high table, towards the rear of the bar. It was about 10.30pm when we entered the bar that night. The vast majority of the people were in front of us with the bar to my right. I was wearing a short skirt and had quite a bit of cleavage on show. There was a group of locals to my right, about 8 or so, an

Last post Resolutions, or not! at 11:59 am Saturday, 2nd January, 2016

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thoughts of my mind. i'll post only things that i think , anyway this is going to be fun

Last post My girl and i in virtual sex room at 5:22 am Saturday, 2nd January, 2016

First and foremost i believe in making or having new experiences.Whether there in the private seclusion of the bedroom or out in the world itself, i believe everyone should have new experiences. This experience is more along the lines of me being introduced into the bewildering land that is swinging.

Last post New to the Swinging Community at 2:58 am Saturday, 2nd January, 2016

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Read a few sexual escapades and more for your reading pleasure

Last post Best n Memeroble sex in 2015 at 11:42 pm Friday, 1st January, 2016

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go on tell me your most interesting secrets.....!!!

Last post Bucket List to go down at 7:13 pm Friday, 1st January, 2016

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What the hell.... Why not, i have such a big mouth and am currently NOT doing anything better with it.... So hell yes... Lets blog together Seriously though, i have only been on the hub a week or so and i think the most fun i have had is reading the blogs! It is through those blogs and the members comments that i have already met a few awesome people... Male and female who are so incredibly witty, naughty and dare i say..... Some of them are erotic and certainly know how to get a woman's hormones raging! So thanks to the active bloggers this newbie is laughing, loosing weight (cos i spend so much time on here i forget to eat! Added value!) and is having the safest sex possible.... Sigh only 'cyber sex' so far....

Last post We say 'Happy New Year' at 10:37 am Thursday, 31st December, 2015

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Wondering... as to why most of the couple profiles here have arousing female photos only? Only few have the male counter parts showing off their physique. I guess it is a gross injustice to our spouses to not let them indulge in looking at the male counter parts of aspiring couples. It could be a possibility that most couple profiles are made and managed by guys and they might be of the opinion that attractive female photos shall get them more attention but in doing so we are depriving our spouses of the freedom of choice for the guy they wanna be with... What do u think?

Last post Haircut fun anyone................? at 9:51 am Thursday, 31st December, 2015

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We live in a world made of sticks and stones just getting through everyday like robots, clinging on to meaningless things and being owned by the very thing we think we own, our egos. This Universe was never made to be experienced through routines and programs, conditioned into us through a society that doesn't understand us. We lose several precious moments in the anticipation of an uncertain prospect, running behind things that gratify us momentarily, and suffer as those moments pass us by half-experienced. What really happens is that when we walk through life wondering about anything but the immediate moment, a void is created. And this void increases as we continuously live like that unaware of what is really eating us up, as a consequence of which we get stuck in a dream-life phenomenon where life seems to have lost all charm and people get disconnected from the universe and end up being fooled into believing that the paranoid world around them is all there is and therefore live th

Last post Games to play - Ideas for erotic adult games. Part 3/3 with editors pick at 11:24 pm Monday, 28th December, 2015

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- I prefer breasts to legs. - Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist. - Smother the butter all over the breasts. - If I don't undo my trousers, I'll burst! - I've never seen a better spread. - I fancy a little dark meat for a change. - Are you ready for seconds yet? - It's a little dry, do you still want to eat it? - Just wait your turn, you'll get some. - Don't play with your meat. - Stuff it up between the legs as far as it will go. - Do you think you'll be able to handle all these people at once? - I didn't expect everyone to come at the same time. - You still have a little bit on your chin. - How long will it take after you put it in? - You'll know it's ready when it pops up. - Just pull the end and wait for the bang. - That's the biggest bird I've ever had. - I'm full, I've been gobbling nuts all morning. - Wow, I didn't think I could handle all that and still want more.

Last post Things you can say at Christmas... at 11:22 am Monday, 28th December, 2015

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we are coupels and we are looking for some new fun to experement somting new we are from Malta who wanna chat with us?

Last post Any Tgirl or Girl from malta ? at 4:28 am Sunday, 27th December, 2015

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This is a journal based on our experiences with the people here at The Hub.

Last post Sexual, Sensual Reflections: Pleasure and Joy at 3:24 am Saturday, 26th December, 2015

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Joanna and I came on here a while ago now, came off for a bit due to work and build projects around home. On returning have befriended some great couples and males, Jo recently met a guy, and is now also in process of arranging further fun filled meets. Guys get in touch so we can sort stuff please, we are also hoping to arrange a sex filled fun party soon too. Watch this space...lol

Last post FUN TIMES AHEAD IN 2016 at 6:54 pm Friday, 25th December, 2015

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We arrange swingers campaign night at wild bungalow at wilpaththu. Only for really married couples. . Nature . Swing . Nudity . Campfire We are the one and only professional events organizing people for swinging calibration. See event calendar on February twenty. Or catch us. Mobitel hathara doublesix hathara binduwa binduwa haya thiwanka

Last post night camping - wild bungalow at wilpaththu at 4:26 am Friday, 25th December, 2015

come to my place nd let have some fun, ladies i will fuck nd suck your tits, men i will wank nd suck you cock and ts/tv i wanna dress up with you

Last post horny as fuck all nite at 7:33 am Wednesday, 23rd December, 2015

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I love kissing, it is usually the first physical thing that happens when you meet someone new, it is passionate it gets your body excited, makes you want more. When you first meet someone, it is desire, passion as you get to know someone it is those things and love also, when a relationship dies, the kissing is the first thing that goes. In our world, are things different? I think as you start to experience things you get to know what you're into and what isn't so exciting. I love kissing girls, I am very bi and I have to admit that I am mostly into swinging because of the girls, we love to do most things with couples as long as we are together and are all happy, I of course love kissing my own man (very much), but I don't get off watching him snogging the other girl and he has said that he doesn't want to particularly see me snogging the other guy...even though he'd be happy for me to be taken from behind whilst going down on her...our world is a funny old world, right? I know

Last post -------------Kissing couples!--------------- at 6:20 pm Monday, 21st December, 2015

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пишим как было в првый раз. делимся рассказываем......................................

Last post How to get acquainted and leave? at 5:10 am Monday, 21st December, 2015

So is this a little weird? At a function recently where I was naked, sort of naked coffee morning serving coffee for ladies, I was asked if I would get myself hard for them, this I did to much applause, then I was asked to madturbate til I cum, I get the cfnm thing, and to be honest enjoyed the experience, but my question is, ' is this something girls like to see? A chap wanking ff for them?

Last post Dogging yes or no I have yet to experience at 2:15 am Monday, 21st December, 2015

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We are the not so proud owners of an iPad , one of it's really irritating peccadillos is that it predicts, usually wrongly, what you want to say. It drives us up the wall. At least it isn't just us, we just found "Couple locking for fun and sex". We are sure that they aren't dogs, despite the wording. As the great man has just passed on, should we start a swingers Colemanballs?

Last post Into which category do we fit at 10:20 pm Sunday, 20th December, 2015

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Hi I am straight male Looking for a clean women ,foreigner ,couple for 3 some fun, First time trying to experience

Last post Single male looking for a clean,females / couples at 5:08 am Sunday, 20th December, 2015

Life is too short .Experience The Fantasy Now If you want to add some extra spice in life Then I’d like to hear from you . I work in IT industry and dont want to reveal a lot about my Self for purpose. Rather we chat, talk, engage in conversation to get to know each other better. I dont have looks to die for but you will definately get peace of mind with me without any concerns for sure. I am non pushy, friendly, easy going person who respect the privacy and assures full discretion. Why You Should Take A chance with ME Right male for fun who is a good fit. You don’t want to make compromises between the ideal fit and someone who is available. Without a good fit it will mean the chance for a bad experience is much higher leading to bad feelings afterwards. Also.... • I am Attentive • Show respect to boundaries • Show respect to the relationship • Willing to go slow and does not rush • Someone who can, at least in part, fulfill a fantasy need • I a

Last post Something For Married Couples / Single Women / Cuckold . And Everyone Out There at 4:28 pm Saturday, 19th December, 2015

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any females interested contact me for safe sex fun no strings attached cum on ladies I stay in swindon Town centre waiting for ur reply

Last post Any females interested in indian big cock guys me n my friend lookin for 3some or fouresome or group at 10:08 am Friday, 18th December, 2015

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I'm in no hurry for trouble, don't worry I'll say what I need and be brief I'd never bother whilst you're with another to cause anyone any grief Don't fancy my chance as far as romance, so now breathe a sigh of relief I just have to say how you blow me away, playing the heart-stealing thief With that “east promise” glint in your eyes, heaven anew twixt your thighs A look so erotic, exotic, hypnotic makes little heads stretch to the skies Your gaze grips the soul, then swallows it whole, no matter whatever the size the foreplay is thrilling the climax fulfilling, your passion grows wings and now flies So down on his knees, he'll beg you please, don't break his gaze til he dies

Last post how one can be shot down from feeling good in one fell swoop at 7:02 pm Wednesday, 16th December, 2015

So I've just recently moved out here in Washington and I'm enjoying the vibe and its people. Lovely how the seasons change the people as well. But understand when we are cold we need that warmth only other can fulfill. We are just people with the same needs and pleasure. Its cold outside and no one wants to be alone.

Last post pleasures of a woman at 9:03 am Wednesday, 16th December, 2015

How hard was it to find a good couple lol should have put thr lottery on but I must say in worth it for us .

Last post #new year bucket list at 8:06 pm Tuesday, 15th December, 2015

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A lot of people talk rubbish. Sometimes it's just like verbal diarrhoea. Oh, I'm one of those people so if you want to read any of my blogs, you have been warned. Don't come complaining to me, I don't do refunds sweetie pie. If you want to agree/disagree/something in between, go right head. To paraphrase another site user, blog comments are just expressing your own thoughts and opinions. Maybe what you type makes sense to one person but not to another. But hey, you're all free to comment, just don't make it personal - it's only sex after all darling. ;)

Last post A Tuesday Rant - not really one for light entertainment at 1:12 pm Tuesday, 15th December, 2015

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Girl/girls for girl on girl while my fiancé watches and sometimes joins in with but mainly girl on girl xxx

Last post Our life our fantasy sexxxxxxxx at 10:29 pm Monday, 14th December, 2015

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does swinging help you enhance your intimate relationship with your partner? For you, what is the main purpose of doing this ? be honest and feel free to express your opinions.

Last post Unsatisfied and unwanted at 11:57 pm Sunday, 13th December, 2015

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My first taste (though that's the wrong word as I never GOT to taste cum) was a failed affair! Everything that could go wrong did! Firstly it was in a seedy toilet in Herts, where I was sooo scared of getting caught.The man DID have a nice cock (clean, big, and he knew what he was doing) but he was desperate to face fuck me. I did adore looking up at him as I sucked his cock, and loved feeling the fleshy hardness in my mouth & licking off his pre-cum. I loved him ordering me what to do (wank, lick, suck...) and my first actual sight, feel, and suck of another mans cock!!! BUT.... his urge to fuck my throat & deep-throat me, to the point of me choking on my first BJ in the first 2 mins, and me gagging was not how I'd pictured it (it's not like that in the porn films!). BUT..... I did feel sooo horny. I did like being orally abused, and I did want him to cum & gush into my mouth. Yet I panicked! The seedy toilet & risk of getting caught was too much, and I ran out of there

Last post Finally FINALLY lost my anal virginity :) at 7:22 pm Sunday, 13th December, 2015

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Sitting in Seychelles horny and alone missing my girls

Last post Help needed for the 27th fun cum night at 8:24 am Saturday, 12th December, 2015

I have always wondered how people confuse sex, love and marriage.... People seem to be shocked when you tell them you feel sex and love are two completely different things. Are we meant to be with one lover for the rest of our lives....I think this is why people get divorced. There needs to be that element of spice in a marriage, the element of "sex" with others if you trust each other and your relationship is strong. Sex is an action, love/commitment/trust are feelings.....why confuse the two?

Last post Cuckload for the first time so excited at 4:00 am Saturday, 12th December, 2015

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The various things we get into. From thoughts, to research, to experimenting, to all out sweaty fun.

Last post Is there something too Taboo? at 2:25 am Saturday, 12th December, 2015

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I feel a novice cross dressing and never had the courage to try and meet people who may understand. Joining here is a big leap of faith.

Last post Finally back to finding out at 7:36 pm Thursday, 10th December, 2015