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First meeting with a new Sub


So you've found a woman who meets every requirement you have for a Submissive. Dont think your going to drag her into a room chain her up whip her a bit and she is yours, a Sub takes careful grooming and training before you put her/him into any sort of position. You have a duty of care to find out..

9:39 am Monday, 1st January, 2018

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May This New Year Be The Year...... For The Real, Of The Real and By The Real Identities to Stay Hornier, Happier and Make The World A Better Place To Live and Let Live.
It really doesnt take a lot to be real and expect only real people to get connected with. For us, Yes we had to wait for long to..

9:26 am Monday, 1st January, 2018

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I will never forget that


I met a couple in Dhaka ! and they are the first couple to meet in Dhaka. however, one day invited me in their house and in time i went their, and they told me to sit in separate room!  i was siting quietly, suddenly a woman called me and said how are you ?  then i got scared because the room was..

7:55 am Monday, 1st January, 2018

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What's going on here!


As far as I understand it , websites like this were created to enable interaction with people with similar interests and sexual proclivities to connect and find and explore each other for pleasure and experience!! I wish to have the good fortune to have this experience!! I am wondering why there..

6:31 am Monday, 1st January, 2018

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¿Qué tan atrevidas son las mujeres hoy en día?


Es más que sabido lo sucios y pervertidos que somos los hombres (aunque muchos no lo reconozcan), pero, ¿qué pasa con las mujeres?

Con el empoderamiento que han tenido los últimos años, acciones que antes eran de exclusividad de los hombres, hoy las vemos en las chicas. Eso sí, ellas son muy..

10:33 pm Sunday, 31st December, 2017

Looking for the first threesome pls get in touch


hi! I have never done threesom but looking for yh threesom sex with nice and gentle couple. I am safe and secure for sex. If any of the reader couple is new for threesome pls get in touch. I am happy to host but no money involve at any end ..

9:03 pm Sunday, 31st December, 2017

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Looking for a hot petite lady who can suck my whole 8inches.. That will impress me


I don't fvckin get it..btw Happy new yr guys.....  Anywayz, looking forva hot petite lady who can suck my 8...lol 

Only ladies..... Anyone hus near las pinas..... Kinda fvckin boring right now...........

8:29 pm Sunday, 31st December, 2017

New Year’s Eve party tonight dressed


Well hi everyone, I’m off out to a party locally, I shall be shaved, dressed, made up and heeled. 
I hardly know the person who is holding the party and she is a friend of a friend, her ex was m2f so I guess she won’t be too shocked. When I turn up (hopefully looking stunning 🤞🏻)
I’ll be outing..

3:25 pm Sunday, 31st December, 2017

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What the hell am i getting into?


[My imagination allows me the freedom to be whom I truly wish to be. I don’t always need to know all the sordid details, as my fantasies will fill in the blanks! I love writing and thinking about things that, make me think! Please let me know.....what you think?!] What the Hell! i was very late for..

3:04 pm Sunday, 31st December, 2017

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my Perception of The Mistress!


i have great intuition when it comes to me. However, sometimes my eagerness to become whom i truly believe that i am inside, does clog my mind. (i may also be rambling)

my Perception of how The Mistress should be referred as, these are my ideas and opinions and should not be confused as any..

2:57 pm Sunday, 31st December, 2017

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Can you fulfill my fantasy?


Feeling so horny. I touched my pussy and it was already wet. I had no choice but to play with it and while doing so, I imagined something.

I made a scenario in my head:
I received a message from you saying that you are near my workplace. We sent each other flirty messages and you kept on telling..

4:58 pm Saturday, 30th December, 2017

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Wish I didnt See That What Aroused More Than Anything I've Ever Seen.


He turned her upside down on the bed and spread her legs. Plugged his dick deep in her throat. So she was quiet. The louder moaner she was., was now sucking on his working-class dick. His rough hands reach down her fat thigh to her pussy lips. Woah.... She was ready alright. Wet as fuck but first,..

3:34 pm Saturday, 30th December, 2017

Couple hot sex with me


As i walked out in the room out of bathroom,wearing a sexy nighty and lingeries given by the couples wife .the husband jaw dropped.he didnt expected a male to go in and a female to come out.he moved towards me as if transfixed and started kissing me on cheeks and then lips and finally smooching..

3:18 pm Saturday, 30th December, 2017

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YEAR OF FUN withg good friends


years ago, l was at a nudist grand, for a weekend .one weekend this couple comes in for the night, in a pickup. wee chated that night .thy sead thy were going to sleep in the back of the trouck. l sead to them that thy can sleep in my tent. thy did.wee had sex that night all nightlong thy were the..

11:03 am Saturday, 30th December, 2017

Differenciate Love and Lust


Is love and Lust are two different feelings ?
Well not understanding love and lust is the main issue for most of the break ups in present day relationships, and one person will end up cheating to the other.
Just keep it simple and understand the basics of humanism.  Be open about your feelings to..

3:03 am Saturday, 30th December, 2017

My "First Task" complete


It was the 24th of November 2008. She rang at approximately 13:07 and issued an instruction (i’m starting to get hard as i write this!) and ended the call. i sat there wondering if She had some way of reading my thoughts, as i had been hoping She would ring, not ever thinking that She would issue..

12:26 am Saturday, 30th December, 2017

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Well built 24yrs Punjab guy ready for anything. Kolkata


I'm an engineer by profession. Looking to spice up my life. Hygeinic and good physique with long duration stamina. Hit me up for any fun that you wanna have and I'll make sure you have the best time of your life..

6:44 pm Friday, 29th December, 2017

The Monsoon fun trip


After a gap of 3-4 months, we found free time in monsoon - perfect for a romp.

This time, madam had asked for wine so had picked up a fine red wine for her. 

Picked her up as usual in morning and we got on way chatting. I got the hint of how hungry she was when she said she doesn't want to stop..

3:58 pm Friday, 29th December, 2017

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HARD MAN LOOKING for a sexy beautiful woman/ girl.


Im a long rider! at times a lonely man, women say I'm handsome and they cant believe that I'm single?  well maybe that's because I'm a true ALPHA  MALE, and very dominant  people say that I command respect! I guess that's true  especially from a woman female, is there a woman out there who is..

3:40 pm Friday, 29th December, 2017

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nice to spank you mr Bond


well James was wondering round as usual looking for a female to fall for him little did he know at dinner the tables would turn the lady in question was baroness spank the niece of Ernst stavro blofelt spectre creator .

of course the baroness has had many a fantasy about turning Mr Bond over her..

3:25 pm Friday, 29th December, 2017

Some many things i want to try


So here i am thinking of all the things i want to try but who will be my teacher in teaching me all the great pleasures of good sex i really want to try anal but it should be with an expert who knows what he's doing want to try bdsm..

2:19 pm Friday, 29th December, 2017

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morning tuck for clitty


I am a casual sissy.  Married,  and only indulge in dressing when alone.  My wife does buy me panties,  and finds me wearing them kinky,  but that's it.  
this morning,  I awoke so horny. My clitty was limp, a far cry from its normal engorged size.  I quickly pushed my ovaries up and pushed my..

12:25 pm Friday, 29th December, 2017

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Desire dairy- my dream 1


Its kind of feeling which you dont want to tell anyone just want to feel it. its kind of feeling when on a cold weather u come out from your bed with your warm body and u went to shower and feel the cold water crowing through your body - touching your heir then to your neck to your chest , when it..

11:29 am Friday, 29th December, 2017

Thought for the blog: "Life is Good"


One of my favourite mottos is "Life is Good!" and I decided to introduce my blog with it as a reminder to us all.  When things happen that we don't like, all we need do is reach into our life and we will find what we need to make things good again 🙂..

10:21 am Friday, 29th December, 2017

smoke chill and awesome loving


Anybody want some awesome loving and snuggling all weekend no drama fussing. Or fighting just good luvin and snuggling message on let's have some fun just clean fun easy going hippie friendly recreational use cool let's lplay want to explore options I'm widowed drama free polite respectful ..

9:37 am Friday, 29th December, 2017