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The sultry caresses of skin on skin, the urgent rush of your playmate’s fiery kiss, writhing in the primal throes of passion… We love sex (duh!) and we’re all here to indulge in every erotic element. Valentine’s Day is cumming up, and this year's is gonna be one to remember with our titillating top tips on how to keep it romantic and sensual.

Did you know that January 15th (aka ‘Blue Monday’) is supposed to be the ‘gloomiest day of the year’? Well, not for us! This year, let's kick off January with a bang – literally! Set your New Year's resolution on fire and shake off those ‘Blue Monday’ blues – read our horny ideas for perking up your January. Let’s make sparks fly!

Brrrr… it’s chilly out! Why not get warm with a playmate (or several!)? Indulge yourself with our favorite ways to take advantage of all these loooooooong nights.

We asked you horny people for your hottest tips for getting steamy in the bubbles, and today we’re sharing our favorites. Ready for a big splash?

Today we’re taking you through all things clitoris – how to find it, and how to use it to feel good. These two factors are intimately connected, so let’s dive straight in…

Today, we’re sharing our tantalizing techniques that’ll have your eyes rolling back in your head for longer, your body trembling more intensely, and your pleasure going on and on and on…

We asked you horny people to send us your hottest exhibitionist confessions in our recent Question of the Week, and wowee did you come through with some naughty tales! Today we’re sharing some of our filthy favorites, along with some tantalizingly tips for all you eager exhibitionists out there…

But, did you know that sex is good for you too? Smoother skin, a higher libido, reduced pain… Today we’re exploring all the ways a super hot sweat sesh can make you healthier! Hell yes!

What’s better than one hot body to grind against? Two, of course (Or three, or four…). In the wonderful world of polyamory, more really does equal merrier.

Do you like it rough? Are you yearning to have your hair pulled, your ass spanked, your back scratched, all in the hot throes of pure passion and pleasure? Today we’re talking all things rough sex. Release your tension, re-ignite your passion, and let your inner beast roar.

Ready to invigorate your sex life with some ancient wisdom? Indulge in your favorite elements of sex - deeper penetration, heightened intimacy, slowing down with longer strokes, opening up wider, going faster, faster, FASTER… The Kama Sutra is all about variety, baby, so why not try something new?

June 9th is 69 day, so we’re celebrating in the tastiest way possible! We love 69ing because it’s a way for everyone to get involved in giving and receiving pleasure. Today, we’re exploring how we can all up our oral game and maximize erotic bliss!

So…. You’re online and you're horny for some group action. Maybe you’re an open-minded couple looking for your unicorn. Or perhaps you’re just a horny single wanting to get it on with some hot playmates! Well, you’ve cum to the right place.

Are you a secret exhibitionist? (Or a not-so-secret one!). Does watching yourself get all hot and heavy on camera make you weak at the knees?

Craving that rock-hard cock pulsating between your tits? Wanna see the look on your playmate’s face as you fulfil their ultimate fantasy? Today, we’re talking titjobs, titty fucking, tit wanks… Whatever you call ‘em, we just can’t get enough!

Today, we’re talking all things threesome preparation, so sit your kinky asses down for a lesson in all the things you need to ask your new playmate to make your next threesome the hottest yet.

Wowee! It sounds like some of you horny little devils have been getting busy. Way to go! We asked you saucy swingers to share your steamiest group sex stories with us - threesomes, orgies, swinging clubs, cuckolding, sex parties, gangbangs, and more! Prepare to get hot as we share some of our favorites…

Compersion - that feeling of happiness you get from seeing someone you love in the midst of pleasure. It’s one of the best things about swinging and cuckolding! Not only does your partner get to experience the heights of carnal lust, but you get to witness how fucking amazing they feel. We’ve put together a list of all the head-spinning ways you can bring cuckolding into your swinging relationship and make your sex life that much hotter.

Ah, the illusive sex party… And yes, they’re as filthy and fun as they sound! Desperate to swing your way in, but unsure about how to make that first connection? Say no more! We’re sharing our top tips for securing that all-important swinger party invite.

Do you get horny at the thought of your partner having wild sex with somebody else right in front of you? Seeing their hot body writhe with pleasure under the strong arms of a stranger? Well, we’re here to tell you why! Looking for a third? Let’s explore the turn-on inside sexy world of cuckolding together, shall we?

Craving new sparks in your playtimes? Look no further, kinksters. Go beyond lubes, sex toys, and slutty roleplay outfits by throwing some erotic electricity into the mix. It’s all the buzz right now!

IT’S CELEBRATE BISEXUALITY DAY! Every day, we’re here embracing and celebrating who we are, who we love, and who we fuck. But today, the world joins us here at the party.

pHappy 69 Day, kinsters! What better way to celebrate than with a little look into some vigorous variations of our favourite oral 2-for-1?p pAhhh, the famous 69 - the double dynamo when it comes to oral play! 😝p pMany of us dabble with this dual dynamic in our early days of sexual exploration, because, let’s face it: what sounds better than giving and receiving genuital stimulation simultaneously? But it can be a quick position to ditch without a bit of guidance and experience…p pFrankly, it’s not always easy to do 2 things at once - and if your sexy playmate is eating you into oral oblivion, how on earth can you be expected to not be distracted as you soar towards the big O?🤷‍♂️p pAs always, kinksters, we’re here to make sure you’re getting maximum pleasure. Here’s our sexiest selection of 69 variations that’ll have you racing back to the bedroom! 👇p

pThirsty for a threesome but haven’t got around to trying it yet? Bringing someone else’s sexual energy into your existing sexual dynamic brings whole new flavour to the party. pMore hands, more mouths, more genitals… when it comes to steamy sessions, three is certainly emNOTem a crowd! So… you ask, how do we make the magic happen? 🔥p pGet ready, kinksters! We’re here to help you confidently finesse your way into tantalising threesome territory. 👇p

Profiles can be a marvellous work of art should you take the time to craft them, a digital wonder of allure which promote you as a fantastic potential hookup to your would-be partners perusing you via the site. Check out our comprehensive guide to refining the art.

The ice has been broken, you've greeted one another. Now there's the seemingly expansive void between this present moment and your intended destination - a successful hookup. How to endure this stage and get to know the member through conversation so that they're absolutely hooked on you? Here's our guide that has you covered!

Whether you’re looking for love, lust or friendship there’s something here for everybody and it’s our ongoing duty to ensure that every single one of our valued members feels as safe and secure as possible as they navigate the world of online dating and hookups; so here’s some of our best tips & tricks to stay safe on the site.

Advice for members on how to maximise their profile's allure and ensure that they are getting maximum interest whilst taking full advantage of the features at hand.

pWith every passing year, the need for change continues to grow and, in an unprecedented year for everyone around the world, it is vital that we stop and take a moment to celebrate and acknowledge all things women - with International Women’s Day.p

pNow more than ever it is important to keep your fun safe and exciting, and there is no better place to get clean and dirty at the same time than the shower. It's not all fun and games though, while having your conquest naked and soaped up is hot as hell that same soap can turn a deep thrust into spine chilling crack. Here are tips, tricks and of course some must-try positions to help you safely christen your shower.p

pThat being said no matter what pranks you have in mind they should never extend to faking the little-death – and that goes for all sexes. Bustle.com reported that in an anonymous survey 68% of women and 28% of men admitted to faking an orgasm.p

pThe reason they’re getting all the action you wish you were, comes down to their ability to smooth talk their way into anyone’s pants – and have them think it was all their idea. Here are 6 tips on how to step your silver-tongued seduction game.p

pIf you want to stand out from the crowd you need to be unattainable, elusive and desirable – but knowing when you’re crossing over from lusty object of desire to cold-hearted bitch is a delicate balance.p

pThen there is that breathless moment when the rush of danger turns into arousal, but have you ever been walking through your local park and had the local flora give you a hardon?p

p2020 is here and the new decade is ready to be flipped over and enjoyed to its fullest. There has never been a better time to plan your dream vacation than the present.p

While Asexual people don't experience any sexual attraction, that doesn't mean that they can't experience other forms of attraction though!

Is there a better place to make bad decisions than at your workplace holiday party? We think not.

While getting straight to the point and telling your partner what you want to do to them or them to do to you is great, why not make it even more fun with emojis?

Check out these helpful tips from a recent Reddit thread, on how to reject someone politely when they just don't float your boat

Sex is great, it can make every inch of your body feel incredible, but sometimes you can find it mentally challenging to get in the mood...

In the spirit of Halloween, we’ve conjured up this guide to busting out a new set of tricks in the bedroom that will be a real treat...

pJust to restate, as previously mentioned within past articles from our Stay Safe library. bYOU DON'T NEED ANY FORM OF PASS, SECURITY ASSESSMENT, ID, SAFE CARD OR FORM OF PAID VERIFICATION!bp

Testicles, sack, scrotum, plums, fun bags, whatever you call them...adding some ball action into your playtime...

Want better, longer-lasting and stronger orgasms?

To help guide you on your path to finding the perfect blend of kinky and acceptable mate-material, we’ve put together some spank-tastic pointers that will have you sorted (and satisfied) in no time.

September the 23rd is Celebrate Bisexuality Day, so we have 6 tips on everything you need to know on exploring your curious side.

pSex may be the last thing on your mind as you argue, but sometimes, when you're both standing very close and in each other's personal space, the surge of rage and heavy gasps can suddenly turn into a sexual fever.p

We have three warning signs that your online hookup is bad news and three tips to make sure you find your match made in horny heaven instead.

Here's the right way to clean those toys.

Check out our top tips for cleaning up before, during and after a sexy party.