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Whether you’re a newbie to a scene, an experienced individual, or simply looking for some entertainment, then our articles are a rich source of reading to satisfy your needs.

Our writers are experienced swingers and individuals who love to share their thoughts and experiences. They will be dishing out their best sex tips and advice that they have picked up along the way; from the best swinging club in town, to the in’s and out’s of using a spanking paddle, and they're not leaving any details out.

The articles are also a great way to help you to step into our community, especially when you’re a newbie to the online dating scene. As well as sex tips, we will also be dishing out our best online dating advice so that you can make the most out of your account with us.

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Finding a partner is hard enough in the vanilla world, but it can seem impossible in the realm of kink. You want to find someone who shares your unique sexual tastes...

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Check out our dirty and divine guide to roleplay, with which you can become anything from a skyline-soaring, super-sexy heroine who likes to skip on panties while she flies or a green-tinged, muscle-mountain who grows even bigger and bigger when excited and occasionally loses control, giving in to his most primitive urges.

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We all know that specific oral skills can cause immense pleasure for our playmates and we certainly don’t complain when we’re on the receiving end...

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It’s no secret that women love a man that can make them laugh, when asked what they find most attractive in a partner, humour is usually at the top of their potential shag tick-list. So what does it take to tickle more than just her funny bone?

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Sex acts are usually private events, but some enjoy more public shows of affection like dogging, so what is dogging and how can you get involved?

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A nudist beach is a place to leave your inhibition on land and let your bit flow freely in the breeze. But before you whip your trunks off, here are a few tips on what not to do on a nudist beach to make sure you don't break some unspoken rules.

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What's better than having a steamy, swinging session with some saucy, gorgeous people? That's easy! Having a steamy, swinging session with some saucy, gorgeous people on holiday somewhere that feels like paradise! Check out our suggestions for hotels that cater to those who want to spice up their holidays with something so much sexier than the same ol' boring vacation routine.

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We often find ourselves falling into the same ol’ routine of things, from what time we eat meals to how we get down and dirty in the bedroom...

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This week we’re on a scavenger hunt for some seriously sexy encounters. Have you ever looked back and remembered the time that you had mind-blowing sex that rocked your world?

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Fed up of your mailbox gathering dust and no sexy members in your bed? Well, it’s Zombie Awareness Month, and we’re here to help bring your profile back from the dead!

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Certain foods can be incredibly sexy, especially the way it is eaten (everyone pictures a banana). Not everyone is keen to bring food into the bedroom; the sex can be messy enough without finding the likes of a grape wedged...

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We don't necessarily need more excuses to have sex, but here are a few tips to help you gain a little self-confidence when getting naked.

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This week we are celebrating International Dance Day and if there is one sexy act that makes men weak at the knees, and that is a lap dance.

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There’s nothing better to kick a weekend off, than waking up on a Saturday morning and having some good morning sex. By why end it there? The only thing that could possibly be better, is if you spend the whole weekend having a dirty sex marathon.

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Between the arched backs, twitching genitals and joyful explosions there has also been plenty of hilariously horny sex stories gone wrong. This Friday the 13th we are delving into the top sexcapade stories that will make you cringe and your bits twinge.

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Most people view a normal relationship as a twosome and adding other bodies is cheating but not all of us agree. Having sex with other couples can be really hot if done for the right reasons.

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April Fools you cheeky bunch! Let me tell you, it's not easy turning a day for playing tricks on people into something sexual but as you know we like to please, it also helps to have a dirty mind...

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When a young, hot woman with a love of sex meets a charming and equally passionate man on an online hook-up site, sparks fly as they meet one another for the first time in an encounter of searing, white-hot temperatures.

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This week we are celebrating St Patrick’s Day, and if there's one word that comes to mind when we think about Paddy’s day and that is PARTY!

A sex party...

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This week we are celebrating Worship Of Tools Day, and of course, with Steak and Blowjob Day happening next week, a day dubbed the man's valentines day. Like the filthy minded people we are, we couldn't help but write you an article that is penis related ;-)

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This week it is International Women's day and because we want to help you drive any woman wild in the bedroom and not because you left your socks on the floor again...we have everything you need to know to give her the best oral orgasm of her life.

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Sex is amazing, it can be fun and adventurous, making us feel more closely connected to our partner/s as well as bringing out the wild side. All great things, but did you know sex has even bigger benefits beyond a blow out?

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This week we’re celebrating International Flirting Week and have 5 tips on how to feel more at ease divulging your fantasies and flirting with the idea of kinks with a new partner.

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The swinging lifestyle is nothing new. The phenomenon of swinging is said to have arisen from the freer attitudes to sex after the sexual revolution of the 1960s.

The only difference now is that people have started talking about it more openly and with a wider range of safe sex practices, it has become less risky and more risque.

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It is that time of the year again when love is in the air. With Valentine's day just around the corner, we want to make sure you and your playmate have a night to remember. Continue reading to find 8 tips to add some raunch to your love life.

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Work Naked Day, a perfect excuse to get into your birthday suit whether you're working or playing, in honour we are listing a few of the best nudist resorts from around the world.

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Work Naked Day, a perfect excuse to get into your birthday suit whether you're working or playing, in honour we are listing a few of the best nudist resorts from around the world.

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Use the excess horniness that's in the air to try something new! There really is a whole world of possibilities out there and here is our little tip of the iceberg, some fetishes that are growing in popularity and may want to try if you haven't already.

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The moon and stars have long had an affiliation with sexuality and sensuality. With a month filled with super moons the strange behaviour associated with this lunar activity will be in excess. If it holds true, people will be hornier and more open minded than they usually are...

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A great resolution is something that will make you happier, healthier and a pleasure to accomplish. Which is why it is that time of the year again to make a list of all of the sexual resolutions you didn’t do last year and add them to your brand spanking new list for this year.

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The results are in and we can confirm you are a bunch of kinky lovers ;-) During 2017 thousands of you took part in our weekly polls, and you didn't disappoint with your answers.

We have put together the top ten sexy site poll shockers of 2017.

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Ask Santa to stuff some of these innocent-looking goodies into your stockings over the holidays to really heat things up.

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As you can envisage this would be un-thinkable. Pictures are a powerful tool used to sell products and this also transfers to you in hooking up online. It’s a well known fact that a profile with a picture is 10 times more likely to be viewed than one with no photo, so here we have a quick guide to help you improve your pics.

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Christmas with the family can leave little opportunity for you and your bedmate to jingle all the way. Here are some tips to make sure your holidays are stuffed with sexy times.

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Met someone awesome on the site? Want to get closer but distance is a problem? Lucky for you technology has your back and can bridge the gap between you and your online hotty. While getting wet and wild over the web can feel a little weird at first, it can be really, really hot. So with the above in mind, here a some cam sex secrets to making your experience the best it can be.

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We make every effort to provide a safe and private environment for you folks to enjoy. We do check all profiles by hand but unfortunately, as with all sites of this nature, some will inevitably slip through the net. Like all online communities, there are people who have other motives, so here are some handy hints to weed out fakes, spot the suspicious, and make sure that your online experience is the best it can be.

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You may think that sex toys rose to popularity alongside the free-love movement in the 60s and 70s, but in actuality these little beauties (or not so little as the case may be) have been used for thousands of years. So to celebrate National Pickle Day, get comfortable and take a trip back in time to discover what tickled the pickles of our ancient friends back in the day.

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Looking to be sexually adventurous with more than one partner? A threesome is in the pantheon of many people's sexual fantasies. They can be horny, highly erotic, and seriously fun action. Making it happen however can be a hard sell despite all the perks, but fear not, we’re here to help. More hands! More mouths! More genitals! More fun! It really is a magic number!

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Electrical play, electro-stimulation, erotic electro-stim all basically mean the same thing: using electrically powered devices in safe and consensual BDSM games. It may seem like a scary notion to many people, but a somewhat safer avenue for anyone wanting to try a shockingly good sexual thrill is the violet wand. We take a closer look.

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WHIPS, MILFs, Cougars - whatever your preferred label, if you're on the prowl for an older, more experienced lady who knows what she wants and how to get it, here’s our guide to wooing your fiery female into bed!

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As it is coming up to the fright fest that is Halloween, we are all about turn offs this month, the very things that send erections and arousal running off into the darkness. As part of this, we wanted to give you a Thing-like hand in uncovering some of the beasties that could be plaguing your profile and actually stopping you from getting the boning sessions you desire. Let’s lay them to rest for good and get back to the kind of orgasmic screaming you actually want to hear in the night. Wooooooo!

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For most of us, the idea of a sex party seems both fascinating and taboo, like something we shouldn’t do, but yet want to! Let’s get wild and dive into the horny world of saucy shindigs! Here are 5 types of sextastic soirée you can have at home and become a party legend.

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If you're looking for reasons to have some hookup fun, we’ve got them for you! Here are some fabulous and fun reasons to boink away guilt-free!

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Here are some of the most unlikely, unrealistic and sometimes laughable expectations we get from porn.

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Dungeon parties are a BDSM lover's dream! To get an invite to one is an extremely exciting thing to happen, especially if you have never been to one before. Here's our guide to making sure your time at a dungeon party rocks.

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Threesomes are gleesome and foursomes are awesome, but how do you swing when you are single?

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While anal play is by no means a new practice, the number of straight men harbouring desires to be on the receiving end has become much more commonplace. So, by popular demand (fanfare please) we present our Recipe for Scrummy Strap-On Sex.

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Choosing the right lingerie to stimulate your partner can be a mammoth decision. With so many options you may spend more time browsing the catalogues than you do in the bedroom. No need to worry, with knowledge of the types of fabrics and frills you’ll encounter, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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Horny doctors and naughty nurses…white coats and latex gloves…shiny instruments and the sharp tang of alcohol…what a playground for the fetishist, BDSM practitioner or sexual adventurer!

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Threesomes are gleesome and foursomes are awesome but how do you become swinging royalty when you are single? Particularly a single male!

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Let’s get wild and dive into the horny world of crazy sex parties! Here are 5 types of sexy shindig you can have at home and become a sexy party legend.

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Are you on the prowl for an older, more experienced lady who knows what she wants and how to get it? In case you’re new to MILF hunting or simply need a refresher, here’s our guide to wooing your fiery cougar into bed!

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If you’ve never indulged in copulating in a car, you really don’t know what you are missing. It’s an exhibitionistic dream with the added thrill of getting caught.

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So, how do you deal with jealousy within the swinging lifestyle?

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A quick look at a shockingly good sexual thrill

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Not everyone has had a dose of dogging fun, but if it sounds like your thing here’s a look at some of the basics.

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Your partner involved in a bone sesh with another, while you enjoy watching all the action? Sound appealing?

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3 tips to slim your waist and give yourself some killer feminine curves.

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If you ever wondered what your sexual fantasies say about you, look no further — according to experts, here’s what they might mean. Are you ready to get hot and heavy?

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Sex is a powerful emotional experience, a great tool for protecting or improving health, and a whole lot of fun. And it's certainly not only for the young! Sex is not a question of age, but one of desire.

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So you and your beau have decided to get a little kinky and experiment with the sexual adventure that is swinging. You’ve signed up to the site, filled out your profile and added some photos and are now looking for a way to start your journey. Here are 7 things to help you get started.

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With the average clothes size of women in the UK currently being a 16/18 and more BBWs (Big Beautiful Women) out there, what better time to tell you how you can make these 5 simple positions rock your world, whatever your particulars.

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Let’s get wilder and dive into the horny world of crazy sex parties! Here are 5 types of sexy shindig you can have at home, really make a splash with your guests and become a sexy party legend.

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Si eres nuevo en el estilo de vida liberal, primero debes conocer unas normas básicas de conducta.

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Voyerismo el secreto mejor guardado…

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Do you want to spice up your swingers party with games? Here are a few ways you can break the ice at your next party.

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Always wanted to be involved in an orgy? Why not plan your own and kick-start one of the sexiest, most memorable experiences you'll ever have in your lifetime.

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A HIGH-TECH talking sex robot with multiple personalities, warm skin and the ability to learn is said to be so realistic that she can have her own orgasms.

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Bringing people together in a respectfully dirty, unpredictably ridiculous, oddly touching celebration of sexual freedom and expression - This is Air Sex!

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Porn movies are never going to have deadly serious names but here's a few of the silliest that made us giggle!

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Many people claim that long-distance relationships are difficult, especially when it comes to keeping your sex life alive and kicking. There's ways to combat the distance between you though, check out our tips.

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Are you one of those people who can turn the most innocent statement into something filthy? Well here's a few parody porn titles that you will probably find amusing!

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A little sexual language could be just the ticket for a va va voom bedroom experience, so here's our guide to getting a little fruity with your dirty talk!

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Think you've heard it all? You have now! These obscene yet real fetishes are pretty damn common considering how peculiar they are.

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Should you be struggling to work with the features that give you away when dressing up, here's a few tips to help make the most of them.

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Should the thought of bondage be tickling your fancy like a feather tickler on your bits, here's some very simple but important things to remember when it comes to starting out with bondage.

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These sexual accompaniments are rather on the odd side and have us pondering as to how they were thought up at all let alone manufactured!

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No te culpes si llegas a la infidelidad porque tu propia relación de pareja es un fracaso sexual, en definitiva, estás haciendo lo mismo que millones de hombres en el mundo: ante una mujer que con los años pierde el erotismo, buscan otra para la cama aunque solo sea por unas horas. Eso lo han hecho y lo hacen, tú también y nadie te lo impedirá.

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When you read the newspaper, do you skip to the back to see what your weekly horoscope holds in store for you? Do you ask for someone's birthday before you hop into bed with them to get an idea of what kind of sexual partner they may be? Here's our list of the characteristic traits you could expect from each astrological sign.

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Sex toys are getting more and more advanced as technology evolves, this also means that they're getting scarier and scarier!

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Every T-Girl and TV faces some obstacle that makes convincingly feminising themselves much more difficult than it should be, usually this will be their body shape. Here's what to do and what not to do when dressing for a feminine figure.

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BDSM can appear extremely overwhelming for someone who is new to it, even those who have some experience stumble across things that they're not sure of. With all the hype about the new 50 Shades of Grey movie, we thought we'd give you a fix of BDSM goodness!

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Why would I ever want to leave a swinger party you may ask? Well it could be a fantastic, amazing experience but then again what if it's not what you expect and is in fact more awkward than awesome?

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Wanna play a little game? A kinky game that is! Here's some of our fave sex games for you to give a go!

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Keeping annoying fuzz in check can be hairy stuff (bad pun we know). Here's some tips for maintaining a smooth, sexy and convincing look.

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As you can imagine, parties of the swinging variety also have their own guidelines you need to stick to so here's some of the main things you need to remember!

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We all view sex in different ways but how do the pros see it? Those who do it for a living? We've taken some of the biggest stars' opinions on how they see sex and porn and are bringing them to you today.

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There's some really creative new gadgets out there, sex is no exception. Check out some of these sometimes rather random but also useful sex gadgets.

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It sounds like something of make-believe for the swingers who are oblivious that such a thing exists but lifestyle cruises are real and available for anyone who wants a luxurious holiday with some like-minded, sexy people.

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Here's our list of some of the sexiest and filthiest porn movies that you should make sure you take a watch of!

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There's a massive array of different genres of underwear these days, so much so, sometimes you may not know where to start when buying some. Here's a guide to buying something sexy with a little twist on the norm.

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Our bodies have their own way of communicating with one another, this is body language. What about the way we communicate during sex however? We've got some sexual body language pointers for you to keep in mind.

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Everyone has something that floats their boat, tickles their pickle and simply does it for them. Some of these fetishes as they're called are a little bit weirder than others however. Here's a few prime examples!

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We're all trying to find ways of entertaining ourselves without breaking the bank or causing too much trouble with our free time. So if you have a few bodies free as well as time, then here's some sexy ideas to get you going!

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We've already been over some of the things you shouldn't say in bed, then there's those that you definitely should!

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Sex salons are starting to pop up everywhere, they offer real live demonstrations on how to perform many sexual acts and even sex itself!

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Fancy getting yourself into a munch? You need to know what to expect and also be aware of the rules if it's all new to you.

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Should you feel like your sex life is lacking flavour, invest in something fruity and tasty to get your tastebuds and libido revved up

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want some saucy ideas for Christmas gifts? We've got the lot wrapped up for you.

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Get the lowdown on finding the perfect sex partner for you!

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Fancy a lil roleplay tonight but can't decide which uniformed sexual character you want to play? Let us help you decide.

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Think you've seen every porno there is to see? Well, have you crossed this bizarre bunch off your list?

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Whether it's your first time being the dominant or you're an already established dom', read this for some tips on how to treat your submissive and keep them from getting bratty.

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If you like the sexy older ladies but are struggling to find one, here's a few pointers on how to nail your very own milf.

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For those wannabe subs out there, you need to get to know the basics of being a fantastic submissive too your master before you do anything. Read our guidelines on pleasing your dom' and getting the most out of your d/s relationship.

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Is there any way of identifying who is gay from those as straight as a poker? What about if you want to let other swingers know tell you from the vanilla? There are in fact conventional symbols and techniques to get the message out discreetly to let the right people know what you like, all without barely saying a word.

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There's some fantastic porn actors out there but what about the sexy actresses? Who are the ones with the most talent and the ladies to watch?

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Dogging is great but takes much organisation, after all you want to keep a low profile and for only the people you want to know, to actually know what you're up to. So we've got a few tricks of the trade to get you having fun and dogging away.

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Fancy trying something different to vamp up the bedroom action a little or just want a new toy to use by yourself? We've got some innovative and cool sexy gadgetry on our list for you. Why not blaze the trail, test em out and let us now what they're like?

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Fancy some inspiration for some hot new eye candy to perv on? Has your dvd collection become a bit too familiar? Check out our porn hotty list and get some steamy movie ideas at the same time!

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Fancy getting a lil kinky and feisty with a spot of S & M? Need to find out more about getting spanked or you want to do the spanking? Take a peek.

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Wanna learn some hot new moves to try in the bedroom? Take a look at our article that offers you some of the top sex positions straight from the infamous book of Kama Sutra

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Wanna know how to get your twerk on whilst making a sexy video of yourself? Then check out our very own twerking article!

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Get the lowdown on cuckold sex

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Get yourself dressed up this Halloween even if it's only for the bedroom..

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Find out all about different types of rope bondage

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These four things have a lot in common including adult dating sites such as ours.

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Forget Marmite being neglected...what about Sex Lube?

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Check out our infographic and discover more from the most comprehensive swinger survey to take place in 2013

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Find out more about the swinging lifestyle

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Is you're sex life boring....well we have an app for that! Inject some seriously steamy moves in the bedroom with these beauties.

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Technology is evolving by the minute, as is our access to online sexual gratification. Read all about webcams and how you can get optimal pleasure by owning one.

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Wanna know about London's dogging and swinging scenes? Good news, check this out.

 32 people like this

Are you a T-girl wanting to know a bit more about getting the perfect look? Then look no further!

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Want some steamy movie ideas? Take a look, we've shared our top 3 with you.

 30 people like this

A list of some sexual adventures to tick off the bucket list

 72 people like this

What is erotic spanking? and why do so increasing numbers of people swear by it?

 46 people like this

Burn the extra flab with the bedroom rather than fad diets and the gym

 16 people like this

The future of adult chat is coming, so get ready for it!

 9 people like this

Find out how porn could actually be bad for you

 18 people like this

Discover some rather bizarre fetishes from around the world.

 9 people like this

Find out why sex is so great!

 33 people like this

Married couples, singles and everyone in between can take part in wife swapping, but why is it that sexy single women have all the fun?

 34 people like this

Is exhibitionism an art?

 71 people like this

Find out some funny and rather embarrassing swinger stories.

 30 people like this

Fancy going deep?

 48 people like this

Find some great sex doll suggestions

 27 people like this

Want better orgasms?

 27 people like this

More results in infographic form....

 16 people like this

The search is over...get your big vibrators here!

 10 people like this

So....have all those oysters, really been worth it?

 18 people like this

Discover the sex toy habits of our members who enjoy the swinger lifestyle.

 13 people like this

Get the most out of your account with us.

 24 people like this

Research has uncovered the real reason you get so many knock-backs. Read on to discover why...

 6 people like this

If your sex life has taken a nose dive and lacks luster, then you may be in need of a sex surrogate.

 22 people like this

Is face farting, hair cuts, or women dressed in baby diapers your cup of tea?

 14 people like this

Do you have a belly button fetish....not yet maybe?

 8 people like this

Never been to a sex museum? Check out these interesting places from around the globe.

 28 people like this

Want your sex sessions to last longer? Read on for some tips to control your orgasm.

 43 people like this

If you're a fan of feet then check out these tips to giving your first footjob.

 20 people like this

Find out more about some of the most popular fantasies around today.

 41 people like this

If you're considering going dogging then check out these indicators and signals.

 47 people like this

Discover more about strip clubs around the world including statistics, fun facts, and where to find one.

 21 people like this

Need a massive list of sex ideas? Then look no further. We have 65 different ideas to share with you.

 78 people like this

A strange and rather disturbing fetish seems to be doing the rounds. Eye licking, also known as oculolinctus, or worming has graced our country. We discover more about this craze and why it’s not such a hot idea.

 6 people like this

Want no strings attached hot sex on tap. Discover how to get what you want online.

 63 people like this

Some simple bondage positions for newbies.

 23 people like this

Discover what you're missing in the chatrooms.

 51 people like this

There are millions of erotic fantasies and we take a look at the most popular and most intriguing adult sex fantasies.

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