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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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Fun not too long ago.... any women interested in an escapade?


Would love to find a good multi orgasmic woman and do this again.....  this was a cougar 13 years older and we just fucked all night... nice body, and great ass.   She had been flirting with me for over a year, and she just told me she was coming over late one night to get naked and have fun.  I..

4:08 pm Sunday, 24th December, 2017

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Amigos sinceros e divertidos


hoje recebi a visita de um amigo de longa data ca em casa, qd ele me ligou nao disse que vinha acompanhado e por isso qd ele chegou fiquei muito admirado qd vi outra pessoa no carro. jantamos e fomos sair os tres. depois de muita cerveja a conversa soktou-se e virou para o sexo onde acabamos a..

4:58 pm Saturday, 23rd December, 2017

New year party time to play


Anyone planning a sex party new year or want to help me set one up? It’s a great time to have some fun plenty of good sex for everyone share your ideas and invites so everyone can start the year with a smile..

9:24 am Saturday, 23rd December, 2017

funny december 31 wit u


Hi  .. I'm 32years old and was married but it didn't go well and now I'm free from boundaries and looking for some fun in Life.Love to experiment new ways. I would like to with me contact on hangout devi.das02@ whatsapp nine four nine six three five one five five two😇..

9:19 am Saturday, 23rd December, 2017

Nice, well educated man ....with Naughty Tongue for Friendly Woman


Hello Ladies,

Like the heading eludes to - I am well educated person from Mumbai and frequent traveler to various cities.

That said, I am looking for a Nice Woman, that's interested in having some sexual fun together with or without marking of boundaries.

I am very Polite, Respectful and Clean -..

6:06 am Saturday, 23rd December, 2017

Eating pussy-Oral Pleasure


Giving oral pleasure is one of the most intimate and erotic sensations you can give to a woman because your, hot, passionate tongue makes her feel special, loved, appreciated, adored, desired, and beautiful.

Any man who has the potential to give her an orgasm that may shatter glass or awake the..

12:29 am Saturday, 23rd December, 2017

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Sexmas any female Pune


Hello all,
Are you feeling heat of Xmas , let's meetup for sexmas on 25th for hot and endless fun.
Let me know if any female or couple interested from Pune.
   Looking ahead to see great days to enjoy few remaining and expecting much more in coming year...

12:20 am Saturday, 23rd December, 2017

Love story. I wrote for a friend. Just sharing


On 1 particular day the husband wakes up and decides hes determed wants to fill her mouth with his cock and send come down wifes throat. So he begins rearrange furniture bedroom seting up good spot himself in front mirror so he can c more while gets his head job.. He then goes through wifes nickers..

10:03 pm Friday, 22nd December, 2017

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Girls / cuples are you like to have fun?


Like to give satisfication to any girl / lady / cuple.

Do you want to experiance squirting orgsam?

I do licking/ sucking/ fucking/ fingering/ massaging as you want.

Like to do as u want..

Pm me asap...

9:45 pm Friday, 22nd December, 2017

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Swinging experience in Dhaka and beyond.


Over the years during my travels I experienced wonderful memories of intimacy and sex.

For sure swinging is something words can't describe because one is never in a hurry. It comes from a big heart to give. It's more than sex.
Several couples told me that they never experienced orgasm or squirt..

8:26 pm Friday, 22nd December, 2017

Dogging action in the potteries


Looking for some outdoor join in fun this weekend in Stoke. I know there’s a few people on here who’ve expressed an interest in dogging in stoke, can anyone recommend any good places for some great outdoor action?..

7:47 pm Friday, 22nd December, 2017

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WTF, what is wrong with guys today?


Just a question to all the guys out there..... What is up with the pussy and fuck comments???? Don't you have any decency in complementing a girls beauty? Why do you always have to compliment the SEX and outright nasty ? 

I would rather post something like " Damn, you are beautiful" or "Can I get..

11:20 pm Thursday, 21st December, 2017

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The art of me eating pussy


I love it when a lady takes over  when he sucks that juicy clit sucks that pussy every time she moans and shivers into deep fantasy, until the juices of her flow wont stop eating until she screams moans and cums when her legs start to shake and gets weak then she sucks that dick. Wild wild thoughts

9:07 pm Thursday, 21st December, 2017

Always hoping for a night - with strangers in the dark.


Currently with bandage around leg from a trip in the wild west - not the sort of bondage I was hoping for at Christmas.....
However, I have this dream of meeting up in a dark car park with about 10 individuals - the car park of THE night club..... We all go in for a drink and a dance and then..

8:43 pm Thursday, 21st December, 2017

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1st swap failed - Earned some experience - Moving Forward


We invited a cpl ( called GF24 - BF40)  Today. There were great. We meet outside do lance. after that they came to our house - I arranged a party with scotch & chips & others. We did together 4 pegs. I alone did 9. My girl fully drunk. She laid down in another room. 

Also - she needs time to know..

6:26 pm Thursday, 21st December, 2017

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Testing all limits to see what is possible


I would love to test my limits to what I can achieve, I particularly want to test my limit with spanking. I also want to find out how many times I can get myself to cum in one day, would love to have someone with me when doing all of this...

5:35 pm Thursday, 21st December, 2017



My utmost sexual urge is to give sexual pleasure. I want to be a bottom for sexy TG lady.I want nothing in return but are my sexual desires weird I begin to think so and feel  alone.

I am  genuine and treat everyone with respect and courtesy on the site but knowone seems intersted in my sexual..

2:05 pm Thursday, 21st December, 2017

Ping me females lets have some fun


Hai am 25 years old and i was looking for a female. Any female looking for fun in hyderabad. ping me. Lets have some erotic session. My thick and huge cock is waiting for a session. Lets discuss and outcome our fantasies...

1:39 pm Thursday, 21st December, 2017

The Deep Sleeper Awakes


To B or not to B.That is the question. 

Hitherto Bondage was a step toward a socially conditioned destination. Glorifying Venus it's objective. 

Some deep undercurrent shifted beneath the glacier I inhabited. Pillars crumbled and I emerged a full person. 

A master of my own fears. Utterly denied..

7:52 pm Wednesday, 20th December, 2017

In pursuit once more....


After many years out of the game I find myself in the pursuit again.   

My experience has always been that a man chases the lady and my experience here hasn't changed that experience!  It seems to go with the whole Dom Sub experience and is wired in to us as sexual beings.  Not that I'm..

6:05 pm Wednesday, 20th December, 2017

How to go down on her. The love nectar saga. Part 01


 foreplay a must and give her lots of honest compliments

Do not rush directly to access the valley. Reach their gently traversing her body with your tongue -- so kiss her, run your fingers and tongue along her torso and inner thighs,
Give generous compliment about her skin, smell ,eyes or lips,..

4:49 pm Wednesday, 20th December, 2017

Win a Prize With Some Sexy Stocking Stuffers


It’s the season to be jolly and I feel like giving away some goodies. Just tell me what your perfect sexy gift would be and you could win an Amazon gift card. Whether you prefer to give or receive, it doesn’t matter, simply share in the comments.

When it comes to sexy gift giving, it might be..

1:41 pm Wednesday, 20th December, 2017

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How to last Longer in Bed


Do you want to know simple methods to last longer in bed you can apply immediately? If so, read carefully. Many guys have no clue about how easy this is, there are many techniques which are very simple and that can be effective for pretty much anyone.

First of all, you need to get rid of any kind..

1:26 pm Wednesday, 20th December, 2017

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Welcome sexfugiees!!


Hola y bienvenidos a este mi primer blog.

Aqui me gustaria introducir algo familiar, como que llegue aqui sin comerlo ni beberlo, buscando obtener algo de experiencia, y que sin embargo, no ha sido asi.
Me hubiese gustado poder haber charlado con alguien, reir, momentos de tension sexual,etc.

10:22 am Wednesday, 20th December, 2017

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Does anybody want to meet me?


In chester for the day tomorrow if anybody want to meet up for coffee a cgat and nsybe more could be a fun few hours or just a social chat, the choice is yours, do t be be shy come and say hi!!! Look forward to hearing from you..

10:17 am Wednesday, 20th December, 2017

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