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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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Dogging Where to find the younger female


I use a couple of Dogging sites in East Sussex.
Yes I know this is not the best time of year for it
But I would like to find out if Seafords is younger 
than Eastbourne?
I have had some fun at both ! ..

6:30 pm Tuesday, 26th September, 2017

I wonder what would have happened?


A female ex relative came to stay for a few days, one day she took my partner shopping while I stayed at home. I decided to try out one of those erectile dysfunction tablets and by heck it worked. When the women came home my partner notice the results and I am sure our guest did. Our guest was a..

5:02 pm Tuesday, 26th September, 2017

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Night out with stranger......


One of my friend and I went on a road trip to agra to attend the marriage of our mutual friend. Pew wedding night, we were talking and taking drinks  . It was just a bush, but we had a ton of fun. After few bottles of beer, we were playing songs on the juke box, and just dancing around like..

6:53 am Tuesday, 26th September, 2017

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double standards aint fun


society can be very mean. esp to women. it sets a double standard for us. 

like this for example:
woman member of this site. plays around with men. men encourage her to fulfill her deepest darkest fantasies....BUT would they consider their own gf doing it? it would be a big no no, ryt? 

why? coz..

6:33 am Tuesday, 26th September, 2017

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Hidden Pleasure source....


According to my experience...  I think licking  partner's anal  is a amazing thing.. that was a my one favorite thing to do and like see how her feel it.. do it slowly and it will help to her to go heaven. Try it if you didnt and whats your idea about this ????🤓🤓🤓🤓..

5:50 am Tuesday, 26th September, 2017

hot naughty roleplay couple love fucking others,


this is fave me at other side of sofa, another guy standing easing cock into her as she sucks my cock mmm, makes me very horny . sure if u see your girl do same u will enjoy to spank her.

5:06 am Tuesday, 26th September, 2017

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Amy says hiya 💋💋xx


Well hello guys and girls, this is the start of this websites best ever blog!!! 
So a little about me I'm Amy 20 and in desperate need to go ultra fem !!!! So keep up to date with my story of how I get on in my change to the worlds best t girl xxx💋..

9:24 pm Monday, 25th September, 2017

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The Shopping Trip part one


This is part of a small series I authored for my blog in 2013. Its my copyright.

One of my many women knew I hated shopping but was determined one day that I would go with her. She did have a novel way to tempt me though ~~She wanted shoes and a dress for a night out we had planned, I decided that..

6:12 pm Monday, 25th September, 2017

L'evoluzione di una coppia cuckold. La nostra prima volta


E meglio cominciare dall'inizio...

Anche se ci piace divertirci coi singoli noi in questo genere di giochi nasciamo scambisti classici.

Certo trovare una coppia come noi non e mica facile,generalmente,e non capiamo il perche,le coppie che cercano altre coppie anelano la lei bisex per giocare tra..

3:32 pm Monday, 25th September, 2017

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Swinging soft swap...


If both a husband and wife are mutually consenting to bringing in a 3rd or 4th or 5th person into their bedroom (metaphorically speaking) for the purpose of adding another level of excitement and stimulation into their maritial sexlife, then then that is swinging.
Whether the two couples..

3:10 pm Monday, 25th September, 2017

Howdy World - About me


Just joined this forum. Prima facie, looks very interesting and exciting. Being a Psychologist by profession, yours truly have had the fortune of being contacted by a number of people, from different walks of life, most of whom have had wonderful tales to tell: about their life's events, about..

12:21 pm Monday, 25th September, 2017

Encounter in a bus....


Last Friday I was traveling in bus from chandigarh to Delhi. It was around 12:30 in mid night. I took Volvo from chandigarh to Delhi..going to Delhi to buy some spare parts for my factory. So I took bus from chandigarh and only few people around me. They are also waiting for the bus. As soon  the..

8:47 am Monday, 25th September, 2017

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Understanding the term, “swinging”


I've come across some members using the term, “swinging” loosely in their profiles or when chatting ,as if everybody is practicing the lifestyle already. But as you peruse further down their page, you'd find out that they are only interested in either, SRS(same room sex with respective partners)..

7:28 am Monday, 25th September, 2017

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All girl satisfy with her husband ?


If not what is right thing to do for her sex satisfaction ? If anyone need help for her sex life i can help and i can be make u sure that ur information is be safe in in my heart i never tell anyone about you ..

10:20 pm Sunday, 24th September, 2017

Hormone Replacement Therapy


Today I started hrt finally! Been using a private doctor and was recently prescribed oestrogen patches and testosterone blockers... I'm excited and a little nervous to see what changes occur... but time will tell! Thanks for reading this if ya did! 

Ebony Snow 😉..

8:00 pm Sunday, 24th September, 2017

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Laying in bed before sleeping


When I was in the local supermarket standing at the tills,the women in front of me was unloading the trolley,whilst she bend down to put the shopping by the till,her top was loose and could see she had a red sexy bra on,with a good view of her tits and I wish that I could have feel them and suck..

8:00 pm Sunday, 24th September, 2017

Meeting couple at airport hotel later today,sounds great


Just arranged hook up with couple flying out later today.  Hell , this site is amazing . Couple in their 40s , wife wants double penetration, after last night this may call for enhancement product, do not want to let them down..

11:33 am Sunday, 24th September, 2017

First meet part 2, one magical night


I think my tongue was very lucky last night , she was so relaxed and very wet,and just got wetter as my tongue slide in and out. Next time I will take a snorkel , she nearly drowned me. She also gave an amazing BJ , oral took over two hours , my type of forplay.We can only meet on weekends,but will..

10:27 am Sunday, 24th September, 2017

First meet with 28 year old beautiful lady


My first meet up with a young 28 year old sexy and very adventurous lady. Last night met up at the pub for a few drinks,then back to her place where we had a few more drinks And chatted for another hour, it seemed like we had know each other for years.She then went to the bedroom and come back..

9:58 am Sunday, 24th September, 2017

Help for goodness sake.


Well I've been here for 2 months and just renewed for another 3. I'd love for someone to follow up on their messages. So many times I've replied to intros and no joy. I wouldn't mind if I ploughed in like a raging nutter but I don't. Anybody out there can tell me what's going wrong lol. Ian..

9:14 am Sunday, 24th September, 2017

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Swing with seasoned couples


If you are new to the lifestyle and want to keep things as drama free as possible, consider swinging with seasoned and experienced couples, at least at first. Not only will they show you the ropes, they will also share with you lifestyle tips that they have picked up along the way. Just like..

5:53 am Sunday, 24th September, 2017

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meeting a unknown for the first time


This month on the first week of April 20**** I made yet another trip to Kolkata. I can shamelessly say that it was a preponed official trip and the reason was Poulami. I couldn't wait any further to lay m****nds on her one more time. We had perpetually been in touch since our first meeting and..

3:41 am Sunday, 24th September, 2017

What is happening on here??


Getting a bit disheartened on here really. We send messages and receive messages but nobody wants to strike up a conversation with a view to hooking uo! Not that bad looking where I can't pull and yet nothing nada! We just wanna have some fun we would look after our date for sure! In every way!..

2:24 am Sunday, 24th September, 2017

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How I got hooked on Dogging


The site suggests a bit about the writer first. 
I certainly don't want to bore you with a 'me me me' story which may or may not be true, suffice to say I have lived a bit of an extraordinary life.
Having found what my dick was really for girl from my life just took off in a completely different..

7:43 pm Saturday, 23rd September, 2017

I saw you sitting at a bar


I walk up behind you, we haven't met before but I know it's you, I lean in close and say Hi, want.a.drink? I get us both a drink and we move to a booth to chat, we.leam close.as.the music is load, I cannot help but see the shape of your breasts through your blouse, you notice me looking and ask if..

2:32 pm Saturday, 23rd September, 2017

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