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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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Is there anybody out there somewhere


I'm informed that the best way to get in touch with possible contacts is to have a blog. I presumed this was like a diary and people would browse through and maybe pass a comment or two. Have I got it wrong...

9:00 am Tuesday, 28th August, 2018

Hi im a 49 year old new to crossdressing


Hi  looking to meet crossdressers / trans girls to have funtimes with new to the scene so want to take things slowly love kissing and cuddling i need to buy some outfits so would like to go shopping with right girl..

8:24 am Tuesday, 28th August, 2018

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My pretty pink panties


Good morning, sometimes I write short stories would you like to read them?

They are based on my experiences so are easy to write as it is what happened. I only embellish them ever so slightly for erotic effect.This one is called my pink panties and every girl will have lots of pink panties. I have..

8:20 am Tuesday, 28th August, 2018

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Who horny Since morning?


Who ia horny today but didnt get chance to do something?

Who want to open their back door ?male female bothūüėĚ

Who did sex since morning? With their fav partner?Pls comment

7:53 am Tuesday, 28th August, 2018

My secret fantasies.


 I wanna meet a local black man for erotic encounters. I wanna share my secrets with him and have him fulfill my darkest fantasies... I will give him 100% of my naughty perverted feminine side... He'll love me.....

7:08 am Tuesday, 28th August, 2018

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Move a single grain of sand on a distant shore and the entire future history of the world will event


The magician's most important invocation is that of his Genius, or Augoeides. This operation is traditionally known as the Magnum Opus or Great Work.
The Augoeides may be defined as the most perfect vehicle of Kia on the plane of duality. As the avatar of Kia on earth, the Augoeides represents the..

2:17 am Tuesday, 28th August, 2018

Energize the platform!


Where have all the genuine kinky and adventure seeking people of Bengaluru been to? How do we better connect to the right people? There is a need to stimulate this place to get to the right direction!..

8:36 pm Monday, 27th August, 2018

MrMrNobody’s Post Divorce Sex Blog


So.... 2.5 years post the split. I have never, ever blogged before and my want to be in the public eye is as large as my will to cut my heart out with a spoon...

So, whats this about?

A Blog charting the journey of a man who was faithfull throughout his mariage, his new found want to go around a..

6:52 pm Monday, 27th August, 2018

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Cuenta tu fetiche , escribo el mio.


Hola , mi fetiche es muy poco aceptado por las mujeres y lo que busco es en encontrar una chica que lo acepte , ya que soy un chico heterosexual pero mi fetiche es ponermer ropa femenina como a su vez he llegado a maquillarme ylo que pidoes poder tener sexo vestido asi con otra chica , aclaro no me..

6:50 pm Monday, 27th August, 2018

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Something unexpected. ..but real


Hi Y'all....
You need to check my profile for the full back-story.  short-snip-version?

I'm a young-minded widow in a body a bit older than the "rest" of me. I've considered myself a "straight cross dresser".....WRONG! .... done drag shows....married for 40.5 years.

I'm looking for love....the..

6:36 pm Monday, 27th August, 2018

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first time nerves and jitters


Well, I might be on. I made a contact here and we may be meeting up soon. Like most of us here, neither of us is looking for warm, committed relationships. I want to experience man to man sex, and he's willing to accommodate.
 But the buildup is draining. the wondering, the worrying. 
What if he..

6:34 pm Monday, 27th August, 2018

Looking for genuinly married couple in Mumbai and Pune


We are couple intending to visit Mumbai and Pune in October. We are interested in genuine, simple and decent couples for secret fun. single males/females, bf/gf or attached couples are strictly not allowed. We repeat, not allowed, hence, such people are requested not to contact us. Cam confirmation..

6:24 pm Monday, 27th August, 2018

Vivir la vida por eso relax


Pensamos todo el tiempo pero hay veses q es mejor ni pensar y q pase lo q tenga q pasar quien se apunta listos para salir y conoser personas nuevas y disfrutar de toda una mocho o una vida placentera ..

5:55 pm Monday, 27th August, 2018

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Man woman couple in southern Missouri


We are wanting to meet another woman for a 3some , we are friendly couple that enjoy fun in the bedroom we are in our early 50s all I am short and he is tall I am thick curvy woman and he is slender I am shaved we both are drug and disease free and he likes giving oral and I like to watch him make..

4:41 pm Monday, 27th August, 2018

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Society's complexities causing problems in the dating/mating world


Its a sad truth, that in a world filled with so many peaple we can not find someone to be intimate with let alone find companionship with. Even myself dont offer a overcomplicated thing to be with me but still ... no one is willing to take the chance to find out the depth of what I offer someone..

3:35 pm Monday, 27th August, 2018

Spreader Bar...ideas on DIY and more...


Let's discuss Spreader Bars...how to make one, where to buy one...and ideas on best uses.  Don't be shy and show some pics. Please provide links to sites, stories, videos, or any information concerning Spreader Bars.....

3:15 pm Monday, 27th August, 2018

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Advise for meeting interested people


Every time we start talking to some one to meet up it gets really hot and more intense and when it comes time to meet then they just stop talking , what are we doing wrong ? 
We really like to have another woman come over sexual preference doesn't matter and  the main thing is I like to watch my..

2:34 pm Monday, 27th August, 2018

Intimacy and Vulnerability


‚Äú Intimacy is based on shared vulnerability ‚ÄĚ

Say it again…

Write it on the bathroom mirror: ‚Äú Intimacy is based on shared vulnerability ‚ÄĚ

We will never discount all the wonderful things that we get from sharing love, laughter, happiness and such…

but nothing deepens intimacy like the..

11:57 am Monday, 27th August, 2018

I have a qeustion for u


Hi!! I have a qeustion for u. How many times in your life have u seen a disabled person and stared and whispered to the person next to u "look there" did u think that even though that person is disable he/she has feelings. Rather than or offering him money. Just go them and make a conversation dont..

10:24 am Monday, 27th August, 2018

Meeting up for spanking sessions


So...this site is called Seniors Spanking.To me, that meant women who either want to be spanked, or could dish out a good spanking to a younger man.
I believe spanking is wonderful part of foreplay, as opposed to just looking for hookups.
So....are there any women out there looking to explore..

10:23 am Monday, 27th August, 2018

Observations on getting old


    Ode to ageing                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   A man's not old when his hair turns grey, a man's not..

9:37 am Monday, 27th August, 2018



I had a lot of fun today with my misstress as she dressed me up in a sexy little pink corset and some matching fishnet stockings. I then slipped into a sexy little dress and a pair of high heels. Once I was all dressed up my misstress sed I have a friend who wants to join us i asked who?? When she..

8:41 am Monday, 27th August, 2018

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Horny Frog NV, need u


I really don't know what a blog is but I will say I would love to naughty chat with a woman while "get ahold of myself" I am out of a long relationship and just need to feel good by either naughty chats and masturbate or meet ups, please ladies I can make you see heaven..

5:01 am Monday, 27th August, 2018

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Pet hates for being a dom


Well I am master of over 20 years in that time I have worked with many different types of sub 
Still one of my pet hates is lying be honest and up front saves pain later lol how many times till people learn what I am ..

12:44 am Monday, 27th August, 2018

Donde estés, te amo, mi sumisa


Estas atenta a mi voz, dispuesta a todo,
tu cuerpo tiembla de excitación esperando
el momento justo para sentir, gozar, gemir y arder en mis manos;
bella dama que dócilmente te entregas al deseo, divina mujer que entiende que al permitirme poseerte
a mi manera el placer es mutuo por amor, devoción..

12:24 am Monday, 27th August, 2018

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