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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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Ms Pinky 47 curves volupueous looking for womyn whose interested in fun realisim truth. Time is prec


I would like to make this my first ever blog. So i hope this can be my first blog that i can share my todays tomorrows joys and worries to others who may be interested in me. I will always wish for all to be happy..
First day of many. Kia ora from I to you all...

7:17 am Friday, 5th April, 2019

Trust & Communication


Its important to know your partner, read the body, and listen to the voice, talk before a scene, learn turn on/off triggers. Discover the limit and when to push it. As a top it's all on you, every bit of it. As a sub you need to communicate clearly, and dont compromise to make the Dom happy. When I..

6:04 am Friday, 5th April, 2019

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Old Dog Seeks to Find Self and Partner(s)


Hello, I’ve never written a blog, nor am I a skilled writer of prose. However I thought, I might try this for the sake of understanding and learning about myself.

I've always had cravings and desires for "alternative" sexual activities. Unfortunately I grew up in a world of guilt and repression...

1:00 am Friday, 5th April, 2019

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Ramblings and Thoughts on Pics & Friends


Okay, to meet the requirements, my blogging will be about: what I mean, want, expect from communications on here.  Just so you know in case you care.

It all starts with friending, I guess.  If there's an interest, I'll request a friend link, or accept yours.  If there's not, or until there is, I..

6:23 pm Thursday, 4th April, 2019

Non Expected Impromptu Crazy Weekend Fun in the City!


It was a lazy Saturday going on as had a party planned for the night with a couple via a reference of a friend from Baroda. Was enjoying an afternoon nap while my phone rang: the most random call ever. It was the call that every guy would love to get everyday. 

An old friend from the lifestyle..

5:56 pm Thursday, 4th April, 2019

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Sexy in Red Theme party


A SEXY IN RED party this Saturday. Come unwind, have a few shots and a relaxing sexy steamy time in our Jacuzzi’s. At CP it is all about being sexy, naughty and fun. We look forward to sharing our love for all of that with you. This Saturday proves to be one of those SEXY parties. Come on over..

10:44 am Thursday, 4th April, 2019

Parties, gatherings or private home swing parties,nights .


Hello everyone,  my husband and I are wondering if anyone knows of any swingers parties, homes or clubs in Bendigo victoria area. Would appreciate any advice. Thank you  , nice to join site. Michelle ..

8:53 am Thursday, 4th April, 2019

My attempt at least I hope to hear from a couple or something like that


I am not sure how to get it started so I will just do the best I can  I have been without a girlfriend for over 6 months.  She left me because I asked her to have a mmf threesome,. I am not going to say much about it but if you are interested in the details. I m. Me. I am still interested in the..

8:42 am Thursday, 4th April, 2019

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The Jute Rope Blues...


So I allowed My live-in s-type to try a dragonfly tie on Me with some jute rope. OUCH. Too thin and too rough for My delicate skin. I also don't think I like being tied anymore. My other sub offered some rope he got from Rainbow Rope. But honestly, I don't think I'm meant to be tied up anymore. I..

8:40 am Thursday, 4th April, 2019

Had to get in and under


I'm funny, day off, did try for a bit. Then, out comes the toolbox, one wheel off at a time, noticed some nuts a little looser than supposed to be. All roadworthy and nothing stuck in them. Got in, under, a little lubricant spray in areas. Yes l'd be laughing too. Engine areas good. Cleaned..

8:28 am Thursday, 4th April, 2019

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Who knows what will happen


Hello , I hope you are all having fun. I am not exactly sure how to go about it but I'm will do my best to get it said.   I am a male and single now. I am really interested in having a good time with a kinky couple who knows how to play and have a great time. I am not going to say much about it but..

5:33 am Thursday, 4th April, 2019

Looking for sex LTR love the shemale /CD/ Trans


looking For shemale or cd / trans for overnite vist , nothing like morning sex, waking up with that really hard cock. then fuck until we fall asleep again. then wake up and do ti again.MMMMMMM😍 love that taste its always fun to just stay in bed all day👅..

3:49 am Thursday, 4th April, 2019

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Hot woman for 3some and friendship


Hello we are a good looking couple from Melbourne looking for the right girl to form a friendship with and have fun times such as meeting up going out maybe weekends away and to have hot sex with we would love to build a bond with                    ..

12:50 am Thursday, 4th April, 2019

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Without any benefit or any fwb


Im super sexy Single Male looking for outdoor fun sex in group.one by one or in group.lets enjoy life and love cpl or female of open minded nature.age no bar I do everything like full body massage of sexual fun without any benefit or any fwb...

9:51 pm Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019

Swinger parties, social meetings, gatherings of like minded people.


Hello everyone, my husband and I are new to this, very interested in finding out if there are any parties, social gatherings, where we can meet people for fun, social drinks, good times. We live central victoria, will travel reasonable distance. Hope to hear from you soon...

8:32 pm Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019

Pain or is it Pleasure?


As a younger person I was first introduced into this confusion of feelings by an older female.She would dig her nails into my back during her orgasm then mine! The mixed feelings of pleasure allied with pain intensified my orgasm.It is not something I have explored further and have no wish to do so..

7:01 pm Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019

Offline until the weekend at least!


I'm facing eye surgery tomorrow with an overnight stay until Friday (if it isn't postponed), so I'll be offline for a few days. Prayers would be greatly appreciated from the believers out there. Thank you and hope to see you soon.

1:29 pm Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019

Minnesota mistress's


Hi I'm a white male sub from Minnesota. Well I guess I can't really say that because I have never experienced it in real life. That's why I'm on this site. To finally experience what it is like to be a sub. I'm open minded and willing to try just about anything my mistress wants ..

12:50 pm Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019

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Cómo disfrutar al máximo de la masturbación


Os quiero “echar una mano” este es el Mes Internacional de La Masturbación así que he decidido daros algunos consejos y métodos esenciales para masturbaros. No importa si tenéis un pene o una vagina, hay un montón..

12:41 pm Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019

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El nudismo y sus beneficios


Gastamos mucho dinero en ropa al año, pasamos mucho tiempo vestidos y pensando en modas. ¿No nos saldría más barato estar desnudos? Los beneficios son inmensos, así que igual puedes empezar a experimentar...

12:31 pm Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019

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First time wife make out


Just wanted to know how all feels when your wife goest out with his ex and finally comes home making out with your approval.
It happens to me some days back and i can feel that it does had bring some good changes in her and its had bring some more spark between us.
Curios to know more about others..

12:08 pm Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019

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If Men have Beer goggles, can Women have Prosecco or Wine goggles?


Over the past few weeks, I have been receiving non-automated messages from women after 10 or 11 at night, usually on Friday or Saturday. Most of them have said something like, "OMG. Your profile made me wet. Get in touch". So, I did reply and either there was no answer or they replied, "Er, sorry..

10:53 am Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019

BDSM para principiantes


El BDSM siglas agrupadas de Bondage y Disciplina, Dominación y Sumisión, Sadismo y Masoquismo, ha ganado más fama a nivel social que nunca, y son muchas las personas que se mueren por sentirlo en sus pieles. Sin..

10:19 am Wednesday, 3rd April, 2019

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Super excited for a dressing weekend


Wifes away again so i get the chance to get dressed. Super excited thinking about it. Going to try some new combinations that i have been thinking about for a while. I love reading all the coments on my other pics. Makes me super horny!!××..

6:57 pm Tuesday, 2nd April, 2019

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Monogamy is not a suite of restrictions


"You are monogamous, yes?"
"It's a little more nuanced than that, but broadly yes"
"Don't you find it rather restrictive?"

Have you had this conversation?
I have. Among some people there is a perception that monogamy equals restriction. And restriction means stunted growth as a person.


6:34 pm Tuesday, 2nd April, 2019

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