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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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Need some naked and naughty fun


Been holding back all these sexual urges for too long and I'm so ready to enegage in mutual pleasure and satisfaction with like minded people who understand and get this love of wearing either sexy lacey and silky lingerie or women's clothes and heels etc. So message I'm waiting ..

8:54 pm Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

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Houston Town, the life and times!! Contact required


So here I am, in Houston and enjoying the visit. People are friendly and helpful. What is it about Texas men. I've run into several women all mature, sexy, desirable and smart. Yet they are having problems with their men paying attention  to them. I can help ladies and gents! I'll eat that pussy..

6:50 pm Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

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Mistress madam Funny couple


You can use me as your servant with Femdom punishment .

Tie and Tease
Nipple T
Feet Licking
Foot Worshipping
Pony Riding
Golden Sh
Face slapping

Such as You can use me in outside home . within the garden..

6:23 pm Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

To those who have sent Private chats


I'm truly sorry I wont be attending to any not coz I dont want to but coz I'm not a VIP member. I only signed up for this site coz I'll be in Manila for just a week. I'll remove my account once I leave.. please message me your # and I'll reply outside. 

I'd loved to chat with you all but..

6:07 pm Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

To those who have messaged me


I seemed to be having issues with replying to your messages. Dont know why but hopefully I can in the morning. But please send me your messages I'll reply as soon as my problem has been fixed. Also to those that have received a number of same messages from me..apologies, I having problems regarding..

5:57 pm Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

Hi there. This is my first blog..


Hello. I'm new to this site. I'm still trying to get used to how things work around here. Anyhow,.. just abit about myself. I'd love to explore and try out things I always wish and dream to do. I love trying out new stuff, like it abit rough but also respect my body. I know when it's time to say no..

5:49 pm Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

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My Location Is Where I Am Right Now


One is required to put in a location when one registers on the site. I surmise most people would state their place of residence or work station, maybe hometown. Me, my location is where I am when you get in touch. Just because the location in my profile is Pasay, doesn't mean I am rooted there or..

1:40 pm Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

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Thoughts of you at 3 am...


Imagine waking every day thinking of someone so intensely that you cannot help but text or call them immediately.  You hesitate.  Are you being too fast at the draw or just showing how excited you are to have met them? 

We all go through this thought of the person we have just met on line or in..

1:34 pm Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

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The wildest sex we never had


Lovemaking has to be spontaneous sometimes wild. Without a wild imagination sex is just sex, boring, primary and drab. So hence we are here on the wild side , naughty, erotic, secretive, explorative, experimental and often times animalistic. It is important however to know your limits and play..

1:00 pm Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

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My story. A dirty old mans search for a sub


Well, I'm not sure how many folks will even read this, I'm probably just talking to myself but that's nothing new.
So my back story is that I married a lovely woman 25 yrs ago. I hadn't really thought of myself as kinky back then but it seemed my wife wasn't keen on some of my bedroom habits. I..

11:33 am Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

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I want to meet in Kyrenia Female or Couples


"Take off your clothes"
I begin undressing
As he moves behind me
Rubbing himself against my bare ass

Further instruction for me
To get on my knees
He position himself
"Suck it" he demands

I am in awe
Instantly wet and turned on
The musky scent of
An older lover ..

11:12 am Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

Experiences of swinging


Hi every one, this is my first attempt at writing a blog so please bear with me , any feed back positive or negative is most welcome
 we are a married couple based in Guwahati in Assam. 
ours was a normal traditional family set up with us leading a normal lifestyle.
We both are well educated and..

9:09 am Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

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Why don't women like older men??


As a man who is over 50 and willing to please a woman in any and all ways I find it difficult to meet someone. I don't ask or expect freakiness but a little connection. People who are younger have no idea how much experience an older guy has and for people like me it is not the sex but watching a..

6:49 am Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

School buddies gsngbang my wife


One year ago when all this started by accident l had a poker game with some old buddies from my last town, it was 8 of my good friends from 16 years ago, my wife made an appearance to say hello and a buddy of mine joked wow did you hire hot sexy strippers” my wife answered “ you don’t need sexy..

6:48 am Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

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Tell about your first 3some experience


We're still searching for our first 3some, so we don't know what to expect.
Please share your stories and tips/tricks.
We're you the third person or part of a couple?
If part of a couple, did you seek out the 3some or did the other partner?

3:42 am Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

Primera experiencia con pareja de cuckold


Era una pareja, casados hace mucho tiempo, el aburrimiento y la rutina se  había incorporado a su relación de pareja.
Él la ánimo a ella a probar nuevas experiencias, ella dudaba. Contactaron conmigo. Hablé con él y te amamos un encuentro. Quedé con ella en una cafetería, ella llevaba un vestido..

3:18 am Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

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new at this. I guess posts have a limit


I'm actually looking for a lifemate. As my profile says, I used to claim to be a crossdresser. So I *really* know how to take care of one and make us both happy. I do *all* the things most wives dont.

It's been found that Transgender women make better wives because: once we find a love who..

2:24 am Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

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Going out in some sexy panties, bra, and dress


So I decided to put on my panties, bra, and a ribbed dress and going to a place. The thing is though, I covered all of it in my normal clothes. Since it's winter, I'm sure I can get away with it while shopping around by myself. Part of me wishes that someone would notice and ask to see what's..

12:44 am Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

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Why are we here every journey starts with hello, say hello does not mean your interested however can we not make a friend.. I have made two both are not interested but it’s nice conversation and we never know who has a friend who has a friend...

11:39 pm Tuesday, 13th November, 2018

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title goes here.....


I have done this hunt for a long time, I have tried apps and websites and keep getting the same cockblock bull.
I come from a city that has very little to offer in terms of deviant sexual expression of fetishes and kinks, the best action I have ever had comes from Sydney and Melbourne.  who knows,..

10:39 pm Tuesday, 13th November, 2018

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Home photo shoot - November 15


Have a garage at my new place, going to take some picturesof me dressed there on Thursday 15 November, its a dirty and dusty concrete thing, would love suggestions for outfits and poses.
Looking forward to more shoots at my new place and lots of new pics to share, maybe some video..

6:27 pm Tuesday, 13th November, 2018

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First Blog - cindidiamond CD Girl


Hello all,   48 year old CD sub gurl,  recently relocated and looking for new fun.
Long time dresser but back active after long break from meets.

Experienced submissive and love to dress slutty, love pictures and video and have plenty to share..

6:19 pm Tuesday, 13th November, 2018

December 11th evening in budapest


How will be the night in Budapest?

A nice couple, an erotic atmosphere, a nice and galant meeting around a bottle of wine. Let's imagine the next...
A look, an uncrossed leg, a vibe, a touch, thrills... and ??


2:39 pm Tuesday, 13th November, 2018

Company tonight until thursday


So I’m in London now. Anyone free for some nsa fun?

In hotel so I can accommodate. Laid back. Easy going. Let’s explore and have fun. Maybe someone can teach me something. I’m open minded and not found anything I’m not into yet.....

12:48 pm Tuesday, 13th November, 2018

Cleopatra - Been there, done that !


Last Saturday was one memorable day in our life. My wife had been telling me that she wants to go see a night club. Yes.. she'd never been to one till now.. although I would not call this a night club. Gone are the days of The BlueElephant, MyKindofPlace, Library, LittleHut.. the ,"discotheque..

8:56 am Tuesday, 13th November, 2018

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