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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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Happy Birthday to me


Looking  for   somebody  to  celebrate  with and have  worship me. Transforming you into  my Birthday cake,......spreading frosting all over your naked  body  and  adding candles  and  sprinkles also. I  have  had  one do this  for me in the past  and I totally love it along with other foodplay..

2:19 am Wednesday, 5th December, 2018

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Too many work out plans missing the target


Sex is the best physically satisfying workout.  We need to work out daily.  While I admit I am currently looking for one discreet relationship with one really special lady, i choose sex as part of my workout plan.  Aerobic, physical, cardio sweet sex!..

1:51 am Wednesday, 5th December, 2018

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Es tan raro experimentar muchas cosas?


Aveces me imagino experimentar muchas cosas con una mujer pero en si lo que me deja pensar es si ellas tendrán esos mismos deseos?
Una sola palabra puede cambiar una vida entera ni lo creen? Una siempre respuesta a una decisión lo cambia todo..

11:55 pm Tuesday, 4th December, 2018

First impression****ount !


This was my first meeting for a while interviewing a potential sub.. here's how it went so far
We met in a cafe,said our hello's .. our eyes were darting everywhere , nervous atmosphere cutting the air 
We ordered our drinks and sat down..Of course the good boy paid
We sat close as we could in huge..

10:56 pm Tuesday, 4th December, 2018

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Identifying that you have a real genuine desire to be a sub


Its very true that we cannot always know what we  want all of the time. Our desires often change over time and in the light of events we go through, things we see and experience, suggestions made to us by friends and acquaintances etc. 
Sometimes we come to a point where we realise we want..

7:51 pm Tuesday, 4th December, 2018

Looking for some Essex fun tonght


Any people in Essex tonight looking for some Great fun and games x if any of you out there want to play then let's just do it , I can travel and be ready for you when you want . Not working tomorrow so it could be a long night of fun xxxx..

6:45 pm Tuesday, 4th December, 2018

Well here I am! Looking for a woman or women - well whats new.


It has taken a little time to find my way around this site but I am making progress now. There are lots of lovely women around in my age range (35-60+) and not to far away. I believe that I have also seen some smaller breasted women around too; always encouraging because that is just down my..

5:50 pm Tuesday, 4th December, 2018

Catch me red handed not


One early morning, a husband is driving home, he sees a male and female at a car on the side of road and thinks nothing of it.. but his friend in the passenger seat says "isnt that your wife". The husband stops his vehicle abruptly and looks back. To his utter shock, he sees his wife walking..

3:34 pm Tuesday, 4th December, 2018

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Dirty Christmas Humper Sorry Jumper Blog Competition


Season's greetings everyone!

'Tis the season' for giving and receiving, so why not spread your festive cheer with suggestive seasonal knitwear all in honour of Christmas Jumper Day this Friday. As we are in the mood for giving generously, we have some goodies to award 5 lucky winners...

11:18 am Tuesday, 4th December, 2018

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8" Bhai - A close encounter of the 2nd time................just the 2 of us ..............pure magic


September, Master and I met this man with his enormous bazooka. He tore the entrance to my vagina, but the pain was exqusite.........It hurt, but I didnt have enough of him. Not a day has gone by, without me reminiscing him deep inside me and the uncontrollable orgasms I had with him. So big, so..

7:40 am Tuesday, 4th December, 2018

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Archimedes is my hero, mentor, legend.


About 3 years ago, I came to accept that I had no motivation to work for someone else in a job. 3 years down the track, I am doing my own thing, i found something im passionate about and I smile knowning, I will never "work" another day...

6:12 am Tuesday, 4th December, 2018

STD the fear of infection


Sexually transmitted infections Edit
Swingers are exposed to the same types of risks as people who engage in casual sex, with the main concerns being the risk of pregnancy and of contracting a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Some swingers engage in unprotected sex, a practice known as..

5:14 am Tuesday, 4th December, 2018

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On Writing Member Reviews


Should I or should I not? I'm really a very objective evaluator so  I think I should, but on the other hand I'm quite resolute and unyielding in my benchmarks so I think I should not. But does anybody really base a meet on such reviews? I, for one, know I don't. Not because I think most are..

4:41 am Tuesday, 4th December, 2018

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Who am I & what do i do?


I am a twenty-two year old undergraduate student moonlighting . By day, I’m a backpack-lugging, Dress up-wearing slob, indistinguishable from the hordes of like-minded friends on campus. By night, I am dressed up and seasoned like somebody.✌️😇..

3:07 am Tuesday, 4th December, 2018

Avatars drive me MAD


I know that you may not want to put your picture on a site such as this for your own reasons, and I respect that . However, put some thing on that still retains your anonymity  i.e. blur the pic.Wear a mask ,don't show unique features. (Marshmallow it) Take a bit of time and be creative, it makes..

2:37 am Tuesday, 4th December, 2018

Submissive Women and Their Decisions?


Some New Submissive women find it very hard to adjust. The****ve lots of new tasks to complete that are not the norm. Once a Submissive Women is in the zone, it’s like duck to water. Thi****an be achieved by a Great Master/Dom. ..

11:25 pm Monday, 3rd December, 2018

Goa visit - Feb 2019


We are traveling to Goa (Agonda Beach, North Goa) for holiday, will be there from 2nd February- 7th February 2019.... Couples who can meet up please visit our page or ping us here...
Sid n Sniggy..

10:26 pm Monday, 3rd December, 2018

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Join night party and srsp


Enjoy life with open mind fun with friends with night party night out sex with friends with condoms and enjoy it's long drive with hubby I like srsp with long kissing and sucking period with long dick..

6:22 pm Monday, 3rd December, 2018

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exhibicionismo y porqué me gusta que me vean...


¿Porqué me gusta tanto que veas mis fotos? Bueno no se si quiero formular esta pregunta, quizá no quiero saber la respuesta. Solo se que me gusta, me encanta saber que te gusta lo que ves y que te excites viéndome... 

Me gusta vestirme de mujer y sentirme también. Crees que tengo buen cuerpo? mmmm..

4:10 pm Monday, 3rd December, 2018

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Vivo sin vivir en mi y tan alto gozo espero


Me voy a poner en plan místico, a ve si me dejan publicar un blog, pues eso, que busco un gozo tal que me arranque de este existir mortal, busco un culo donde pintar con esta brocha de encalar, ui, eso no es místico, o si?. Quizás La Santa (Santa Teresa para los no iniciados) encalaba su celda..

2:58 pm Monday, 3rd December, 2018

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Still seeking a connection


So, have been on here for a little while, receive likes, but doesn't go further with friend requests so we can chat.  I've had some opportunities to explore the issues I raised in my last blog, all paid so far, and have generally enjoyed the experience.  However, whilst I'm enjoying aspects of..

1:07 pm Monday, 3rd December, 2018

What is your wildest fantasy?


I had many fantasies. Don't take me wrong. One of them was to remove Burqa.. And I did it once. I was happy about it. Another was to play with two sisters. I couldnt play with them together. But i played with them separately. Both used to be angry when they found i was with other one.
I also had..

8:57 am Monday, 3rd December, 2018

Immense Pleasure Ep:1


In the afternoon we did lunch in restaurant. Then I went to orphanage then came back to home and got ready for Interview. I wore (NO BRA because my dress alread****ups), red boyshort panty, red mini prom dress (1" straps, mini skirt & sweetheart neckline), kajal, earrings, red nail polish,..

8:37 am Monday, 3rd December, 2018

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As she turned her back, I pushed the door open and grabbed her from behind. I had one hand on her throat and another over her mouth and her nose. I told her do not resist or I’ll tighten my grip. She continued to squirm, and I tightened my grip cutting her air off completely. She had grabbed..

7:43 am Monday, 3rd December, 2018

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I put the pantyhose over my face looked in the mirror, puppy dog was right. I secured myself in the closet to wait. As soon as I was in I heard the door open and she called for the cat. I heard her pick it up and say are you hungry. I could hear her in the kitchen fillings the cats bowl. I..

4:52 am Monday, 3rd December, 2018

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