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Whats it like Banging a Cuck


So, like most men who grew up somewhat repressed sexually in our country, I was fairly homophobic initially. However, taking a woman with her man around "watching" and even better "pleading" was always very high on my fantasy list. 

So, about 3 years back I am with this super into the lifestyle..

1:19 pm Monday, 17th September, 2018

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Is there a lady in the North East with long fingernails who would like to tickle these !!


Looking for a local lady who would like to tickle the soles of my feet !! I am also interest to meet a lady who also likes having the soles of her feet tickled. Complete discretion and NSA for a like minded lady xx..

1:02 pm Monday, 17th September, 2018

Hello there guys....


Read my profile to know more........
........................... What will it be about waiting for your replies......... ............................. Hope to listen from you guys soon. ..................

1:02 pm Monday, 17th September, 2018

My journey into crossdressers


I was introduced a long time ago to crossdressing. It started out as a silly joke but awoke strong feelings within me. Dressing as a girl for a party opened me to new feelings. I felt arousal and excitement that I still enjoy this day. I want to share my journey and where I am now with the reader...

12:57 pm Monday, 17th September, 2018

Rekindling an itch I’ve left unscratched for too long


So it’s been a few years since I’ve felt the pleasure of another mans cock. 

There was a time when I could dress slutty and be totally void of hair on my body to get the action I needed. 

but those days have sadly passed, so it’s becone even more difficult to get that itch scratched. I used to..

12:46 pm Monday, 17th September, 2018

Club Privilege Pretoria


Club Privilege is an Adult and Lifestyle fantasy club in Pretoria, where you can live out your fantasies.

At Club Privilege we offer the following to our sexy guests:
A Voyeur Room;
5 x Jacuzzi's;
2 x Massage Rooms;
2 x Lounges;
Sex Swing and Sex Chair;
Big Voyeur Area;
Cosy Dance Floor with..

12:24 pm Monday, 17th September, 2018

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Stockings and Sticky Lust


This week I have drained my cock dreaming of shooting my hot, creamy spunk over the stockings of the beautiful godesses I have seen. 
I tie my cock tight in your suspenders, then, I'm hurting, I cum. 😱..

10:37 am Monday, 17th September, 2018

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Oral sex isn't what it's supposed to be


Does everyone just want to talk about having sex with others. Every one wants you to like there profile and likes yours or wants to chat.with all this profiling,likeing,and chatting and all is said and done alot more has been said than done..

7:40 am Monday, 17th September, 2018



In every couple, trying something new in terms of their sex life is a MUST.
I disagree if they say that sex is less important becAuse SEX keeps couple united. Discontentment in Sex will push either wife or husband. 

3:40 am Monday, 17th September, 2018

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Whos close to michigan and wants to talk


I am a little bit of a nerd and I love the marvel films cant wait for the new venom films to come out any marvel fans or people interested in good conversation hit me up lets have some fun tonight its still early..

1:28 am Monday, 17th September, 2018

Day something something in MIRC


ive managed to talk to some of the girls in mirc. some are pretty apprehensive but im not giving up in finding my NSA there (since this site has been barren as well and i have sunk a lot of money already)

ive got some regulars in mirc but nothing special until...

... i have chatted with someone..

10:55 pm Sunday, 16th September, 2018

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Los bellos deseos de la voz


En la mente siempre tenemos esos sueños, que se daría todo por tenerlos en la realidad , tener a ese prójimo al lado y amarlo tener lo dulce del placer  , hasta pensándolo despierto en el silencio te ofreces a traer esa persona a tu lado y en el momento pedirle que haga todo lo que deseas, esa..

10:44 pm Sunday, 16th September, 2018

Thoughts that arouse me to sexual gratification


I know how much a whipping hurts. I have been whipped several times by both women and men during my 40 year search for sexual satisfaction. I am a woman who is sexually aroused by having pain inflicted on me. I fantasize about being a submissive to a large strong man who punishes me by tieing me up..

9:06 pm Sunday, 16th September, 2018

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Dick Pics: Say hello to my little friend


This goes out to the ladies and anyone who identifies as such; do you enjoy it when men put dick pics in their profile? Now I am not referring pics of the family jewels that you’ve been up close and personal with. I mean dicks you’ve have not had the pleasure of meeting. If you can’t remember the..

2:56 pm Sunday, 16th September, 2018

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Modern day Indian couples


Now a day's Indian couples are becoming modern and accepting lots of new stuff. Such as living relationship, friends with benefits, divorced ladies are also opening and accepting new bf, married ladies are going for affairs, etc. Yet i can't see all this in open you want to open your clothes but..

2:34 pm Sunday, 16th September, 2018

Dispelling the myths concerning Bulls


We all know there are many pretenders out there when it comes to cuckolding. Much emphasis has been placed upon those people who pretend to be cucks. We call them wannabes, and I call them "wucks" (wannabe cuck). Little has been said, however, about the myths and fantasies surrounding our..

2:27 pm Sunday, 16th September, 2018

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Just me I love being who I am


Hi to all the lovely women out there I am single and I am looking for a woman that is open minded and passionate and loves to enjoy sex for long periods I do prefer bbw women preferably slim to medium build and I like an intelligent woman that enjoys a good conversation  I love to give pleasure and..

1:36 pm Sunday, 16th September, 2018

Every girl needs a dildo


Good afternoon,

Toy****an be such fun and give you such pleasure those times when you are feeling horny and on your own ... or feeling horny and with a man giving you attention which is always preferable.

So yes I have a dildo but the Lovense Lush must be the ultimate best toy. I am sure I will..

1:06 pm Sunday, 16th September, 2018

why girls are after older men? REASON: ONLY MONEY!


Today situation is so bad of this place that girls are using their body only to encash luxury. Shame that these girls dont connect with their age men nor want to work hard but look for rich uncles an use them for their luxurious dreams

Today my age women are sufferers due to such girls who sleep..

12:39 pm Sunday, 16th September, 2018

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Repeated and Sensual Pleasure


I start to undress you slowly. I love how you help me and try to take off my clothes. I stop you from taking off my clothes as I just focus on you. I look all over your body and take you all in. I kiss you as I cup your breasts together. I love how your nipples become hard for me. I suck each one..

11:02 am Sunday, 16th September, 2018

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undefinedThere is one thing standing between my being an anxiety-fueled hot mess and a productive ladyboss: an orgasm.

While most people see sex (and the hot pursuit of multiple orgasms) as a recreational activity or a weekend luxury, I see it as a daily necessity. It’s my inexpensive and..

7:05 am Sunday, 16th September, 2018

Hot meetings in cyprus


Any couple for 3 some meetings in Cyprus.

Had few 3somes in the past and now looking to join again the club.

Looking forward to hear from you meeting for a drink and take it from there.

Regards Panos..

7:03 am Sunday, 16th September, 2018

My introduction into sissy bondage


Let me start off describing my beautiful wife. My wife is 5 foot tall, blonde hair, big blue eyes, weighs 90 pounds and has tiny tits. I’ve always loved petite women.

On our 2 nd anniversary after we came home from dinner my wife presented her present to me. A big black strapon. It seems she found..

6:51 am Sunday, 16th September, 2018

50 is the new 40 for women


Just curious how many women out there when they went through menopause had there sexuality/sex drive change. Was it cause of the hormonal changes or the idealism that you can no longer get pregnant so you can enjoy sexual intimacy?

Myself ... i've had 3 lovers in there 50's in the last 10 years ....

5:27 am Sunday, 16th September, 2018

So horny I could scream


To all of you that liked my profile. I was interested in all of you. I'm out on the town and wish one of you would want to play. I am up for some naughty fun. So if you're still looking for someone to do the naughty things you've only fantasiesd about. Let's meet up and have some fun. OXOX..

4:32 am Sunday, 16th September, 2018