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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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Adult meet up Maldives/Sri Lanka


Dear all the friends from Maldives and Sri Lanka welcome to this blog for share your experience and activities, my main focus to make meet up all over the world hub people take under one roof and special place for travellers who willing to travel in between these to country please share more..

9:09 pm Thursday, 16th November, 2017

SoMu's Blog # 20171117


It's been a while since we swapped. Our favorite couple is sick and we've been looking for someone new. Fortunately we think we found the perfect match. Eagerly waiting to meet and see where it goes. They have already stolen our heart with pure friendship. Can't wait to meet them and start a new..

7:57 pm Thursday, 16th November, 2017

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How to be a crossdresser porn films


I will start making sex films .
Can't wait love to sex just want to be film .
Love to making hardcore sex films .
Big monster sex toys in me ass I just want to see on my tv.
.so if you need volunteer to making I wood love to take part..


7:39 pm Thursday, 16th November, 2017

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im in chat now hot tub room


if anyone wants to fuck tonight in e/mids im available so lets get some fucking done and not pussyfoot about and no time wasters as well fuck,fuck and more fucking as well so come on lets fuck like crazy

5:56 pm Thursday, 16th November, 2017

goal yet to achieve...aaaahhhh


we cpl ..this fantasy of swapping  with cpls came in my mind  first...my wife was not ready for this and consider it as sin...very tough for me to get her convinced....many time she gets very much annoyed when i use to visit these sites...any how i convinced her for bold photo shoots & to get it..

5:50 pm Thursday, 16th November, 2017

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2. Tic Tac Toe - The Reunion


Cont'd from Tic Tac Toe - Part 1
Saba smiled to herself as she watched Dhiren and Damini play in the glare of her headlights. What if she drove right into them? Would they both die together in long drawn agony. But then she had better uses for them.

She carefully turned the headlights off. Opened..

3:06 pm Thursday, 16th November, 2017

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The introduction Poem


I'm Dev and I'm all about the fun
I'm really into oral and I'd love to give to give you some
I'm all about the public, but I do my stuff discreet
I'll be fingering that pussy till its almost time to eat (get it?)

I'm from Jamaica so you know di ting tall
Let me hit it once and I will leave you in..

2:00 pm Thursday, 16th November, 2017

one of the swinger experience we had


sometime back we met this couple(not married to each other) at a well known restaurant in pune kp area we got talking in general and slowly we decided to carry on the evening at a lounge bar we all had our drink(s) and the other coupe offered us to try grass we said ok we went to their rented room..

12:44 pm Thursday, 16th November, 2017

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My very first task...


undefinedI took the envelope gently from his hands. I wanted to tear it open there and then. My heart pounding in my ears, desperation evident in my eyes.

I gently pulled the letter from the envelope with delicate fingers and unfolded it.
The first line instructed me to go to his room. I stood..

11:55 am Thursday, 16th November, 2017

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It's All Over.......


I have decided to stop treatments and my transition, for the last couple of months I have just lost all interest in continuing this path... I have so far been met with rejection from family, loss of what I thought were good friends and negative looks whenever I go out of the house... It's been an..

9:18 am Thursday, 16th November, 2017

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Wife-swapping, threesomes, detached sex the in thing for married Indians


Let's face it, married Indians are sexually bored with their spouses and are seeking gratification out of wedlock. Sex for young India now comes with no strings attached - emotional or marital. Young India likes its sex life spicy and is no longer coy about it.

Experts blame this boredom on..

7:09 am Thursday, 16th November, 2017

A sexually sexual encounter


We met , when we were younger,  you had no interest in me but i was into you at first glance ,  didnt even believe it....
At that time 7 years ago we were both finding ourself ,  now in the current time im a part time stripper and , your still the same beautiful individual .....
We remet in a group..

6:49 am Thursday, 16th November, 2017

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sex in multan come fast


any one can accomidate hotel and enjoyment in multan?? 
come vome come., fast we wait for rich couples., and fill us joys. with swwapping and cuckolding., big dicck are most encourage but no singlewss..

5:03 am Thursday, 16th November, 2017

So near and yet so far....


Well, the last couple of weeks have been an eye-opener for me. To summarise my profile, I've had submissive feelings for a number of years now and have joined his site to put myself "out there", to admit these feelings to myself and hopefully to find someone who will let me explore this lifestyle..

11:29 pm Wednesday, 15th November, 2017

A Question For Daters


Just curious what does Straight looking for CD TV TS really mean? I'm only asking cause I think I got stood up because he found out I was Trans and wanted to let me down gently?

I'm looking for a long term relationship in the Auckland area. It has been 6 years since I was last single so I'm a..

9:34 pm Wednesday, 15th November, 2017

Outgoing looking to have fun


I want to meet simeone and se where it goes depending on what you really want or like i wanna have a real fun time where ever i go or whatever i do so just hit me up ill respond , also i like mostly the pretty girls catxh my eye ..

6:13 pm Wednesday, 15th November, 2017

Free aroma therapy treatments


I offer  free aroma therapy for  ladies  / girls  at my own place  or can visit  them .  But in the  morning 0930 till 2pm.   All days  except Fri.  Interested ladies  / girls  who are stressed or having body pain please book in advance ........ Thank you  ..

4:18 pm Wednesday, 15th November, 2017

1. Tic Tac Toe - The Beginning


Dhiren knocked louder at the garden side door of her ground floor apartment. He wasn’t sure if Damini could hear his knocks over the loud claps of thunder. He was soaked. His hard on was now starting to hurt. He was fantasizing about her all the way driving here.

The door suddenly flew open and..

3:57 pm Wednesday, 15th November, 2017

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Claire wants men to use her


Hi my name is Claire and I love being a transvestite,my body is completely shaved  as I love to look as fem as poss my passion is sucking on a mans horney cock which I hope he will use on me when he is ready,i am very willing to serve a mans needs what ever he wants I will give to him I have lots..

3:49 pm Wednesday, 15th November, 2017

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Quickies: Super Short Erotic Tales


Short, steaming, sextertainers! Not for the soft hearted or soft anything else 😛

We expect to post one super short quickie fiction tale or part of a series each week. Sometimes more...watch this space! ..

2:53 pm Wednesday, 15th November, 2017

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Twist of Life: journey from common man to a call boy.


life teach us many lessons with twist and turns in life. every one have different approach of life and some respect others ways and some are sticky. we live life to earn and i found the way and that is being a gigallo or a call boy.
It sounds so funny, to be a call boy for first time but when life..

2:45 pm Wednesday, 15th November, 2017

Yet to have a experience from this site


I am a horny guy. Like soft sex or oral. I am a great fan of boobs...I like sucking boobs. But I yet to experience all of this from this site. Still waiting for a proper people to have a good experience.

2:28 pm Wednesday, 15th November, 2017

The trials, tribulations and delights o****eing a singleton


.... so my blog... will not be full of woe, it will be a view of the lifestyle as I see it, from the point of view of a single man, but I may allude to what it's like for all of us singles.

I am a slim gentleman, based in delightful Devon but travelling around the south west.  I have been enjoying..

2:10 pm Wednesday, 15th November, 2017

Cock loving cock sucker


Having your cock sucked or wanked by a woman you've just met is incredible and just what you need..if there are any women that enjoy giving head randomly, please contact as I'd be more than happy to oblige .
Monday I was on my way back from Leicester when approached by an attractive woman in her..

12:40 am Wednesday, 15th November, 2017

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Tenerife for fun xxx


Be in Tenerife start of Dec looking meets also beach fun be 5th Dec for a week if interested p.m. pleaee👅👅👅God I don' know what more to say but id so love a meet or beach fun female males couples p.m. please xxx..

12:32 am Wednesday, 15th November, 2017