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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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Một ngày nào đó, khi lạc mất niềm tin


Ngày xa, như mới hôm qua, tôi là một kẻ tin tưởng mãnh liệt vào tình yêu. Hỡi ôi, có gì (từng) đẹp tuyệt vời hơn thế.
Chìm trong những tưởng cuồng si và ngây dại, tôi tin vào sự vĩnh viễn, sự hòa quyện và sở hữu là mãi mãi. Tôi khép cái tôi lại, tôi thu nhỏ, và trân trọng từng niềm trao. Không sao,..

3:53 pm Thursday, 27th December, 2018

Christmas Night Out and a Little Introduction.


I bumped into this site and as most I am very curious of what might happen.
To my person, I am over 180 cm by 95kg. So no skinny herring.
I consider myself of rather active and always on for a thrill.
I made many encounters over time in all fiels of erotic, from Soft via BDSM & Strap-on play up to..

12:03 pm Thursday, 27th December, 2018

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I'm horny, somebody please fuck me!


I don't know if this is an apt place to let out how I'm feeling right now but I need to get this off my chest so to speak.

For some reason, many people believe that women aren’t horny by nature. Well, sorry to break it to you, but it’s just not true! In fact, sometimes it’s actually the complete..

11:10 am Thursday, 27th December, 2018

I just can't find what I want


All I want is to meet a good looking transwomen who wants to let me experiment with my sexuality.  All I ask is that you are disease free have a massive huge cock that wants to gently pop open my virgin ass and make me love you deep in me ..

8:20 am Thursday, 27th December, 2018

Seducir o la tentación toca la puerta


Quien no ha tenido la tentación y morbo, de seducir al fontanero, cartero, butanero o repartidor de agua firgas? Cuando visitas un domicilio para realizar un trabajo, además de contratar tus servicios lo que quieren es discreción, entras en una casa ajena y es lo mínimo que debes respetar.


8:09 am Thursday, 27th December, 2018

Interested for a short trip?


Gonna have a day-off soon...and thinking of a seaside short vacation where there will be only 2 of us + a lot of sex ...NSA...inbox me

PS I don’t think I will bring bra or panties on this trip..since the moment I drive to pick you up at your place^^..

7:51 am Thursday, 27th December, 2018

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Cpl looking for cpl for 31 night fun


Hi we're planning to come Delhi to celebrate 31 night with lovely cpl. Only married cpl from Delhi or nearby who have place only respond. Singles we're in swapping mood only so will think later for other kinky fun..

6:06 am Thursday, 27th December, 2018

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Bali pattaya and bankok


Dear all this month thirety Dec to thirtyfrist dec at bali. 2 night  one to two January 2 night pattaya and third Jan to 4 Jan one night at bankok any body thair meet me .. Pls drop the massage ..........

4:45 am Thursday, 27th December, 2018

This site in interesting


Only been on here for a short while. The search function seems off. It doesn’t quite filter as requested. 
Appreciate all the posts and messages just haven’t found anyone who would make my pussy wet yet. 

Also I’m on a free profile so can’t see your chats. ..

4:07 am Thursday, 27th December, 2018

Sexo con mínimo contacto


Me situé frente a ella, la cubrí hasta que nuestras auras entraron en contacto, lo necesario para electrizarnos el bello del vientre, para ponernos la carne de gallina. Hice crepitar mis labios en su axila sudorosa, donde afloraban retoños de oscura vegetación, mientras ella esparcía con sus..

3:10 am Thursday, 27th December, 2018

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¿Tú eres de aquellas?


¿Acaso eres de aquellas que sienten que por más que intenten ocultarlo no pueden evitar sentir un deseo sexual intenso dentro de si? ¿Pretendes ser lo que los demás piensan de ti cuando en realidad preferirías mostrarte tal cual eres? ¿Sientes que la presión en tus hombros es más fuerte que tu..

2:28 am Thursday, 27th December, 2018

Threesomes or being watched


Mf couple looking for bisexual  female to play with do you like to be played with? we can’t accommodate but can meet up around Birmingham and surrounding areas ff couples welcome and straight women as long as you don’t mind the wife watching my cock is waiting whatever you want to do..

10:40 pm Wednesday, 26th December, 2018

Real people in Ohio?


Is there any real people out there in. Central Ohio?  All I keep getting is endless text, no shows, no reply,or people going ghost. I'd like to find someone married or not to fuck my husband .............

6:59 pm Wednesday, 26th December, 2018

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Just a thought 🙃🎈🌟✨


Have you ever wondered why is it so hard to meet people like ourselves?
Maybe because we are out roaming around by ourselves wondering where are the awesome People in this place? Haha✌️
 wickr looneykorn..

4:56 pm Wednesday, 26th December, 2018

Los instantes de espontaneidad


Hace tiempo, digamos unos años, viajé con mi familia (mis viejos) a pasar unos días en una cabañas en Tanti. Quien conoce Tanti sabrá que es un lugar para relajarse casi espiritual. En esa época yo estaba con problemas de laburo, de pareja y demás, por lo que mis viejos me invitaron y les dije que..

4:28 pm Wednesday, 26th December, 2018

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Hi everyone from Helen, new member,


Just getting started here.  Stay tuned for pics, blogs and even stories.   I have lots of pics, I just have to find them and select the best ones to post up.    And I have stories too, in fact, whole novels about trans women, their loves and losses, adventures and, of course, sexual adventures.   I..

3:52 pm Wednesday, 26th December, 2018

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1:25 pm Wednesday, 26th December, 2018

Need girl for comitted


Need girl for swap with couple ...

I am 27 m slim n cut cock good looking n soft in nature trustable n well mannerd n well educated software engineer from Pondicherry....I love to do new things ........

10:31 am Wednesday, 26th December, 2018

Threesome at a movie theatre


This happened recently,when i went out with a couple at a local theatre.My god.. the lady was really gifted with some great big tits.We decided to sit somewhere on one of the back seats.There wasn't much crowd as it was a matinee show.As the movie started we started to talk and introduce..

10:16 am Wednesday, 26th December, 2018

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What is the G-Spot? Does the G-Spot Exist?


"What is the g-spot?"

G-Spot has so many names—Gräfenberg spot, G-area, female prostate, black pearl, (other) pleasure button... we don't have that much concrete information about it. Is the g-spot real? Where is it? How do I find my g-spot? How do you best stimulate it? What are g-spot..

9:09 am Wednesday, 26th December, 2018

New to all of this...


Been wanting to be afor a while now. I LOVE to wear a leash and crawl to my master as he pulls me in to fuck my face. Face down, ass up? Yes please!!!!  Tie me up and make me beg for mercy. Choke me and slap me. That’s just the start of it all baby ..

8:12 am Wednesday, 26th December, 2018

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Happy Christmas everyone


I hope you’ve all had suitably naughty ones - plenty of fun and even more misbehaving and downright dirtiness! Always seems a shame to have to have a quiet and well behaved Christmas and new year doesn’t it?..

7:47 am Wednesday, 26th December, 2018

need help with pictures


it's bloody hard to take sexy pictures of yourself when your a guy haha.. legitimately if anyone one wants to come help we could make a date out of it or I can cook (like and absolute champiion) or at the very least give me some pointers xx..

7:24 am Wednesday, 26th December, 2018

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First experience with couple


So it was three days ago that I had my first experience with a couple and let me tell you that it was out of this world and it was different because lots passion was involved for 2 hors of non stop fun.

Initially I thought that the couple is not serious but she started contacting me late night..

11:44 pm Tuesday, 25th December, 2018

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Try to be honest )point


So many people don't understand the meaning of honesty. Because of u do. Then the way u leave ur life will be okay.. My advice to us all.. What ever thing u are doing in life. Always be the best u can be. Don't try to leave a fake life because u want to impress ur wife or husband or ur boyfriend or..

9:57 pm Tuesday, 25th December, 2018

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