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A Fin Dom Pal to Share Tips With


So I may have found a slave & that’s pretty awesome, but also got totally harsher on Twitter for my shitty profile. I want to be the best findom I can be, & get rid of the hangers on who want free pics/time. They pay to play, no questions asked.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👽👽😡😡😡😡😡😡..

12:32 pm Monday, 11th February, 2019

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First time swingers part 2


I couldn?t believe what was going on, I had dreamed about seeing Pam nude but never thought it would happen. Although I did think there was a chance I might get to see Pam nude tonight I didn?t think in my wildest fantasies that it would go any further than that. I got up and opened a fresh bottle..

7:36 am Monday, 11th February, 2019

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Pei meetups wanted in charlottetown


Fun in pei needed to find anyone for anything if wanted to come to my dorm room to be pleased and served respectively. I'd also sub or dom for then and perform any act of fetish to please your desires...

4:21 am Monday, 11th February, 2019

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My favorite cuckold fantasy


One of my hottest fantasies is being made to submit to a Dom male.  My woman and I are in a room.  The Dom enters and immediately orders us to disrobe.  He leads me over to a bench that I must lay on, belly first with my arms and legs down.  He secures my writs into the restraints attached to the..

12:01 am Monday, 11th February, 2019

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Me, a Crossdresser ???


I work with a lovely Lesbian lady, and some times confide in her about my crossdressing activities.  As we were going home together the other week, she asked me why I had turned to crossdressing. Well I replied, having lost 2 wives to other men, I want to make sure that this time, I am the one..

9:46 pm Sunday, 10th February, 2019

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Chats maybe meets and let me treat you like a real woman should be treated


I’m looking for a woman that can keep a conversation alive that likes to be treated right and that can be very di****rete maybe the odd meet now and again but will also be spoilt rotten as I like to buy thinking for my lady’s and treat them like a lady should be treated ..

3:54 pm Sunday, 10th February, 2019

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Lesbi with Police....


It was a little late than expected. I was

returning from a friend’s house which was a

little far from my home. I had booked a cab

while going and had planned to do the same

for the way back. So, I had overstayed a

little at my friend’s place. But I did not

get any cabs while returning...

3:52 pm Sunday, 10th February, 2019

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Seeking 4-5 fit attractive guys to gangbang my Missus


Looking to fulfill my partners fantasy seeking 4-5 fit attractive guys to gangbang her must be Circumcised ddf she’s a sexy little pocket rocket size 8 big fake titts tattooed smooth pussy...............,..

3:34 pm Sunday, 10th February, 2019

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Looking for bdsm munch as to meet like minded people


Ive belonged to a bdsm group for many years and have been to many meets. I have met many close friends but moved away. Now looking to meet new friends where I moved to in New Port Richey. If anyone could give me info it would be greatly appreciated...

2:43 pm Sunday, 10th February, 2019

Domination in the bedroom


 The power over another person is like a high, without ingesting anything. The subtle hint to drop to the floor and serve me, to otk spanking, are a few to name, but all require trust of the other partner.I believe that blinfolding, and any way of restraining especially the hands and legs is a..

2:39 pm Sunday, 10th February, 2019

Friend or Random third?


Now that the cat is out of the bag and my and best friend now knows of some of the things me and my partner get up to, she asked me a very interesting question the other day.

She asked if it has worked out better to involve a random female in our sex lives or a friend in our little cuckquean..

9:03 am Sunday, 10th February, 2019

Looking for fun and friends


Love the outdoors camping Hunting Fishing playing pool hunting up and down outside outside jogging voyeurism watching being watched very open-minded very respectful easy going funny and just hanging out..

5:52 am Sunday, 10th February, 2019

it is complicated....


Is love really complicated as people often say in relationships or is it just people who complicate the love between them? The nature of love is sincere, honest, and true. That doesn't really seem complicated. ..

2:42 am Sunday, 10th February, 2019

Relationships and finding true love


We never happy what we have, sometimes we lie to ourselves that's this is it, but it isn't. We then just ended up wanting something different and feeling bad about it.
Is there a moral barrier at all or we just do everything by instinct? ..

1:15 am Sunday, 10th February, 2019

Mature TV looking for other gurls for friends and/or sex.


I have many looks according to my mood. I'm feeling the need to be with others and will check this site out a bit. Be real and honest and all will be good. Friends, admirers, romance. I'm easygoing, fun loving, respectful, safe and clean. I love all things femme with a big long nail fetish...

8:01 pm Saturday, 9th February, 2019

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We're looking for the final part of our threesome


Ideally we're looking for a bbw or ssbbw to join us in Cambridgeshire for some fun times. If you think that could be you, then please leave a comment here or on our pic..
We're still new to this and finding our feet.🤗..

5:28 pm Saturday, 9th February, 2019

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More food for thought


I wanted to offer a perspective on sex vs spanking.  I have come across people recently who seem unwilling to or incapable of separating the two activities.  Spanking can be great foreplay but it doesnt have to be.  Spanking is an activity all to its self.  Whether it is for pleasure or punishment,..

3:48 pm Saturday, 9th February, 2019

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Yo esperaba sexo de primera división


Él era mi hombre o al menos así lo deseaba yo. Alto, rubio, de cejas tupidas sobre unos ojos azules grandes y una sonrisa amplia y pícara. Elegante siempre, en cualquier circunstancia, e inaccesible también. O eso me parecía.

Lo quería, no por amor, quería su sexo. En el baño de ese bar de..

10:46 am Saturday, 9th February, 2019

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Looking For Thirdy FEB 12


What: Looking for thirdy. Age 20 to 30 only.
When: Feb 12,  Evening
Where: Bacoor Cavite
 Message us your number, picture of your face and dick and a good introduction. another thing, you must be CLEAN!!!!! and willing to travel to BACOOR CAVITE. deadline will be feb 11.  once wife chooses we will..

6:50 am Saturday, 9th February, 2019

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Bajan's what do you think about this?


Does being from the caribbean means you have to prefer traditional sex. Can't you be dirty smutty or what ever you choose to be?

I believe in satisfing the woman I'm with, I also believe in being satisfied and not want more after...

5:46 am Saturday, 9th February, 2019

Threesome male female couple


Hi guys myself and my husband spoke for a long time about having a threesome  with another female really feel it’s what we both want anyone have any advice experience ect to help us get it set up
All advice welcome ..

2:23 am Saturday, 9th February, 2019

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Couple wanting to experiment


M/f couple fun loving easy going ,first time wanting to experience this spoke about it for ages really feel like now is right time for us so many things we feel like trying hoping to meet someone who is interested in new experiences and having fun ..

2:15 am Saturday, 9th February, 2019

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M/f couple seek female for some fun


A fun loving easy going couple looking for a female to join them  to act out some fantasies and have a mind blowing night never to be forgotten can’t wait to experience a Threesome and welcome all new experiences ..

1:59 am Saturday, 9th February, 2019

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A happy life with my happy wife


This past week has been a nice needed retreat. The Mrs and I had some excellent romps around the bedroom, living room and back! I'm so lucky to have this girl. She takes good care of me. Now, to take care of her. 😉..

12:58 am Saturday, 9th February, 2019

Evolution and masculinity


 Modern day society has changed a lot of definitions, some just at the level of the word, for instance ‘cool’.  The other, is the fundamental concept, like ‘masculinity’. If I   were to travel back in time, say 100 years, I would find the word masculinity used in a different sense. My image of..

12:51 am Saturday, 9th February, 2019