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And the we where 2 !!


Hi people just to let you know , my girl is back and we are rady to play , please understand we only want like minded people , cleansiness is a must and pkease dont waste our time we are serious , age doesnt really matter as long as you are well looked after , I am 35 , she is 30 , very good..

9:47 am Saturday, 2nd March, 2019

Mmf threesomes fantasies


Ever experienced wat its like  to have another guy sex your wife in front  of  you. Ladies weigh  in . Would  you mind ,? Will  you  feel guilty  about having the thoughts? Or more so doing the act? ...

8:37 am Saturday, 2nd March, 2019

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seeking for couple who wants to have a soft swap


me and my wife wants to have a soft swap and looking for couple with the age around 20-35 yrs old..we want it to be discrete/private..this is our first time to do this and we are excited,.we are newly wed and we want to spice up our relationship..

8:15 am Saturday, 2nd March, 2019

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Young couple looking for meet up. Cuckhold available


Down for pictures, videos some aweso!e sex. I'm a young beautiful bf can seduce. So there no problem got to be clean. We like toys. Looking for hang out ASAP. Pornos are very interesting. Web cam broadcast live is awesome. Very kinky and out going. You won't be let down...

8:08 am Saturday, 2nd March, 2019

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For one night stand!


Chat me or PM for one night stand if you want. MILF or not. i will give you what you want. 👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅👅😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍..

7:50 am Saturday, 2nd March, 2019

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How to treat a woman


So, I've been using this site for a little while now and although I have met and spoken with some absolutely amazing guys, there are men out there who turn out to be nothing but time wasters and liars. 
If you take up her time with your sweet talk and promises, do not then give her the cold..

2:29 am Saturday, 2nd March, 2019

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mon entrée dans sa résidence


une fois a l'intérieur , tel que requis , je retire mes vêtement et me place a genoux. 
Je regarde au sol ayant reçu l interdiction de la regarder directement. Par contre je voie qu 'elle est la, ses bottes et bas filet , présente près de moi , tout comme un sceau rempli d'eau.
Elle s'approche et..

10:26 pm Friday, 1st March, 2019

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Foot fetish: Worship my perfect feet


I’m looking for someone to worship my feet. 
I have soft, size 6 feet with high arches. 
What color toe nail polish do you like?
Have a special foot fetish request? I can provide pics, videos, or items used, upon reque$t. 😘 ..

8:32 pm Friday, 1st March, 2019

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How do you like your bull?


Do mention whether the answers are from the Hotwife or the cuck.

How do you like your Bull?

1. Hairy or smooth?2. Kinky or Vanilla?
3. Straight, Bisexual Top Or Bisexual Versatile or Gay Top (wife watches)?
4. Athletic, Average, Mu****ular or Bearish?
5. With facial hair or without facial..

7:53 pm Friday, 1st March, 2019

Manners you have to follow..


As swinging is a uncommon lifestyle in Bangladesh . Sometimes we face some unexpected situation and it really sad.

Yeah u have right to act exactly what u r but remember its a platform to meet totally unknown ppl. There are quite a lot of rules to follow to make it a good atmosphere for everyone...

6:57 pm Friday, 1st March, 2019

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Code for Running into hub people publicly


Have you ever ran into a **** member in public but can’t approach them because it will sound weird? Wish we have some sort of one liner code as an ice breaker.

Kudos to profiles who show their faces here, others like me have to keep it low key so as not to expose our private lives (for various..

6:37 pm Friday, 1st March, 2019

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Xxx nsa empty house big shaven boy play time


Want meet hot steamy horny cum soaked night of playing, hornyer the better, clit n pussy, nipples n tits will not be left alone, i will lick out every single last drop befor carrying on like ive never had it, females, bi or gay male im picking, couple ff or mf, fetish role play toys more than..

5:41 pm Friday, 1st March, 2019

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Please be real and want real time Meet


Lets be frank we are all here to actually meet, and well that's exactly what I m here for.
Life is to short and yes it' better with others.
But if you just want to talk then just tell me that's what you want. Be honest please.
I hate a dishonest person. I will not be that way with you. 
I will..

4:31 pm Friday, 1st March, 2019

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My New Years Resolution~


As if it weren't lame or - well probs a cliche for girls like us- I'm resolved never to turn/shy away from my feminization/transition, and really hope to be on HrT soon enough. It'd be a dream come true to start growing my own pair of breasts, my body getting softer, and more and more curvy. uwu 

4:20 pm Friday, 1st March, 2019

Let’s find meaning for Life


If we have to meet - anyone out there reading this part of phrase, trust me you found an Genuine and Interesting fellow. 

I always hope for bright tomorrow! This makes my today pleasant | I have never seen tomorrow bright 😜

3:51 pm Friday, 1st March, 2019

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Carnaval del Río ¿Qué preferirías…?


Buenas a todos,

La magia del Carnaval del Río ha empezado así que he decidido crear un juego para vosotros.

¿Qué preferirías…? Aquí aparecerán dos preguntas acerca de dos situaciones hipotéticas y de las que tienes que elegir una. Este juego es bastante divertido y estoy segura de que ya has..

3:02 pm Friday, 1st March, 2019

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¿Mis hechos o mis mentiras? (EDICIÓN)


Sabemos que en algunas partes del mundo se celebra el ‘April Fools Day’ (el equivalente del día de los Inocentes en España) que se celebra en el día 1 de Abril. Como no se celebra todo el mundo, ha decidido traer un poco del ‘April Fools Day’ para que lo celebreis igualmente.


1:59 pm Friday, 1st March, 2019

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¡Elige lo que quieres leer en las próximas dos semanas!


Hola a todos!

Queremos que tengas la palabra, así que hemos decidido crear una encuesta para que tú elijas lo que quieres leer en las próximas dos semanas. Sin embargo, si se te ocurren otros temas que..

1:56 pm Friday, 1st March, 2019

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Equinoccio la epoca para una Gang Bang


En el mundo del sexo hay solo una regla: obtener el mejor placer posible con cada experiencia. Y por eso, recientemente han surgido un montón de prácticas en grupo, como el Gang Bang. En esta época de..

1:12 pm Friday, 1st March, 2019

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La primera cita es una montaña rusa de emociones. Planeando qué nos vamos a poner, qué vamos a hablar, fabricamos decenas de historias y situaciones diferentes especulando cómo nos irá. ¡Respira y relaja! Más abajo te..

1:05 pm Friday, 1st March, 2019

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Mon expérience de soumis


Voici ma première expérience de soumis...bon disons les 3 premières pour être plus juste.
La première fois fut via un site où j ai rencontré une femme dominante.
Elle m a donné rendez-vous dans un restaurant et m a expliqué ce qu étais le soumission et son style a propre a elle.

Puis elle m a..

10:10 am Friday, 1st March, 2019

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Hopefully the beginning of something interesting


Nowadays society sucks when it comes to being a lady if you're open-minded like multiple partners with sex in your considered nasty or a ho... I say b*******. My sexuality can appreciate the soft kiss a woman are the long hard penetration of a man I just wish Society would open their eyes and I..

8:53 am Friday, 1st March, 2019

Introduction to naughty stories..


Hi - So amongst other things I've recently discovered about myself, I do like to write erotic stories.
I'll post them here for you to enjoy, but if youd like me to write one with specific names, or keywords I would be happy to indulge you 🙂..

11:33 pm Thursday, 28th February, 2019

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My desire...........


I guess that my main desire is the same as everyone else here..To fuck and be fucked.. to experience the female body in a way that few could understand..
To kiss down a slender neck.. and slowly make your way down to those fucking sexy tits.. to be allowed to slowly put those steaming hard nipples..

1:26 pm Thursday, 28th February, 2019

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My Leather Mini Skirt Gang Bang Fantasy


Woke up today with a desire to dress in a tight leather mini skirt, the skimpiest panties I can get away with (and not have my clitty flopping out!), fishnet stockings and high heeled boots. Waiting until evening, I would drive out to the country to meet up with 6 guys who would take me, one after..

9:04 am Thursday, 28th February, 2019

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