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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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Minds to share bodys


The thrill of the first few messages to find what you each want is sought.

Passion begins to warm from drips of erotism through to each body to moistening and rising up to the heat of delicious intention.

To meet and mutually enjoy. With personal limits and boundaries understood and agreed to...

10:02 am Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019

No expectations , no regrets


She eyed me to see if I would be ok with him sucking my cock, I nodded an Oman’s she placed my cock in front of his lips, he wasted no time and downed my cock into his mouth. I was so turned onas I watched him suck it so smoothly. I was so excited I blew my load in minutes. They both shared my come..

5:15 am Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019

Assume nothing, expect nothing , embrace it all.


My first time I was 45 and I didn’t really think about to much, I hadn’t planned it, I had thought about it but I didn’t think I would dare. I was at a swingers party after all. I had noticed him watching me as I was getting my cock sucked by this petit brunette, he casually came up and started..

4:53 am Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019

Bangalore Single guy with genuine experience


Hi cpls/ladies, This is Satish from Bangalore. 28 years old straight Genuine guy. I am 5'10 height, 75 kg weight, fair and average build. Basically from Andhra. I am working with reputed firm as programmer. Well educated and experienced with cpls. Please go through my profile pics and reviews..

4:49 am Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019

I have always admired older women and never....


I have always admired older women and never really thought about them sexually until I realized I could be gay or bi.
I am not sure when it began for me, but there something that stands out in my mind. I was young, at my Christian camp, and was just completely obsessed with my camp counselor. I..

12:39 am Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019

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New Year ... same old, same old.


So Happy New Year to one and all. May all your trials and tribulations be left firmly in the bosom of 2018 and your aspirational delights flood forth in 2019.

Somehow I doubt it though.

I reckon we're gonna have the same old doom and gloom political protestations, the same old tree-hugging..

12:31 am Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019

New Year, Same Desires


Yep, still looking for that elusive horny spanker.  And I started a different exercise regime.  I have no idea how well it will work for weight loss, but it will definitely help with balance and flexibility.   I've done different kinds of activity in the past, a couple stopped by age and a few by..

10:43 pm Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

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USA girl in india (only for couples and bi females/lesbians)


looking forward to get in touch with Indian couples and lesbians only. I'm bi. Msg me for contact details. In India for work purpose. It's my fantasy to have fun with indian women. Looking forward for your messages!!

8:05 pm Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

What's it like to suck a cock?


I'm getting to thinking that maybe I am willing to try this out at some point. I consider myself straight but I'm wondering if this might be something that might increase the fun of things even more as and when I get my first hook up. 

I do love giving oral so would this be a natural progression..

6:10 pm Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

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Anal play, Rimming and Oral


So I have this fantasy.

I’m naked and my cock is rock hard, you crawl on the bed and run your hands up my thighs and gently stroke my cock.  Your tongue follows and licks my balls, then moves down inside my arse followed by your gentle fingers while your mouth starts on my rock hard 10”..

3:15 pm Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

Real fantasy about my japanese wife


I don't know why but I seriously want to see my wife blindfolded, stripped completely naked and get face fucked by someone that knows her well but wouldn't ever see her like that and she would never know who it was. Then I want to put my dick in her mouth while she's getting fucked so I could feel..

12:11 pm Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

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My First Threesome Experience


Hi everyone. I am Bharath. I am a doctor by profession. I have never blogged about my experiences before. So out here to try my first ever blog and what better way to start than talking about my First threesome experience. Though am a consultant now, this was way back. Almost 7 years ago when i was..

12:07 pm Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

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The Secret Phenomena Of Married Woman In Modern Era.


The ideas and thought are entirely based on our experience and expect people not to relate to there own life or get biased about it.
It has been long foretold that a dress of a woman decide who and what she is.In office attire, or slightly revealing attire has her entire history research done..

12:01 pm Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

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Mirissa - First Adventure


This blog is about the turn of events that describes the two day adventure we had in Mirissa with another couple (who are with us on a long term relationship in this lifestyle at the moment)

Club nights in the Mirissa are operated within the beach bars located in the famous Mirissa public beach...

9:20 am Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

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A Liberal Psyche Of A Liberal Society


Have always wondered the things we see and learn about from our lifestyle.We have tried to illustrate our findings in a piece about how individual think and act.
I have been reading and writing regularly, when I talk about relationships Chaaya is the most uninterested person I come across..

9:06 am Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

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5 Phases Of Tantric Sex To Get You Started


What follows is an introduction to this approach and how it could help improve your own sex life. It can be viewed as a modern adaptation and interpretation of this ancient wisdom. It comprises these 5 phases or steps:

Shared Rituals

A joint ritual has the ability to help you celebrate your..

8:55 am Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

3 Things That Are Different About Tantric Sex


Tantric sexuality can be quite different to what you’ve been doing so far. Be mentally prepared for a few things that will lay the foundation for your experience.

1. You Need To Surrender Your Ego And Focus On Both Spiritual And Physical Intimacy
When you get intimate with your partner guided by..

8:51 am Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

Tantra Is More Than Just A Sexual Practice


The concept of tantric sex or a mystical sexual experience has its origins in the philosophy of tantra or tantric living. This taps into your body’s natural desires and focuses on nurturing the spirit, living holistically and expressively. Contrary to popular notion, the term “tantra” does not on..

8:50 am Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

Now I Lay You Down To Cum?


Now I lay you on the bed,
You spread your legs I'll be well fed!
I lick your lips and feel you twitchwhile you roll your glorious hips!
I lick your clit and suckle it well, while your erotic desires rise and swell.You moan and groan and ribald pleasureas you offer up your liquid treasure!I drive my..

6:19 am Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

New year, new experiences


I’ve been a member here for a while now and it’s already been an eye opening experience. Mostly if just happy to find other people who are like me and who get turned on by the same things.

I’ve been able to chat and make contact with a few really interesting people. Meeting for real hasn’t been an..

3:13 am Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

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Christmas Eve Party.


Just a quick hello to you naughty people who made the party go with a bang. The hot tub needed a full clean lol. Will plan a summer bash soon and post dates. Keep having fun you naughty people see you all soon...

6:55 pm Monday, 31st December, 2018

1st Timer looking forward


Hello this is my 1st attempt at blogging. After years of fantasizing about meeting someone through the site I finally acted and met an incredible couple. Looking forward to seeing them soon. Also hoping to meet others. ..

5:15 pm Monday, 31st December, 2018

Couple swap on 12 th Jan 19


Hi we are looking for a couple for swap and fun on 12th Jan 2019 night. We have place to host only genuine and open minded couple reply us. Staying near Whitefield. We are from Bangalore and have experience in this lifestyle...

11:48 am Monday, 31st December, 2018

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Happy New Year 2019 !!


I wish all members here - A Very Enjoyable, Peaceful, Vibrant, Virile and Sexy 2019..

May all of you have multiple Orgasms with Multiple Partners on Multiple Dates... May you all get — what You Want !! 

Love you All !! 🍻 Cheers ..

10:53 am Monday, 31st December, 2018

seeking cam show partner...


Brisbane australia...I am very keen for camshow job...I seek misstress,shemales.trans.fem sexy xd.woman...xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx..

10:00 am Monday, 31st December, 2018