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My First Experience in the Lifestyle

11:50 am Thursday, 14th September, 2023

This is my first experience of a sexual encounter with a married women... i am also married and was in search of some kinky sexual experiences...

I found a women we had a chat she was also married but her husband was out of town... we chatted for few hours and then exchanged our number so that we can connect personally, ohh i still remember those hot video calls... and those kinky chats... we shared our likes and dislikes... and then as we both were free next day so we decided to meet...

We wanted the meet to be discreet, so we decided we will meet in a hotel (5 star property) and we will check-in together. I was supposed to pick her up from the given location....

D day! I was assuming I might have been fooled and no one will come but to my surprise she literally came. She was wearing a decent dress but was carrying a big side purse. She directly came in my car and we exchanged our greeting, excitement was in the air! I was staring at her and she was staring at me eager to hug each other and my eyes was stuck on her lips and eyes such a juicy lips and mesmerizing eyes she had...

I drove as fast i could and reached hotel… we checked in (I bought some whisky before of her choice) and the moment she entered the room and i closed the door. To my surprise, she just turned around and hugged me tight, her boobs were so soft. I hold her face and started sucking her lips and my hands trying to squeeze her ass, then she removed all my clothes and within secs i was in my undies and I slowly started removing her kurti. While kissing and licking her waist and navel and the moment i removed her bra, her nipples was so hard and erect that even on those soft boobs those hard nipples were giving her pleasure while i was licking it!

I slowly undressed her and made her lie on the bed on her back with legs wide open and I started licking her, my head between her legs and she started pushing my head harder and harder towards her pussy. Then I inserted 2 fingers inside her then started licking her clitoris - after 10 min she was on the 9th cloud and screaming loudly!!

Then the sudden outburst of the female orgasm... she came so hard and with pressure that I didn't get time to react and started licking her cum... each and every drop came in my mouth.

Ohhh I still feel that sweet and sour taste! Then she got down and started licking my dick and guys while writing this blog i can still feel how she played with my balls and dick! She sucked me complete dry and then she asked me to lie down on bed and she wanted to ride on me .. and when sat on me and the way she moved her palvic with my dick inside her pussy and her hands playing with her boobs and in between she was licking her own boobs and then bending towards my mouth to let me lick her nipples .. and my god .. after lots of jumping i finally came and came all inside her … some of my cum started overflowing so she used her finger to put it inside and then licked her finger … thinking abt that day make me cum today also … then we had few drinking together .. and had 3 more session that night … on chair … on the wall in standing position and in washroom while bathing … but thats for anothe blog

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Looking for discreet fun to relax from this busy schedule

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