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Life is not a rehearsal


Sorry but I'm feeling a bit sad. I've been telling my younger sister for years to get out and enjoy herself but she insisted on staying "at home" to look after mum & dad, she never married or had a "relationship" of note and on Friday we are burning her corpse, she lost her battle with cancer. So..

10:34 pm Tuesday, 7th June, 2011

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Mistress and Slave


He knelt before his Mistress, body naked and trembling in anticipation, gazing up at her with pleading eyes and not a little trepidation.

‘What are you waiting for little one, kiss and lick my boots!’ she commanded.

Leaning forwards, tongue extended as he slowly licks the front of those..

8:20 pm Tuesday, 7th June, 2011

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horny sissy for your pleasure


Today my misress as me dressed in pink fishnets and see through pink frilly panties.mistress and her mates have been fucking me all day.as i was stood at the sink washing their dirty panties they took it in turns at fuckin me with their big strapons as they wanked my cock into some Dirty knickers..

4:55 pm Tuesday, 7th June, 2011

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Un deux trois.......


And as the two tongues swirl around you nipples teasing them in to an unbelievably heightened erection, hands simultaneously wander down the length of your body, brushing your inner thighs, but avoiding that hot wet mound of flesh between your legs. This starts a tremble in your thighs that is..

10:33 am Tuesday, 7th June, 2011

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A rhyme in time


I haven't caught you online yet
But when I do I am up for a bet
That despite this poor attempt to rhyme
We will have a really good time
Although I would like to do
Unspeakable things with you
I would also like to chat
So let's see about that?
Let me know when a good time will be
When you can msn..

10:07 am Tuesday, 7th June, 2011

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...that was the sound coming from my room this morning, as well as the moaning from myself. Virbrators don't you just love them!?!

I woke up in a very horny mood, my pussy was totally soaked before I even put my hand down there. I worked myself with my fingers whilst my other hand frantically..

9:07 am Tuesday, 7th June, 2011

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Caught in Panties


I thought i would post a short story in my blog and may continue if you like xx

Caught in panties

Sitting alone in the house i had a sudden urge to go and slip a pair of my wifes panties on ,as i do often.
Alone on the bed i was stroking my cock through the satin panties i heard the door down..

2:35 am Tuesday, 7th June, 2011

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car park in devon


I decided after some thought that I would like to do public sex. I dressed up in red dress,bonde wig and four inch heels with a pair of blue satin knickers. I need'nt have bothered with the knickers. I drifted toward a group of guys standing around a car.

I walked over to the car bent over the..

12:31 am Tuesday, 7th June, 2011

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I love kissing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Kissing is like a fingerprint. Each person is different. Some kissers are soft and sensual, teasing by lightly brushing their lips against yours. Some kissers are hard and passionate as if it were the last kiss ever - like they were on a plane about to hit the ocean, so every second counted...

7:17 pm Monday, 6th June, 2011

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Clubs or Private Parties


Before we moved to Spain we enjoyed the Club scene in Germany, preferring couples only Clubs. They were not cheap but provided a great party atmosphere. We have also been to private parties. What is your preference Club or private party? Where are the best places in Spain?..

1:13 pm Monday, 6th June, 2011

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the weekends usee is over....


.......And the inner calm, peace and quiet have returned. This one has been use to what felt like at times, to within an inch of her life. This one is sore in moree place than one!
Himself wants to take me to a munch - something He has never wanted to do before. The thought does make this one..

12:18 pm Monday, 6th June, 2011

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looking for some cock for my bitch.


We are now seekin another male,prefer another sissy so she can dress us up and make us serve her dirtiest kinkiest desires.she would like to see me take two big cocks at once,be a slutty little sissy for her,i cant wait to obey.she as said i would look good 69 with another sissy then we can both..

4:08 am Monday, 6th June, 2011

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Ranting Blog for those who read it


Why oh why am I getting messages from newbies or those that lie and yet clearly are not 'experienced in the swinger scene'?

And why am I getting novices that don't understand the abbreviations such as BB or BT etc?

I'm experienced in amateur groups of swingers and expect proof from someone who is..

9:31 pm Sunday, 5th June, 2011

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Moving on


always a shame when u think u found a fuck buddy and then they turn out not to be the one you really wanted. Met this guy 4 times now since Dec and had v hot sex but he doesnt like me meeting other men.
Never mind plenty more horny guys out there!!..

10:21 pm Saturday, 4th June, 2011

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One helluva consolation


Was looking for a meet last Wednesday when a TV contact I've met before suggested she host a party. I'd already offered first refusal to a guy who couldn't make it but another previous lover, Davina was available later in the day so party plans were started for at least a 3some.

All was fine til..

3:20 pm Saturday, 4th June, 2011

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Where do i go from here?


so i guess this is not a really good place to hang around, assuming most people wil be like me? desire for some funky sex but dare not to go if someone interested n flirted u? :) its the "superego" trying to stop your "id" doing some human basic instinct.... yup, i guess superego always won in..

6:29 pm Friday, 3rd June, 2011

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Friday night in leicetser


Looking for some fun tonight, anyone know of a good gloryholes or dogging sites in leicester.
Let me know and we could be cumming together tonight...

4:09 pm Friday, 3rd June, 2011

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Glorious weather, just right for naked sun bathing. Sat here naked a jaybird. Good job the neighbours are out. Well I had to com ein it was getting rather warm, I'll get a few more rays of sunshine later this afternoon...

12:12 pm Friday, 3rd June, 2011

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Is Seeing Another Bloke Less Like


I've often wondered this. Judging by the amount of married men that walk through my door in the space of a month, do they see it as less like cheating and less of a risk to be meeting with another guy.


10:02 am Friday, 3rd June, 2011

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missed your email, fancy mmeting up another time maybe friday. ..

1:17 am Friday, 3rd June, 2011

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Friday Meet in leicester!


Hi, any body in leicester fancy meeting up for some fun, i love oral, ..

1:15 am Friday, 3rd June, 2011

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Friday meet


Need some cock action in leicester anyone fancy meeting somewhere for some fun..

9:58 pm Thursday, 2nd June, 2011

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a really great Bi time


I have always wanted to be the man in the middle between husband and wife. Not a mediator or a judge you twit, I mean a sex thing.

I met just such a couple on a swingers site.

They were around my age, both bi, liked receiving oral but not giving it and wanted men or women for some fun.


9:34 pm Thursday, 2nd June, 2011

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sex tonight!!!!


Hi anyone in leicester area fancy meeting up tonight or friday.
Loving giving oral, love to make you cum in my mouth.
Drop me a line and lets meet up...

9:19 pm Thursday, 2nd June, 2011

Need my cock sucking tonight


can anyone help me out, my cock and balls are in desperate need of a mounth tonight.
leicester area..

4:39 pm Thursday, 2nd June, 2011

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