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Body piercing ! Wow ! The slut was going to enjoy this ! First it thought of its nipples. It wanted something large and obvious. It was not interested in any tiny rings except for use as sleepers. It wanted " heavy!" It wanted never to forget that it was wearing its rings ! Earings were chosen..

2:43 pm Saturday, 10th January, 2009



All that remained was the to discuss remuneration. All costs and purchases would be deducted from the sluts pay. This included the services and board plus purchases of any body decorations and creams etc. The sluts first nights money was paid to its unknown pimp who sold it on for cash. It seemed..

9:01 am Saturday, 10th January, 2009



THE SCREEN LOOPED ON playing what had obviously been edited from previous shows and events. The sounds coming from the auditorium had nothing to do with the videos. The mixed sounds of leather on flesh and muffled cries of some female were all but drowned by the applause and lustful exclamations of..

5:57 pm Friday, 9th January, 2009



The young slave continued to care for the sluts cuts and marks. Applying creams and lotions. Some of which stung harshly. Having pushed the commode into a more comfortable side room. Still below stairs with no natural light but well appointed (as far as cells go, that is.)All lighting was..

5:22 pm Thursday, 8th January, 2009

brussels people


there really isn't a load of people here. Everyone is anxious to get away from work. The place has so many ex-pats from all over that Friday night is an exodus out of here.

Oh, well, keep on tryting..

6:21 pm Wednesday, 7th January, 2009

Extended Abduction.


Suddenly there was nothing happening. The insertions of the sluts now bleeding anus and its mouth had ceased. Sweat and urine dripped from its cut and beaten flesh. Cum and urine mixed with blood leaked from it raped anus and ran down over its tortured genitals. It was yearning to satisfy its need..

3:09 pm Wednesday, 7th January, 2009

Been Busy!


Happy New Year, Everyone!

Hope your having a great start to 09, I am!

Had my first ever car-fun on sunday night, will tell u all about it if u like? Let's have some two-way action here, you tell me yours and I'll tell you mine!

Voddie xxxx..

11:45 pm Tuesday, 6th January, 2009

Dungeon Event.


Head woozy under the hood. Sedation by some pill or other. Maybe chloroform or similar. Memory shot and virtually no recollection of the preceding events. Maybe a vague vision of a few drinks while seated at a bar? Some big hunk from a Captain Marvel comic whispering nice things in the sluts ear..

10:54 pm Tuesday, 6th January, 2009

Meeting Dunfermline


Any ladies in the dunfermline fife area up for a meet, chat and if we get on some good funtimes.........

4:58 pm Tuesday, 6th January, 2009

New Year – a first in so many ways!


Well those of you who noticed would have known I was at a loose end between Christmas and New Year, not only that but I was in my naughtiest frame of mind... I was looking to do something a bit different and boy did I!!!

Let me explain, I was looking in the ‘meet today’ section of the site and..

11:57 am Sunday, 4th January, 2009



any one up for a meet?..

11:32 am Tuesday, 30th December, 2008

Need sex


Hello I hope you horny adults female had a good Christmas? & Happy NUDE year.

I am disabled 52, and got a girlfriend who 28 and bi, and I would like three things, please - my girlfriend don't mind
(1) A FREE sex buddie (Winchester)
(2) someone to cyber with - the dirty the better
(3) maybe a..

3:47 pm Monday, 29th December, 2008

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I know the answer.....


It took me another 20 minutes before I moved towards the stairs, slowly I moved up them to the landing, it was dark, I knew the bathroom was to the right if I needed it and that his bedroom was to the left, the door was slightly open as I walked in. Although it was dark the street lamps were..

11:12 pm Sunday, 28th December, 2008



Two surprises today!

One is that I can still blog on here, and respond to messages, even though my premium membership has expired!

Second is went to meet someone from here last night for a drink in Liverpool city centre, and had very nice time!

Maybe 09 will be my..

11:20 am Sunday, 28th December, 2008

The Hottest Marriage Proposal for Christmas - How Sweet!


I'm missing you sooo much darling. I want to marry you then lay you down on a big bed and slowly slip your wedding dress off before making sweet gentle love to your hot body. Just white hold up stockings, white bra and your veil on while our bodies tangle together and our hot sticky tongues explore..

8:20 am Sunday, 28th December, 2008

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In the still of the night.....................


M knows how to work me up, he teases my pussy as he kisses me deeply, fingers and tongue probing deeply, seeking out my sensitive places. I am writhing beneath him now, my breathing coming in short gasps, all I want is for him to penetrate me, deep and hard and fast. I beg him to tease me with..

10:08 am Saturday, 27th December, 2008



Not heard from my fuck buddy since early hours of sunday morning.

I was at a family birthday party on saturday night when he called. General chit chat, nothing too heavy. He didn't even ask if I was free for him. although he did want me to describe in detail what I was wearing. Strapless..

1:42 pm Friday, 26th December, 2008

Would you leave a key out for me? 3


Finally got to my destination at about 2.15am parked around the corner after having driven past the house, there were no lights on... it was only at this point that it occurred to me that he might not even be home and what if the key wasn’t out? I sat in the car for a few minutes gathering my..

11:55 am Friday, 26th December, 2008

The Boy 2


It takes me forever to find the club in Preston. The one way system is horrendous, I'm tired after work, the adrenaline is flowing, and so are my pussy juices. I'm finally in the queue to get in, my phone is going mad with his texts. Eventually, I see a tall dark figure pushing back through the..

11:49 am Friday, 26th December, 2008

Would you leave the key out for me? cont.. 2


It must have been nearly midnight by now, I got out of the bath, covered my skin in a lovely softening perfumed cream, dried and straightened my hair and applied my make up very carefully. I put on the stockings and suspenders, the perfect black push up bra the chiffon shirt over the top and the..

4:37 pm Wednesday, 24th December, 2008

Would you leave a key out for me? cont...


I’ll come over, let myself in and meet you for the first time in your bedroom! He gave me his address and put the key out! I don’t think he believed me, I’m not sure I believed it myself but I have a tendency to be spontaneous that will get me in to trouble one day. A few weeks passed and we’d..

1:44 pm Wednesday, 24th December, 2008

Would you leave a key out for me?


We’d talked about everything under the sun, so I asked him about his fantasies, being new to all this I wanted to hear the kind of things that people found exciting, you never know I said some of them may even be achievable. He said the idea of catching someone’s eye while shopping and them follow..

10:56 am Wednesday, 24th December, 2008

The Boy


So, during the summer, we have emailed and texted, catching up and flirting. I was working in Blackpool one Monday evening at the end of November, and The Boy suggested that I 'pop in' to his work place after I'd finished for a drink and a catch up. The workplace being a club, but on my route..

1:56 am Wednesday, 24th December, 2008

well slave got worked on today 21december


well she got tied to a tree and hands handcuffed behind her back, made her remove her knickers first, the micro skirt she was wearing just covered her arse which got worked on with a soft rope for 1/2 hour with a few i minte breaks. her ass was red and she was blindolded and them ??..

7:37 pm Monday, 22nd December, 2008

Last meet of the year. 2


So, as I promised, I'll start at the beginning. It's 1984 and I'm a teenager on holiday in the NorthWest. There's this good looking boy who works in a shop nearby and I spend the week flirting with him, and he with me. It's all quite innocent until..

8:52 am Monday, 22nd December, 2008