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never blogged before



We've never blogged before, so haven't a clue what we are doing....lol Any tips?

8:50 pm Saturday, 28th August, 2004

you will find me in the chat room


most nights you will find me in the chat rooms after 9pm at night if you want a chat say hello

4:33 pm Saturday, 21st August, 2004

Such a horrible time


my poor dad is dying of incurable cancer....only to find out my mum has now got bone cancer......life is sooooo shit at the monment.....so much for not drinking or smoking your entire life..

10:34 am Wednesday, 18th August, 2004

Disappointing Response


I have been trying to arrange a group of guys from the Cambridgeshire/Essex Area for a lady whose wish is to be blindfolded and had by 6 or 8 guys.

I sent out a standard messages to about 20 guys and ot just 2 replies.

What is the matter with the males in the Cambridgeshire/Essex..

11:10 pm Friday, 13th August, 2004

Do you like being filmed :-)


Question to couples, do you liked your partner to be filmed with another person so you can watch later to masterbate over or fuck whilst watching ?

Like the idea..:-)))..

2:46 pm Tuesday, 10th August, 2004

Chester Weekend


My lovely sexy wife and I are in chester for the weekend 20th feb to 22nd I would like to deliver her (and mine)fantasy of shagging a different partner but in the same room. her choice (she wants to watch me fuck your wife) while you fuck mine. Over to you :-) x

10:34 am Tuesday, 10th August, 2004

Had enough of the snow


as my lady friend bent her car and stopped our meet today..... ah well, look forward to next week and hope to post some pics of the action.....

12:14 pm Friday, 6th August, 2004

Happy New Year!!!


First blog post - just to wish everyone a Happy New Year :) May it be full of lots of fun and frolicking..

12:23 am Sunday, 1st August, 2004

Submissive TV


I am a TV who loves to be feminine teated and used sexually as a female. I met a Lover who wanted a submissive TV who wold meet his sexual requirements.I greated him dressed as he wanted, wearing my full length PVC Mack and boots, underneath just suspender belt and stockings. After the..

2:25 pm Friday, 30th July, 2004

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dogging,3sums moresums


Hi everybody,I've moved up Leicestershire looking for friends in the area,
Regards Si

2:17 pm Friday, 30th July, 2004

The Elusive Lesser spotted Bi Female


My buddy (Fem Bi-Curious)and I decided we would love to try FFM for the first time, so we know where we are meeting, and when. We begin to look on the site for a suitable female 3rd party in the locality. We see there are loads of women with Bi-curious in their profile - along with "looking for..

4:59 pm Thursday, 29th July, 2004

Boredom, bleugh and bollox.


Well, finally got round to adding some pics and upgrading. Not really on here for real life, too much of that in real life! Here for the fun and friendship.
Not daft about my attractiveness!!! What I lack in beauty, youth etc. I DO make up for in being a generally NICE GEEZER and down to earth. If..

11:49 am Monday, 26th July, 2004

My swingers Blog


What am i supposed to write here?

12:14 pm Sunday, 25th July, 2004

MY new Bird wants to swing


Hi there couples and girlies
My new lady wants to swing and she will do it with you or just let you watch her have fun if you want too.
We are sex mad and she is insatiable with a pussy that will accept any man and anything inside it LOL
We may in furture offer her to guys , but they would have..

1:08 am Tuesday, 20th July, 2004

I'm Back after Quite a long time Out


well after a long time away from the scene i am back now and looking to play again. Thought i would come back and finally fully register here as it would seem the other site i'm on is full of people who want to waste your time or people that blatantly cannot read. Oh well, lets see how things go..

4:45 pm Sunday, 18th July, 2004

Cuckold Lifestyle UK


I'll make your hubby watch you lick my fat veiny cock like a lollipop ...fancy it?..

1:14 am Monday, 12th July, 2004

Lady to take photos Somerset needed


Can you help a man who needs some shots taken of himself ?
Only so much you can do at arms length.........You remain clothed.....if you want...

11:36 pm Saturday, 10th July, 2004

Need to add some pics.


I feel the need to add some pics of meets ie fun times had to my profile but hey I need a meet or several in the first place to be able to get camera happy so feel free to help...

4:59 pm Wednesday, 7th July, 2004

my sexual cravings


Am i strange but i crave sex with strangers all the time? I guess i am very lucky as i have a partner that finds seeing me with other people - males and females - naked and giving my body totally to them - a fantastic turn on and wants me to do it more. lucky me......so come on you know..

11:00 am Sunday, 27th June, 2004

Its cold outside so why have some fun


Its soooooooo coild out today boys so why not have some sexy fun.

11:21 pm Saturday, 19th June, 2004

The blacjkmens fan club


Hi, my name is Helen and my partner Tony ...
Look at it this way you can do a bit of networking in a party atmosphare...
We are holding a party on 8th of March....

We used to organise some very successful parties every month and did so for 12 months, but we decided to take some time..

3:09 pm Wednesday, 16th June, 2004

Winter is coming, yuppie


Winter is at the doorstep. We absolutely love the season, who else does so?..

6:06 pm Tuesday, 15th June, 2004

Thank fuck no-one saw this in the park!!


A hot slim fit women gets in touch from the site. We exchange pics and arrange to meet one lunchtime in a remote local downs area near work.
I walk round and I think I see her sunbathing. I sit down nearby but am not sure - the uncertainty adds to the excitement. She is wearing a..

6:05 pm Tuesday, 15th June, 2004

Anal sex...how do you lady's prepare for it?


Tried anal a few times now and loving it more and more :)..

1:35 pm Thursday, 3rd June, 2004

Life after joining ?


regrettably have to conclude that very few of the women actually really want to meet any of the men. From my own researches there are at least 20 times as many geezers on here and most other adult sites. The chances for a single man actually meeting a woman are next to nil.
I would urge the..

1:29 am Wednesday, 2nd June, 2004