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lazy sunday afternoon..........

2:49 pm Wednesday, 25th June, 2014

It is Sunday, and after church (which she still attends… religiously), Ms L calls around and asks if she might be allowed to suck my cock for a while. (She is quite shameless about such things these days.) She actually crosses herself as she gets onto her knees and unbuttons my jeans. I cannot tell if she is mouthing some sort of prayer as she dips the tip of her tongue into that font of pre-cum which continues to spill over even as she paints her lips with it.

On her knees in her Sunday-Best she moans and laps at the sudden the musk, and glides her lips along the shaft (twitching now) flattening her tongue under my balls, drawing them a little way into her mouth. Her breath is hot and quickening as she flicks her tongue now under me, almost rasping as it draws back along my perineum, and then extends almost to the rim of my anus.

Understanding her need to rid herself of the taste of Sunday-sermons I turn so that she can better lick the rim of my arse. Reaching back I take a handful of her hair and force her mouth onto me. Her mouth is hot and wet, and her tongue almost insistent presses and flickers.

“Have you no dignity?” I ask her.

She shakes her head.

“No… decency?”

I turn, and before she can answer, and I drive my cock into her mouth, and all the way to the back of her throat. She gags, but rather than make any attempt to escape she grabs at my arse cheeks and drives me harder down her throat.

“Is it the taste of cock you miss?” I ask. “Between visits I mean! Is it the taste of it? Or the feel of it… filling your mouth? The sensation of it as it slips deep down? Or is it the… anticipation? Is it that you long for that surge of hot cum as you finger yourself at night in your bed…? Is it that that makes you orgasm… spill over your sheets at midnight? The thought of all that cum exploding over your tongue… filling you… until you overflow, and it drips down your chin?”

Because I already know her answer I continue to fuck her hard in the mouth. She moans as she chokes, and the sound of her is wet as I plunge again, and again

“If they could see you now,” I say. “Your respectable friends. If they could see you like this, on your knees, cock-hungry… and your fingers deep inside your cunt. What would they think of you then?”

I stop just short of cumming.

“Please,” she says.

Ignoring her pleading I lift her up and carry her to the quiet room.

Still in her Sunday-Best (just about) I string her up to the hook in the ceiling. I push her pastel skirt up over her hips. Her thighs are already stained with her arousal, glistening almost in the pale light. Then I am behind her… my mouth-wet cock sliding between her arse-cheeks. Reaching around I rip open her neat Sunday-blouse and, almost with the same gesture I uncup her breasts. The buds of her nipples almost extend as I grip them firmly - pinching. She gasps and the first shudder of orgasm seizes her even before the tip of my cock has slipped inside her. Her juices run hot down my shaft and soak my balls - deliciously.

I had thought it might be a rather dull sort of Sunday. I’m pleased to say that proved not to be the case at all.

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3:37 pm Wednesday, 25th June, 2014

I WISH!!!!!

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5:03 pm Wednesday, 25th June, 2014

missG... shocked to learn that you watch porn... and you look so sweet too...... x

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5:24 pm Wednesday, 25th June, 2014

well.. what i can see of you.. looks sweet...

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5:24 pm Wednesday, 25th June, 2014

as for you Gem.. glad to help.. x

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9:59 pm Wednesday, 25th June, 2014

i don't remember being invited to watch bridgitte... (perhaps next time... x)

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10:43 pm Wednesday, 25th June, 2014

well i could say same of your new set of pictures... providing your own kind of 'stimulation' this evening..

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