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3:30 am Friday, 30th March, 2018

It has been several months since the last post here. While there have been many false starts my journey has progressed a little. Rather than a major change I am going to get to my goal through a..

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2:18 am Friday, 26th January, 2018

I've spent many years through to my thirties believing I was straight and heterosexual. Then came the divorce and for the first time, I started to assess myself . This led to realising that I was..


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9:44 am Friday, 12th January, 2018

I have to thank a very new friend on this site for getting me to re-engage with recording my thoughts and hopes. It has been a very long time since I last put fingers to keyboard and much has..

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4:24 am Sunday, 4th June, 2017

Something at the back of my mind all the time is the need to make a choice between transvestite, transexual or trangender. I feel that he latter, although perhaps my deepest desire, is unlikely just..

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5:55 am Saturday, 20th May, 2017

Even with many starts and stops I am still making a little progress towards being en femme as often as I can. The idea that confidence makes it all so much easier has been reinforced with both buying..

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5:54 am Saturday, 1st April, 2017

The start of my journey en femme was about sex, namely to spice up the times I got to play. While that was a lot of fun the sex was not en femme and in some ways seemed like a completely unrelated..


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11:33 pm Friday, 3rd March, 2017

I have realised that I am slowing down my goal chase not because I am loosing interest (because that couldn't be further from the truth) but because I want to experience many of the subtle, rarely..

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5:33 am Saturday, 11th February, 2017

I only have a single experience of going out in public en femme, and that was in more formal attire. I believe that if I am to embrace my feminine persona, I need to be more accomplished in a much..

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2:16 am Sunday, 22nd January, 2017

I have had the opportunity, usually very late at night, to contemplate where I want to be and more importantly who I want to be. I know that there will be many changes socially, such as isolation..


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12:31 pm Wednesday, 11th January, 2017

There are often times when everything that we think we want seems so far away. We chase the dream, in some ways like Don Quixote. In the end we either find our dream or realise that all we had to do..

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11:38 pm Saturday, 7th January, 2017

The last four or so months have been a real roller-coaster for emotions, thoughts and ideas. After my initial foray as Steph I have not been able to dress as or even be Steph. This has made me..

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9:00 am Wednesday, 4th January, 2017

I know that I should have jumped in the deep end of TV pool when I had my make-up and dressing session. I enjoyed the way I looked and the way I felt. It would have been the perfect time to practice..

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4:58 am Friday, 30th December, 2016

I have been spending a bit of time on this site looking at various profiles as well as spending time in the chatroom. What I have come to realise is that what I am seeking in my gay male persona is..


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12:46 am Wednesday, 28th December, 2016

I know that at some point someone will read this blog and they take offence or disagree with my definitions of crossdressing and transvestite. If someone does, before they launch into an online..

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12:14 pm Tuesday, 27th December, 2016

In my profile introduction I have said that I consider myself a transvestite rather than a crossdresser. I am sure there will be many who will say that they are the same thing. But to me there is a..

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