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Delayed not abandoned

9:44 am Friday, 12th January, 2018

I have to thank a very new friend on this site for getting me to re-engage with recording my thoughts and hopes. It has been a very long time since I last put fingers to keyboard and much has happened in this time, not all of it good. The major part of the delay was purely due to work and a well earned break which invigorated my spirits (partly as it dealt with my impending retirement). The major roadworks on my life journey highway to become Steph more fully was an extended conversation with my partner while I was again away with work. My partner has struggled to accept my desire to explore being a transvestite almost full time. He has supported me in exploring this part of me but in the end he cannot go that last mile. I appreciate that it is difficult for him as he is also trying accept other aspects of our relationship (these struggles have more to do with our social conditioning over many, many years). The one saving grace in this episode is that none of the items that I have collected have been thrown out. As a result my dressing as Steph has been curtailed but I know that in the future I can return to seeking my true self. Time will tell how soon and how I resume my journey.


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Just starting and looking for new friends

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