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To be challenged more

12:31 pm Wednesday, 11th January, 2017

There are often times when everything that we think we want seems so far away. We chase the dream, in some ways like Don Quixote. In the end we either find our dream or realise that all we had to do was turn around and what we wanted was right there behind us. I want to be more feminine and to achieve that I have to do more and seek other ideas, options and paths. I have not been attuned to my male persona for so many years, but have done what I have always done because that was what was expected of me and that was how I was conditioned.
I have turned around and seen that what I want is right there. I can loose my male persona and become who I really want to be as Steph. There are so many years of lost opportunities, which I can never get back, but by being smarter with my choices I can get to be Steph.

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Just starting and looking for new friends

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