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looking to meet like minded ppl that are up for most things that are sexy dirty and fun

Last post where are all the sexy ppl at 12:49 am Thursday, 31st July, 2014

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Anyone care to writhe around with me in a load of quality vanilla custard? I did this once around ten years ago with a lovely woman. We had great fun and laughed so much. It was a pig to clean up though :0)

Last post Loving those curves! at 11:57 pm Wednesday, 30th July, 2014

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While our one of the sessions we met a very decent and fit couple in outer city. We played adult games and all 4 were full excited. When we moved into bed after orals and all for fucking session.. I was busy with my fuck buddy & I noticed that my wife is turned into wild zone... she caught his buddy and started fucking him.. this was really surprising for me and for full night she ride him and fucked him.. about 6 times with 8 inch rod. When we ever discuss about that session she moves wild & wet.....

Last post Enjoyed to see her having fun with swap buddy at 7:59 pm Wednesday, 30th July, 2014

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We would like to connect with SWINGER COUPLES from MUMBAI, PUNE, GOA, BANGALORE, etc........ Would like to meet on weekends, party together, plan travel together, etc. Based on comfort levels with other couples - we are willing to go from Soft to Full Swap, depends on the comfort level built with each couple we meet. Its very important for people to upload / share their photos - as we are not looking for a blind date or disappointments later. Only after we know each other, will we agree to meet. Are there any couples here on Board with our thoughts ? Hope to read other couples thoughts & suggestions - lets start a swinger Couple group ? Cheers,

Last post SWINGER COUPLE's Mumbai, Pune, at 3:49 pm Wednesday, 30th July, 2014

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a work of fiction, something to get you in the mood!

Last post story - the hotel... at 2:02 pm Wednesday, 30th July, 2014

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We both want to try a swingers club but unsure of how it works and wots expected, can we wear wot we want, can we have sex were we want ie on the sofas will people watch or best to go to a room wot times best to go and does it look rude if we leave early.bring own drinks can u drink before u go? Looking for one in the south east area. Any help? New to this Thanks jay and keely

Last post dares to do in public what to wear.... at 10:26 am Wednesday, 30th July, 2014

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Yesterday I was so horney with the heat, I was wearing a mini denim skirt, sports bra that zips at the front .. Well no panties of course I was able to finger myself to an orgasm but it left me wanting more. My friends hubby dropped by to hand something in completely forgetting the no panties I bent over to pick up my glass when I felt two fingers pushed into my all ready wet pussy, I confess I had an orgasm in the spot . This has never happened to me before he then fucked me from behind it was great, not sure how I will look him in the face as he left immediately lol

Last post unexected encounter in the garden at 9:51 am Wednesday, 30th July, 2014

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I know every girl has different desires but I m the one who can help all of you coz I m the hanker one to sex

Last post this the time to fulfill your desire. at 8:38 am Wednesday, 30th July, 2014

Happiness? AngieLove1 was created on the 18th of July 2014

Last post "Voice like a Builder" at 10:31 pm Tuesday, 29th July, 2014

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tell me, what are your thoughts about this? Threesomes MFM & FMF, Foursome, Group SEX & Gangbang !

Last post Imagine that sex it’s like you’re the favorite drink or food in the whole world & how you like to ha at 9:41 pm Tuesday, 29th July, 2014

anyone in the highlands or surroundings fancy a bit of a naughty highland fling?

Last post highland meet up/party at 9:28 pm Tuesday, 29th July, 2014

we r married couple,and enjoy life every second with my hubby,we been together 12 years and he make my life wonderfull and excited, we wait to meet new people for adult fun,

Last post sexs and my wife,tjhis game no rule, just enjoy at 3:58 pm Tuesday, 29th July, 2014

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I remember the first time I gave a girl oral, a little weird at first and a little hairy lol. But I love it now hehehe

Last post My first lick off sweet pussy pie! at 3:04 pm Tuesday, 29th July, 2014

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Who am I, and what the hell am I doing on a swinger's site? I arrived here by accident, which I hear a lot from those I chat with. Some come with an agenda, fantasies to be fulfilled, people to meet, sex to have as much of as possible. I'm not quite like that. I prefer to sit back and watch the world go by for a while before diving in. As far as meet ups go, in general I prefer to get to know someone over a period of time before seeing them face to face, and then saying good night with no more than a good night kiss. Maybe it'll go further, maybe not? But not a decision to make in a hurry. Time. There will always be enough time.

Last post How long does it take you? at 12:08 pm Tuesday, 29th July, 2014

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like , love , really love !!!! if u do , let us know ..... i love to know what u are thinking

Last post i will really love to know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at 4:53 am Monday, 28th July, 2014

well my wife has now found a fantastic lover i am now in the proces of becoming her maid so i may better serve her and her lover

Last post Tattoo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx at 12:35 pm Sunday, 27th July, 2014

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Hi was looking for confident females on here were are u all at I've been searching to no avail , also real people to hook up with too no avail so do u like danger excitement and adrenaline after all life is a roller coaster wanna hop on and go for a ride .(on my coaster) there are no limits how confident are you????

Last post Sunday daytime meet for confident female at 3:12 am Sunday, 27th July, 2014

hey...28yo guy looking for dom mistress in boston... want to be a good slave for mistress and want serve her when she ask and want it...

Last post dom female in boston uk at 9:42 pm Saturday, 26th July, 2014

Just having fun and sharing some experiences along the way I am using this site to bounce some whacky ideas I have and pass on some experience I've gathered over the years Tip of the day you are what you eat if you want down stairs to taste good then eat pinaple or melon this also goes for men if you want your lady or guy to swallow the make sure it tastes good and she will come back for more

Last post happy days ahead with new German friends at 9:11 pm Saturday, 26th July, 2014

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I have always wondered how people confuse sex, love and marriage.... People seem to be shocked when you tell them you feel sex and love are two completely different things. Are we meant to be with one lover for the rest of our lives....I think this is why people get divorced. There needs to be that element of spice in a marriage, the element of "sex" with others if you trust each other and your relationship is strong. Sex is an action, love/commitment/trust are feelings.....why confuse the two?

Last post Reality TV - A New Idea! at 5:46 pm Saturday, 26th July, 2014

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we have been on here for a few weeks now and slowly getting more confident...there are some really nice people here!! just posted some more pics let us know if you like them

Last post moving on, tried more and enjoyed! at 4:35 pm Saturday, 26th July, 2014

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Searching for what? Some one or others who are as frustrated as I am just now, and will understand and share in my wicked, sexy fantasy s. they are normal but not what society may consider so. But who cares I am who. I. Am.

Last post Gang bang this afternoon at 10:58 am Saturday, 26th July, 2014

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This blog is just just some random thoughts and observations.

Last post Best times happen when you least expect them. :) at 7:20 am Saturday, 26th July, 2014

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Here you can post your fantasies or your actual encounters for everyone's pleasure.

Last post First encounter with a man at 12:27 am Saturday, 26th July, 2014

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random thoughts of mine. may or may not be of mature things

Last post The first post is always something weird for me at 2:13 pm Friday, 25th July, 2014

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things to explore . will be updates soon. shes a married housewife from the south. comments welcome

Last post my new sub more details to follow at 1:55 pm Friday, 25th July, 2014

would love to meet up with someone nice any one interested in chatting drop me a line love curvy women x

Last post New to this hopeing to meet someone nice :) at 2:21 am Friday, 25th July, 2014

I must say there are some really hot chicks on here they have got to be proud of their bodies.

Last post hot cam fun and lovely comments at 7:16 pm Thursday, 24th July, 2014

Watching my wife play with another lady who also enjoys this pastime

Last post away from home at a wedding so cant fuck at 5:08 pm Thursday, 24th July, 2014

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These blogs are an insite into my thoughts, ideas and a few life stories written so you can get to know what im about

Last post Burlesque and the sexuality of a woman at 8:33 pm Wednesday, 23rd July, 2014

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Hi I would love to sun bath in a nice secluded garden as the weather is so nice, so anyone in or around Exeter east Devon going to lend he there garden or poss join me.

Last post Naked sunbathing in your garden at 12:31 pm Wednesday, 23rd July, 2014

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New to the area and just looking to meet new people and chat about shared interests. Pm ne if you're interested? Wanting to dress up with someone and see how it goes. Up to try anything once. Bit nervous but willing to try and please! X

Last post fife meets for curious crossdresser wanted at 12:02 am Wednesday, 23rd July, 2014

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All these years i saw many girls like to have a relationship with another man. But they dont like to share there man with another girl. Only the brave hearted girls do that.

Last post Long time Play - Drugs or mind games at 10:20 am Tuesday, 22nd July, 2014

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Just had my first girlie experience and wanted to share the surprises with you: 1) How different are a woman's nipples in your mouth to a mans? Sooooo soft to start but then hard and pointed. 2) The first time my hand slid between her thighs - done it a million times to myself but oh so soft/warm/moist/plump and almost exoctic undersea creature-like. 3) TOuching her clit, again small and soft but then plump, hot and hard on my fingers, lips and tongue 4) The salt/sweet taste - yum! 5) How my fingers glided inside her warm, moistness. 6) How her muscles clenched during orgasm. All things I suppose I should have known but were a very pleasant surprise! I want to do it again please! :-)

Last post You can change the world! at 9:29 am Tuesday, 22nd July, 2014

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JUst a quick work on why im on here. Been with one guy for almost 20 years only ever sex with one guy until one meet on this. really really horny and think about sex more than a man so thats pretty bloody often. LIke my pics and videos tell if you like them what u like about them an dy u like them and what youd like to do to me that would really make me horny

Last post Absolution of guilt an unconventional method at 10:05 pm Monday, 21st July, 2014

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Making Love. [Warning this may have you feeling some type of way] Making Love. Let's not just fuck but make love , In the bedroom or on the beach with the stars above , Blessing you with soft sweet kisses up and Down your chest, Touching you with my fingers slowly caressing your breast , Using my tongue slowly around your nipples , The taste of your skin is so sweet yet the friction our bodies causes ripples, In time space and we slow everything to a time where both of us can move at a steady pace, But being with you is like my heart is running a race, faster and harder it beats when I hear you moan with every kiss, Making sure I satisfy all of you and there is no spot I miss, Holding hands as they fit perfect together, Most people fuck but tonight i will show you love making is better , The feeling I get when you look into my eyes, See the real me not the one hiding in disguise, My tongue and lips slowly reach your inner thighs, Feeling got you gripping th

Last post Sex For Birthdays : Birthday Sex at 7:47 pm Monday, 21st July, 2014

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james and i are no longer together but i wish him well for the future what ever that holds and hope we can still be friends as lifes too short xxx

Last post ive been on this site for 5 years through ups n downs and a few hiccups on the way at 1:40 pm Monday, 21st July, 2014

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I wrote an article not too long ago on the debate topic titled, "Should transgendered and transsexual individuals be protected by employment discrimination laws?" I began it with the following words: "Being transgendered is like being blessed with the most pleasant, wonderful gift in the entire world, while being condemned by the most dreadful, diabolical curse at the same time. It's a blessing, because transgendered men and women see the world from a perspective that nobody else can see it through. It's a curse, because to live their lives in relative happiness and to find a certain degree of contentment in their lives, they have to subject themselves to the most dreadful forms of hypocrisy, persecution and prejudice, and risk the possibility of becoming a victim of the most insidious hate crimes that nobody else could even possibly imagine." I love who I am; it makes me the warm, loving, decent human being I am.

Last post In my fortress of solitude... at 4:33 pm Sunday, 20th July, 2014

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Tell me all the dirty little things you do when you masturbate, you naughty boy. Tell me everything, baby. Tell me how you play with yourself. Do you like it when I touch myself here? Lie back and shut up! I’m going to make you come until you can’t breathe. Kiss me there… Lick every inch of me. Come over here and ride me hard! Fuck me. Right now! Use me as your toy all night long. Touch yourself and let me watch you. Give me that come, honey. I want it in my mouth. Come on, give it to me. It drives me crazy when you look at me that way. Well, you stupid fucker, I won’t let you fuck my ass… So what? I always get what I want. Okay, babe, you can have any hole you want. I love the way it sounds when you fuck me. Hear it? I want you to suck out all the juices you put in me with you Baby don’t stop! Oh my god, I love it when you do that! I’m so fuckin’ wet, just let me suck your sweet lollipop…

Last post come to fuck me and pay me at 2:21 pm Sunday, 20th July, 2014

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K is a hot slut wife - after turning 50, reading the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' series and taking daily ginseng suddenly her pussy is on fire! She has told me she wants more cock, lots more! I will be updating her blog on a regular basis to let you know what she has got up to . . .

Last post Hot slut wife job interview role play 17th July at 12:18 pm Sunday, 20th July, 2014

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Are my erotic story blogs real or just fantasy.....Please leave a comment or "like" the blog as its nice to see who reads them. The other blogs are sometimes serious sometimes funny but most of all you may find them enlightening! BBW XXX P.S Remember guys and gals "Safe Sex" is very important and the use of condoms essential however well you think you know someone. You should also never be pressurised in to a situation your not comfortable with! X

Last post Can you recommend a massage oil?? at 10:39 am Sunday, 20th July, 2014

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hmmmmmmm....yummy curvacious figure, lickable books, fuckable ass and pussy..what else do i look for...do write...all women.............i entertain all

Last post any quick meet ups in cars for a cig share and some quick hot fun at 10:32 am Sunday, 20th July, 2014

All blondy, lovely, pretty shemale get in this page. Also you can enjoy Bangladeshi shemale here.

Last post First letter to all guys related to adult at 9:29 am Sunday, 20th July, 2014

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wow ! what a feeling!!! had a superb fun with a couple at a Hotel in Kaduwela... awesome fun... she is a classy whore , hub was watching while we were fucking... he likes to ride the dick and pretty well we did... Thanks mate....

Last post HAD A AUSOME 18/07/2014 WITH 2 COUPLE at 4:41 am Sunday, 20th July, 2014

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endless surprises, countless orgasms & unbeatable passion

Last post afterwork filthiness at 10:49 pm Saturday, 19th July, 2014

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God I need some ts/tv Dick or at least a strapon by a girl Cuz my asshole is needing furious pounding n my mouth needing some CUM!

Last post Now I get responses, from guys! at 10:22 pm Saturday, 19th July, 2014

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I stumbled onto someone's blog by accidet, left a few comments. Then i received a mail from a regular Blogger to offer me a warm welcome to the Blog-osphere. Felt i should repay the welcome. So here goes.... Although not expecting to win a Pulitzer Prize anytime soon lol Always Remember: Although Mother Nature may have cursed us women with PMT, pregnancy and high heels. She did bestow one special gift, the ability to have multiple orgasms :)

Last post Walk Of Shame or Shameless Stride at 8:17 pm Saturday, 19th July, 2014

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Naughty histories of a Spanish guy in Amsterdam!!!

Last post I am looking for my first post! at 3:46 pm Saturday, 19th July, 2014

Short, fat, round, poisonous (but not desperate) housewife. Ferocious, completely untrained, probably bites, smells a bit. Fur in all the wrong places, odd sized tits, doesn't like people. Those are my good points.

Last post Launching a lover. Sadly not into outer space. at 11:18 am Saturday, 19th July, 2014

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Sexy women's. ...... sex toys acts as an alternative way to satisfy a women...........is It right ladies........

Last post Not touching but fcking at 7:22 am Saturday, 19th July, 2014

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Day 4 of being on this awesome site. The excitement is increasing by the hour. More and more sexy people with their own fantasies are looking at our profile, some wanting to be friends, some wanting to find out more. The next step will be the hardest, maybe literally lol. Rose is getting more and more excited at the thought of another woman's skin against her own. This could be the start of something really great. That special lady or couple is out there somewhere but at the moment none of us know who it is. The anticipation is all part of the thrill. We can't wait for that electric moment when our bodies touch for the very first time............................

Last post still looking for our girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at 12:03 am Saturday, 19th July, 2014

Lust is a multi-layer wallet where one unfolding leads to another pleasurable one.

Last post Make out/Sex in public places.. at 4:30 pm Friday, 18th July, 2014

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looking for some fun

Last post the 2nd part of drinks she said at 10:58 am Friday, 18th July, 2014

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Mr ZZ9 here - So I was sat in the gents at work today wondering about how to get more out of this site when it struck me that starting to blog would give other interested couples and single women more opportunities to interact with us. So, if I start writing posts here, and it will be Mr ZZ9 posting as Ms ZZ9 doesn't need to use this to find people that are interested in her as a solo artiste (fluffing her ego = brownie points), then maybe you can get to know me / us a bit better. What do you think?

Last post Does rude have different boundaries here? at 11:50 pm Thursday, 17th July, 2014

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I just got in the office. Designer suits, expensive pens and panoramic views all across the city skyline. It brought me a distinct pleasure that I made it. I went in saw the front desk and was about to open my mouth when... "Mr. Miguel Yap?" A small petite voice said..." Yes... I replied. "We've been expecting you, my name is michelle everyone calls me Mitch." she said with a enthusiastic tone. "Im the receptionist and welcome to Aranas/Santillian Associates." I felt at home when she said it. " let me direct you to your office and give you the tour" i felt anxious and nervous at the same time as i loosened my tie. " were you already briefed?" She said "nope they just told me to head here and everything will be discussed" i replied. " hay nako those guys never make it easy..." Now as a junior associate you'll be working directly under ms. Manrique. Now she is strict and quite firm. And as one of the senior partners she is very keen on cases kase shes never lost a case." She said " heres

Last post It was a day in the new office at 7:46 pm Thursday, 17th July, 2014

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What can I say ... mmmm .... this is my blog for what it is worth - Is it worth reading? ... mmmm .... your decision. Do I care? ... depends on what you might say;-)

Last post Yesterday’s, today’s and tomorrow’s at 2:04 pm Thursday, 17th July, 2014

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Every thing i wear has to be tested with different styles of footwear, trouble is i spend so much time doing this that i never get anywhere! But then again it is so much fun!!!

Last post midweek munchies for loving at 12:55 am Thursday, 17th July, 2014

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Respect..kindness..softness..companion.. lust&sex..better to this way..not on my physical apperance but deep inside that shell..youll find me a one of the rare man you ever met bfor!!

Last post treating every girl in a special way!! at 7:26 am Wednesday, 16th July, 2014

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Playa, deportes acuáticos, consumición copa, club del ver y ser visto

Last post little thought for the day and Findings at 2:17 pm Monday, 14th July, 2014

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I just love high heels. Boots and shoes. I have a great collection to go with my expanding wardrobe of skirts and tops

Last post more on high heels i love them at 10:14 pm Sunday, 13th July, 2014

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Membership is due in 5 days dont know if it's worth renewing?? not had any luck on this site, only requests for more pics alot of the time from people who havent got any pics on their profile, and friends requests that you accept in the hope it may lead somewhere then you never here anything else from them, what to do?????

Last post Friends, pics & membership at 8:40 am Saturday, 12th July, 2014

One morning some 20 years ago,my uncle who was Company Chairman and MD,appeared in the door of my office.I had just secured a substantial contract for the firm after a very tough battle but my personal life was in turmoil.He dropped 2 envelopes on my desk.One contained hotel and travel documents and the other ,a few thousand Drachmas,My sister also appeared with my travel bag. "The flight leaves from Stanstead at 1.30pm" he said "take a few days break you miserable sod, you're drained " I found myself later that evening, installed in a very nice hotel in Rhodes Town. After a meal,I had a couple of drinks in the bar and exchanged a few words with a woman perched on a stool, with what looked like Kew Gardens in a tall glass.It transpired she was a bit of an air-head ,so I bade her goodnight and retired to bed. I discovered after a day or so,that the lady in question was self-deluding in imagining that all the men were drooling over her.

Last post Things that go bump in the night ? at 7:16 am Saturday, 12th July, 2014

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anyfemale is up pls contact if ur intrstd.secret meet ups..then will see next..

Last post secret meet ups cebu area at 6:47 am Saturday, 12th July, 2014

I cant wait im going on my first meet on Saturday hope it all goes well for both of us is there any handy hint and tips for me folks.

Last post first date so excited and scared at 7:50 pm Friday, 11th July, 2014

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I have read with interest the blogs on this site and I have got to say that lately I have probably spent more time in the blog pages than reading profiles or chatting. I love the witty banter, the kind advice, the flirting and innuendo as well as the shoot from the hip comments and opinions. Being the caring and sharing sort of girl that I am, I thought I would start a blog of my own. Not because I think the world wants to desperately hear what I have got to say, but partly for the giggles and mostly due to the fact that despite all the changes in my life recently, perhaps I'm not so bad after all. The problem is, I haven't really got an 'angle' and so I have decided to write about ... um ... erm ... well .... mmm, now let me think ... oh yes, anything I feel like! So that's it, my angle is "I will wear my heart on my blog." XxLuv2xX

Last post Why fit in when you were born to stand out? at 1:23 pm Friday, 11th July, 2014

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Damn. Dont know whats wrong. Have a little too high on sex drive. And hoping to get laid ASAP . Lol. Pandan mewah is full of lustful women but none of them are friendly. Sure i hope to find a girl or two at my area. It would be so much better and easier to meet and fuck aaand fuck anddd fuckkk :)

Last post Lust in our daily activity at 7:10 am Friday, 11th July, 2014

SYSSY es producto de una regresión que tuve hace año y medio, y me enteré que durante el embarazo de mi madre,yo realmente tuve una hermana gemela que no llegó a nacer,y por lo visto en el vientre de mi madre,su espíritu se metió dentro de mí, y ha salido ahora después de viejo,pues esta es mi presentación y mi despedida, por lo visto a pesar de mi doctorado universitario en gramatica y filología,no se expresarme adecuadamente y no tengo tiempo para perder en gilipolladas ,así que hasta siempre amigos,estuvo bien mientras duró ,mi vida se acaba,adiós .

Last post METAMORFOSIS de MARIQUITA A SYSSY at 4:25 pm Thursday, 10th July, 2014

In most couples they have this problem. afraid to try new things what they want coz their thinking their wife or husband will Judge you for that. That why the threesome idea is so good to unlocking the things on your partners mind. Asked the other she or other him to do the dirty things for you and later you can ask your wife or husband if they liked it and enjoyed it! What do u have to say about that?

Last post Bi-Curious Threesome Fantasy at 10:58 pm Wednesday, 9th July, 2014

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I enjoy writing the occasional blog but they will usually tend to be of an amusing rather than sexual nature.I would very much like to hear from you if you see me online and fancy a chat,see ya x

Last post Do you have anything to declare? at 9:47 pm Wednesday, 9th July, 2014

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Damn I am so horny .... but work comes first...busy right now... But free next week!!! Now if only I could be safely in the arms of a beautiful Asian girl ... my lips on hers and my firm dick deep inside her...sigh.... desire....

Last post Lonely and wish u were with me at 6:13 pm Wednesday, 9th July, 2014

It has taken us about 4 years of exploring our sexuality to get to the point where we both want to bring another person into our dynamic. It's a deeply intimate thing for us; it's not about fucking someone else, it's about using someone else to deepen and broaden our sexual relationship. We have spoken about whether that other person is a man or a woman and right now a woman works for both of us. Wife is very submissive and wants to be forced to watch Husband dominate another woman and she is also a highly sexual person that finds the female body very erotic. Big tits, round ass, blonde hair is vey much her thing. We also think a submissive woman is an easier element to add to our sexual dynamic. We are very close when we fuck. Aways talking. Always grasping for each other. It feels like a woman would fit into that dynamic more seamlessly than a man would. We will get to the point where Husband allows another man to fuck Wife but control is a very important factor and Husband

Last post So....this is happening at 6:02 pm Wednesday, 9th July, 2014

whats the wife like and whats the husbad can give husbad can lots of thing for wife. but when we talk about man couple or xxx than the wife horny for some time but in tru find some one than is so funy so cool so hot and so what and so what xxxxxxxxxxxx

Last post what we can do and what we cant do at 11:54 pm Tuesday, 8th July, 2014

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I would like to know what's the deal with guest visiting us in our hotel room. Keep hearing stories of police coming and asking questions and wanting money. Is this true? What is the real story? Thanks!

Last post A Regular Couple Got Interesting at 9:40 am Monday, 7th July, 2014

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First time Blogger ...... Hopefully creating a half decent read,stimulating a few thoughts and maybe raising a few smiles. Time will tell if i'm any good?

Last post Walking In My Shoes.............. at 2:42 pm Sunday, 6th July, 2014

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we run a Greedy girls event every wednesday in Sunderland. We open at 8pm and we have been getting busier so the atmosphere is brilliant for anyone looking for a bit of mid-week fun ;)

Last post Fabulous Saturday night at 12:44 pm Sunday, 6th July, 2014

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Dear life is an ice cream we have to enjoy it before melting.after melting if we feel nothing will come.with that enjoyment target don't hug&kiss shadows (means don't hug &kiss unreal happy)kiss &hug real bliss.

Last post invitation for all lonely ladies at 5:06 am Sunday, 6th July, 2014

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hey there love causal sex and love meeting new people and trying new and fun things be good to get some friends and also some sexual friends on here :) send me some txt

Last post back after ages now looks promising at 12:50 am Sunday, 6th July, 2014

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need to be fucked sucked and totally blown out so if you want it come get it oh my

Last post horney as hell need some sex at 1:59 am Saturday, 5th July, 2014

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just got some 6inch heels hurt like hell but cant wait to wear them for the right man

Last post Actually been out shopping as sam at 12:06 am Saturday, 5th July, 2014

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Considering what would be the ideal first meet up and where it would go

Last post Getting noticed on the chat room wall at 11:43 pm Friday, 4th July, 2014

This blog is for all Pakistani husband's who wish to give their wife a pleasure of two tools at a time.Cute,trustable and healthy guys will be offered who will take care of manners and privacy.Totally free services of wife sharing in Pakistan.

Last post My Wife With My Friend at 6:34 pm Friday, 4th July, 2014

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Why is it so hard to get replays and meet people on the just for a fun time?

Last post Why Is it so hard to meet people for fun on this site at 3:20 pm Friday, 4th July, 2014

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I have just sorted out my blog page, and hope to write a few tales of my experiences. I had no bisexual experience when I joined this site, but have discovered how very very nice it is to suck cock, and to feel a man cum in my mouth. I post two main types of blog - fantasy (which are generally obviously fantasy or marked as such) and the majority, which are genuine and unenhanced records of meets or of my experiences in earlier days. None are meant to be literary works, but I have tried to be as grammatically correct as possible (despite the occasional curse of the asterisk) I hope you find the jottings enjoyable or entertaining, and if you wish to leave a comment I would be delighted.

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We are off to Vera Player in Spain next week, if anyone there would like to meet up socially then drop us a line

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Just my ramblings - no fancy stuff. I'm an amateur blogger – please excuse the brevity as I’m typing out on my mobile phone (all blogs are written with the consent of my other half and a little editing help from him too hehe). Rant over. xxxx

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When I began tinkering with this blog I didn't have much interest in chronology of events - or the quality of the writing. That has changed over the months. because i am asked: i am formally dominant and have been practicing that lifestyle for around eight years now. previous to that i was married - non-sub/dom relationship, and, previous to that i was experimentally dominant. my interests lie as much in the psychology of sub/dom relationships as in the physical practice - though i am active in that sphere too. the aim of the blog is to provide a personal insight rather than anything else. each sub/dom relationship is particular - and has its own legitimacy. For the next month or so I will be deleting, rewriting and resubmitting earlier blogs - hopefully in a much improved form. .

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Hi peeps does anyone know of any dogging sites in the northwest of England please ? X

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My new butt plug is arriving tomorrow and finally I will get my first milking

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The random musings of someone who was once a soldier never a diplomat. You are at liberty to take offence and cry.

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Well this is my intro blog, so nothing ventured, nothing gained. I very much like the site; think/hope this will get me where I'd like to be ....and maybe u too!? I am seeking a younger cute girl for fun and 'fun'. I live in South Buckinghamshire, willing to accomodate & travel. Please let me know what you think of my profile and pics. Sincere, genuine, very willing and able...for the right girl that is! I will write more blogs, cause I want to share, it's only fair!

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Here is a collection of stories that I have written in my spare time. Some are loosely based on experience and fantasies. Please let me know what you think and please submit ideas and I will write a story based on a topic.

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We'll upload the funny the naughty and the plain dam Truth. Sometimes Mr T or Miss F or on a lucky day both if you like what you read give it a like if not sorry for wasting your blog time ;)

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when will people learn to read profile it is getting a joke when crossdresser contact you when it says NO T/V & NO C/D

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Suzy is to be trained as a mindless totally subservient whore for your complete satisfaction

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I am going to talk about lifestyle, issues and common mistakes that occur in BDSM from a Dom's perspective

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Anyone care to indulge us in our wildest fantasies???

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Me a businessman looking for real hot babes... Prove u r hot n get the best u nvr expected...u can ask my contact no...miss u sweetie

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I'm a woman and I don't even know. But trust me chemistry is a chemistry. As a girl, I’m going to be straight forward with you guys. Sometimes girls will flirt because it makes them feel awesome when someone likes them. They might not care that they don’t like you back but they will still flirt with you and get your poor man hopes up. Not all girls do this but plenty of them do. Definitely going to agree with previous comments. You seriously won’t know until you make your move. If she cancels on you (don’t try more than 2x) that’s when you know, she’s just not that into you. Bitches be runnin’ wild. My “niceness” gets misconstrued all the time. I personally don’t feel that I am being flirtatious but it usually leads to a situation I prefer not to be in. Especially being in marketing (in a male driven industry), it’s my job to be nice and build working relationships. It definitely gets uncomfortable pretty often. I’ve always been a nice/sweet person to begin with, I usually

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As I have seen from some other blogs, many people are surprised to find themselves on this site. Perhaps that should read "surprised at having to resort to this site." Me too. But why. I know what I want, I can't get it elsewhere and it is therefore perfectly logical to be here. What I had not expected was a fascinating insight into how anonymity effects different people's behaviour. Some seem to become very open, honest and frank - which is great. Some become wanton, which is fine, and a few (I understand) become abusive. I guess all that proves is that the membership here is a reflection of all the population. Still, here are my thoughts. I hope that some of you (or more) enjoy them.

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