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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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here i will share my experience about having sex with couples married and bf/gf couples. you guys please share your experience aswell

Last post night with lovebirds at 9:39 pm Tuesday, 30th August, 2016

Hi we are new to the whole scene, some nice chat would help us settle in.

Last post Dogging sites in west Cumbria at 9:10 pm Tuesday, 30th August, 2016

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Hi everyone, we are a young couple who love sex. She wants to enjoy a woman's body and have regular meets. If you like the idea of sharing me and me sharing my girlfriend with you.. Then leave ideas and messages.. We look forward to them all!

Last post New member..Help wanted! at 5:59 pm Tuesday, 30th August, 2016

Tacoma, Tacoma.......oh sweet Tacoma! I'm at a loss for words or emotive content. When I close my eyes I can see each and everyone of you. The smile on my face feels so wonderful and nice as I absorb the beauty and sexuality that radiates from your simplicity of 'being' and lust for life. A special time it is when I'm about to shut my eyes to another basic chapter of unified inclusive breathe. Tacoma.......Tacoma..... why? In this moment of clarity.....do you hide and preserve those that bring forth happiness and clarity to an existence that can only enhance humanity if he wasn't so lonely........ Are there any gurls in Tacoma that would like to have some fun? Whether it be public, private, intimate, flashmob, protest, ...etc, etc..... Reach out and let this Indian take you by the hand and lets......?????

Last post Oh sweet Tacoma! Friend or foe ...... I must ask! at 8:43 pm Saturday, 27th August, 2016

I signed up to the site with very little expectations. Its an adult site afterall. People strip themselves of pretensions and become up front with what they want and not mince words when asking for it. Since signing up, I've chatted with men as varied as the colors of rainbow, who have requested as many variety of things from me as there were refractions in a prism. I endeavor to be respectful in rejections, cordial in chats, open in conversations and honest in meet ups. This will be my chronicle.

Last post Signed up and Rejection-ready at 4:41 pm Saturday, 27th August, 2016

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I had to laugh at some pics posted lately......and just to get this straight....I was not laughing at the people.....I was laughing at the items in the pictures! I am not sure how the rest of you feel, but I think a picture is worth a thousand words and some pics can be a real turn off for me when certain items are included in your pic.....especially if there is a box of Tampons in the picture with you! Pictures can be a real turn on.....but what makes me go past a pic are the following: Dirty clothes in a pile Dirty dishes in the picture A toilet, especially a dirty one, in the background....well you get the "picture" Maybe its just me, agree or disagree, but if you want to meet people and you definitely want a hook up.....this may not be the way to get one. From my experience, most people are visual, a little thought to what is in the picture with you.....can be the difference in action.....or no action.

Last post Yes, it IS out there! at 4:06 pm Saturday, 27th August, 2016

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well i think i will head of to the swing club tonight in bristol and see how many single men or horny couples are out to play!! come say hi if you around--sarah xxx :-)

Last post friday night fun needed :-) at 7:28 pm Thursday, 25th August, 2016

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This is a place where i can write about my hidden fantasies & fetishes....w/o any hesitation or anyone questioning its morality etc. It will be mostly in the nature of erotica. Hope u like reading about these small incidents or thoughts dat i have had... Have a great day..:)

Last post A Different kind of rainy day- part 3 at 9:47 am Thursday, 25th August, 2016

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Update.... We are looking to be photographed / filmed and fancy being In the frame rather than behind the camera, would prefer bi male/female or bi couple to help with the event and to join in during or after would be great xx

Last post Photographer required please at 10:02 pm Tuesday, 23rd August, 2016

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“if men could have sex in a box, they wouldn’t buy a house. If women valued sex (or the pursuit of women) as highly as men, specifically their ability to control the sex they do or do not give away, then why do (some) women give sex away so easily? if men control commitment and women control access to sex, why aren’t women as stingy with sex as men are with commitment? If a woman doesn’t demonstrate she values herself and her expectations as a result of this valuation, then how are men responsible for placing equal or more value on something she hasn’t even determined for herself? I honestly don’t have an answer, so today I have two questions: 1) Who decides the value of sex, men or women? 2) If women truly value sex more than men, then why do (some) women give sex away so easily? Do Women Really Value Sex More than Men?.........I need all of your's valuable advice plz.

Last post Relish Joy of Passionate Unlimited Pussy Licking at 6:56 pm Tuesday, 23rd August, 2016

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A repository of personal musings and pointless drivels

Last post ravenous (a love poem haha) at 2:45 pm Tuesday, 23rd August, 2016

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Last post Goodness & Sexuality !!! at 12:30 pm Tuesday, 23rd August, 2016

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been horny all mawnin ,sexy ladies all around me eish

Last post Hanging with my sisters in law at 8:36 am Tuesday, 23rd August, 2016

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If there's one thing that interests all of us, it's information about sex positions. The search term "sex positions" receives about 10,000 searches a day on Google, and throws up about 3 million results. If anything else, this is certainly proof of how interested people are in learning about sexual techniques, whether they're in a long term relationship or not. And you know what? It's not hard to understand why: sex is one of the most fun things we can do with another human being, but at the same time it is one of the things that we find most difficult, challenging, and sometimes embarrassing or even shameful. Three Of The Worst Things To Do With A Woman (In And Out Of Bed) OK guys, just in case you’ve been watching too much porn and you’ve forgotten how real sex happens, here’s a checklist of 3 of the worst things you can do in bed (and sometimes out of it) with a woman…..things that get you dumped pretty quickly.... 1) Pounding away in her pussy like your life depended on it

Last post 3 of The worst Things to do with a Woman at 1:06 pm Sunday, 21st August, 2016

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It's amazing to see that many women, irrespective of their age, occupation or any other aspect, wants to dominate men and treat them as slaves! This appears to be quite fascinating to me as I have never seen any woman in my life trying to dominate man in such a manner. It provoked an idea in my mind that, why don't I go for a mistress here, who will be dominant over me and I will see the other side of life never unveiled before. So, here I am, waiting for someone to apply as my mistress.....

Last post Dominance of women over men on various aspects at 12:54 am Sunday, 21st August, 2016

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When I was a young yuppy I was fortunate enough to experince being a member of the Davao orgy club. It was fun being with like minded people who enjoy sex as it is. The group had rules and was compromised of discreet well educated professionals. Unfortunately, the group did not last long. The rules which was supposed to be the backbone of the group was not being enforced. The quality of accepted members started to stray. In-fighting, jealousy, power struggles, emotions started to get in the way of everyones thirst for fun and excitement. I tried reviving the club but unfortunately, It was harder to start from scratch. I almost had it running again... then someone ruined it by starting a relationship with a fellow member which was a no-no by club rules. Dead again. I wonder. Was it my organizational skills that failed or was it the quality of members that ruined everything?

Last post The Third Wheel Experience at 1:57 pm Friday, 19th August, 2016

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Can I tell you about a time in the days of black and white photos when I was in the youth club darkroom which had developed a heating problem, it was jammed full on. I used it frequently and to cope with the heat I normally stripped to my undies. One day a very attractive girl asked me to show her how to make photos, she was just eighteen at the time and one of the oldest members; I explained that due to the heat I normally took most of my clothes off so it probably wasn’t a good idea but she said she didn’t mind and really wanted to know. So we arranged a suitable time one afternoon and went into the dark room. I stripped to my undies as usual, and by the dim red darkroom safelight showed her how to work the enlarger and project the negative image onto the printing paper. She started to practice this and after a while said she was getting hot, and asked if she could she take one or two items of clothing off too. I agreed, she stripped slowly to her undies.......

Last post Male, Male, and Female Threesome at 5:49 am Friday, 19th August, 2016

I have a beautiful boudoir - all I need now is someone to entertain in it....someone to treat me like the lady I am...

Last post Men and my dreams - and fears. at 2:30 pm Wednesday, 17th August, 2016

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I Would like to try my first anal experience with women a strap on! Or first time with men one day. Because this is one of my fantasies and I have lots more of them! ? As well by for now

Last post Hi could you help me people, at 2:00 pm Wednesday, 17th August, 2016

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meeting random like minded women near pinelands to fulfil every fantasy or desire

Last post meeting tonight or today at 1:25 pm Wednesday, 17th August, 2016

Just random fleeting thoughts. Irrelevant nothings from my mind...

Last post Thoughts on BDSM and partners. at 9:19 pm Tuesday, 16th August, 2016

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Here I am going to share my inner thoughts, fantasies, and desires, who knows I may also find a beautiful woman to share them with ! :)

Last post She wanted a massage, i made sure she got one :) at 10:13 am Tuesday, 16th August, 2016

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We are excited to go soon to South of Spain in Malaga and enjoy a good month of Sandy beaches and full tanning. From our last vacation I know I will have a lot of pleasure teasing my bf while he will be watching me with other man or couples. He gets turned on by the idea of me getting picked up or having casual sex in a bar or club or nudist beach. Eventually he will participate but mostly he watches me having fun. If you have any suggestions on things to do in the malaga marbella area let us know at

Last post Adult movie experience at 5:49 pm Monday, 15th August, 2016

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Well to be part of something new can be nerve wracking but to no there are lots of people that enjoy the same things as me is nice. I love sex outside inside places where you may get caught. To me thatso all part of exploring new fantasies. I'm looking forward to meeting new peeps and full filling each others desires.

Last post First Encounters......... at 10:40 pm Sunday, 14th August, 2016

..relevence of sex ...in daily life especially on the mental health and thereby its leading power to well being. Can v start the talk.💕

Last post fulfill the dreams enjoy the beauty... at 3:31 pm Sunday, 14th August, 2016

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I enjoy the written word, and erotica. So naturally, it was only a matter of time before I tried my hand at erotic fiction.

Last post Forbidden fruit Part 1 at 10:35 am Sunday, 14th August, 2016

Hi, I'm Becca a fourty year old crossdresser, who also happens to be gay.

Last post A visit to the Gay Sauna at 8:54 am Saturday, 13th August, 2016

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Sometimes we need to express in various ways to let it out and carry on.

Last post Long distance relationships - serious tips ! at 5:59 am Saturday, 13th August, 2016

Single guy who's had few flings. Bicurious (appreciate good in both sexes). Loves women who are confident, bonus points if they use a good perfume lol

Last post How often is sex 'needed' to qualify for happy sex life? at 7:56 pm Friday, 12th August, 2016

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I know everyone has different desires but I m the one who can help all of you friends...

Last post Is your life, like a life.? at 8:52 pm Thursday, 11th August, 2016

Here today ............................. gone tomorrow .................................

Last post A great tease for the mind and body .. at 6:00 pm Thursday, 11th August, 2016

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We wish to tell how we happened to come over here and be part of this revolution through a series of small stories, which are partly real and partly articulated.

Last post How we got into swapping thing ! at 8:33 pm Wednesday, 10th August, 2016

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travel couple.......its means we are able to give you company during your business trip/social trip we had meet 5 to 6 couple on skypee today but no one show wife its means all are alone boys hear.but one thing i want clear its escort site ya real wife swep or cpl fun site then now bye bye nagpur coming indore bye byeeee

Last post Want try some thing new and exciting like be call girl ha ha ha at 7:47 am Wednesday, 10th August, 2016

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I'm a virgin blogger. Yes, and Im also virgin in my both nostrils. Hihi. Not sure right now what will I write about but you can keep in touch with me here. I wish myself happy blogging or whatever to keep you reading me, one way or the other. Keeping you posted 😀

Last post Need some tlc to scare away the flu at 9:14 pm Tuesday, 9th August, 2016

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If you've ever felt self conscious about the size of your breasts, you are not alone. You have probably felt that no matter how great your figure is, how beautiful your hair might be, how successful you are in life, that something is missing!

Last post What do you prefer tiny bobs or big bobs at 6:20 pm Tuesday, 9th August, 2016

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I am not a new to the scene of swinging . But to establish my presence in the swinging scene here in dubai I decided to host a party for Swingerys a couple of months ago. A very good response . About 12 couples showed up. Mixed nationalities, cultures , Europeans Asians south Americans , North Americans So I got busy with the meet and greet procedures making sure everybody's glass was always full. Slowly couples started moving into the rooms one by one and I stayed out giving company to the couples who were just having a smoke outside or still having a drink. At the end of the party we exchanged numbers and and everybody left around 4:00 am. I did not play that evening. Yup! You got it right. I did not play. I cleaned up and had drink for my self that night. Trying to remember who came with whom? A couple of months later I am chilling at home like any other weekday evening and I get a message from one of the contacts "Kevin" (not real name)from my swinger party. YO BRO! COME F

Last post Go for one end up with more at 11:39 am Tuesday, 9th August, 2016

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Hi so when your on the beach naked feeling randy and want to have some sexy fun how meany of you think about getting watched I've had plenty of sexy encounters

Last post Sex on the beach any one at 6:50 pm Monday, 8th August, 2016

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Confessions of things I've done and things I fantasize about doing.

Last post My lover with a nice 13 inch cock. at 5:09 pm Monday, 8th August, 2016

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Matured women aged 30-50 are amazing for teens aged 18+. They could satisfy each other very well.

Last post Are Single Boys So Dangerous at 9:05 am Monday, 8th August, 2016

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Hi all, This site is a wonderful site in all aspects. It helps people to meet people as per their choice. If somebody is looking for couple only and if you are not a couple please don't try to contact them posing us couple. First time inhibitions from the female partner is understandable. It takes time, with effective communications and by positive persuasion you can overcome it, mantra is ---- keep patience. But when she is not at all ready and not even knows what you are doing don't play smart posing as couple. It's a crime!! If you want only sex there may be avenues to get it but don't use this site for playing with the sentiments of the people. Don't say excuses she is working and posted in other part of the country etc., etc., she could not join you when you are going for real meet and going alone!!!. It is shame on you for using this site as an outlet for your suppressed desires. If you want just sex, you guys will get it in your area by paying few bucks. Please go through

Last post ARE YOU SEX STARVED? at 3:16 pm Sunday, 7th August, 2016

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Going down this "lifestyle" road from sharing our fantasies with each other to looking forward to seeing a stranger satisfy your partner is quite an adventure. We're looking for couples with whom we feel comfortable to share more; in real life meet ups privately or in a club or online in private video or chat sessions. Hope you like our stories and please do give us your feedback ;-).

Last post Our first adventure in the dark at 12:47 pm Sunday, 7th August, 2016

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By and large we are all different in different ways, would be boring if we were not, need to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince or princess!

Last post Perhaps I will tell you later, maybe, maybe not! at 10:15 am Sunday, 7th August, 2016

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I absolutely love giving oral to both holes of a woman does that make me strange it gets me so hot and horny and I'm more than happy for just that to happen don't need anything in return.

Last post I'm I strange for enjoying giving oral so much ? at 10:57 pm Saturday, 6th August, 2016

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Just me saying the random things that come into my head. I'll probably ask more questions on here than writing about me. But you never know...you guys may convince me to write a load. We'll just have to wait and see.

Last post Musings of a newbie... at 6:43 pm Saturday, 6th August, 2016

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I have always been very sexual and I love nothing better than a good fuck and play. One thing I've never tried is a threesome and it's something I've always wanted preferably with 2 males. Is there anyone who would like a curvy volumptous girl with big tits to fuck tonight?

Last post I love a good fuck and lick out at 12:09 pm Saturday, 6th August, 2016

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So I'm on here to have some nsa fun with like minded guys. I'm completely straight and want some gorgeous sexy guys to fuck and play with me. Where are you all??

Last post Fuck and play with me tonight at 11:02 am Saturday, 6th August, 2016

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Hola, viajo a menudo y este verano me gustaria tener encuentros interesantes. Besos

Last post Esta semana ...Madrid at 11:07 am Tuesday, 2nd August, 2016

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I never thought that I would even entertain even the thought of having your love/partner fuck someone else besides me. Greatest fantasy I had since was an FF action. A very lovely lesbian to just caress and make me feel ecstasy no man give. But upon our first experience of partner swap, the incident boosts both not only our sex confidence but also our individual and relationship status. I know the Filipino norms considers it taboo. But with this day and age, all we need is an open mind and respect for each other.

Last post How to start "the game" at 9:43 am Tuesday, 2nd August, 2016

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Nothing turns me on more than watching my wife having more than one guy at the same time. I enjoy so much watching other men fuck her brains out that most of the time I like to fuck my harden wife at last. She also expects it and it is not a new thing to us. I love sharing my wife and watch her...

Last post I'M A WIFE, WAS SURROUNDED BY SEVEN HUGE COCKS at 8:18 am Tuesday, 2nd August, 2016

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I'm Abir from Bangladesh. My country is little conservative and people is not much open about sex. But from my childhood, I was really curious about sex and everything related to it like kinks, fetishes and what not. Things are changing here and people getting more and more open. But I think it's still a long way to go and I'm here to be a part of the change. Though sometimes I feel like I should be in those liberal western countries where I could utilize my full potentials. I'm eager to make friends with nice and open minded people from all over the world and having some good times.

Last post Little more about my vanilla life and likings at 7:16 pm Monday, 1st August, 2016

Greetings & Salutation. Haha. XD This is where I wrote stuff about my sexperience. Please feel free to educate me on how I could be more 'flexible' during intercourse. XD

Last post The 4 W and the only H. at 3:26 pm Monday, 1st August, 2016

So sad that Spice Lifestyle Resort has closed, oh well Hedonism 2 again next trip

Last post Lifestyle Resort Trips in Europe at 6:03 pm Sunday, 31st July, 2016

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Longing to suck lick and tongue fuck a real wet pussy, longing to have a woman whine on and fuck tongue until she cum in my mouth

Last post Longing to be freaky at 5:49 am Sunday, 31st July, 2016

This describes the experience and adventures of a married guy in LK. But sometimes it might jump off to random stuff. If you are interested in reading, by all means welcome to my blog. :)

Last post Convincing my friends wife at 8:16 pm Saturday, 30th July, 2016

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ladies and couple if u wana meetup in nadi let me knw. we can hv fun together

Last post party n sex licking sucking playing little drinks rough sex slow sex at 8:14 pm Saturday, 30th July, 2016

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So a guy wants to meet up and I said ok but let's meet somewhere neutral b4 we decide if we fuck. I think that's safe as norwich is small and want to not have someone too mine if I don't get a good vibe

Last post Best Hangover cure (008) at 12:42 pm Saturday, 30th July, 2016

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In the Yoni Puja that is part of Yoni Tantra, the woman who has agreed to serve as the focus of energies, to serve as a representative of the Goddess.

Last post Tantric Yoni Puja,The Celebration of feminine ecstasy. at 5:16 am Friday, 29th July, 2016

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Your fingers dip below my waist, traveling at a sensuous pace. The lower you go, my anticipation builds. My heart beats faster bracing for the thrill.

Last post Confessions of a Lonely Roomate at 7:59 pm Thursday, 28th July, 2016

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I joined this site out of curiosity! Thinking its another Tagged, Hi5 even. Boredom & free time allowed me d opportunity to join & stay on the site. But to my surprise, the level surpasses that of any of those other social media or dating sites. It got me feeling a bit sheepish. Am I a Nerd or playing Stush? I have never seen myself as that type of female for random hook ups. Exchange contacts with another human being & get straight to the sucking & f*cking. Mayb I'm old fashioned way past my 34 yrs on this earth. But isn't sex supposed to b more intriguing than simple meet n fuvks? I'm not sure if I'm seeing things this way because of the way IM being approached by men on this site. But am I the only female who objects to meeting strangers for sex? I'm not sayin I've never had a one nighter. Or am I getting misunderstanding? I hav stated im not here for sex or hook ups. Somehow no one believes, because its apparently wat the site is about. Am I Stush or a Ne

Last post Wanna meet up & f*ck? at 1:58 pm Tuesday, 26th July, 2016

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One morning some 20 years ago,my uncle who was Company Chairman and MD,appeared in the door of my office.I had just secured a substantial contract for the firm after a very tough battle but my personal life was in turmoil.He dropped 2 envelopes on my desk.One contained hotel and travel documents and the other ,a few thousand Drachmas,My sister also appeared with my travel bag. "The flight leaves from Stanstead at 1.30pm" he said "take a few days break you miserable sod, you're drained " I found myself later that evening, installed in a very nice hotel in Rhodes Town. After a meal,I had a couple of drinks in the bar and exchanged a few words with a woman perched on a stool, with what looked like Kew Gardens in a tall glass.It transpired she was a bit of an air-head ,so I bade her goodnight and retired to bed. I discovered after a day or so,that the lady in question was self-deluding in imagining that all the men were drooling over her.

Last post Lights ! Camera ! Get your kit off ! Action ! at 2:18 am Tuesday, 26th July, 2016

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60 year old male married three children three grandchildren . I,ve known all my life that inside iam female outside male but tried to live my life which to say the least was impossible

Last post Moveing forward with life at 12:07 pm Monday, 25th July, 2016

Really don't know how to make one of these. Well I really want to meet & get to know people in here so I have stories to write. Not met anyone from here yet but can tell you about my last meet from a different site. arranged to meet a lady at my house. Ididn't know what she wanted so waited for her to make first Suddenly she said come on then. we got into the shower and shaved each other. wasn't long before I put razor down and started tonguing her.By now I was a little drunk but her pussy tasted divine. We moved to bedroom where i teased her clit with my tongue( gently sucking it out of its hood and licking it)

Last post My first Horny Encounter at 2:07 am Monday, 25th July, 2016

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Me and my girl went for sight seeing, on the way to lingmala waterfall we met a foriegner, so i was just joking with my girl about adding him with us, she was teasing me too. Me my girl took horse ride and then went to see other places in Mahableshwar, the climate was sexy this is what my girl was saying. It was beautiful jungles with mist, it was so looking so beautiful my girl started teasing me by asking me if I want to fuck her in that jungle, she started opening her cleavage.while she was teasing me she was getting aroused, and soon after a while she was aroused like never before she opened her shirt in running car , the cars were passing by and they could enjoy a slight view of her boobs, we reached a point called arthurs seat there was no one she wanted to get tucked in the middle of the road by I was scared and I could see that my girl was so aroused that I have never seen before, she undressed her self and I parked the car aside and she gave a awesome blow job than I fucked h

Last post Fun like never before in mahableshwar at 4:57 am Saturday, 23rd July, 2016

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Hi lifestyle lovers, I just watched a program on TLC - Swingers Wives, not sure if anyone saw it, but for me it put the swinging lifestyle in bad light. The couples interviewed were clearly not true enlightened people (arguing over what each did with others in a club). The program focused on trust and jealousy trying to show that in reality the openness of swinging doesn't work......how wrong can they be

Last post Why do the media ridicule what they don't understand at 3:03 am Friday, 22nd July, 2016

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Our thoughts and experiences as swingers as well as some random stories. Basically a window looking into how we think and how we got there.

Last post The Mind-Fuck; why personality counts! ;) at 7:23 pm Thursday, 21st July, 2016

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An Arkansas man identified as the "Toe Suck Fairy" was arrested Monday (Sept. 26) following a series of incidents in which he allegedly approached women in stores, commented on their feet and asked to suck their toes. According to Reuters, the culprit, Michael Robert Wyatt, 50, previously served a prison sentence for similar shenanigans. Last time, he even pretended to be a podiatrist in order to fondle and suck a woman's toes at a clothing store. Though criminal cases are rare, foot fetishism itself is surprisingly common. Academic studies on the prevalence and membership of fetish discussion groups have found that feet and foot accessories are the most fetishized of all non-genital body parts and objects. Nearly half of all such fetishes focus on feet, and almost two-thirds of fetishes for objects associated with the body are for shoes and socks. Sigmund Freud claimed that people sexualize feet because they resemble penises. Today, a more scientific theory comes from the neuros

Last post The Science behind feet fetish at 9:37 pm Wednesday, 20th July, 2016

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I've just came back from the gym - all worked up. Feeling really randy more than usual! Hoping to find someone I can hook up with tonight

Last post Dirty evening ahead... at 3:05 pm Tuesday, 19th July, 2016

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SiteAdminMaria here. Welcome to my one stop shop for links to site news, articles and updates from the development team. :-)

Last post Pokémon More Popular than Porn! at 1:36 pm Tuesday, 19th July, 2016

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I'm one of these people who love to chat dirty online, the dirtier the better, as long as it's legal. This is where we all have to take care. From my own point of view, I would stop the chat immediately anything illegal was brought up. As long as the chat is between two consenting adults about legal things, then I don't care how dirty it gets :)

Last post Online chat - what I like and don at 10:57 pm Monday, 18th July, 2016

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Customers can be nice and friendly, occasionally grumpy but they can be won round! Some are as straight as they come some like a giggle and a play. I went over on a second visit to one recently. On the first visit she sounded nervous on the phone but in person she was slightly flirty. Older, in her early 60's I guess. I was checking her out in a medium length denim skirt and got caught . She ad gusted her gate put more on show but it didn't feel uncomfortable. I missed our next appointment and I knew she would be away so I kind of lost track. A few days later that familiar nervous voice on the phone. I booked her in and in a couple of hours I was stood at her door. She appeared in tight blue leggings, clinging to her legs, low cut top showing the top of her tits and a nice cleavage. I'm sure she didn't mean to tease but as she turned to walk me through the house her panty line was visible and I was hooked. I got to work and she sat in a wooden rocking chair rocking slightly back and fo

Last post Sexy customers and the things they do at 2:50 pm Monday, 18th July, 2016

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So, you are sitting next to me on the sofa. My bf is kneeling in front of us and makes his move on me. He starts to kiss me, his lips are pressed tight against mine. His strong hands slowly caress my neck, then my shoulders and then my breasts. He moves his kisses downwards towards my neck, slowly nipping at the flesh. My eyes are shut as the electricity runs up my spine. He then helps me out of my top and greets the new exposed part of me with more tender kisses, slowly removing my bra, he takes a nipple into his mouth and begins to suck as his hands trace the inside of my thighs. His mouth trails south, across my stomach and you see the tiny hairs stand tall on my arms. He then gets to my jeans and slowly releases the button and pulls down the zip. I raise my hips as he relieves me of my trousers and underwear, his kissing and sucking of my body continues. You watch as his tongue trails down towards my pussy. He then draws his tongue from the bottom of my lips to the top and savours

Last post The heat of the moment at 9:17 pm Saturday, 16th July, 2016

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Why milfs are so hot then younger girls !! Why it is so attractive when a milf walk in high heel and smell nice and men get hard on or they say in Thier mind and start imagining things about how sexy and hot she would be in bed and good to fuck.. why it's like that ?

Last post Milf vs younger girls at 1:45 pm Saturday, 16th July, 2016

Hey every girl out there. To those girls who are out there but haven't gone ahead with the proceedings..time to break the shackles, come out of your comfort zone and start having encounters..! The best time to experience new things in life. So let's not think twice and get into some action.There are people out here waiting for you, or people for whom you might be waiting. So don't waste time. Use the platform, get some profiles [including mine ;-) ] and start hooking up..!! Let's enjoy and have some fun alright?! Let's see who hits up first..

Last post Now is the time..Let's do it! at 12:45 pm Saturday, 16th July, 2016

A blog to tell each other about our good and bad anal experiences

Last post My first anal experience and later at 11:24 am Saturday, 16th July, 2016

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Nuestro blog donde escribiremos nuestras fantasias y esperemos se hagan realidad!

Last post Saludos a todos@s, a ver que se cuece at 11:55 pm Thursday, 14th July, 2016

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(MEN WANT SLIM FIGURES STICK TO CD'S OR MEN) And I am getting sick of being called gay I am not, since I can remember I have thought of myself as female and in my brain I am my body is half way there when I will fulfil my dream only god knows but I do wish he would hurry up about It LOL. anyway when you go on hormones you put on weight it is not what you need but there you go on these drugs it is very hard to keep the weight off so I am sorry you guy's but if you want transsexuals with breasts then you have to put up with the rest Mood swings a little extra to get hold of thighs buttocks hair LoL so I have now had my rant ok see you soon no doubt byeeeeeeeeeeee XXX love you all really.

Last post timewasters and the pain they cause at 12:44 pm Wednesday, 13th July, 2016

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In my opinion, the BDSM practition implies a sexual context, a consensual sexual domination and submission of both parts. It's weird to see heterosexual Masters in search of submissive males instead of submissive females. It would not prove to be coherent for me to see a lesbian Mistress in search of submissive males. The only way in which it could fit is if the sexual aspect of the relation is eliminated completely, thing that I can hardly accept. Therefore, I think that those heterosexual Masters are bisexual or gay in reality. I doubt than one submissive heterosexual male look for a Master (gay or heterosexual) instead of a Mistress.

Last post Straight masters in search of sub males. Really? at 7:21 pm Tuesday, 12th July, 2016

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Just saying... it's not always cool sending a perfectly captured (sometimes not) picture of your dicks, lads.

Last post Are dick pics hot or not? at 8:48 am Tuesday, 12th July, 2016

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Hi any one interested in physical love safe secret also because sex is my strength and satisfaction is my habit I'm honest mature respected man

Last post Only real sex satisfaction at 6:26 pm Monday, 11th July, 2016

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¿ Como nos iniciamos ?, sinceramente, no me acuerdo, pero de lo que no tengo duda, es que surgió de forma natural . Abriéndose ante nosotros un nuevo mundo con mil opciones por las que decantarnos y haciendo nuestra vida sexual mas plena y cómplice como pareja.

Last post Ganando a la rutina, aprendiendo juntos. at 1:02 am Monday, 11th July, 2016

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So as many blogs I find the view of open minded the only option that works. I find that people spend to much time with there egos and miss out on the fun and experience that they could gain. Enjoying a good massage to not basing there ego or jealous views as there is no need for it. Enjoyment should be enjoyed and if that is with a MWM or MMW or WWM situation limiting ones enjoyment also limits your open minded views. Now chemistry is key to me. being able to be open minded. I love to cuddle. In fact I enjoy taking my time enjoying this part the most. Sleeping to only wake with affection is wonderful. Now if it happens that during some enjoyment that one grows to enjoy interaction with the party I am open to explore with them. The big question is would you like a body massage before play time. The answer should be yes.Because it is relaxing and turns us both on. That is something I like as well. Licking and sucking is always enjoyable by all so why change a thing. Well becau

Last post How long does a girl at 5:36 pm Sunday, 10th July, 2016

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A gay guy's venture to the world of bisexuality. After almost three decades of carnal fun with men, I am now considering what the female anatomy feels like. I still do not want to lose touch with men of course. I hope this website and blog would be an avenue to fulfill this goal!

Last post Why Mature and Married Men are the Best at 9:25 am Saturday, 9th July, 2016

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In Indian history, there was one festival wherein ladies of few communities used to put their blouses in a dark room. Men are supposed to come and pick one each randomly. Whoever gets the blouse will get to sleep with the woman who owns the blouse.

Last post Being Adventurous or Giving a Creative Touch? at 6:32 am Saturday, 9th July, 2016

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Ménage à trois, ou simplesmente ménage, é uma expressão de origem francesa cujo significado originalmente denominava um domicílio habitado por três pessoas em vez de um casal. Sua tradução literal é "moradia a três". Actualmente é utilizada para designar os relacionamentos sexuais entre três pessoas. O mènage feminino (um homem e duas mulheres) também acontece, mas hoje alguns casais também convidam homens para compartilhar momentos de prazer, alguns até chamando um número bem maior de homens, sendo assim uma orgia.[1] O ménage feminino é mais divulgado e aceito. sexo é bom e todo mundo gosta; não importa como, quando e porquê. Cada um tem suas preferências, do mais romântico ao mais hardcore. Mas independente de qual seja sua praia, já pensou em experimentar algo novo? O ménage à trois é uma prática em que o casal convida uma terceira pessoa para uma noite de sexo. Apesar de ser algo cada vez mais comum, ainda tem gente que tem uma série de tabus e preconceitos.


I have been looking for a woman since years! When this website was recommended by my friend, I got myself registered. But, till now I have not been able to even have a decent conversation (over e-mail or phone) with any woman. Have tried many websites. I have also done paid sex several times. But, paid sex has its own limitations. I do not know where the Indian women are. Are all of them sexually satisfied and do not want to venture out? Or are they venturing outside without using the internet. No idea. Still waiting for my "rare earth". Regards, Coltan

Last post Why am I not able to connect with my "rare earth"? at 7:50 pm Wednesday, 6th July, 2016

I have just started to put some objects up my bottom. It is very painful at the moment have you got any tips for me to help the pain. Hopefully I can have a strap on or something up there one day soon.Thank you all for your time. X

Last post Hello i could do with your help please one weekend at 1:22 pm Wednesday, 6th July, 2016

Knowing full well what I want and who I want it with is getting the mission only half-done. Over time and learning from my and other people's experiences, I have learned the importance of these 3 Cs: Communication, Connection, Compatibility. Someone told me that sex is about having fun and adventure, and that since we all live once anyway, might as well be open to trying anything instead of regretting not having done anything wild and crazy (though let's not get too crazy here, peeps) for the rest of our lives. My blogs are simply meant to share the learning.

Last post Free Wheeling With the Willie at 3:58 am Wednesday, 6th July, 2016

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We have lived long lives and have done many interesting and great things. Would love to share our experiences with others with life minds.

Last post a chance meeting that changed our lives forever at 3:41 pm Sunday, 3rd July, 2016

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Still trying to work out if this is a real site with real people. I know I am so by simple reasoning others must be too. I have messages, but are they real? Pay and I get to find out... or do I. I am reaching to all the real people out there.... let's make this work 😁

Last post Hmmmm one week in.... at 2:00 pm Sunday, 3rd July, 2016

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Well what can I say last night was amazing, had my 5th 3sum since May and I can honestly say that was the best one yet, fun, dirty and very sexy. Looking forward to meeting with this couple again very very soon

Last post Last nights 3sum was fantastic at 11:50 am Sunday, 3rd July, 2016

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I have had my first experience of sex as a young teenager college going guy, at the age of 16 and since then it has hooked me to it, got me addicted and can't let go anymore. My libido is so high that one of exes even advised seeking medical attention, which I brushed it off nonchalantly stating it was just hormones doing its good, a good one at that. Me and my wife met in Bangalore way back in 2008/9 while I was pursuing my graduation there. It was a just social meeting - we didn't know each other, just saw her when our gang was attending some programs, talked to her a while, she was very respectful and decent. A nice, young lady, polite to a fault and very friendly. We exchanged numbers. We texted but as a friend only. It ends there for a while. Some two or three years later I was settled in Delhi after graduation and working in a reputed MNC, she finishes her studies and decided to move to Delhi too. Contacted me again as I was the only one she knew in the city. She came, foun

Last post She Loves It And More! at 12:48 am Sunday, 3rd July, 2016

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Club visit and questions, were we were, and how to make contact.

Last post How to approach couples and single women in a club at 4:18 pm Saturday, 2nd July, 2016

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What's ur fantasy???? I like the man to take me from the back. He hugs me n slowly move his head in my hair n neck . he kisses my neck n playful bite it. Then he drops the sarrie down n unbuttons the blouse to expose my white boobs. His fingers caress my already pink nipples . he crushes my boobs with his hands n I become his slave. ...…..

Last post tip tip barsa panni...... at 7:08 am Saturday, 2nd July, 2016

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Just me, blathering about all sorts. The state of the Mongolian gold harvest and its effect on the financial solvency of Lilliput; or the folks who use text speak in emails...or even in texts ...maybe a funny, a photo, well all sorts of trivial shite really.

Last post Decisions, decisions, at 12:00 pm Friday, 1st July, 2016

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Me and my Couple friends decided to play around and we choose a play where me as a driver of a cab(private car driver) they as some passengers in a sedan car. we picked a stranger on the expressway as a co-passenger(even negotiated the fair to make it real). A bag was kept on the co-driver seat and the seat was folded which made them all three sit at the back making the lady sit between the men. She was in a one piece dress with nothing inside. She gradually started grinding her body to the stranger. At a point she got up from her seat leaned forward and open the co-driver window to throw something. The idea was to give him a view of her buttocks. She then asked me to increase the AC to which i asked her to help herself, again the idea of giving our stranger a view. Things went on till the toll plaza and after the plaza they both(hubby wife) started playing Kissing fondling each other to an extend where she was completely undressed with only her boots on. Our stranger was surpri

Last post Pune mumbai Expressway... at 10:49 am Friday, 1st July, 2016

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I just want to make writings, make my profile as real as possible, ya know? There will be some xxx stuff, there will be PG stuff. I may share my sex life, I may share more or less. idk, but it will be what it will.

Last post Ready to get out there again at 6:11 pm Thursday, 30th June, 2016

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Hiya ladies and gents'....Ive had a few great experiences from here and 'out & about'... really excited for more mutual pleasure. Hope to chat soon! Throbbin0 xxx

Last post BDSM...Lifestyle or Career? at 10:30 am Wednesday, 29th June, 2016

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Always wondering what if? Not shy to speak up but always greatful for the little things that come my way.

Last post Let true friendship find you at 10:59 am Tuesday, 28th June, 2016

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Sex is an essential Part of life .... we all have some Fantasies n Dreams about Some Sex which we think we can fulfill as soon as possible n this doesnt mean that we do not love our Partners. I always think that once u live ur fanatasy n if ur Partner is also a part of n plays major role n honors the same then the bondation n trust in between both grows much more stronger than before. Once something comes in mind doesnt gets out before it is not completed. In our ancient times also the Kings does Threesome, Foursome or u can say Group Fun n that time it was Allowed but now a days we feel it is wrong coz we are bounded with some social boundaries. Just a request with everyone if u have some Fantasy dont ignore it but live it n enjoy that Moment coz we have one life to live.. Live life king size n enjoy the Moments n respect the Feelings...

Last post SINGLE MALES ARE NOT REQUIRED at 7:21 pm Monday, 27th June, 2016

I do think women like to be kissed thoroughly. On my personal take, I think men (I personally) like that too. I like to make a woman special by appreciating her body, what's more is through my lips and tongue. I specifically want to savor the aroma of a gently bath soap on top of the woman's skin, on every inch as much as possible, and slowly slide my lips to every kinks and nooks while intermittently leaving a gentle and kinda sexy bite mark in some discreet parts. My take is that a woman is not only sensitive on her privates but her entire body is a whole sensitive private entity. Intoxicating a woman by the thought of a gently oral fixation slowly exploring her body is indeed a pleasure I aim to deliver. My lips would not leave my woman's body so as her "lips" would open up to "mine". Well, that's just my take.

Last post Kissing during an Intimate Moment at 7:51 am Monday, 27th June, 2016

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