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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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Mi idea es que aportéis chorradas interesantes por aquí. de esas que su****os la idea a salido de unos buenos amigos del chat y me a parecido muy buena idea. NO están permitidas frases o comenta****as ellas serán borradas o mandadas a el administrador. Gra****os

Well just random things that cross my mind :) Cheese to boobs and beyond.

Last post so, whos doing what in december? at 6:16 pm Sunday, 23rd November, 2014

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some ppl are uploading their wife's photos in this site without their wife's knowledge. i mean wife doesn't even know about the site what the husband doing is, just taking nude pics and put them without face. some are on cam and when we ask for both of then he show his sleep wife.... we cant call this open minded or understanding cpl. with only these pics we cant assure that they are a genuine cpl. i caught one guy doing this but how to catch these type of mental ppl.

I have often wondered how a man over 20 years younger could be interested in me...and yet many of them are. I'm told that every younger man has fantasies about the older woman experience. It is very flattering that younger men find me attractive...I guess it is confidence in my own sexuality that does it. I know what I want and I am not as inhibited as I was 20 years ago. Come meet me in the chat room if you would like to cam xxx Anna

Last post Grope Room sex party at 9:43 am Sunday, 23rd November, 2014

if u love what u r doing then its worth doing it...am afraid of death but everyday have to make as if it is still very far away although i know that it is the only thing sure in life...death

Last post is this cheating or social work at 1:36 am Sunday, 23rd November, 2014

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Our genes hard wire us to an evolutionary program of success for finding mates. Love six-pack abs? All the better to run and hunt with my dear. Curvy hips and big breasts? She has the body reserves to bare young. Our genes put these wants and likes into our heads and we just call it the "sexy factor". We are also soft-wired by social cues. Here fads come into play. Fine suits, a Lambourghini, or Rolex are ways to say – ‘hey good looking, I can satisfy all your material needs’ But we know money can be earned or inherited. I think both are illusions. The ability to communicate, empathize and really get into your partner’s head are important. To do that, you need a large, big, thick, and oh-so-sexy brain! What better way to size up potential than to look past to look past their brow and into the their sexy grey matter? Admit it, you've been looking at the wrong sex organ all these years!

Last post Lifestyles improve your own sex life! at 5:51 pm Saturday, 22nd November, 2014

Been on here a while and just got the courage to introduce myself via the blog!

Last post VWE analysis and results! at 5:37 pm Saturday, 22nd November, 2014

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Our adventures, from first swing to last , how my wife and I became addicts in world of couples, singles and life changing experiences

Last post Our adventure continued, home visits at 2:56 pm Saturday, 22nd November, 2014

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when you are doing a video chat for the 1st time with a new user 1st ask them to do 2 or 3 things. coz some guys will play a video from their end and you will see that video & you will think that they are a real couple. but it's only a guy will be at the other end. and she might record you! think about it and please comment....

Last post when chatting do you know who's on the other side? at 2:06 pm Saturday, 22nd November, 2014

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Recent weekend in my favorite European city, Barcelona: FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Arrive in Barna around 2pm, meet lady for my AirBnB apartment, run to Zara to get some new cheap shirts bc been on road for 1 month with no laundry - rush back to meet couple at 18h30, early 40s, into the whole "cornudo"/cuckold thing - the man likes to watch the wife get fucked - so we go to a chiringuito, hubby is kind of a dork, who talks non-stop, wife is shy, but HOT - sultry Andaluza - we have a drink, finally, the wife breaks the ice, "no hay mucho tiempo ..." With that, we head back to my pad, and wife and I start making out, I am slowly undressing her, amazing tits, round ass ... hubby sits in corner, masturbating, while he gives me orders: "pinch her nipples, slap her ass, finger her pussy ..." I just start fucking her senseless, cum all over her titties ... literally, within 5mins, they're gone ... FRIDAY NIGHT: time for a quick shower, jump on local train for 30mins to meet next "encuentro", ea

Last post My first dogging experience at 11:15 am Saturday, 22nd November, 2014

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We are couple and like to share our thoughts via blogs with the other members of the hub.

Last post Definition of SEX via "S".."Ex" at 6:03 am Saturday, 22nd November, 2014

I'd like to put a question out there in the hope that blogs travel and comments become productive... When new to a scene it can sometimes be hard to get involved with the right crowd, without having to crash your way through a long list of useless encounters. As a novice into this scene like myself, i'd love to come to know people about in this area who could give me a few pointers or at least be placed on the right path to fulfill fantasies yet to come.. Thanks :) x

Last post looking for fun women in milton keynes at 10:20 pm Friday, 21st November, 2014

Who am I, and what the hell am I doing on a swinger's site? I arrived here by accident, which I hear a lot from those I chat with. Some come with an agenda, fantasies to be fulfilled, people to meet, sex to have as much of as possible. I'm not quite like that. I prefer to sit back and watch the world go by for a while before diving in. As far as meet ups go, in general I prefer to get to know someone over a period of time before seeing them face to face, and then saying good night with no more than a good night kiss. Maybe it'll go further, maybe not? But not a decision to make in a hurry. Time. There will always be enough time.

Last post What I am. And what I want. at 3:17 pm Friday, 21st November, 2014

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Nothing better than cumming especially with one or more people

Last post What do women prefer with 3somes? at 1:47 pm Friday, 21st November, 2014

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Anyone care to writhe around with me in a load of quality vanilla custard? I did this once around ten years ago with a lovely woman. We had great fun and laughed so much. It was a pig to clean up though :0)

Last post There's no hope for me! at 1:01 pm Friday, 21st November, 2014

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This blog is just just some random thoughts and observations.

Last post Taking advantage of ebbs and flows. at 11:24 am Friday, 21st November, 2014

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Isn't it funny? Couples complain about male to be unreliable or fake. Male complain about couples to be fake, getting off when it comes to real things etc. It is not funny! "Wasters" as they are named do not even waste time. "Destroyers" should be the far more matching expression for those because they in the end destroy the community and the faith of real people. So, in the end we all will be stuck in distrust, suspect, check-ups. What helps? Directness. Fairly quickly try to ask for "proof", like sending an email with a photo picture of a scene / thing that the person/cple being approached defines: "Write xyz on a piece of paper and shoot a photo of your dick" could be a request from a couple. The same "show the tits of your wive with your right hand on it holding any blue item". Faily simple request. On the photo nothing to be used abusive, however, useful to at least check if there is a real person on the other side. Nothing 100%, but maybe better than

Last post A's journey, Pt 2: Intro to "O" at 11:20 am Friday, 21st November, 2014

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Not been on long hope to find some contacts near me to have fun and have frends I can just be with Sanddy 1

Last post A song I thing by the Bachlors at 8:05 am Friday, 21st November, 2014

I am what is now and not is as was then – so it is what it is and not what it is was. In summary, I am a new is it and not an old one ….. see ….. easy init Confused …. join my world!

Last post Bad news for sex and blogs at 12:59 am Friday, 21st November, 2014

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Last post GANGBANG OF MY BITCH WIFE. at 9:47 pm Thursday, 20th November, 2014

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The random ramblings of a mature gentleman (hopefully no onewill disagree) on my journey through life in search of fun. Life is too short for any regrets, but there's plenty of oportunities for mistakes, just have to learn from them.

Last post Decisions, decisions, decisions at 4:27 pm Thursday, 20th November, 2014

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Just a place for my random rumination, general moaning and a place to let off a bit of steam!

Last post Dull, dull, dull - dull, dull, dull at 9:56 am Thursday, 20th November, 2014

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My Darling Wife is so understanding , she supports all I do and helps with my dress and make-up advising on colours and styles to suit me as Linda............... She is so wonderful and never ceases to help...........she has given me (Linda) 3 presents to help me in my pursuit of Fem happiness a silver necklace in the form of 2 butterflies on a perfect size chain to compliment my neckline. The 2nd item is another silver necklace with stones which form into a delicate flower which I think is so exquisite. The 3rd item is a beautiful fold up type Vanity Mirror in a silver casing. She is wonderful to me and is so committed to me and happiness.

Last post My Darling Wife Is So Understanding at 12:42 am Thursday, 20th November, 2014

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Even though I should e tired at waking up at 4 on my holiday week I feel exhilarated after looking at the many attractive couples and singles profiles on here. Instantly my arousal builds. Needing to feel hands on my body and this time alas they are min smoothing down my cotton vest top and pulling it and my bra down far enough to bare my breasts to the cool air So I roll and pinch my nipples so they harden just begging to be licked. My legs shifting, rubbing together to create a friction where I desperately want the attention of another but where my painted nails stray to work my swollen clit in expert circles on way and then the other. When it's too much to best I pull out my trust vibratory with bobbing bunny attachment and with the vibration movement against my clit I come apart madly, gasping and swearing as I regain my breath, as my arms and legs turn to jelly. How much more fun it would be if there one or two more people with me

Last post This is for the guys - How to get most interest possible at 10:26 pm Wednesday, 19th November, 2014

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We had been playing our fun games for a while now and having sex in some very interesting places at some very strange times, not worried about others seeing us or joining us the life of fun was being enjoyed totally. We had decided to go clubbing to a great spot near to us but not to near if you know what I mean, total anonymity was pretty much guaranteed and this was preferable for all, we had a great day going around London sorting some sexy things for you to wear for the nights fun. Bonus was I saved a fortune on underwear as you wear not going to be wearing any. We had settled on a sexy black short dress falling to just above the knees but with a nice slit running up the back to just below the start of your sexy ass, perfect for when you bent over or squatted so you would let everyone see your bare ass. The front was crossed over with a deep v plunging between your sexy breasts so all could see you had nothing underneath but nipples and breast. It was making me hard just w

Last post We had been talking and camming each other and I knew you wanted to be dominated at 4:55 pm Wednesday, 19th November, 2014

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KinkyKylie is the name given to Red Bull's championship winning car, and I have been using it around the kink arena for a while so stuck with it. This blog is inspired from the very reason we all are here. To find people who dream, write and play fantasies so we can explore together.

Last post An Ode To Her Beauty at 1:07 pm Wednesday, 19th November, 2014

Any woman in Limassol or in Paphos for kinky fan? Is there any woman in Cyprus who has any fetish with CDs?

Last post Any woman in Cyprus into fetish style at 7:00 pm Tuesday, 18th November, 2014

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A few thoughts and stories from an avid lover of pussy and ass licking, who lives nothing more than having a woman cum all over his face.

Last post Overcoming first time nerves at 1:42 am Tuesday, 18th November, 2014

Idyllic place to live, but so few swingers around in my area. Theres a few in Ruffec and Limoges but are there any in Chalais, no.. If there are please prove me wrong Graeme

Last post Swingers In the Charente at 3:54 pm Monday, 17th November, 2014

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With reference to several chats with cpls, we r writing here to clarify some general issues to save time for everyone. Please try to spare some time & read it completely & share your views. We are a married cpl with strong bonding & very secure in our relationship. Looking only for those couples, who also have strong bonding with each other. The reasons we think is that you never get exact the same what u r looking for. If we r meeting a couple then may be one of us may not get full satisfaction during the play from the other side. But we do get full satisfaction if our other partner is enjoying. That kind of bonding we r in, if any one of us enjoys the other one automatically enjoys watching his/her partner. We both are classy but also very down to earth kind of person. We know how to adjust & can make few compromises except food & place. In persons, hygiene and shaved under arms & private parts are a must for us. Prefer to use a mild deo is also very necessary.

Last post To understand us better... Part 2 at 3:16 pm Monday, 17th November, 2014

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VAYA!!, un blog y todo!!!! A demás de disfrutar nos culturizamos escribiendo........... interante..... Pon aquí lo que se te pase por el bolo.....o por otro sitio......;)

Last post Mi caaasaaaaaa....mi Blooooggggg at 12:42 pm Monday, 17th November, 2014

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Young boy willing to meet mature sexy friends for injoyable moments and fun times

Last post finding friends like at 8:17 am Monday, 17th November, 2014

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Hey come girls and have some fun... Let's get to know each other... I'm an 30jr old white hunk.

Last post come ladie and have some fun at 1:21 am Monday, 17th November, 2014

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Every thing i wear has to be tested with different styles of footwear, trouble is i spend so much time doing this that i never get anywhere! But then again it is so much fun!!!

Last post I owe it all to the kenny everett show! at 11:50 pm Sunday, 16th November, 2014

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whats the average time most men last during sex? i was just curious i usually find myself lasting 10-15 mins of penetration after about 15 mins of oral... would love to hear others view on this

Last post regular condoms too tight i love my erection at 9:06 pm Saturday, 15th November, 2014

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I have just sorted out my blog page, and hope to write a few tales of my experiences. I had no bisexual experience when I joined this site, but have discovered how very very nice it is to suck cock, and to feel a man cum in my mouth. I post two main types of blog - fantasy (which are generally obviously fantasy or marked as such) and the majority, which are genuine and unenhanced records of meets or of my experiences in earlier days. None are meant to be literary works, but I have tried to be as grammatically correct as possible (despite the occasional curse of the asterisk) I hope you find the jottings enjoyable or entertaining, and if you wish to leave a comment I would be delighted.

Last post Long Distance Lust... ? at 8:22 pm Saturday, 15th November, 2014

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Is there anybody there...? Three months on the site and the whole darn experience

Last post Returning to the theme of honesty... at 12:03 pm Saturday, 15th November, 2014

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Feeling really horny and up for discreet daytime meets for hot action. Have a real fetish for red lipstick, especially when its stained around my swollen cock. Anyone up for it?

Last post uploading media and profile pictures. at 7:37 pm Friday, 14th November, 2014

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An older man's thoughts on dating, seeking partners and all that jazz!

Last post The age barrier looms large! at 10:10 pm Thursday, 13th November, 2014

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I love getting all dressed up in Stockings and Heels then teasing my aching hole with one or two of my toys, what would you like to see me filled with?

Last post All dressed up and no one to blow! at 5:22 pm Thursday, 13th November, 2014

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This Friday evening I will be dressed up and on cam in cd/tv room if anyone looking to play with me xx

Last post Anyone want to chat Friday? at 8:47 pm Wednesday, 12th November, 2014

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Sex is… perfectly natural. It’s something that’s pleasurable. It’s enjoyable and it enhances a relationship. So why don’t we learn as much as we can about it and become comfortable with ourselves as sexual human beings because we are all sexual?

Last post My plans for SEX in this winters at 8:43 pm Wednesday, 12th November, 2014

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Some People on this site are not even open minded, if any one send you friend request if you like them accept or politely reject there is option. Be a open minded person and expect something. Thanks

Last post The peoples who using this side should be open minded not pushy and narrow minded at 6:23 pm Wednesday, 12th November, 2014

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Found out tonight I have Thursday evening free be dressed slutty in car need action lol

Last post online on cam Friday night at 11:45 pm Tuesday, 11th November, 2014

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It was a hot noon that day. The scorching sun, the noise from the university band and the horns of impatient drivers. We are studying for our masters back then. Our masters run every weekends -- and during that time, there are very few students. Most of them are band players or athletes up for a practice. Or maybe couples flirting with one another. We usually finish our class by 4 in the afternoon. And since the heat was still tremendous, we decided to stay in the library due to the air conditioner. But after a few minutes, we got bored. Basically it's because there are few interesting books to rummage on or we are really looking for something else. I don't know if it's just because of the heat outside or the privacy that we have here in the library, my boyfriend suddenly caresses my thighs, up and down under the table. I stared at him, then he suddenly winked at me. He continues to touch me, this time, he goes upper near my soft mound. I'm wearing jeans that time, and the fa

Last post T'was a horny afternoon and Making the Restroom Pay at 1:43 pm Tuesday, 11th November, 2014

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We're wondering how you decided to have a threesome, what your reasons are, did you enjoy your first threesome or was it a disaster.

Last post Small or Big tits does it really matter? at 8:36 pm Monday, 10th November, 2014

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welcome to i dont knw squart about blogging.. But who cares.. Its just rambling rambling until u get through to someone..

Last post 1st looky.. Touchy.. Bang bang.. at 3:41 pm Monday, 10th November, 2014

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Well here goes, it's sunday and I'm feeling lonly, horney and just want some atenion. so whos whats a go with me them?

Last post has it realy been over a year? at 11:42 am Monday, 10th November, 2014

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I have started to ask myself this a lot lately. ( this will bore the pants of you lol)My wife became ill a few yrs back with breast cancer, she is well now after a masectomy. But due to the op she has psychological issues ( which are very understanding)and has been celebate for two yrs. You worry you are going to lose them at first but when they do recover you lose them anyway. I find my life very frustrating now to put my arm around her in bed every night knowing there will be no response is extremely hard. So now every one knows why this married man is on this site. I do not know why I have burdened you all with this but makes me feel better, thanks for listening x

Last post Different types of lonelieness at 8:08 am Monday, 10th November, 2014

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Tonight is going to be the night where the two of us have time for one an other! But fingers crossed that the dirty bitch lets me take some pictures to share with you guys on here.

Last post A night at pleasures with a friend at 1:55 pm Sunday, 9th November, 2014

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As a music aficionado, I find myself getting lost in songs of different types of genres. I don't have any particular preference. I appreciate it all: from reggae to experimental rock, it doesn't matter. Although as of late, I find myself enjoying indie rock more than the usual alternative and r&b stuff I'm inclined to. This blog is all about specific songs that I find significant as I go by my day. You know how when you have one major thought that monopolizes most of your waking hours? Well, I'll just put them ito writing and try to sort it out as I listen to something that enhances said thoughts. Hit that play button and come listen to me ramble on. Berthold Auerbach couldn't have said it better: Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Last post Music and Musings: Somewhere in the Middle at 10:21 am Sunday, 9th November, 2014

New to this so someone's gunna have to properly show me how it done

Last post Is there any nice genuine females on here? at 9:28 am Sunday, 9th November, 2014

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Hi! Would like to know a little bit more before going.? Mainly interested in dress codes, planning to go Vanilla Alternativa. If you been there could you share your experience please. Is it good choice for first time? Thanks.

Last post First time to club... at 12:15 am Sunday, 9th November, 2014

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People kill people because people cannot kill ideas!

Last post Numbers are important at 8:28 pm Saturday, 8th November, 2014

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Hiya ladies and gents'....Ive had a few great experiences from here and 'out & about'... really excited for more mutual pleasure. Hope to chat soon! Throbbin0 xxx

Last post DIY dirty....and just in time for Xmas at 5:31 pm Saturday, 8th November, 2014

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Hi We are new to the site but not to swinging as we have enjoyed a little experience on other sites. Next I suspect the usual complaint from couples looking for single bi women; we get lots of interest from single men, some interest from couples and rare interest from single women who then seem to fade away when we get close and look to meet. We are looking for a gen single bi woman who fancies some fun times with a respectful couple, dinner out and some private time - the latter to be f/f only if that is preferred - really are we expecting too much? Perhaps in a moment of weakness or just frustration we have considered using the services of an escort; we could afford this and tbh are intrigued too. I appreciated this is a big departure from swinging what are the views on this - does anyone have any experience that would sway us either way? Thanks fo

Last post New to site: single bi females and escorts at 3:08 pm Saturday, 8th November, 2014

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I'm at home and have stripped naked. I like spending the day like this.Would love to get other kinky people round to get nude with me. do house work in the nude is much more fun.

Last post naked yoga first timer...... at 5:33 pm Friday, 7th November, 2014

My thoughts mostly about sex,and how i would like to get it,my type of women and all of that.

Last post Friday In the Office at 12:51 pm Friday, 7th November, 2014

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Planning to have good time sucking and fucking my girl friend

Last post Weekend Bliss and fantasy in the city at 5:38 am Friday, 7th November, 2014

Myself rahul,i believe tht life is nothing without fun. We have to enjoy it fullest. Modern life style like swap and 3some is boosting the ppls sex life.as we all know sex is a primary need of our body. Recent research found tht without sex lot of ppl suffering frm brain hemarage. I would like to say safety and privacy is the main thing before having fun with any cpls or lady..i am the person who always keep privacy. I understand indian social life. Still india need to go grow up for this type life style. I welcome all the cpls and ladies lets have fun with me. You will have a different test and different feeling of sex. I will make you fully satisfy. Try me once. Rahul...

Last post hardcore wild threesome fuck at 9:50 am Thursday, 6th November, 2014

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Well, after an enforced break from here for a few months, not even 6 hrs back online and meet number 1 completed! Gotta say tho it feels good to be back in the saddle again! God I've missed it, the thrill, the rush, NEXT!!!! 😈 Rx

Last post Holibobs next week! Sun , Sea and SEX!! at 11:46 pm Wednesday, 5th November, 2014

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I enjoy writing the occasional blog but they will usually tend to be of an amusing rather than sexual nature.I would very much like to hear from you if you see me online and fancy a chat,see ya x

Last post Are you free,Mrs Humphries? at 11:15 am Wednesday, 5th November, 2014

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Every photo I try to upload gets rejected! Even normal shots of face!

Last post Dangerous Liaisons......... at 10:39 am Wednesday, 5th November, 2014

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This is our first threesome, and our introduction into swinging. This is our first attempt at a blog so be kind :-)

Last post Introduction into swinging - our first threesome at 4:05 pm Tuesday, 4th November, 2014

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Este blog esta creado expresamente para que las personas de esta web expongan sus dificultades a la hora de relacionarse con alguien a traves de la web

Last post me encantaria que colaboraseis at 3:22 pm Tuesday, 4th November, 2014

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Why did Edward Woodward have so many Ds in his name? Cos otherwise he'd be called Ewar Woowar.

Last post You'll always find me in the kitchen at parties. at 11:45 am Tuesday, 4th November, 2014

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I have found people on this site so understanding and kind to me during my transition to become a transwoman. I first started cross dressing 2 years ago and now I have fully transitioned. This site has become part of my life throughout. I know it's only on line but real people talk to me and online friends can become as important as real life ones. It's not just about having fun for me though i have met a few great guys who liked me for myself, which I find incredible. I am so glad I found this site.

Last post My experiences so far at 5:57 pm Monday, 3rd November, 2014

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An independent and bi-racial Filipino showcases his experiences in his bachelor's pad/flat in a Southern City.As well as outside the area.

Last post Romance of the Romans I at 8:03 am Monday, 3rd November, 2014

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Well we have moved onto this site, because other sites we have been on are just chat rooms and time wasters... So let's see what happens

Last post The week ahead, hope it better!!! at 6:56 am Monday, 3rd November, 2014

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Hi there I am new here ... Having a damn curiosity about this group work .. I am this will be crazy ... I am a good love maker ...but all time i need more and more ... I am not big or thick but i know how make love and sensational massage... Badly i wanna enjoy this kinky fun... So what u guys are saying about this ?

Last post just few dreamy wordssss at 2:38 am Monday, 3rd November, 2014

We are looking for drama free people of similar interest and thought, who think live is too short not to live it at its fullest. We would like you to be a caring and loving person, someone who can carry a conversation, and is not afraid to express that opinion or view. We would like to meet couples or single ladies where the man is straight and the woman can be Straight, Bisexual, or Bi-curious. You should be "close" to an average height/weight ratio. Few are perfect and most may be carrying a few extra pounds, which is OK. Bra size is not a factor. Hygiene is all-important and a rather intimate knowledge of oral sex with your tooth brush. We are clean and DD Free. We are not going to ask if you are, we assume you are honest with yourself. We like to ride bareback,but is no must, he is V-safe and shoots blanks. She also is baby proof. To reiterate, drama is non-nonnegotiable factor in the equation. A real life example is where the couple show up as your house with a clueles

Last post With age comes freedom at 12:52 pm Sunday, 2nd November, 2014

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Just had my first girlie experience and wanted to share the surprises with you: 1) How different are a woman's nipples in your mouth to a mans? Sooooo soft to start but then hard and pointed. 2) The first time my hand slid between her thighs - done it a million times to myself but oh so soft/warm/moist/plump and almost exoctic undersea creature-like. 3) TOuching her clit, again small and soft but then plump, hot and hard on my fingers, lips and tongue 4) The salt/sweet taste - yum! 5) How my fingers glided inside her warm, moistness. 6) How her muscles clenched during orgasm. All things I suppose I should have known but were a very pleasant surprise! I want to do it again please! :-)

Last post Witches and the prototype dildo at 3:00 pm Saturday, 1st November, 2014

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First time Blogger ...... Hopefully creating a half decent read,stimulating a few thoughts and maybe raising a few smiles. Time will tell if i'm any good?

Last post Moments of Pleasure..... at 12:33 pm Saturday, 1st November, 2014

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First time sex usually not as best as the times u know how to makes sex and satisfy your sex partner. Probably due to no experience and had no skills. What u say?

Last post one night stand experience at 1:22 am Saturday, 1st November, 2014

With all you gorgeous people on here I'm over whelmed like a kid in a sweet shop, thank you all for being so exquisite and gorgeous :)

Last post howdy doody Halloween at 1:35 pm Friday, 31st October, 2014

Hi, Am Kamna and sharing various experiences we have had of Adult kind, as a couple, all coming from my 'girlie' dairies i have maintained to capture the essence of the moments.

Last post First Time Squirting experience at 12:06 pm Friday, 31st October, 2014

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Whos into meets of all sorts around enfield. Good greenery around these ways and some nice bums on a few females iv noticed and wondered how naughty those are?

Last post one off's meets outdoors fun at 6:09 pm Thursday, 30th October, 2014

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At some point, usually early on, every swinger or swinger couple faces the question, “are you full swap or soft swap?”. This question is posed on every swinger networking site and is crucial information for couples seeking other partners for play. So what’s the big deal about full versus soft swapping anyway? Even more importantly, how does a couple decide what’s right for them? First, we should go over some definitions. There is a common misconception among new swingers (as seen on many misinformed message boards and chat rooms) that soft swapping simply means same room sex, where each couple has sex only with their own partner while occupying the same room, or that soft swapping only means female-female play. This is not the case. Soft swapping can encompass a wide range of activities, from kissing, to fondling and for some couples, even oral sex with one or more people outside the couple. Simply put, soft swapping means that there is no actual penetration with outside people. Onc

Last post So what is soft swap? Let's Define at 4:59 pm Thursday, 30th October, 2014

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Quotes and ramblings I found on the Internet or elsewhere .....

Last post Things to Wear on Your Feet at 10:08 pm Wednesday, 29th October, 2014

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Hi, Thanks for visiting. This is my blog where you will find details on competitions, games and news that are happening around the site along with help for using the site. I hope my blog can help make peoples' experience of the site to be even more enjoyable and easier to understand. If you haven't already, add me as a friend and get involved! Thanks, Chaz

Last post Media Guidelines, FAQ and Categorisation at 4:43 pm Wednesday, 29th October, 2014

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I honestly thought that this site would bring lots of sexual encounters, as I was under the impression that this what the site was all about. I have been on around a month now, and the only pussy I have seen, is the neighbours ginger one as I head out to work, sometimes with a mouse in its mouth. I see most of the profiles of females asking for chats, emails etc, even before meeting. So my question is, is there anybody actually on here who like me, are not interested in life stories, problems etc and would just like to meet up for casual, one off sex etc. Or is it the case that the females who do put this on their profile, are actually just acting out a fantasy, and will never become a reality? I am being honest as I can on my profile and telling exactly how it is, I'm sure there are a lot of lies on people's profiles which do not actually match up with a meet etc, however it gets you thinking, do you lie on your profile just to get a meet. Ladies is this what it takes to meet you

Last post How wrong was I, Is this site actually what you thought it would be at 4:16 pm Wednesday, 29th October, 2014

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I wish to have listed good female to get all kind of fun in every manner

Last post Eager for fun via any channel at 5:18 am Wednesday, 29th October, 2014

Hi...we are cpl...want somebody to share her body and make her more explorative. she wears traditonal dresses and i like it, feel others too. How to make her even more warmer?

Last post hi...luv to hear wonderful comments at 8:25 pm Tuesday, 28th October, 2014

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I feel a novice cross dressing and never had the courage to try and meet people who may understand. Joining here is a big leap of faith.

Last post First post and wracked with nerves at 7:35 pm Tuesday, 28th October, 2014

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Hi i am sachu from Ernakulam vaduthala, i am interested in discrete sexual affairs with women interested in me i would like to meet you in person i have a lonely home i am single looking for someone to visit there if any women interested in me hit me back no age limit no color complexes we can meet

Last post really in a gud form at 6:46 pm Tuesday, 28th October, 2014

I'm amazed at the number of so called "couples" who want one off meetings with complete strangers and when you contact them they say "no thank you without even reading your profile

Last post Travelling Man Who's Frustrated at 1:05 pm Tuesday, 28th October, 2014

Hi I,m Steve I gave up work in the manufacturing industry so that I could care for my elderly mother. Giving up work was no problem but the main drawback is that I miss female contact. also not being able to go out at night or weekends can really mess up ones social sex life. I wonder if anyone who reads this would like to get in touch ! maybe for an online chat or a video chat , and if local for a daytime meets with females or couples Interests include web cams collecting things and all forms of sex , light bondage ,domination spanking (giving) role play . I,m fun and easy to talk too with a very naughty imagination .

Last post Penis pumps yes or No do they really work ? at 2:35 pm Sunday, 26th October, 2014

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21 year old guy could do with a good fuck from older younger or similar aged women or man

Last post Bristol guy hard and horney at 1:12 pm Sunday, 26th October, 2014

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Everybody agrees that we should try to make our short span of life with full of joy. Lots of efforts we have to make it colorful. Sometimes we do go for wrong ways due to ignorance. I am always here to explore the mystery, the beauty and the f

Last post Musing while having sex at 12:14 pm Sunday, 26th October, 2014

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Why don't people who you send a message to answer back? I would always answer any messages sent to me.

Last post cut or not cut that is the question. at 12:32 am Saturday, 25th October, 2014

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So, you are sitting next to me on the sofa. My bf is kneeling in front of us and makes his move on me. He starts to kiss me, his lips are pressed tight against mine. His strong hands slowly caress my neck, then my shoulders and then my breasts. He moves his kisses downwards towards my neck, slowly nipping at the flesh. My eyes are shut as the electricity runs up my spine. He then helps me out of my top and greets the new exposed part of me with more tender kisses, slowly removing my bra, he takes a nipple into his mouth and begins to suck as his hands trace the inside of my thighs. His mouth trails south, across my stomach and you see the tiny hairs stand tall on my arms. He then gets to my jeans and slowly releases the button and pulls down the zip. I raise my hips as he relieves me of my trousers and underwear, his kissing and sucking of my body continues. You watch as his tongue trails down towards my pussy. He then draws his tongue from the bottom of my lips to the top and savours

Last post A girlfriend with benefits at 7:08 pm Friday, 24th October, 2014

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Sex is a very beautiful thing,diverse in its applications and enriching in its taste, some form of it requires special taste and some -- very generally acceptable like your vanilla - - - this is exploring sex in all its forms as a Nigerian living in Nigeria

Last post i , my tongue and that bright pink cunt at 12:53 am Friday, 24th October, 2014

tell me, what are your thoughts about this? Threesomes MFM & FMF, Foursome, Group SEX & Gangbang !

Last post Couples Sexual Fantasies, a Threesome with me! at 9:44 pm Thursday, 23rd October, 2014

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The age old question of shaving my balls and my pubes, or just shaving my balls but giving my pubes a wee trim?

Last post To Shave it all or not at 9:36 pm Thursday, 23rd October, 2014

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Im curious how many of these advertised meet ups actually take place. I look at them out of curiosity but very rarely see the person who set them up responding. In fact as the date gets closer the person seems to dissapear.

Last post couples and the male half at 5:33 pm Thursday, 23rd October, 2014

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Does the sun make you feel really horny and ready to enjoy some hot sex. if you are in cyprus anytime. either for work or holidays and would like to spice things up with a few meets, leave a message or write to my profile page. Just enjoy the sun and maybe enjoy some hot naked fun while you are here.

Last post adult party for couples and singles at 12:01 pm Wednesday, 22nd October, 2014

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Bugger! Holidays are OK but what about all the ironing? Just waved the wife off to work so I'm doing the ironing🙍 Anyway means I can dress to do it so looked out my favourite bra and pants. Fished out a skirt and blouse and looking forward to a few hours ironing. Could do with some more clothes and stockings so might pop into town later. Am I the only one bored today?

Last post Ouch! Is it all worth it?..... at 1:46 am Wednesday, 22nd October, 2014

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Why do people with no photo's always ask for more photo's from me yet will not send one of their own, Avatars just don'r do it. Well this girl ain't playing with picture collectors. So anybody who asks now will be deleted, zapped and no longer on my lists. Rant over until I think of something else lol. xxl

Last post Eureka Party's on Friday nights at 10:33 pm Tuesday, 21st October, 2014

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Wow ...that's about all I can say about it.....took delivery of my first glass toy and took it for a test drive to Older Hill...supposed to be a dogging site but we have yet to see any action....apart from ours that is....we took our first 'alternative' video and surprisingly it wasn't too bad

Last post Older Hill....still just us and the trees at 4:38 pm Tuesday, 21st October, 2014

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Wife swap in car.. My wife and you on back sheet start kissing..touching..i,m driving car and watching with u r wife.My wife Get u r cock she suck it hard...Expose in Cock without panty.... fuck slowly...after finished.Me and You r wife Go to back.then we start.... both Wife s wear short skirts.. without pants..

Last post My durty minds )**** Wife swapping In car.... at 1:16 pm Tuesday, 21st October, 2014

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