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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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My first taste (though that's the wrong word as I never GOT to taste cum) was a failed affair! Everything that could go wrong did! Firstly it was in a seedy toilet in Herts, where I was sooo scared of getting caught.The man DID have a nice cock (clean, big, and he knew what he was doing) but he was desperate to face fuck me. I did adore looking up at him as I sucked his cock, and loved feeling the fleshy hardness in my mouth & licking off his pre-cum. I loved him ordering me what to do (wank, lick, suck...) and my first actual sight, feel, and suck of another mans cock!!! BUT.... his urge to fuck my throat & deep-throat me, to the point of me choking on my first BJ in the first 2 mins, and me gagging was not how I'd pictured it (it's not like that in the porn films!). BUT..... I did feel sooo horny. I did like being orally abused, and I did want him to cum & gush into my mouth. Yet I panicked! The seedy toilet & risk of getting caught was too much, and I ran out of there

Last post Sub to dom and sub again! at 7:57 pm Wednesday, 4th March, 2015

Here for a limited time. Any gifts. Bribes can be sent via normal channels all points of view welcome

Last post why scrap a homepage which is better than whats replaced it at 1:38 am Wednesday, 4th March, 2015

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English is not my native language. Even though I am an avid reader, I am not very good at writing... I am podering every word, rewriting a phrase two or 3 times before moving to the next bit. A blog post is thus a very painful process. I don't know why I am inflicting this to myself... But let's go :-)

Last post The theory of investments at 10:14 pm Tuesday, 3rd March, 2015

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Everyone share your own experiences about what does actually turns you on during the act. Is it her confidence or innocence or sexy legs or flying kiss or breasts or eyes or butt or nipples or etc. Just dig deep in your mind and feel free to share your thoughts.

Last post What does turn you on during the act? at 7:58 pm Tuesday, 3rd March, 2015

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Ritual of praise and Adoration would be what one needs to satisfied their imagination, I have none on the above. This is where I am able to let loose of my responsibilities and submit to what I so crave to give in to Me…

Last post Handcuff fantasy, Handcuffs also scare me! at 3:43 pm Tuesday, 3rd March, 2015

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Where do all the Wire Coat Hangers come from? Nobody Ever Buys Them! Have You also noticed that if You put Nine socks into a washing machine, You only get Nine out? This Perplexing mystery is now solved. Socks are the Chrysalis of Wire Coat Hangers. 😊

Last post Why Today's Youth Are So Dysfuntional at 12:49 pm Tuesday, 3rd March, 2015

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Hi, this is officially my second week. I had never realized that I could not just chat, but blog, show my cam and interact with so many people on this site. English is not my first language and so I do apologize in advance for future blogs where I could not make any sense. However, I promise I would try to make justice to such a great language. I have been encouraged by some dear bloggers here to write who I admire a lot. I am not going to be so arrogant as to say I will teach anything to anyone but I enjoy sharing thoughts about things from the hub I find amazing...This has had an impac in my life for sure...

Last post I AM LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO BITES at 10:41 am Tuesday, 3rd March, 2015

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a few thoughts from a transvestite who likes life and gets out and about dressed as a girl

Last post What to do on a lazy Tuesday in England at 10:23 am Tuesday, 3rd March, 2015

Don't you think this site is like trying to get a job? Most company's love experience on a CV, yet if you are yet to have a job, how are you meant to get the experience? Same a applies for meet ups. Most think my age group is too young an inexperienced, but how can I get that knowledge without practice! Come on girls, give us a chance ;)

Last post New kids on the block at 9:21 pm Monday, 2nd March, 2015

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I am what is now and not is as was then – so it is what it is and not what it is was. In summary, I am a new is it and not an old one ….. see ….. easy init Confused …. join my world!

Last post In search of Paradise ...... at 6:17 pm Monday, 2nd March, 2015

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First time Blogger ...... Hopefully creating a half decent read,stimulating a few thoughts and maybe raising a few smiles. Time will tell if i'm any good?

Last post Just Can't Get Enough............. at 9:52 pm Sunday, 1st March, 2015

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Merry Christmas one and all :) What would you say is your favourite Christmas Music? What puts you in the spirit - no, not the bottle this time! I can't help 'Last Christmas' from Wham playing on repeat in my car since last week - also the original Band Aid Christmas song. What sets you off wanting to wrap presents up and roast a turkey with all its festive trimmings?

Last post Stop - in the name of sanity! at 9:46 pm Sunday, 1st March, 2015

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Hi Looking for couple of males to play and shoot over my boobs and stockings outside in a wood. Be in Wareham Forest during the day. 18-20 March. Get in touch. XX

Last post Wareham Forest during the Summer at 6:43 pm Sunday, 1st March, 2015

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Random questions = Members reaction's Random statements = Members reaction's Random thought's = Members reaction's We have never attempted a blog. Therefore fishing a bit any help would be viewed a mixture of gratitude and joy...........

Last post Adding new pictures at 1:16 pm Sunday, 1st March, 2015

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We r chinese married cpl from puchong. had been in this lifestyle about 2 years. We enjoyed here so much being with single guys or cpls. if u r interested...pls read our profile...

Last post For my wife to enjoy funs at 6:19 am Sunday, 1st March, 2015

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This is my first blog of any kind so if someone does read this Diolch (Thanks) Now I understand people's rights to do what they like, when it comes to sexuality why is there a need for a prejudice on homosexuals and others to need to 'come out'? I just feel as though this one detail shouldn't define a person just because he/she wants to enjoy the company of the same sex, because that will then lead to people to go on to judge you and behave differently even if you were the closest of friends in the past. Society will then categorize and section those who are different and for what purpose? Because they think that somehow they will become contaminated? So today I'm just questioning sociatal acceptance within a certain community of people who aren't any different from those who continue to judge and perceive others to better themselves.

Last post Needing the other half at 7:07 pm Saturday, 28th February, 2015

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Mi idea es que aportéis chorradas interesantes por aquí. de esas que pasan y sin malicia nos reímos todos la idea a salido de unos buenos amigos del chat y me a parecido muy buena idea. Saludos a todos

Last post Traduccion simultanea (with traduction) at 12:20 pm Saturday, 28th February, 2015

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I am always available for good couple,female,girl who want to really enjoy, distance is not a matter

Last post i want romance with nice female or couple at 8:50 am Saturday, 28th February, 2015

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any one free for fun in central Scotland iam new to this and would love to meet others to learn a lot more x

Last post sunday fun come and play xxxxxx at 8:34 am Saturday, 28th February, 2015

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I am star struck. I have just seen someone's profile on here who's videos I have been following online for years. I can remember when they had their own website. Has anyone else seen anyone "famous" profiles on here?

Last post Sweet transvestite from transsexual, Transylvania at 3:11 pm Friday, 27th February, 2015

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Joined the site to see if anybody can help me loose my virginity. Have tried other sites but have had no luck

Last post Still looking to loose myvirginity at 10:58 am Friday, 27th February, 2015

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I wish to inform all interested persons that i have some sex toys o sale so then any1 who needs one can inbox me for onward sale, thank you

Last post The terminology "Blue film" at 9:52 pm Thursday, 26th February, 2015

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It's not all physical.... The mind plays and important role in seduction. Does Anticipation play a top notch role in effective seduction? How much is to much to reveal in the beginning for a heightened sexual experience? Your mind is amazing and you can create physical things stemming from a single thought. It is your inner attitude which offers that sexual magic substance which will eventually open you up to even higher levels of mind power. Is it best with a stranger or best with someone you know and trust.... To achieve levels of such extreme pleasure. I guess that depends on the person or persons invloved. Once walls are torn down with both partners and open communication occurs..is when extreme levels of pleasure will occur. Experimentation is vital.

Last post The Art of Seduction at 5:55 pm Thursday, 26th February, 2015

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Has anyone else decided to abstain for Dry January? I tried to do it last year, but circumstances beyond my control at that time literally pushed me headlong towards the bottle (and almost likely oblivion) during the last week...so that time I failed......... This time, I am determined to succeed, and of course now I have a big incentive because the money I save from not buying X bottles of wine a week will be donated to charity in memory of my Mum, who passed away last year. Have to say though, I am finding it surprisingly easy so far but I am only a few days into the second week.... and of course there is the added incentive of losing weight.... so if you want to know whether I succeed or not, watch this space!!

Last post What's on your Bucket list? at 9:27 pm Wednesday, 25th February, 2015

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Lust is a multi-layer wallet where one unfolding leads to another pleasurable one.

Last post Whats your favourite erotic literature and why at 10:11 am Wednesday, 25th February, 2015

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Fun, frolics, trials and tribulations of my single bi lifestyle... The couple / open relationship side may participate occasionally!

Last post ...31 continued...and continued... at 11:28 pm Tuesday, 24th February, 2015

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Have lots of fun with like minded people make new friends keep in touch with old ones and try and not let my job get in the way of meets...xx

Last post Where are all the people who meet at 7:01 pm Tuesday, 24th February, 2015

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sexuality is a little understood and even less talked about in the society we live in today...

Last post lets talk "sex" :) at 6:35 pm Monday, 23rd February, 2015

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Why keep the amazing pleasures of the flesh to ourselves...

Last post I should be shared... at 3:43 pm Monday, 23rd February, 2015

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One thing I love about being in a relationship with someone so understanding is the level of openness and acceptance with what I want in bed. I think I'm showing signs of being a nymphomaniac but I feel like I'm just a naturally horny girl. I don't know if that's a good thing for my man or not, but hey... It's all good, right? Just finished talking to my man on the phone and we talked about all the things he'd done with other girls as well as his favorite things that I do to him in bed. To my surprise, he loves every thing I do and can't really complain on anything. I wonder now if I'm actually that good or maybe we haven't explored to our hearts' full extent yet. I'm still hoping one day we'll get to fulfill our sexual fantasy of having a three-some. Maybe if we get into that, we'd even go for a full orgy party. I dunno, yet. But I'm hopeful. xx Chuni

Last post Today's A Good Day For Some... at 3:12 pm Monday, 23rd February, 2015

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Just had my first girlie experience and wanted to share the surprises with you: 1) How different are a woman's nipples in your mouth to a mans? Sooooo soft to start but then hard and pointed. 2) The first time my hand slid between her thighs - done it a million times to myself but oh so soft/warm/moist/plump and almost exoctic undersea creature-like. 3) TOuching her clit, again small and soft but then plump, hot and hard on my fingers, lips and tongue 4) The salt/sweet taste - yum! 5) How my fingers glided inside her warm, moistness. 6) How her muscles clenched during orgasm. All things I suppose I should have known but were a very pleasant surprise! I want to do it again please! :-)

Last post Once upon a time a naughty princess was trapped in a tower........ at 2:05 pm Monday, 23rd February, 2015

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Its been awhile since my last sex-capade, I do hope to find another one like her. she's very active in bed. gave a mind blowing blow job to me that I can't forget. She squat on top of my face (as if i'm her personal toilet bowl....) rub her wet pussy on my lips. I licked it. suck it... 'til she reach her peak... now her pussy is over flowing with her juice... my.... how i love to have a taste of that juice again... I let it drip unto my mouth and got filled with it. I do hope to find another one just like her or even better than her......

Last post do squirts or lady juice taste different? at 12:37 pm Monday, 23rd February, 2015

I've always wondered how long can a guy fuck within 24 hours and how many times he can come?

Last post Finding a good play mate... at 2:17 am Monday, 23rd February, 2015

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Having been let down on six separate occasions we'd like to ask: What is the best way to deal with such people?

Last post What should you do??? at 5:21 pm Sunday, 22nd February, 2015

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the idea of blogging in a swinger site strike up on me since there is no better way to introduce yourself to others around you than letting them know what i have been experiencing experimenting with the art of love making...so here goes...welcome to my blog... :)

Last post THREESOMES ADDING SPICE AND VARIETY TO YOUR RELATIONSHIP at 3:34 pm Sunday, 22nd February, 2015

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The spring is sprung the grass is ris...I wonder where the boidies is

Last post perverts....stand by your beds! at 10:46 am Sunday, 22nd February, 2015

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Joined only yesterday and really enjoying the attention , loads of naughty men wanting to do naughty things to me , who,s goin to be the first xx

Last post In need of sum cock at 9:07 am Sunday, 22nd February, 2015

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Well I've come back to this site. You have to talk to a lot of people and do some work but eventually it pans out. Having a real nice time had some great meets and more are in the planning stage. Always up for more though so get in touch!

Last post patience is its own reward at 1:39 am Sunday, 22nd February, 2015

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When I was 19, I occasionally help out an older couple who ran a their own business on the side of their 9 to 5 jobs. If they were doubled booked or unable to cover a booking due to work or social/family commitments, They'd call and ask me, if I was free to help out. The extra money always came in handy as I was at college and it was also something I enjoyed. Whenever, I work for them they would always picked me up and dropped me off at the end of the night. As at that time I could not drive. It was a good set up. Then I moved out of my parents into my own attic flat in a small village 9 miles away. I still worked for them whenever I was asked. it was a good set up all round. So one Thursday night in early August. I got a call from them, asking me to cover a mid week booking in the middle of the following week. They had manage to get a great last minute cheap deal on a weeks holiday in Turkey. They explained to me that that the booking was pretty straight forward it was just

Last post Over coming the guilt factor. at 10:55 pm Saturday, 21st February, 2015

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Sri Lanka. The paradise of swinging lifestyle. A person with over a decade of experience and in Colombo swinging lifestyle. Lets talk about it, share our experience and have a clean and disciplined community in Colombo.

Last post Colombo swinging cuckolding and finding right people at 8:03 pm Saturday, 21st February, 2015

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There are things we thought are easy and there are things we thought are difficult. However our mind always make sure that these things would not stop us from reaching our goals. Today I realized that being in a cyber community like this is not easy nor hard. I thought I was on the losing end for there has been any single one who answered to any invitation I sent. But then I was wrong for I was just looking at a prospective only a quitter would focus on, I have seen today the other side of TAH.com that is after all those days since I registered I have made lots of friends and lots of people checked my profile out. I am thankful for all of the people who deem me worthy of your time. Thanks a lot and hope everyone will be careful on meeting somebody, since the world out there is not as nice as we all think. Thank you to all of the people here in TAH and happy meeting...

Last post OPM for optimistic and positive member at 7:19 pm Saturday, 21st February, 2015

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any one like to meet up in newforest salisbury area am free sat night and sunday day and night mail me x

Last post meet me am freee to play are you at 7:04 pm Saturday, 21st February, 2015

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Banbury Bi couple looking to meet Bi males and Bi couples, And like lingerie, FREE TONIGHT, Or can meet Spiceball dogging area Henif Way Banbury Water works.

Last post Banbury Bi couple looking to meet Bi males and Bi couples at 6:29 pm Saturday, 21st February, 2015

Some lovely girls on the site I've met some nice friends

Last post I love this site I have made some really good girlfriends at 12:43 pm Saturday, 21st February, 2015

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Me gustaria conocer a gente para nuevas experiencias, Parejas, hombres.... Ke me ofreceis?? I like to meet people to new experiences , Couples, Men ....you offer me ?? .

Last post Interesado en conocerte a ti /// Interested to know you at 7:13 am Saturday, 21st February, 2015

Why do people with no photo's always ask for more photo's from me yet will not send one of their own, Avatars just don'r do it. Well this girl ain't playing with picture collectors. So anybody who asks now will be deleted, zapped and no longer on my lists. Rant over until I think of something else lol. xxl

Last post Meeting other TV at 11:32 pm Friday, 20th February, 2015

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Having been here two years now and enjoyed many peoples blogs I thought I should at least attempt to add my pittance

Last post Of books and bloggers-Ms.Gingered's The Bed and Bookcase at 11:32 pm Thursday, 19th February, 2015

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experience of a single male of interacting with many male,female,couple, and stupid

Last post I, Me and Hum!!! Life of a single in the mash of couple at 10:07 am Thursday, 19th February, 2015

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The intention is to post random thoughts or reports here as the mood takes me. Please feel free to comment but please be kind too :)

Last post Happy Chinese New Year. Are you a Billy or a Nanny? at 7:13 am Thursday, 19th February, 2015

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I'm sure you heard this song by Ed Sheeran a number of times. A lot of people can't get enough of that song. Imagine if we are all thinking out loud in bed. Tell your partner what you want and how you want it.

Last post Through the Hands of Midas at 7:01 am Thursday, 19th February, 2015

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i hated turning 30... loved being naughty 40 and wondering whats next as i near 50.....

Last post thinking of our first meet at 7:28 pm Wednesday, 18th February, 2015

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Guys going for girls. Girls going for guys. Guys going for guys. Girls going for girls. Me and my hand. I'm a sad person right now :

Last post Girls going for girls at 4:22 pm Wednesday, 18th February, 2015

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I never thought i would find myself here. I have been attracted CD/TV/TG's for a long time but never had the courage to do something about it. Here to change that, i dream about sucking on a nice juicy cock and losing my virginity to a well hung sexy person. Can anyone help? please.

Last post waiting for my first meet at 9:12 am Wednesday, 18th February, 2015

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Midnight musings of a couple in love. We love to explore erotica in all its shades. And we've just started to get in touch with like minded partners. As we keep getting new experiences, we'd love to post them on our blog. Let the party begin !

Last post The house across the street.... at 7:44 pm Tuesday, 17th February, 2015

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No cards came through the letter box, but in the evening I went to a local salsa club and the dancing ended up including some quite close and intimate dances to slower tracks, like bachata. One partner was a lady I had never met before. She was nearly as tall as me and at one point we were dancing almost cheek-to-cheek when something about her made me wonder if she might be a TV/CD (not sure what put the idea into my head, maybe something about the way she was holding me?). Well, I could not get the idea out of my mind and dancing with her became harder and harder because the thought that I might be dancing with a TV/CD was such a turn on that I was unable to stop myself getting excited, no matter how hard I tried. I ended up dancing with my chest pushed into her and my arse sticking out miles behind, desperately trying to conceal my state of arousal. Makes me laugh to think about it now. In truth, I suppose I had been thinking a bit about trying to meet TVs/CDs over the last

Last post Valentine’s day was interesting at 6:46 pm Tuesday, 17th February, 2015

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An independent and bi-racial Filipino showcases his experiences in his bachelor's pad/flat in a Southern City.As well as outside the area.

Last post Hitting her High Notes Quite Well(The Chorus) at 1:46 am Tuesday, 17th February, 2015

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just a idea but its great when you can see a pic when you search .

Last post love all the pics very nice at 11:38 pm Monday, 16th February, 2015

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I have been hiding my passion for girls clothes and spandex since I was a child. Now I'm going to embrace it!

Last post Waiting for my new clothes! at 10:47 pm Monday, 16th February, 2015

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Well ...... I guess i'll talk about different characters and how sex is interpreted by different people with different characteristics

Last post People who love sex and people who donr at 1:09 pm Monday, 16th February, 2015

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hi everyone we are new to this so please be gentle with us

Last post looking forward to meeting people at 1:25 am Sunday, 15th February, 2015

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Talking about why sex is so hard to get from these couples in Trinidad

Last post Horny and clean disease free come play with me at 2:51 pm Saturday, 14th February, 2015

It is with regret that I must report that I am no longer on the market. The focus of my attentions is delicious, seductive, sensual and has utterly and completely put a huge smile on my face. I wish everyone the same, if that is what you want obviously.

Last post bingo now with title longer than 20 characters at 7:22 am Saturday, 14th February, 2015

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What the hell.... Why not, i have such a big mouth and am currently NOT doing anything better with it.... So hell yes... Lets blog together Seriously though, i have only been on the hub a week or so and i think the most fun i have had is reading the blogs! It is through those blogs and the members comments that i have already met a few awesome people... Male and female who are so incredibly witty, naughty and dare i say..... Some of them are erotic and certainly know how to get a woman's hormones raging! So thanks to the active bloggers this newbie is laughing, loosing weight (cos i spend so much time on here i forget to eat! Added value!) and is having the safest sex possible.... Sigh only 'cyber sex' so far....

Last post I am so ready for Valentine’s day… NOT at 2:38 am Saturday, 14th February, 2015

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I have been recently asked for fulfill a horny girl fantasy so I decided to write some of my fantsies here

Last post Recently I was told I have a big cock at 10:16 pm Friday, 13th February, 2015

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Hope you all get what you want , and if not I'm always here to help x

Last post High heels and a lot of naughtiness at 11:53 pm Thursday, 12th February, 2015

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Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this Topic?,. I'm so intrigued

Last post Who loves and thinks about sex more males or females at 6:23 pm Thursday, 12th February, 2015

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Is a BJ more intense when done by someone with a tongue piercing?

Last post freshly shaved and no one to play with at 12:46 pm Thursday, 12th February, 2015

Hello to all who take the time to read this. I would like to know the views from both a male and a female perspective. as to weather a Beard is sexy and manly or just plain scruffy, lol. I have had quite a few compliments from both sexes about my beard. But it seems to be very popular now. I only grew mine because I didn't want to shave anymore. Thinking that it would be easy to just grow a beard, but it does take a bit of looking after. Otherwise I look a bit like a homeless person. So please tell me your thoughts, I'm not easily upset so please be honest. Thank you for your time lovetolick xx

Last post Happy Birthday to meeee!! at 10:00 am Thursday, 12th February, 2015

Payed my cash and joined this site really impressed so much so I uploaded a couple of dozen pics and a video (not all accepted) chatted to some nice guys and a few liked my pics see what tomorrow brings lol

Last post Now a month into my membership at 8:16 am Thursday, 12th February, 2015

As a music aficionado, I find myself getting lost in songs of different types of genres. I don't have any particular preference. I appreciate it all: from reggae to experimental rock, it doesn't matter. Although as of late, I find myself enjoying indie rock more than the usual alternative and r&b stuff I'm inclined to. This blog is all about specific songs that I find significant as I go by my day. You know how when you have one major thought that monopolizes most of your waking hours? Well, I'll just put them ito writing and try to sort it out as I listen to something that enhances said thoughts. Hit that play button and come listen to me ramble on. Berthold Auerbach couldn't have said it better: Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.

Last post Music and Musings: Bless the Broken Road at 10:04 am Wednesday, 11th February, 2015

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JUst a quick work on why im on here. Been with one guy for almost 20 years only ever sex with one guy until one meet on this. really really horny and think about sex more than a man so thats pretty bloody often. LIke my pics and videos tell if you like them what u like about them an dy u like them and what youd like to do to me that would really make me horny

Last post SAY GOODBYE to the old blogs at 10:34 pm Tuesday, 10th February, 2015

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Ok, well I might be new here, but I'm not new to swinging or websites (ahem-alt-ahem!) but I just seem to have tons of emails from guys seeking 1st time swings, or slightly more experienced, but not seeking group swinging/sharing.

Call me fussy, but isn't all that just called 'fucking 1 on 1'?

This is swinging guys and girls, it means multiple partners at least loosely, and I talk about seeking group swinging and centre of attention parties... not had any groups of men contact me yet though =(

Oh and another thing for my 1st boring blog... I've realised that my profile seems to be shown on many swinger websites in a chain. Just for those that seem shocked at me, I signed up to this website so on that website I don't look so shocking; but when those on milder swinging websites see that I love no condom group sex, they seem to think I'm on my own. Hope that makes it clearer, but I do know I'm a minority, we all have our vices and addictions!

oOo Pen

Last post not blogged here in aaaaaages at 2:37 am Tuesday, 10th February, 2015

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Looking to find and chat with new fun and sexy ladies. Add us up if your interested and msg. Dont be shy.

Last post craving some sexy convoys with some couples at 5:27 am Sunday, 8th February, 2015

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Anyone think it is best to join to this club are welcome! Please note your honesty is important and we all should make sure to keep our privacy in tact.

Last post Anyone in bali for a single horse....? at 10:49 am Saturday, 7th February, 2015

looking to meet with friendly people for fun and friendship and for special moments, love other guys, tgirls, girls and couples,who respect my way i am. I am a person and I show everyone respect and would just like it too work both ways, give me a shout and let's see what happens xxx

Last post Love to Cross Dress and have fun at 10:20 am Saturday, 7th February, 2015

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Hi We are new to the site but not to swinging as we have enjoyed a little experience on other sites. Next I suspect the usual complaint from couples looking for single bi women; we get lots of interest from single men, some interest from couples and rare interest from single women who then seem to fade away when we get close and look to meet. We are looking for a gen single bi woman who fancies some fun times with a respectful couple, dinner out and some private time - the latter to be f/f only if that is preferred - really are we expecting too much? Perhaps in a moment of weakness or just frustration we have considered using the services of an escort; we could afford this and tbh are intrigued too. I appreciated this is a big departure from swinging what are the views on this - does anyone have any experience that would sway us either way? Thanks fo

Last post We're struggling how do you find the site? at 3:09 pm Friday, 6th February, 2015

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Hi i was looking at my emails last mouth and notice a mail from a couple for first time fun. Where the hubby watches and takes photos. I reply to the mail. We swap phone numbers. Chatted for two hours. And set up a meet to talk face to face. Which turned out to be a great. We set up another meet this time in a hotel. The hubby said at the frst meet he pay for the hotel room it turned him on. I recived txt with the room number. And went to the hotel. Knock on the door to be opened by the hubby mick she called him wanker. Gill was in a white blouse with a black bra showing through, black skirt and black stockings and high heels. I found out she got black knickers. I kissed gill full on the lips letting my hand slide over her back to her sexy ass. I then let my hand slip under gill skirt to find her already wet pussy. Through her knickers , I slip her knickers to one side and slip a finger in her wet hole . I saw out the corner of my eye gills huddy playing with himself and weari

Last post Time for another couple at 2:05 am Friday, 6th February, 2015

Recent weekend in my favorite European city, Barcelona: FRIDAY AFTERNOON: Arrive in Barna around 2pm, meet lady for my AirBnB apartment, run to Zara to get some new cheap shirts bc been on road for 1 month with no laundry - rush back to meet couple at 18h30, early 40s, into the whole "cornudo"/cuckold thing - the man likes to watch the wife get fucked - so we go to a chiringuito, hubby is kind of a dork, who talks non-stop, wife is shy, but HOT - sultry Andaluza - we have a drink, finally, the wife breaks the ice, "no hay mucho tiempo ..." With that, we head back to my pad, and wife and I start making out, I am slowly undressing her, amazing tits, round ass ... hubby sits in corner, masturbating, while he gives me orders: "pinch her nipples, slap her ass, finger her pussy ..." I just start fucking her senseless, cum all over her titties ... literally, within 5mins, they're gone ... FRIDAY NIGHT: time for a quick shower, jump on local train for 30mins to meet next "encuentro", ea

Last post Tales from the Outback - wild week Down Under at 12:40 am Friday, 6th February, 2015

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Thoughts. Observations. Desires. Adventures. Ideas. The rantings and ravings of a Scotsman in Spain - in "El Ricon del Girri"

Last post Northen Costa Blanca introductions. at 8:37 pm Thursday, 5th February, 2015

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I love the thrill of dogging but it is always a bit hit and miss. There are few spots where action is guaranteed. And when you move to a new area it is hard to know where to go. I understand that dogging is extremely popular on the continent. I have recently moved to Belgium and if anyone knows of any good locations I will be forever in their debt if they could share them.

Last post Looking to host in Mons at 7:47 pm Thursday, 5th February, 2015

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Waiting and willing in South Carolina. Come on ladies come on and get to know us

Last post Waiting for a woman in south carolina at 2:04 pm Thursday, 5th February, 2015

I always had a fixed idea on sites like this that once people start blogging, it's a sign they've "got nothing better to do" :-) I'm actually on three sites, but as this one has been the least productive in terms of meets (presumably due to the fact I'm in UK only 3 months of the year), then I thought what the hell. I must admit, though, that this site has been useful for "catching up with my Britishness" via the written word. Can't promise I'll be contributing regularly or often, but I must admit I get an occasional itch to be either vaguely creative, cheeky/facetious or contentious. Have already had my first attempt banned. That's not exactly a badge of honour because the bloody thing took ages to write and it turned out to be a waste of my time. But it was good experience, and I now re-emerge "chastened and respectful" :-) Hope you find what's here er......entertaining. But don't hold your breath :-)

Last post Adult dating deal-breakers: are your criteria reasonable, stringent, or just plain wacky? at 11:07 am Thursday, 5th February, 2015

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Well first few days on here, chatted with some lovely girls and hoping to meet ms special soon, only one regret........ That I never done it yrs ago One very happy boy heehee

Last post Today is it to be the same or......... at 9:00 am Wednesday, 4th February, 2015

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Hey there im new to the scene and looking forward to hearing from you sexy people

Last post looking for new experiences at 6:04 pm Tuesday, 3rd February, 2015

Yes, I may be young (25 years of age). Yes, this is my first time in a adult dating website. Looking back at the things I've seen and encountered, it's exhilirating and a bit overwhelming. The 90s was a bit laid back. All of a sudden, we encountered a huge jump in Y2K. What a leap! Looking forward to meeting people here and explore what's in store for me! :)

Last post What a wild and fun world! at 5:36 pm Tuesday, 3rd February, 2015

1. Being too goal-oriented "Fixating on having an orgasm or a simultaneous one with your partner can put so much pressure on you that it'll block your sexual response," warns Carol Queen, author of Exhibitionism for the Shy. "Remember, you've got your whole lives together. What's the rush?" So if that little voice inside your head tells you that you're taking too long (a guaranteed buzz kill), silence it and shift your focus by forcing yourself to relax and enjoy the moment. 2. Keeping a leg up If your legs are angled up toward your torso during intercourse, you may be sabotaging your own sexual satisfaction. "This prevents your clitoris from receiving adequate stimulation," says Sandor Gardos, sexologist for My Pleasure. Instead, make sure your legs are flat on the bed during the missionary position or stretched down toward his legs while you're on top. This will guarantee you're getting maximum impact where you need it. 3. Bringing your to-do list to bed Incredible multita

Last post Feeling Great Into New Chapter of Life at 11:29 am Tuesday, 3rd February, 2015

'Make love with passion, for love without passion isn't love after all.' I'll be keeping an account of my personal experiences i gain through this site in the form of poetry and erotica. Hope you like reading.

Last post It was so good to meet you after so long. 02/02/2015 at 11:08 am Tuesday, 3rd February, 2015

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First time sex usually not as best as the times u know how to makes sex and satisfy your sex partner. Probably due to no experience and had no skills. What u say?

Last post feb 14 is valentine day at 1:26 am Monday, 2nd February, 2015

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Would like to see what people would like to get up to if we met, be interesting to see what some have you have for to say. Maybe it might come true ;)

Last post Best place for sex?? at 7:44 pm Sunday, 1st February, 2015

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This is for the lady she knows who she is, a lady for me who is always just out of reach she sing like an Angle but a lady with a temper of thunder. she sips you with honey like the flower to a wild bee she play with words and leaves you lost as can be will she ever open her heart and be honest to me I doubt because this lady knows who she is, and not for me.

Last post Will my hand be called at 8:27 pm Saturday, 31st January, 2015

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just moved from london where we had loads of fun so we want to find out about the west country swing scene

Last post swinging in cornwall at 7:45 pm Thursday, 29th January, 2015

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I have just sorted out my blog page, and hope to write a few tales of my experiences. I had no bisexual experience when I joined this site, but have discovered how very very nice it is to suck cock, and to feel a man cum in my mouth. I post two main types of blog - fantasy (which are generally obviously fantasy or marked as such) and the majority, which are genuine and unenhanced records of meets or of my experiences in earlier days. None are meant to be literary works, but I have tried to be as grammatically correct as possible (despite the occasional curse of the asterisk) I hope you find the jottings enjoyable or entertaining, and if you wish to leave a comment I would be delighted.

Last post Sadly I am withdrawing at 11:04 pm Wednesday, 28th January, 2015

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Distance engulfs the miles, as I knew it always had. Yet still you wander at ease at random points, my sexual desire, my pleasurable muse the unseen fantasy as my fingers explore needing more.

Last post Juicy fruits with juicy plump body at 8:19 pm Wednesday, 28th January, 2015

What does it mean to have fun? Fun - in its simplest context - is to bring a feel-good sensation throughout your body by stimulating your senses. Some have fun while eating because they get to taste various delicacies on their tounge; some have fun while doing sports because they get to work out their muscles; some have fun while traveling because they get to see and experience new stuff But for me, the ultimate fun is to have SEX! You get to taste your partner's pussy n tittties (what other flavor can beat that??); you get to work out your abs and your back while humping your beautiful companion; and last but not least you get to experience her lustful moans and scratches on your back while you do her good. And all of those can be repeated again and again with someone else in this site! Imagine all the fun you and i can have ;) Fuck me, i'm horny already

Last post Malaysian Problems: we're a horny bunch, but everyone's ashamed to admit it at 12:49 pm Wednesday, 28th January, 2015

So last year on the lads holiday I ended up sleeping with a 44 year old woman (twice my age) she was very good looking and although she didn't look young I found it very flattering that a woman of such maturity was sexually attracted to me During my holiday I proceeded to sleep with this woman another 3 times and now were home we regularly speak since this I have had more attraction to older women than younger they seem to be better in bed and they know what they want and know how to get it She said to me she had always had a fantasy of having a toy boy she said most women do she went on to say age is just a number Just wonderong if people agree or disagree that age is just a number and sexual attraction can happen between any ages is older women sleepy with younger men and vice versa deemed as acceptable and as such a turn on

Last post best place you've had sex at 12:12 pm Wednesday, 28th January, 2015

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The occasional, delusional, autobiographical ramblings of a forgotten man...

Last post ‘The Insecure Male’ and his role in the decline of romance in a post-feminist society at 11:23 am Wednesday, 28th January, 2015

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Guys n Gals I do not intend to cause offence & I hope that you will all extend to me the courtesy & consideration that I will always endeavour to show to you. As I am new to the site/scene I will post questions & experiences (but not member experiences) for you to advise me on & hopefully appreciate. Thanks all. X

Last post Back on site - swinging buddy? at 10:38 am Wednesday, 28th January, 2015

Experiences of a real bull who often meet couple for the threesome and erotic adventures in India and South East Asia.

Last post My Experience with Indian Couple in Petaling Jaya at 6:29 pm Tuesday, 27th January, 2015

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looking for some fun

Last post 2nd date shecdidnt expect what hapoened at 3:45 pm Monday, 26th January, 2015

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There are far too many timewasters on this site - members who exchange messages and it seems as though a meet will take place. They then stop communicating. Anyone can change their mind and that is fine but at least have the courtesy to say so.

Last post Stockings and suspenders at 11:54 am Monday, 26th January, 2015

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