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Get your hearts racing by reading our blogs posted by real members! Blog posts vary from erotic stories to real sexual encounters that happened to our members. This is a great way to interact with naughty swingers from your area and learn more about different adult activities. Follow the site updates and news on Vicky's blog.

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In the Yoni Puja that is part of Yoni Tantra, the woman who has agreed to serve as the focus of energies, to serve as a representative of the Goddess.

Last post Tantric Yoni Puja,The Celebration of feminine ecstasy. at 5:16 am Friday, 29th July, 2016

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Your fingers dip below my waist, traveling at a sensuous pace. The lower you go, my anticipation builds. My heart beats faster bracing for the thrill.

Last post Confessions of a Lonely Roomate at 7:59 pm Thursday, 28th July, 2016

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A repository of personal musings and pointless drivels

Last post Of Sex and Newtonian Karma at 7:41 am Wednesday, 27th July, 2016

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I joined this site out of curiosity! Thinking its another Tagged, Hi5 even. Boredom & free time allowed me d opportunity to join & stay on the site. But to my surprise, the level surpasses that of any of those other social media or dating sites. It got me feeling a bit sheepish. Am I a Nerd or playing Stush? I have never seen myself as that type of female for random hook ups. Exchange contacts with another human being & get straight to the sucking & f*cking. Mayb I'm old fashioned way past my 34 yrs on this earth. But isn't sex supposed to b more intriguing than simple meet n fuvks? I'm not sure if I'm seeing things this way because of the way IM being approached by men on this site. But am I the only female who objects to meeting strangers for sex? I'm not sayin I've never had a one nighter. Or am I getting misunderstanding? I hav stated im not here for sex or hook ups. Somehow no one believes, because its apparently wat the site is about. Am I Stush or a Ne

Last post Wanna meet up & f*ck? at 1:58 pm Tuesday, 26th July, 2016

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60 year old male married three children three grandchildren . I,ve known all my life that inside iam female outside male but tried to live my life which to say the least was impossible

Last post Moveing forward with life at 12:07 pm Monday, 25th July, 2016

Really don't know how to make one of these. Well I really want to meet & get to know people in here so I have stories to write. Not met anyone from here yet but can tell you about my last meet from a different site. arranged to meet a lady at my house. Ididn't know what she wanted so waited for her to make first Suddenly she said come on then. we got into the shower and shaved each other. wasn't long before I put razor down and started tonguing her.By now I was a little drunk but her pussy tasted divine. We moved to bedroom where i teased her clit with my tongue( gently sucking it out of its hood and licking it)

Last post My first Horny Encounter at 2:07 am Monday, 25th July, 2016

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Me and my girl went for sight seeing, on the way to lingmala waterfall we met a foriegner, so i was just joking with my girl about adding him with us, she was teasing me too. Me my girl took horse ride and then went to see other places in Mahableshwar, the climate was sexy this is what my girl was saying. It was beautiful jungles with mist, it was so looking so beautiful my girl started teasing me by asking me if I want to fuck her in that jungle, she started opening her cleavage.while she was teasing me she was getting aroused, and soon after a while she was aroused like never before she opened her shirt in running car , the cars were passing by and they could enjoy a slight view of her boobs, we reached a point called arthurs seat there was no one she wanted to get tucked in the middle of the road by I was scared and I could see that my girl was so aroused that I have never seen before, she undressed her self and I parked the car aside and she gave a awesome blow job than I fucked h

Last post Fun like never before in mahableshwar at 4:57 am Saturday, 23rd July, 2016

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Hi lifestyle lovers, I just watched a program on TLC - Swingers Wives, not sure if anyone saw it, but for me it put the swinging lifestyle in bad light. The couples interviewed were clearly not true enlightened people (arguing over what each did with others in a club). The program focused on trust and jealousy trying to show that in reality the openness of swinging doesn't work......how wrong can they be

Last post Why do the media ridicule what they don't understand at 3:03 am Friday, 22nd July, 2016

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Our thoughts and experiences as swingers as well as some random stories. Basically a window looking into how we think and how we got there.

Last post The Mind-Fuck; why personality counts! ;) at 7:23 pm Thursday, 21st July, 2016

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An Arkansas man identified as the "Toe Suck Fairy" was arrested Monday (Sept. 26) following a series of incidents in which he allegedly approached women in stores, commented on their feet and asked to suck their toes. According to Reuters, the culprit, Michael Robert Wyatt, 50, previously served a prison sentence for similar shenanigans. Last time, he even pretended to be a podiatrist in order to fondle and suck a woman's toes at a clothing store. Though criminal cases are rare, foot fetishism itself is surprisingly common. Academic studies on the prevalence and membership of fetish discussion groups have found that feet and foot accessories are the most fetishized of all non-genital body parts and objects. Nearly half of all such fetishes focus on feet, and almost two-thirds of fetishes for objects associated with the body are for shoes and socks. Sigmund Freud claimed that people sexualize feet because they resemble penises. Today, a more scientific theory comes from the neuros

Last post The Science behind feet fetish at 9:37 pm Wednesday, 20th July, 2016

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I'm Abir from Bangladesh. My country is little conservative and people is not much open about sex. But from my childhood, I was really curious about sex and everything related to it like kinks, fetishes and what not. Things are changing here and people getting more and more open. But I think it's still a long way to go and I'm here to be a part of the change. Though sometimes I feel like I should be in those liberal western countries where I could utilize my full potentials. I'm eager to make friends with nice and open minded people from all over the world and having some good times.

Last post THE STORY BEHIND MY COCK PIERCING at 9:29 pm Tuesday, 19th July, 2016

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I've just came back from the gym - all worked up. Feeling really randy more than usual! Hoping to find someone I can hook up with tonight

Last post Dirty evening ahead... at 3:05 pm Tuesday, 19th July, 2016

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SiteAdminMaria here. Welcome to my one stop shop for links to site news, articles and updates from the development team. :-)

Last post Pokémon More Popular than Porn! at 1:36 pm Tuesday, 19th July, 2016

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I'm one of these people who love to chat dirty online, the dirtier the better, as long as it's legal. This is where we all have to take care. From my own point of view, I would stop the chat immediately anything illegal was brought up. As long as the chat is between two consenting adults about legal things, then I don't care how dirty it gets :)

Last post Online chat - what I like and don at 10:57 pm Monday, 18th July, 2016

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hi all myself and my girl have been on here a while trying to fulfil a fantasy of 2 females and myself but alas not much luck so we have decided to hit a swingers club at the end of the month 1. any good suggestions of one in particular i have looked a few up but open to suggestions from those experienced were from essex and willing to travel a reasonable distance but dont want to be pressured, just want a few drinks chill and get to understand how it works and go from there with out being pestered by guys? 2. any other tips we may need to take in to account 3. anyone interested in saving us the hassle of a club lol were looking for a woman who takes care of herself and pride in her appearance along with understanding this would be our first time,not a lot to ask lol but does seem like gold dust at the moment

Last post FIRST TIME SWINGERS PARTY VISIT at 9:48 pm Monday, 18th July, 2016

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Customers can be nice and friendly, occasionally grumpy but they can be won round! Some are as straight as they come some like a giggle and a play. I went over on a second visit to one recently. On the first visit she sounded nervous on the phone but in person she was slightly flirty. Older, in her early 60's I guess. I was checking her out in a medium length denim skirt and got caught . She ad gusted her gate put more on show but it didn't feel uncomfortable. I missed our next appointment and I knew she would be away so I kind of lost track. A few days later that familiar nervous voice on the phone. I booked her in and in a couple of hours I was stood at her door. She appeared in tight blue leggings, clinging to her legs, low cut top showing the top of her tits and a nice cleavage. I'm sure she didn't mean to tease but as she turned to walk me through the house her panty line was visible and I was hooked. I got to work and she sat in a wooden rocking chair rocking slightly back and fo

Last post Sexy customers and the things they do at 2:50 pm Monday, 18th July, 2016

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I am usually a very decent guy, educated n well mannered n stuff. But I really get crazy horny every now n then n have to let of steam. Problem is, in India, casual encounters are very hard to come by. The only reason I crave physical intimacy is bodily needs. Is it unnatural?

Last post Sex with strangers not your deal? at 3:37 am Monday, 18th July, 2016

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So, you are sitting next to me on the sofa. My bf is kneeling in front of us and makes his move on me. He starts to kiss me, his lips are pressed tight against mine. His strong hands slowly caress my neck, then my shoulders and then my breasts. He moves his kisses downwards towards my neck, slowly nipping at the flesh. My eyes are shut as the electricity runs up my spine. He then helps me out of my top and greets the new exposed part of me with more tender kisses, slowly removing my bra, he takes a nipple into his mouth and begins to suck as his hands trace the inside of my thighs. His mouth trails south, across my stomach and you see the tiny hairs stand tall on my arms. He then gets to my jeans and slowly releases the button and pulls down the zip. I raise my hips as he relieves me of my trousers and underwear, his kissing and sucking of my body continues. You watch as his tongue trails down towards my pussy. He then draws his tongue from the bottom of my lips to the top and savours

Last post The heat of the moment at 9:17 pm Saturday, 16th July, 2016

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Bi couple wanted for fun fun fun. We are from Bristol but can travel. Looking for a nice fat cock and big tits. Let us know if interested.

Last post Couple to meet for soft swap at 2:28 pm Saturday, 16th July, 2016

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Why milfs are so hot then younger girls !! Why it is so attractive when a milf walk in high heel and smell nice and men get hard on or they say in Thier mind and start imagining things about how sexy and hot she would be in bed and good to fuck.. why it's like that ?

Last post Milf vs younger girls at 1:45 pm Saturday, 16th July, 2016

Hey every girl out there. To those girls who are out there but haven't gone ahead with the proceedings..time to break the shackles, come out of your comfort zone and start having encounters..! The best time to experience new things in life. So let's not think twice and get into some action.There are people out here waiting for you, or people for whom you might be waiting. So don't waste time. Use the platform, get some profiles [including mine ;-) ] and start hooking up..!! Let's enjoy and have some fun alright?! Let's see who hits up first..

Last post Now is the time..Let's do it! at 12:45 pm Saturday, 16th July, 2016

A blog to tell each other about our good and bad anal experiences

Last post My first anal experience and later at 11:24 am Saturday, 16th July, 2016

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So a guy wants to meet up and I said ok but let's meet somewhere neutral b4 we decide if we fuck. I think that's safe as norwich is small and want to not have someone too mine if I don't get a good vibe

Last post No attached men please at 9:06 am Friday, 15th July, 2016

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Nuestro blog donde escribiremos nuestras fantasias y esperemos se hagan realidad!

Last post Saludos a todos@s, a ver que se cuece at 11:55 pm Thursday, 14th July, 2016

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When I was a young yuppy I was fortunate enough to experince being a member of the Davao orgy club. It was fun being with like minded people who enjoy sex as it is. The group had rules and was compromised of discreet well educated professionals. Unfortunately, the group did not last long. The rules which was supposed to be the backbone of the group was not being enforced. The quality of accepted members started to stray. In-fighting, jealousy, power struggles, emotions started to get in the way of everyones thirst for fun and excitement. I tried reviving the club but unfortunately, It was harder to start from scratch. I almost had it running again... then someone ruined it by starting a relationship with a fellow member which was a no-no by club rules. Dead again. I wonder. Was it my organizational skills that failed or was it the quality of members that ruined everything?

Last post Invites: The way I send or accept them. at 4:17 pm Thursday, 14th July, 2016

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(MEN WANT SLIM FIGURES STICK TO CD'S OR MEN) And I am getting sick of being called gay I am not, since I can remember I have thought of myself as female and in my brain I am my body is half way there when I will fulfil my dream only god knows but I do wish he would hurry up about It LOL. anyway when you go on hormones you put on weight it is not what you need but there you go on these drugs it is very hard to keep the weight off so I am sorry you guy's but if you want transsexuals with breasts then you have to put up with the rest Mood swings a little extra to get hold of thighs buttocks hair LoL so I have now had my rant ok see you soon no doubt byeeeeeeeeeeee XXX love you all really.

Last post timewasters and the pain they cause at 12:44 pm Wednesday, 13th July, 2016

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In my opinion, the BDSM practition implies a sexual context, a consensual sexual domination and submission of both parts. It's weird to see heterosexual Masters in search of submissive males instead of submissive females. It would not prove to be coherent for me to see a lesbian Mistress in search of submissive males. The only way in which it could fit is if the sexual aspect of the relation is eliminated completely, thing that I can hardly accept. Therefore, I think that those heterosexual Masters are bisexual or gay in reality. I doubt than one submissive heterosexual male look for a Master (gay or heterosexual) instead of a Mistress.

Last post Straight masters in search of sub males. Really? at 7:21 pm Tuesday, 12th July, 2016

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Just saying... it's not always cool sending a perfectly captured (sometimes not) picture of your dicks, lads.

Last post Are dick pics hot or not? at 8:48 am Tuesday, 12th July, 2016

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Hi any one interested in physical love safe secret also because sex is my strength and satisfaction is my habit I'm honest mature respected man

Last post Only real sex satisfaction at 6:26 pm Monday, 11th July, 2016

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¿ Como nos iniciamos ?, sinceramente, no me acuerdo, pero de lo que no tengo duda, es que surgió de forma natural . Abriéndose ante nosotros un nuevo mundo con mil opciones por las que decantarnos y haciendo nuestra vida sexual mas plena y cómplice como pareja.

Last post Ganando a la rutina, aprendiendo juntos. at 1:02 am Monday, 11th July, 2016

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So as many blogs I find the view of open minded the only option that works. I find that people spend to much time with there egos and miss out on the fun and experience that they could gain. Enjoying a good massage to not basing there ego or jealous views as there is no need for it. Enjoyment should be enjoyed and if that is with a MWM or MMW or WWM situation limiting ones enjoyment also limits your open minded views. Now chemistry is key to me. being able to be open minded. I love to cuddle. In fact I enjoy taking my time enjoying this part the most. Sleeping to only wake with affection is wonderful. Now if it happens that during some enjoyment that one grows to enjoy interaction with the party I am open to explore with them. The big question is would you like a body massage before play time. The answer should be yes.Because it is relaxing and turns us both on. That is something I like as well. Licking and sucking is always enjoyable by all so why change a thing. Well becau

Last post How long does a girl at 5:36 pm Sunday, 10th July, 2016

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A gay guy's venture to the world of bisexuality. After almost three decades of carnal fun with men, I am now considering what the female anatomy feels like. I still do not want to lose touch with men of course. I hope this website and blog would be an avenue to fulfill this goal!

Last post Why Mature and Married Men are the Best at 9:25 am Saturday, 9th July, 2016

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In Indian history, there was one festival wherein ladies of few communities used to put their blouses in a dark room. Men are supposed to come and pick one each randomly. Whoever gets the blouse will get to sleep with the woman who owns the blouse.

Last post Being Adventurous or Giving a Creative Touch? at 6:32 am Saturday, 9th July, 2016

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travel couple.......its means we are able to give you company during your business trip/social trip we had meet 5 to 6 couple on skypee today but no one show wife its means all are alone boys hear.but one thing i want clear its escort site ya real wife swep or cpl fun site then now bye bye nagpur coming indore bye byeeee

Last post She loves parties and now available for u any type of parties she like with proper arengment at 5:59 am Saturday, 9th July, 2016

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Ménage à trois, ou simplesmente ménage, é uma expressão de origem francesa cujo significado originalmente denominava um domicílio habitado por três pessoas em vez de um casal. Sua tradução literal é "moradia a três". Actualmente é utilizada para designar os relacionamentos sexuais entre três pessoas. O mènage feminino (um homem e duas mulheres) também acontece, mas hoje alguns casais também convidam homens para compartilhar momentos de prazer, alguns até chamando um número bem maior de homens, sendo assim uma orgia.[1] O ménage feminino é mais divulgado e aceito. sexo é bom e todo mundo gosta; não importa como, quando e porquê. Cada um tem suas preferências, do mais romântico ao mais hardcore. Mas independente de qual seja sua praia, já pensou em experimentar algo novo? O ménage à trois é uma prática em que o casal convida uma terceira pessoa para uma noite de sexo. Apesar de ser algo cada vez mais comum, ainda tem gente que tem uma série de tabus e preconceitos.


Hola a tod@s, aquí os dejaré mis impresiones sobre cualquier actividad que surja de ésta página, soy usuario no de pago, así que tengo muchas limitaciones, como por ejemplo no poder leer los mensajes. De todas formas espero aprovechar bien el rato, y me gustaría mucho que aquí dejéis tod@s vuestras opiniones y experiencias. Gracias 😊

Last post El que la sigue la consigue.... (eso espero jajaja ) at 2:37 pm Thursday, 7th July, 2016

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I have been looking for a woman since years! When this website was recommended by my friend, I got myself registered. But, till now I have not been able to even have a decent conversation (over e-mail or phone) with any woman. Have tried many websites. I have also done paid sex several times. But, paid sex has its own limitations. I do not know where the Indian women are. Are all of them sexually satisfied and do not want to venture out? Or are they venturing outside without using the internet. No idea. Still waiting for my "rare earth". Regards, Coltan

Last post Why am I not able to connect with my "rare earth"? at 7:50 pm Wednesday, 6th July, 2016

I have just started to put some objects up my bottom. It is very painful at the moment have you got any tips for me to help the pain. Hopefully I can have a strap on or something up there one day soon.Thank you all for your time. X

Last post Hello i could do with your help please one weekend at 1:22 pm Wednesday, 6th July, 2016

Knowing full well what I want and who I want it with is getting the mission only half-done. Over time and learning from my and other people's experiences, I have learned the importance of these 3 Cs: Communication, Connection, Compatibility. Someone told me that sex is about having fun and adventure, and that since we all live once anyway, might as well be open to trying anything instead of regretting not having done anything wild and crazy (though let's not get too crazy here, peeps) for the rest of our lives. My blogs are simply meant to share the learning.

Last post Free Wheeling With the Willie at 3:58 am Wednesday, 6th July, 2016

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So here's my short story. I work online, so i can work anywhere as long as internet is available. And i have this friend, we work together, same company. He's married and im not. To cut the story short, i have managed to get his wife's trust and she like my jokes everytime i work at their house. I work there when my connection fails. There was this one time where i messaged her that i like her... and she just replied with an emoji, the evil emoji. Haha. I immediately went to her chair and kissed her. I didnt know she has hidden desires too. The teasing started, fortunately my friend was drunk. We fucked on their sofa with our clothes on. The thrill was different because we can hear him. snoring and trying to be alert when he stops. I have to cover her mouth or kiss her to lessen the moaning, It was a one time experience hopefully we can do it again with our clothes off in a hotel. Still working with them, have known her wife for 3years and the guy was my schoolmate. Just sharing. Tnx

Last post while he's asleep and drunk and we're on the sofa. will not forget her for sure at 9:01 am Tuesday, 5th July, 2016

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We have lived long lives and have done many interesting and great things. Would love to share our experiences with others with life minds.

Last post a chance meeting that changed our lives forever at 3:41 pm Sunday, 3rd July, 2016

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Still trying to work out if this is a real site with real people. I know I am so by simple reasoning others must be too. I have messages, but are they real? Pay and I get to find out... or do I. I am reaching to all the real people out there.... let's make this work 😁

Last post Hmmmm one week in.... at 2:00 pm Sunday, 3rd July, 2016

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Well what can I say last night was amazing, had my 5th 3sum since May and I can honestly say that was the best one yet, fun, dirty and very sexy. Looking forward to meeting with this couple again very very soon

Last post Last nights 3sum was fantastic at 11:50 am Sunday, 3rd July, 2016

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I have had my first experience of sex as a young teenager college going guy, at the age of 16 and since then it has hooked me to it, got me addicted and can't let go anymore. My libido is so high that one of exes even advised seeking medical attention, which I brushed it off nonchalantly stating it was just hormones doing its good, a good one at that. Me and my wife met in Bangalore way back in 2008/9 while I was pursuing my graduation there. It was a just social meeting - we didn't know each other, just saw her when our gang was attending some programs, talked to her a while, she was very respectful and decent. A nice, young lady, polite to a fault and very friendly. We exchanged numbers. We texted but as a friend only. It ends there for a while. Some two or three years later I was settled in Delhi after graduation and working in a reputed MNC, she finishes her studies and decided to move to Delhi too. Contacted me again as I was the only one she knew in the city. She came, foun

Last post She Loves It And More! at 12:48 am Sunday, 3rd July, 2016

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Club visit and questions, were we were, and how to make contact.

Last post How to approach couples and single women in a club at 4:18 pm Saturday, 2nd July, 2016

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What's ur fantasy???? I like the man to take me from the back. He hugs me n slowly move his head in my hair n neck . he kisses my neck n playful bite it. Then he drops the sarrie down n unbuttons the blouse to expose my white boobs. His fingers caress my already pink nipples . he crushes my boobs with his hands n I become his slave. ...…..

Last post tip tip barsa panni...... at 7:08 am Saturday, 2nd July, 2016

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Delhi gave us lot of hot and sweet memories. Now we want to see what is in store for us in Mumbai and Bangalore. We have planned a Masti in Mumbai then looking forward to some Magic with interesting couple in Mumbai.We hope Mumbai Cpl consider us worthy of meeting. So if you are a Cpl and want to have some Magical moment with us then please send us mail. We will be available for meet on 9th April Saturday After Magic in Mumbai we are visiting Bangalore for a Bang. Let see how loud it can be. We will be available on 10th April Sunday Evening. Interested Cpl please send us mail. We are really sorry for singles in Mumbai and Bangalore . We are getting lot of mail from people and replying them as we feel suitable. Apologies guys this time is not for you.

Last post Swing Baby Swing........... at 8:25 pm Friday, 1st July, 2016

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Just me, blathering about all sorts. The state of the Mongolian gold harvest and its effect on the financial solvency of Lilliput; or the folks who use text speak in emails...or even in texts ...maybe a funny, a photo, well all sorts of trivial shite really.

Last post Decisions, decisions, at 12:00 pm Friday, 1st July, 2016

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Me and my Couple friends decided to play around and we choose a play where me as a driver of a cab(private car driver) they as some passengers in a sedan car. we picked a stranger on the expressway as a co-passenger(even negotiated the fair to make it real). A bag was kept on the co-driver seat and the seat was folded which made them all three sit at the back making the lady sit between the men. She was in a one piece dress with nothing inside. She gradually started grinding her body to the stranger. At a point she got up from her seat leaned forward and open the co-driver window to throw something. The idea was to give him a view of her buttocks. She then asked me to increase the AC to which i asked her to help herself, again the idea of giving our stranger a view. Things went on till the toll plaza and after the plaza they both(hubby wife) started playing Kissing fondling each other to an extend where she was completely undressed with only her boots on. Our stranger was surpri

Last post Pune mumbai Expressway... at 10:49 am Friday, 1st July, 2016

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I just want to make writings, make my profile as real as possible, ya know? There will be some xxx stuff, there will be PG stuff. I may share my sex life, I may share more or less. idk, but it will be what it will.

Last post Ready to get out there again at 6:11 pm Thursday, 30th June, 2016

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Hiya ladies and gents'....Ive had a few great experiences from here and 'out & about'... really excited for more mutual pleasure. Hope to chat soon! Throbbin0 xxx

Last post BDSM...Lifestyle or Career? at 10:30 am Wednesday, 29th June, 2016

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Always wondering what if? Not shy to speak up but always greatful for the little things that come my way.

Last post Let true friendship find you at 10:59 am Tuesday, 28th June, 2016

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Sex is an essential Part of life .... we all have some Fantasies n Dreams about Some Sex which we think we can fulfill as soon as possible n this doesnt mean that we do not love our Partners. I always think that once u live ur fanatasy n if ur Partner is also a part of n plays major role n honors the same then the bondation n trust in between both grows much more stronger than before. Once something comes in mind doesnt gets out before it is not completed. In our ancient times also the Kings does Threesome, Foursome or u can say Group Fun n that time it was Allowed but now a days we feel it is wrong coz we are bounded with some social boundaries. Just a request with everyone if u have some Fantasy dont ignore it but live it n enjoy that Moment coz we have one life to live.. Live life king size n enjoy the Moments n respect the Feelings...

Last post SINGLE MALES ARE NOT REQUIRED at 7:21 pm Monday, 27th June, 2016

I do think women like to be kissed thoroughly. On my personal take, I think men (I personally) like that too. I like to make a woman special by appreciating her body, what's more is through my lips and tongue. I specifically want to savor the aroma of a gently bath soap on top of the woman's skin, on every inch as much as possible, and slowly slide my lips to every kinks and nooks while intermittently leaving a gentle and kinda sexy bite mark in some discreet parts. My take is that a woman is not only sensitive on her privates but her entire body is a whole sensitive private entity. Intoxicating a woman by the thought of a gently oral fixation slowly exploring her body is indeed a pleasure I aim to deliver. My lips would not leave my woman's body so as her "lips" would open up to "mine". Well, that's just my take.

Last post Kissing during an Intimate Moment at 7:51 am Monday, 27th June, 2016

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Hello everyone , just a place where to share my fantasies and my experiences write me if you like and i make you horny reading my things :)

Last post My first time with a shemale at 9:44 am Saturday, 25th June, 2016

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Small transcripts of real life sexual events that occurred in my life....

Last post A sexual encounter with a cougar at 7:38 pm Friday, 24th June, 2016

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It has been long time being here searching and sending message to other cpls to find our like mind, but seem to be not easy at all. There are single people who want to joint but we don’t accept singles. We are open and welcoming people who have normal desire.... Some are not real... some are totally aggressive and some are very closed minded. I would like to ask you guys what’s wrong with you? Or what’s wrong with us? If you are real just face it..... simple Still have fath to find our match.... See you soon

Last post What is wrong with you? What is wrong with us? at 6:56 pm Friday, 24th June, 2016

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This blog will intermittently catalogue my experiences and thoughts, as, when and indeed if they happen. Thank you for reading.

Last post Getting what you wished for. at 11:49 pm Thursday, 23rd June, 2016

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First the Definition of Common Sense: - Common sense is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things, which is shared by ("common to") nearly all people and can reasonably be expected of nearly all people without any need for debate. Thoughts and Blaa Blaa.... 20/06.2016 : - Dont know why ppl dont read the profiles carefully and respond accordingly. A profile is meant to give and image of who you are how u are and wht r u looking for. All the friends and ppl out here, please read the profile carefully and act accordingly, or u always make a fool out of yourself.

Last post 23.06.2016: - Gestures from ppl. at 4:23 pm Thursday, 23rd June, 2016

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this will be all about the stuff i don't comfortably share with families & friends. this will be all about my inner pervert, which i named Gray/Grey btw, yeah you guessed it, like that guy in that novel about BDSM and shit. confessions, fantasies, real life experiences about the world of nymphomaniacs such as i am, we Filipinos aren't comfortable going into detail. coz were the so called "conservatives." NOT!! anyway whoever will read my shit, don't bash me alright? just respect my shit, and just come fuck me

Last post What is sex for you? at 9:09 am Thursday, 23rd June, 2016

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Nothing turns me on more than watching my wife having more than one guy at the same time. I enjoy so much watching other men fuck her brains out that most of the time I like to fuck my harden wife at last. She also expects it and it is not a new thing to us. I love sharing my wife and watch her...

Last post Wife Sharing for Gangbang at 7:41 am Wednesday, 22nd June, 2016

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I am a straight CD. I have no interest in men. I am just effeminate. Love girlie things. Sexy clothes , shopping etc. I wear dresses and skirts whenever I can. They just feel so comfortable to me. Wearing trousers or shorts I feel strangled lol. I am so lucky to have a partner who loves my crossdressing and wouldn't have me any other way. She has a girlfriend and boyfriend all rolled into one. She is bisexual maybe that helps... Is she unique ? Or are there other ladies out there that love CD's and find them sexy and a turn on. We are looking for such a bisexual lady to befriend and join us for a sexy threesome.

Last post CD or not CD that is the question at 10:18 pm Tuesday, 21st June, 2016

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Here today ............................. gone tomorrow .................................

Last post ……. a ghost of Hubbers Past at 8:53 pm Tuesday, 21st June, 2016

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It has been almost 3 years now since this idea came to my mind like many other husbands whose wife say no in the beginning and they know they should convince their wife not just because its an exciting idea but more because they love their wife and know they owe this to her.....

Last post Wife showing door to heaven at 8:11 pm Tuesday, 21st June, 2016

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I often feel naughty and flirty, I often imagine different situations where I can have different sexual experiences, as most of everyone on this sit ine also have. Sometimes I have an idea in my mind and hope the next meet will fufuill some of my fantasies, I have the great pleasure in meeting lots of fun and interesting people since I joined - from having intellectual conversation over dinner with one gentleman who we had prearranged if he liked me he was to request my panties and I took them off right next to my car, I then drives to where we were meeting that was incredible horney me driving naked under my skirt , wet and lusting knowing he had my panties in his pocket, he did not disappoint and I had an incredible night, one I hope to repeat ... Having the conversations before hand online really heightens the anticipation and makes me more than ready for sex .. Maybe I will share later other experiences ...

Last post Summer fun and narrow escapes at 10:29 pm Monday, 20th June, 2016

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I have had this fantasy for a while now. I meet a gorgeous sexy girl. We have a great evening and wind up in a hotel room. Everything is going well. I am having trouble believing this sexy topless girl is here and apparently gagging for fun. But this is where the fantasy comes in.. We are kissing as I drop my hand onto her lap. Gently ease under her skirt. Higher and higher untill I place it squarely over............a massive rock hard cock. Without thinking, I jump back and begin making excuses, stammering and yelling my objections. But the gorgeous tranny just smiles and stands up. Approaches me menacingly and grabs my shirt. Swings me around and pushes me back onto the bed. Kneeling above me she hisses that I cannot get a girl worked up then just leave her.. She straddles my chest and leans forward. One hand on the wall the other fumbling below her skirt. Her monster cock is released and is inches from my face. Thus begins a night of total submission as she takes her pleasure from

Last post Being topped by a lovely tranny. at 10:48 pm Sunday, 19th June, 2016

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The every day tale's in the life of a Part Time Girl

Last post Sat nights all about vodka and dancing at 9:54 pm Sunday, 19th June, 2016

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We, being genuine and happy as stated in our profile, expected to catch up and get along with at least one of our kind, but unfortunately, the whole time spent on this site has only gifted us with a single positive i,e 99.99% are either fake, perverted or have some ill interests just the opposite to what they boast on their profile and even on chat. Yet We wish all the very best to all of you but request ADMIN to incorporate some measures for unpaid members like us to at least have our turn to find original posts with proper verification of authenticity.

Last post CONFUSED BUT APPROACHING THE END at 7:38 pm Sunday, 19th June, 2016

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So you've logged in had a quick look to see what's what and................ You've seen a the photo, straight to the profile checks out ok so far. You now have a little read or make a coffee if it's a novel, think yes maybe we like that so let's tick all the boxes and make a note to say hi in the relevant room SO WHY DON't YOU!!!

Last post Sex and Games, what did you play as a kid and still are haha at 2:07 pm Saturday, 18th June, 2016

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leave here what you will. anything interesting for me to see and admire.. anything you would want me to do or any thing you would like to do to me. waiting in anticipation

Last post decided to be brave and told one of my daughters today and she is fine and would help with makeup an at 7:41 pm Friday, 17th June, 2016

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A journey in eroticism for the horny and discerning...

Last post Coffee and kink - full scenario at 3:38 pm Friday, 17th June, 2016

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Your fingers dip below my waist, traveling at a sensuous pace. The lower you go, my anticipation builds. My heart beats faster bracing for the thrill. Your touch has me moaning, begging for more. Your hot passionate kisses; I simply adore. I feel it, I feel you, as I crest on high. Only you can take me, on this incredible ride. Baby, do it again, and again and again. I never get enough of this delight sin.

Last post Feel Me - a little short poem at 1:31 am Friday, 17th June, 2016

My journey into BDSM I have been toying with the idea of being dominated for quiet a while. Being tied up and teased. letting go of control and taking instructions. For a control freak like me that is a huge step to take.

Last post My Journey into BDSM at 10:57 am Thursday, 16th June, 2016

This blog will be my personal diary, of my experiences, of my story

Last post How she reached her Climax. at 2:26 am Wednesday, 15th June, 2016

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I answered an ad for Maid wanted by a local Widower stating my experience and was invited for an interview the next day. Arriving early but in my usual clothes ( my complete outfit was in my bag ) we began chatting about what my duties would included, always to be ready and willing to take part in sexual role-playing at any given time, bending over as much as possible while dusting and hoovering, wearing the same panties for days because he loves the aroma of damp panties, keeping my legs wide open to the male guests when sitting down and most importantly to entertain all his guests male or female no matter how bizarre. Agreeing to the terms and conditions of the job we chatted about my cross-dressing and he asked what was in the bag, I told him that I would give him a demonstration dressed up as a French Maid to see if I was suitable for the job. Getting changed in the bathroom and returning duster in hand I gave him a wonderful demonstration of my cleaning skills. He was more th

Last post Being a very naughty girl at 3:39 pm Tuesday, 14th June, 2016

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Intense paroxysmal excitement is always our goal when we engage in the act of coitus. Being able to engage in this act, perform with vehement passion, and make every part of the body tingle with excitement- this is my forte.. from the first touch of the lips down to the very seismic orgasm, i work my way through that.. i rarely stay passive when it comes to bed.. i toss and turn.. i move.. i speak of what i want to try, of what i want to feel and how i want to feel it.. i always believed that engaging in such act involves two people who should work to achieve both of their desires.. it just doesn't involve one person who works and performs all the way through.. My sex life was never boring.. and up until this very moment, it is still very alive and exciting.. talking with your partner about how you want to do it or about both your fantasies helps a lot in keeping your sex life very exciting.. it works like magic..

Last post Never too tired to do it.. at 4:06 am Tuesday, 14th June, 2016

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multiple like minded people in a plane. Imagine if you could choose your hostess or host serve up a little mmmmmm or a lot The mile high was meant for couples or just getting that urge away What if you could pick your in flight crew - special life jacket demo's fly with mates or girl friends be part of a new sensation how about when you get asked if there is anything you want from the menu and get a list of activities.

Last post Mile high Orgy in the Sky at 6:12 pm Monday, 13th June, 2016

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I love kissing, undress her very slowly, caressing every inch of female body as it appears, when we are naked i'll lay you on your front, kiss & nuzzle your neck, then slowly kiss every inch of your back, down over your beautiful shapely bum, down each leg to your feet, kiss each foot & suck your toes. Then up each leg to pay your bum some special attention, kissing & nibbling each cheek before licking up & down your crack. Then i'll turn you over, kiss your mouth & neck & onto your gorgeous breasts & suck your hard sexy nipples, then over your belly, tonguing your belly button on the way, down each leg to your feet & suck your toes again, then slowly up each leg kissing & nibbling the inside of your thighs gently, then i will kiss & suck all around your labia before licking your clit fast & slow making you cum, letting me taste your sexy juices.....

Last post i don't care about the Face at all at 6:45 pm Sunday, 12th June, 2016

tell me, what are your thoughts about this? Threesomes MFM & FMF, Foursome, Group SEX & Gangbang !

Last post I am Frее аnd аnоnymоus at 6:37 pm Sunday, 12th June, 2016

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hey all looking forward to getting started... looking for kinky white couples/females for fun in the kent area, have lots of pictures to share... i have had plenty of encounters with older women and have opened my eyes to cuckold after my last encounter... i arranged to meet with a 46 yo married woman thru a website, she was craving attention and was eager. her hubby was at work till late (so she said) so i turned up at her her house excited to meet her.. she opens the door looking like a total slut i wasted no time and unzipped my fly's and pulled out my cock..she was shocked at my size and length she had was a bbc virgin.. any way we moved on to the bedroom and half way thru fucking her her hubby comes home ... i panic and try to make a run when he comes up the stairs to confront me ..[:0][:I] he laughs and asked if his wife was enjoying her 1st bbc... i reply with the truth as i scene what is coming.... 'she sounds like she did, did jess not tell you we swing haha, how

Last post What do women think about Foot fetish.. at 6:14 pm Sunday, 12th June, 2016

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Hannah's blog about how she feels, what she gets up to ... and how much fun she has. Okay, she assumes she'll have some fun!

Last post Feeling very let down today - a cautionary tale at 4:07 pm Sunday, 12th June, 2016

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Hi everyone my name is Bob, I am an American born in Philadelphia,but for the past 20 years living and working here in Germany. I am now happy that I have found the site, I hope here I will be able to meet people and live out my phantasies and help others live out theirs.. My Motto is: Always try everything atleast once before you say no, if not you will never know if you like it or not.

Last post How much do you enjoy having your pussy licked to extasy at 12:43 pm Sunday, 12th June, 2016

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Hi. Bought my first pair of high heels. Went for 4 inch stilettos as we do. Been tottering around on them for past couple of days. Good news. Haven't broken my ankle yet. A girl friend gave me some tips on walking in them. Was surprised I had to walk in them. Hahahahaha. spent 2 hrs just staring at them and thinking how sexy they made me feel. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Still get turned on just by wearing them. Think I will have to practice a little longer before I get a sexy walk. It just looks like I've go back problems at the moment. Hahahahaha. Xxxxx

Last post New clothes and Brugge for 3 whole week's. at 12:25 pm Sunday, 12th June, 2016

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"Local Widower seeking Maid for light housework" I answered the ad stating I was available and was invited for an interview the next day. Arriving early but in my usual clothes ( my complete outfit was in my suitcace) we began chatting about what my duties  would included... bending over as much as much as possible while dusting and hoovering, wearing the same panties for a few days at a time because he loves the aroma of damp panties, keeping my legs wide open to the male guests when sitting down and most importantly to be ready and willing to take part in sexual role-playing at any given time. Agreeing to the terms and conditions of the job we chatted about my cross-dressing and he asked what was in the suitcase. I explained to him that I would give him a demonstration dressed up as a French Maid and where can I get changed. I got the job and start first thing tomorrow.

Last post Being good to my Master at 1:56 pm Thursday, 9th June, 2016

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As a young single guy I'm eager to learn and develop my skills sexually. It seems that the young, single male profile on here is of a niche and only few people are interested in these. Tell me, do young, single & male profiles have a place on here or are they searching for a non-existent fantasy?

Last post Place or no place? Tell me what you think... at 2:06 am Thursday, 9th June, 2016

There was a time in my life when I experienced to make a very tough decision.... and doing it was very painful and difficult for me to accept... I was at a crossroad when I had to decide between "letting go" or to "STOP". It's been a long time since I've been in a relationship, and it is very wonderful, yet, a painful experience to be in loved. Those moments we had.. the love, sweetness, and happiness we shared, were very unforgettable for me... We've been through a lot of ups and downs, but in spite of these "disasters"...we still made it to make our bond stronger. I do really love her so much... and I always thought that she would be my first and last... but things went out wrong. " It doesn't always mean that loving a person so much would intend that they're the right one for us." I thought that when you love each other faithfully, it would always be a happy ending for the both of you.. but I've found out that there's no such thing as "happy ending", because "TRUE LOVE" ne

Last post At the Crossroads... at 5:05 pm Wednesday, 8th June, 2016

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A young mind to explore the world of any kind of sex.

Last post An experience in the making: 'The Boy Toy' at 3:04 pm Wednesday, 8th June, 2016

This year I 36t in very good health, is now the coach, sports teacher, I have a very good sex ... I always wanted to be a woman, I love women, they like the flowers beautiful flower. I always wanted to work for the woman, gently, I hated men abuse women. I always want to bring happiness to them. What I like most women find their sex pleasurable, happy. I love women and want to cater to them all that they desire. I want to have comfortable sex life but my wife is not good for health and sex only with me 2 times / month, I was desperate for a healthy woman, love sex so that we can take enjoy sexual pleasure. Has 10 years my wife has always wanted me to have a different woman for me is freedom, my wife used to say that the woman had sex with me is the ultimate happiness. My wife has always wanted me to sex with the wife's sister (her husband 37 no) but actually I do not want that, my wife told me many times her sex, but I did not do it. I have a rather large penis, beautiful, it's my wife

Last post sex looking for a woman, any wife seeks daytime fun at 7:33 am Tuesday, 7th June, 2016

We couples from Kerala looking for real genuine couples. We ready fir cam chat with couples without showing face. Only genuine couples contact us

Last post Cam/voice confirmation- Kerala couples at 5:06 am Tuesday, 7th June, 2016

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A blog on a site that's for sexual meet-ups would most likely be about sex..soooo this blog would mostly be about anything sex-oriented.

Last post Physical Imperfections at 1:54 pm Monday, 6th June, 2016

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New to this and thinking this would be good one to share :)

Last post First Mature Encounter at 9:29 am Monday, 6th June, 2016

Having only recently joined this excellent site it strikes me that just as other sites have annual or bi-annual rallies many of the profiles would welcome such an event amongst its members.. It would provide an opportunity to dress up and bring about good fellowship and camaraderie between LGBTs in a world that whilst it is vastly more welcoming than the one of 4/5 decades ago is still fraught with difficulties on the domestic and social front. Many out of season hotels welcome weekend rallies and offer cut prices to clubs and groups. What do others think; I'd love to hear?

Last post Weekend rallies at out of season hotels at 8:02 pm Sunday, 5th June, 2016

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Alexandra Louise Ortigas' family is our family friend. I have a little secret. Even before. Before, I have a huge crush on Alexandra Louise Ortigas even when she was still studying at College of the Holy Spirit

Last post my deep secret I dont know how to say at 10:15 am Sunday, 5th June, 2016

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Hello fellow members and lovely ladies, I have been a admirer of woman and it's beauty since ... and always had curiosity on how to handle a woman. I started attracting towards a distant relative as her husband worked abroad and I started to stare her at her assets. Peep when she changes her clothes and then it grew further as I became older and started masturbation thinking about ladies and girls I had crush. My passion on sex and love has grown 3 folds or more since then I have slept with many women in various junctures before my marriage and after. I m 6ft tall and have good average body and nice thick tool which is recommded by woman and girls I have made love. My tool sometimes doesn't hold condoms as it tears of faster specially Indian like Moods ,KS worked well for me sometimes.

Last post Lets have some passionate fun. welcome sexy godess of beauty at 4:56 pm Saturday, 4th June, 2016

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I was once an innocent boy who was contented and satisfied with life until surfing the internet led me to this site. I have since been daydreaming of having to find someone who would be willing to do the deed with me. Unfortunately or fortunately (?) though, I still haven't found someone yet. Well, maybe it is because of my profile having no picture to show or my poor style of approaching to girls/couples or whatnot. How does it feel having sex with total strangers? Is it as satisfying and as fulfilling as making love with your romantic partners? How does each party feel during each meet up? I want to experience the swinging lifestyle but I guess it does not want me there yet. Nevertheless, I'd still be taking chances messaging girls and couples and having to sell myself to them just to check it off my bucketlist. After all, we only live once, right? My best regards to all swingers out there!!

Last post All my life, I've been waiting fooor... at 2:20 pm Saturday, 4th June, 2016

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A lot of people talk rubbish. Sometimes it's just like verbal diarrhoea. Oh, I'm one of those people so if you want to read any of my blogs, you have been warned. Don't come complaining to me, I don't do refunds sweetie pie. If you want to agree/disagree/something in between, go right head. To paraphrase another site user, blog comments are just expressing your own thoughts and opinions. Maybe what you type makes sense to one person but not to another. But hey, you're all free to comment, just don't make it personal - it's only sex after all darling. ;)

Last post Just how far would you go? at 10:44 am Saturday, 4th June, 2016

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The first innocent thoughts I have of you, is of the way your voice might sound like, the first time I hear it after we meet. The way your face looks when you smile. These thoughts didn't last long. Soon, I was imagining the way your voice flows through me, the way your body curves, supple but yet perfect...Mm... In my mind, my fingers touch your body, tracing your curves and feeling the heat of your skin upon mine. In my mind, your smile turns serious, yet with a lustful manner as you look at me and your eyes, bright with happiness a moment ago, now burns brighter with a different emotion a passion that you've let no man ever see from you. As I move closer, your hands find me as well, and our lips meet, And before I remember deciding to take this further, your shirt is on the ground on top of mine, and our breath is becomingly much faster and as we gasp for air between passionate, desperate attempts to rid each other of every scrap of clothing separating my skin from yours. In my m

Last post First encounter after marriage at 10:54 pm Friday, 3rd June, 2016

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Random thoughts and ideas about how to enjoy the lifestyle, finding serious and real profiles, and keeping it discreet (especially in a small town like Cebu).

Last post Fantasizing About Direction at 9:30 pm Friday, 3rd June, 2016

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Hi :) We are sometimes visiting my mother's vacation home in Torrevieja. Going there now in june. My wife is way to shy to act on our fantasies, so she will probably not agree to meet another man. But if you are sometimes in the area, I would love to chat with you and keep in contact. Would be hot to hear what ideas you might have when seeing her photos, what would happen etc. We are both straight, but I am ashamed to admit that submission is a turn-on. So I would do as the alpha male says, especially in front of my wife. Would be interested in exchanging contact details or similar things. I'm also planning on sneaking away when in Torrevieja, to go check out one of the nude beaches. Maybe I feel safe enough to meet u there to show you uncensored photos of my wife on your command or something, or to hand over her hottest panties etc. I hope that I will be able to get her to go to one, so that all the mature an alpha men can inspect her married pussy..

Last post Small thing that made me fantasize at 7:23 pm Friday, 3rd June, 2016

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Sometimes it feels like one is having a monolog when in-boxing people on the site . How else does one let them know that one is interested . it will be nice if people answer - even if it is to tell you to jump off a cliff - head or dick first . but thanks to those that take the few seconds to answer . wish u all lots of fun

Last post The problem of communication at 7:36 am Friday, 3rd June, 2016

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