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always ready


im always ready to perform. take the other night.

i was checkin my email wheni came across a request from a hot milf in somerset. she wanted me to perform 4 her so i emailed her.

just overan hour later we were chatting on she really knew how to get a guy in the mood...

8:50 pm Saturday, 24th February, 2007

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Perfect Music?


What I wonder ios the best music track to make love to?


maybe something soft and sensual - or maybe some thumping hardcore - get some rhythm going ... or what about CUntry and Western - always good for a giggle..

your own suggestions are welcome

fun as..

2:24 pm Thursday, 22nd February, 2007

someone out there????????????????????????????????


looking for that special sexy lady .someone sexy stunning,enjoys a little tease.someone who realy knows how to get a fellas attention,in the way she looks and dresses.perhaps a sexy nurse????well that would be more than nice.or perhaps someone that just wants a wild time????if that..

5:11 pm Tuesday, 20th February, 2007

My Lady!


I want your heart to spread open…
unlocked in a way it’s never been before…
and feeling my heart energy comes inside you …

3:46 pm Friday, 16th February, 2007

Part 5


I'm going to remain coy about other women I might or might not meet. I'm not sure how I would go about blogging a sexual encounter anyhow. I can imagine video cameras adding a little spice to proceeding, but I'm not sure any girl is going to go out of control with desire at the..

12:45 pm Monday, 12th February, 2007

Taboo cinema in my


For all of you who could not make it to the cinema kast time, Jane and I will be back in May, dont know the day just yet, all will be welcome, and Steph if you read this get in touch please, you can do what you like to her, last time she sucked off about 25 guys but did not get fucked as..

2:17 pm Sunday, 11th February, 2007

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Oh heart, oh heart! Salvation is in your madness!


2:36 am Saturday, 10th February, 2007

some unknown poems by Oscar Wilde:


All joy - in the past, irretrievable and evanescent

1:19 am Thursday, 8th February, 2007

Indian treat for him on a cold night


Tonight we went out for a indian meal. The night was cold so I had to dress up warm. Hubby wanted to have a treat so I let him pick his undies and slip them on under his casual gear. In the resturant he got a bit hot, eating a hot curry in stocking and a basque made him warmer than expected. I..

10:51 pm Wednesday, 7th February, 2007

New York Hotel Porn


Have just returned from 3 days working in New York. The weather was bitterly cold and it was Superbowl weekend, the place was dead (city that never sleeps my arse) Popped up 8th to the live show booths, great fun and certainly put me in the mood. I then had no choice but to have a telly..

11:19 am Wednesday, 7th February, 2007

A night on the boat with another man


Once I was on the boat in gateshead and had a red flute dress on with stockings suspenders no nickers and a shaved pussy. My husband watched as I danced alone on the dance floor. not long before a man can and joined me. we left the floor and chatted with his mates. they all flirted and had a feel..

5:13 pm Saturday, 3rd February, 2007

Ready to meet a new slight dom man


We are almost ready to meet a slight dom male to be my equal . I love kissing , sucking and full sex. I do not do anal or pain. Most other things are ok. The man we meet must be able to take and give pleasure. I cum a lot and very loud. The thing which some may find difficult is that my..

10:53 pm Friday, 2nd February, 2007

Well it was ACE!


The Lady in question had a way to drive and was nearly an hour late, I had been wanking on and off for an hour! Completely naked, as I promised her.

I saw her car pull up outside, she backed into a parking space, being a woman this took 3 attempts!

The she gets out of the car, I..

6:02 am Tuesday, 30th January, 2007

Back home on Tenerife now


Well Jane and tony went to the cinema in Birmingham the taboo and its just as we were told it would be, jane was surrounded my men as soon as we went in and for the 2 hours or so we were there she sucked, fucked and wanked about 25 men and had a great time we will do it again when we can...

1:56 pm Thursday, 25th January, 2007

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that got your attention - it is flippin freezin - does it work in the cold - just off to check - how did the eskimos eer reproduce - or the scots come to think of it...


3:18 pm Tuesday, 23rd January, 2007

Can you get tooo Much?


Can you get too much of a good thing I wonder? Over christmas our house was loaded with beer and wine and generally I had more than one drink in a day - sometimes more! Of course we still had stocks left after christmas, and guess what I have ahrdly had a drop since then. I wonder if the..

9:44 am Monday, 22nd January, 2007

coming home


OK - finished a week in the middle east - night time flight home - LHR by 6:30 am - great - will feel like sh**. Maybe I should not complain - lots of people work in the same place everyday... that must be dull? give us a shout and I will share the secret of happiness !

3:41 pm Wednesday, 17th January, 2007

Ass to face for the first time 2


I teased here muoth with my cock and softly licked here clit. I was teasing here with a finger and I loved it. I gave here my throbing cock, she sucked harder as I gave here an other finger. She started to wank me and suck my balls. I asked here if she had a..

6:44 pm Tuesday, 16th January, 2007

New pics of me slutting it dogging!


I've just put some new pics on of me out in the Forest at night...Not getting hardly anybody contact me for dogging fun yet. Is it the weather? Hope to hear from Guys and girls soon as I just love to suck cock in the woods! Thought I'd get loads of offers on here, especially as the board..

5:40 pm Tuesday, 16th January, 2007

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Two days to go and I can't wait!


The lady in question has now told me that she is going to arrive at my home wearing the fucking sexyest pair of heel you have ever seen.

They have 6-inch red heels and are black stilletos, they have a red lace that ties around the ankles, mmmm.

She is wearing them with some black..

4:05 am Sunday, 14th January, 2007

what a ride


while having a week-end break with my wife's brother in somerset we was invited to my brother-in-law's friend's place. He owned a riding stables teaching rich kids to ride that sort of thing, after a good dinner and a few glasses of booze the talk got round to sex, the wife's brother knew..

11:00 am Saturday, 13th January, 2007

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The taste of a good woman !


Clean, trimmed and very very wet! if you can name a better place for a face to be buried than in a Woman's very excited pussy then please let me know!

You know how it is - a lovely drink together, a..

9:13 am Wednesday, 10th January, 2007

Showing off my bottom


Just before christmas we went to Spain for our holidays. There is a great swinging scene, if you know where to find it. I had some outdoor photos taken of my cunny and met this adorable lady who spanked my bottom in our..

6:52 pm Tuesday, 9th January, 2007

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Great - A blog with no words - try again...

I have a cold - so kissing is out of the question - was wondering if you can pass on cold germs by cunnilingus (such a medical word? what are the alternatives - going down, pussy licking?) any way I suppose a blow job will have to surfice..

9:20 am Tuesday, 9th January, 2007

3 some, 4 some all the more some


The title is my fantasy in itself. I've had a few of each, sometimes equally matched, or a higher ratio of one to the other. Everyone was more than satisfied, and we made some special friendships. The name FRENCHLICK was bestowed upon me by several..

4:32 pm Friday, 5th January, 2007