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Maybe mature but still looking for fun

Swinger susanbpool (CD / Trans) from UK, Blackpool

My new Profile, Misty has gone as I'm now Susan, gone are all sex related things as I realised that I've changed my attitude, approach and life style to Dressing.
I love being Dressed and going out to Clubs, pubs, shopping and walkabouts as Me being the Me I want to be means more than being Labelled a CD it means a great deal more than that to me.
Sex, yes of course it might be part of it as I'm not Celebate but it's not the main reason for me looking to meet like minded Gurls who want to get out and about and enjoy themselves.
I'll travel for meets and frequently do but please be genuine about it as its cost me a lot of wasted time and money in the past.
Don't hide away letting it be your little secret, join me and get yourself out Dressed and enjoy being the true you.
So sorry Guys don't ask to meet me unless you really mean it and willing to meet me in Public.
Hope to hear from all you lovely Gurls, thanks, Susan xxx

Seeking CD / Trans, Male

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susanbpool Personal Details
Gender Male
Age 68
Location UK, England: Lancashire, Blackpool
🌈 Sexuality Bisexual
🌎 Ethnicity White / Caucasian
🚬 Smoke Yes
🍷 Drink No
💊 Drugs No
🛡️ Safe Sex Always
📏 Height 5ft 9in (175 cm)
⌛ Body Type Slim
👱 Hair Colour Gray
🦵 Body hair Shaved
Friends Sub4fun5, sheffield104, sheffieldbob56, wedgeydog, Emma6619, claire1262uk, cdjohn, sissyslutamber, cindy5566sex, wsmyth01, seanhanlon206Glasgow, Manslut61, 5252davBromley, HotbodBlackwater, Claire361, marlie66, Jessie55Ayr, del1960, christine53, anthonyking1944, IceDolly 

Profile Reviews
7:10 am Saturday, 14th September, 2019

I've had great sexy fun with Misty. Now its time to share!

Recent status updates
susanbpool susanbpool
  3:35 pm Monday, 7th August, 2023

Looking forward to the next 5 days meeting up with some Gurls friends and going out and about with them 

susanbpool susanbpool
  7:04 pm Saturday, 24th December, 2022

To all my Friends "Happy Christmas" I hope Santa Cums and empties his sack inside you and you get to pull each others Crackers 

Christmas cums just once a year. Thank god I’m not Christmas.

by xf8u39

Ian, I'll be your Santa xx

by susanbpool

Merry Christmas ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

by gezzawa512

Ian.. I'll be your Santa xxx

by SarahandMisty

Yes please 👍

by ianho523

susanbpool susanbpool
  10:46 am Tuesday, 2nd August, 2022

If anyone wants to meet me then mean it, there's a Big difference between wanting to do something and actually doing it. I keep getting requests to meet but when it comes to arranging a meet there's some sort of fictitious issue comes up as to why you can't or even worse you don't Show Up, so don't let your cock rule your head by asking to meet when you know you won't.

I couldn’t agree more babe, I’ve been let down so many times. The less info on their profile the less likely they’ll turn up is a good guide. X

by pmcgoo825

Yes please 👍

by seanhanlon206Glasgow

Wanna chat?

by Chrys

Wanna chat?

by Chrys

susanbpool susanbpool
  11:27 am Wednesday, 20th July, 2022

Looking forward to a walk along the Prom 

Luv Steph to join me xxx

by susanbpool

Really, I'll ask Steph asap x

by ianho523

susanbpool susanbpool
  9:24 am Tuesday, 10th September, 2019

Time to review my Public profile pics xx

susanbpool susanbpool
  12:45 pm Monday, 29th July, 2019

UPDATE... My c/d partner and I have decided to put up a VIP profile on the site as a Couple. Look forward to it going live soon but Sorry no more one on one meets you'll soon get both of us. xx

That’s good, cos it’s both of you I want ! 💋

by pmcgoo825

Would love to be spit roast by you pair of sexy ladies x

by Kinkyguy4you19

Love to come visit and enjoy you both together xxx

by scole378

susanbpool susanbpool
  9:28 am Friday, 24th May, 2019

I can now understand why my ex wife needed a walkin wardrobe for her clothes..xx

susanbpool susanbpool
  4:01 pm Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019

We have all had times like this.. I'm sitting here all dressed up waiting for my meet to turn up.. Ok slightly late..but just got a text to say sorry can't make it. So going to go wash off makeup and change back into boring clothes.

It was actually my gf.. so I had to forgive her after she made up for it. xx

by susanbpool

It is so frustrating when that happens.  It can me take half a day to prepare, at least 2 hours to cover all the mirrors!  I wouldn't stand you up !

by caracalza

susanbpool susanbpool
  1:30 pm Monday, 24th December, 2018

Hope I get a visit from Santa so that I can empty his Sack and he can pull my cracker xx

susanbpool susanbpool
  2:21 pm Thursday, 24th May, 2018

Anybody local want to get a Suntan on their Cheeks !!

Im not local but i would love to get a suntan on my cheeks 

by robertcom830

Yes please 👍

by Oralplzer69


by Kayleigh17

susanbpool susanbpool
  10:45 am Sunday, 6th May, 2018

Hooray.. The Sun is shining so heading out to a secluded wood in the countryside.. xx

Love to join you 💋

by Kayleigh17

susanbpool susanbpool
  9:12 am Monday, 25th December, 2017

Happy Christmas to all and especially to all my friends..hope to meet up with some of you next year ... Misty xxx

susanbpool susanbpool
  9:53 am Friday, 10th November, 2017

Straight guys like crossdressers because some of us dress the way they wish their wives would but don't xx

susanbpool susanbpool
  3:43 pm Friday, 20th October, 2017

Sorry about the last pics I uploaded (focus problem) think I need new photographer 

susanbpool susanbpool
  10:45 am Friday, 6th October, 2017

Visiting Blackpool next week so does anybody know of any c/d friendly pubs/clubs that we could frequent ? xx

susanbpool susanbpool
  12:35 pm Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017

Blackpool here we cum (next week) looking forward to walking along the Prom and out the Piers in our best dresses plus accessories...

susanbpool susanbpool
  11:32 am Monday, 28th August, 2017

Would really like to post a video but need someone local to take it...xx

susanbpool susanbpool
  5:00 pm Tuesday, 30th May, 2017

I'm heading up north to do the North Coast 500, the Highlands and some of the Islands later in June through Into July so if anyone would lik

Deffo yes yes yes 💃💪💓

by Kayleigh17

Media comments
6:46 pm Saturday, 10th February, 2024

Telling people not to hide is a little bit preachy. Not everyone is in a position to not hide it. You should know this. It shouldn’t have to be explained to you.

12:04 pm Tuesday, 14th November, 2023

I want to suck and drain every delicious drop 💧 down my throat 

10:12 am Thursday, 1st June, 2023

nice picture   would rather see a nice cock unrestrained  

5:30 pm Thursday, 20th April, 2023

Gosh this is how to get a geordie lass blushing xxx

3:50 pm Thursday, 16th February, 2023

I would like to spend a long weekend with you both 

9:50 am Tuesday, 24th January, 2023

You can really show it off...wow...slide that aside perfect

9:50 am Tuesday, 24th January, 2023

You can really show it off...wow...slide that aside perfect

12:41 pm Friday, 13th January, 2023

Wow its buy 1 get 1 free but I want to fuck both 🙃 

10:53 am Friday, 6th January, 2023

Two ladies together would be a dream completed for me!! 🥰😍

12:30 pm Friday, 23rd December, 2022

Mmm, lovely figure babe, with a lovely package 😘💋💋💋

2:13 pm Monday, 19th December, 2022

Love to share a glass of wine 🍷together sometime 💋Isabella xx

11:48 am Friday, 2nd December, 2022

i'd love to suck both your cocks, love swallowing tasty cum

11:43 am Monday, 3rd October, 2022

Lovely cock love to suck it and make you cum in my mouth 👅👅👅💋💋💋💋

1:56 am Sunday, 2nd October, 2022

I love foreplay and walks outdoors im so hard between my legs for you darling

5:41 pm Friday, 23rd September, 2022

Misty with those beautiful looking legs in that outfit the only thing missing is your legs wrapped around my neck

5:41 pm Friday, 23rd September, 2022

Misty with those beautiful looking legs in that outfit the only thing missing is your legs wrapped around my neck

9:38 pm Thursday, 12th May, 2022

🤗would love to peel those panties down and lick it to attention 😋💋💋🤤xx

6:40 am Thursday, 12th May, 2022

🤗wow, can see my lipstick from balls to tip😋💋💋xx

1:51 pm Wednesday, 16th March, 2022

nice sexy photo of you !nice body legs and sexy shoes xxx

7:47 am Sunday, 27th February, 2022

My  cock  is  so  hard  between  my  legs  for  you