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Picture below Clare who I visited this evening xxx

looking for someone who would be willing to meet up over time,  not just talk for a day or two, someone who is willing to genuine get to know each other through messages and then meet when I feel ready ect.  

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looking for someone who is genuine! who could help me out and not just say it for the sake of it.


I can't read messages

im bi cd boy and im seeking real bi couple,any couple like to bi cd???

Would love a slut couple to play with in Somerset x

Why do I get blocked? 

still looking for someone who can accom local


Hello how are you ? Ihooe you remember me ? Where are you now ?

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Only get in contact if you are local.


Chat chat

I need a sex machine

Off to suites now , who's interested to come with ☺️

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Meet up

Meet up

Chat? 🙂

I need a sex machine

I need to be pumped full of hot creamy spunk both ends.xx

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It's time for me to leave this site now but been an experience. Those who have my personal please keep in touch those who don't and would like to be friends off this site, I am on here till end of week so please let me know. I wish all on good luck in what you are looking for xxx Michelle 

I would like to thank the nice friends I have made on here , and also like to comment on someone of the not so nice.

No hotlist, no friend

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Any London guys? 


Getting dressed up en femme going to dept stores clothing shopping, out for a dinner or cup of coffee with others in en femme

Anyone up for meet to dress

forgive me, i,m horny

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Who wants to meet today for fun xxxxxx 

Hope you like my new media sweeties xxx

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Sat in the car at West Bretton hopefully will meet someone x

hii,  yes,  i want to talk with u

looking for someone who can hold a convocation, not just write one word messages!  someone who does want to talk first , someone who read my profile probably .  Please note, I'm NOT a TV, so I don't dress up, I want to change gender to be happy!  message me if you know the difference and will treat me with respect!

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norty tv in need of serious dicapline and total use

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just laddered another brand new pair of tights,again!!

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Lets sex 😜

any genuine men who live close by who could help me out? offer a lot of pleasure??

Hey fancy a friendly chat or mayb more mail me

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I wish to become a wife for one day at least

Desperately looking for men to have fun with on a regular basis! 

When I asked him r u top or bottom he answered that he is always bottom but when he saw my sexy belly he wants to top me. Really this turned me on until now

We opened the video chat, playing with our boobs, then I show him the rest of my body and juicy iam, he excited vey much and his tool became hard like a rock

Yesterday I was internet chatting with bottom gay, he told me that he has a big boobs then I challenged him that I have bigger ones

really looking for a gentle man, who could help me out!!! lives close by,

Kitty has some spare time tomorrow morning to meet up or some one who can accomadate xxx.

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Its cool to be here......✌️

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ld love to help  you suck on that pretty cock

Do I look better in male clothes or dressed up as a female?

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Hi sweeties xx I hope you like my new media xxx  Nicky xxx👄👄👄👄💞💞

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Hi sweeties xx I hope you like my new media.

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looking for someone who can pleasure me a lot!!

looking for my first time with a man. who lives close by.

when ?

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Looking paid service pm. nyo details . prebebly cavite area 

Is there anyone in Adelaide wanting to hook up xo

I am in Adelaide not Victoria 

anyone close by Cambridge or surrounding towns ect

anyone free today to play in south devon area xx

Looking for girl from cavite .can I fuck hard. Comment down leave you message or #. Happy fucking !!!

looking for my first time with a man, must respect its my first time. must be able to hold a convocation. get to know each other, not one doing all the asking, must respect I am trans male,. not someone who likes to dress up!

Gonny sumday answer to this jessy

i dont care

easy  u tell me where i will go

sorry i dont have timw

i want to go but i cant and i dont have time

google not found

u tell something i have gps

can u send adress email?

30 min and i go

i aklvays get

hi we can meet a quaet place  ballincollig

who is coming

i dint know when and where we meet

i there on chat the hot tub room

i understand  i there  now on chat

i want meet but i dont know nothing

Pm me asap

I want sex!! any one can I fuck hard!!

sorry im not irish

sorry i dont know where is

can we chat

I hope everyone has a fantastic 2017 filled with love, passion, caring, fun and excitement 🙂 xxx

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Hi to all you sexy divas out there I wish you all a very prosperous new year. Xxxx

Can u meet todey

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Happy New Year to my friends 

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL from Roanna, have the best of in 2017

Gabinettofor sex now at patong beach 

Waiting for users to acknowledge my friend requests 🙂

looking for meet tonight and tomorrow night at my house for all night session xxx

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Just got back from soho great night out lots of TV out so proud to be a transvestite and so proud to have a micro penis yes I am only 2 inches and so proud of it 

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Who wants to meet now for hot sex xxxxx xx now tho in shrewsbury xxxxxxx

fuck me please  🙂 ifeel brrrr4r

For those interested. Pm your # 

Need to get out tonight for some fun will be ready for some cock 

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I can't read messages