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My boyfriend just pounded me silly. Jealous?

Life starts at 40 well 3 years after it still hasn't kicked off 

Friends, I am free this monday. Text me if you wanna have some real fun! 

Is there any decent rewarding men out there x

Graphic sexual pics allowed but gurls enjoying a drink and having discourse BANNED !  

How do I start HRT to finally become the women I've always longed to be!? 

Are there any girls can accom in sheff tomorrow? Needs to be early am for 2/3 hours 

Hi all you lovely gorgeous people, am looking for a meet up tonight with someone who can accom....any takers? xxxx

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When is tonight there's no date 

by marknewski5952 at 6:31 am Monday, 23rd April, 2018

I can accom x 

by mitchcherry83 at 8:53 pm Saturday, 21st April, 2018

Keep me in mind for next time babe x

by trevroyer at 9:44 am Friday, 20th April, 2018

Any other CD girls in the Glasgow area around my age fancy having a chat? 🙂 Xx

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Anytime sexy 

by teebee2016 at 10:07 am Friday, 20th April, 2018

to many men asking for me to top them and i don't and can't so removed them.

Im.really bored tonight help help me please im really in need of a good hard cock right in my wet hole xx 

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One year on from coming  out the gurls gave me a night to remember.  I thank you all, you know who you are, and if if could love you all more I would. Hugs , kisses, and more  Sarah XXXX

Been downhill ever since lol xxx

by rebelz64 at 10:54 am Thursday, 19th April, 2018

looking for a girlfriend, and my first time with a man

Looking for a meet today in the Glasgow area today for some nsa fun, whose fealing horny 😈 x

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I'm still looking to be a sissy hubby 

CAN i MAkE IT CLEAR i am here hopefully to make friends and more with the right people. HERE to meet Couples Male : Female and Female : Females  single females  trans females and trans males  so guys dont waste your time not i terested.

Hi looking for couple or female around colchester 

Iam free tonight to fuck and tomorrow guys so message me soon xx

Iam free to fuck tonight and tomorrow guys so message me soo. 

Iam free to fuck tonight and tomorrow guys so message me soo. 


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by padne at 1:20 am Tuesday, 17th April, 2018

Pornstar look party

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Hoping to be playing at dress up tomorrow - anyone got any special requests 👠👙😳

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You look gorgeous in everything & out of everything  x

by 1967BOMBER at 6:50 pm Tuesday, 17th April, 2018

Desperate for accomodation  or room or Granny flat , gold coast south prefer,, please there must b someone to take me n my handbag lol

Well bee. A while since i posted on here will be o e yeR in june on hormones and body is changeing now wearing a 38b bra wS fitted for my bra two weeks ago is only to going to get better as will my dress size come down .

I’m hotel in Manchester City center cheapblowjobs message me 

Waiting guy's

Fumando espero un buen rábazo activo, que sea grande y gordo y tenga los huevos cargados. Y mejor sería que serían 2 los que vendrian, que de tanto jugar con mi culito me cabrían las 2 a la vez y moriría de extasis

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Sub male looking for a Mistress in MA

Had my first real taste of rudeness in Reading 2day..He still looked me up and down atleast 3 times;) Horid human male..

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Good on you hun. Keep ya chin up. Xx

by Stephanie77 at 7:56 am Thursday, 19th April, 2018

It happens, I usually return the compliment, then tut loudly, turn on my heel and leave

by amyjane58 at 4:41 pm Monday, 16th April, 2018

Let's play😱

Just in from pornstar look party,, I defo won biggest fake boobs

hi I would lol to have some fun with you

Hola amores contáctenme ire a cdmx este lunes por un buen rato de diversión y pasion

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Any srilanka bisexual couple here who like to cd

Hiya, I'm looking for guys or girls who can accommodate for sexual pleasure or just for me to clean and serve you. Message me if serious xxx

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All I want is a relationship with a martue CD or sissy thanks love Kimberly x 

Had a lovely dinner in Oxford 2night..Very cold thoe made for pert nipp's under my cami  😉 Have a lovely weekend lovelys 🙂

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Feeling amazing - wearing a slinky babydoll number under a knee-length lacy dress, high heels, fishnets, silk panties and my hair in c*ck-sucker pigtails! Pictures another time, just enjoying being sensual.  Rock on 😉 xx

Rewarding men message me 🤗

Who would like to play with  this?

Weekend's party theme porstar look going to be crazy can't wait

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any girls close by Cambridge?

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looking for fun times 13th 

girls? if I am older than you, I'm looking for you to call me " daddy" 😉

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hi looking for chats and see how it goes??

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Alguien que me de unos besitos aqui

Hello in-nies pjuttost kollha x

hello x x

Good afternoon everyone and how are you all doing today i hope you're all well and haveing a fantastic day yourselfs.  Love daisy xoxo 

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Beckie honey don't let anyone put you down lovely girl love Nina xxx

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Be proud of who you are and what you are and the rest will fall into place CX

Hi my name is Kimberly I'm a CD i live in Guildford Surrey is there any sissys or CDs or very fem gays who want to meet up with me please let me know thanks love Kimberly x 👄👙🤦👠🤰

well sure thing should be my nick name,havin to resort to my vibe again,still i suppose its practice,and i get to eat my cum later lol xxx

Nice  weather for getting cozy at home and having some hot milk 🙂

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To elaborate on my first post. I always used to visit our local toilets when I was younger and happened to find a full outfit discarded on the floor in one of the cubicles. Stockings, suspenders, knickers and a Basque. All in dirty white colour. As I inspected them I quickly closed the door. They were damp and had a sexy aroma. Before I knew what I was doing I had stripped off and was rolling on the stockings and suspenders. I rubbed the soft satin Basque across my rock hard cock and admired the curious stains it had. Then I felt the damp panties and knew I had to wear them. I shuddered as I felt their dampness hit my skin and a strange feeling of sexiness washed over me as I pulled them over my bumcheeks. It was then that I realised that most of the dampness was in the bum area and it dawned on me this was cum, kinkily I massaged it into my arse crack and I swear it was still warm. This act turned me on so much, sat in a men's toilet, dressed in someone else's used lingerie rubbing th

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by hochitim1 at 4:37 pm Monday, 9th April, 2018

Upper west side hotel, Sissy is hooded with makeup and nnee

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Very nice, and sexy

by dadsspook at 8:09 am Monday, 9th April, 2018

Once upon a time there was a guy who lasted long.... guys, seriously. Dont blame the tightness! 

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Open to offers for Sat night 14th April

Too tired to keep up with all you sexy gyrls 😉 Have a nice night xoxo

Sat here in Black Basque, susses attached, Black stockings with red seams and Cuban heels, panties.

time to have some dressed up fun

Would some one like to suck my nipples love Kimberly x 👄

Message mee sexy but

Hello peta love to be friends ,Maggie X

Available for fun tonight xx pm me

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up the braes tomorrow 

Reward me help me travel where are the gentlemen ??

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here 🙂 x

by kranium4 at 1:53 am Sunday, 8th April, 2018


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Waiting in a motel for guy’s to contact me for some fun😉😉

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where abouts

by yeman69erMelbourne at 4:34 pm Thursday, 5th April, 2018

Someone want to use and abuse me? 

My demise may be imminent here so thank you one and all Sarah xxx

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Not my choice seems I have encountered the wrath of Admin so time is limited...but XXXXX to you .

by saraangel at 6:56 pm Wednesday, 4th April, 2018

baby please don't go you know we love you so,  your one of our foundation stones, we would be lost without you, love Jessica xxxxx 

by kenredeaglesFrimley at 6:53 pm Wednesday, 4th April, 2018

👙👠 love it 

Cock sucking videos for sale cheap message me 

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Lets make some videos x

by justanotherfella5 at 6:25 pm Friday, 6th April, 2018

I would like some vids pls x

by chrismcnab at 6:03 pm Thursday, 5th April, 2018

I would like some pls babe x 

by chrismcnab at 5:57 pm Thursday, 5th April, 2018

I would like to buy some x 

by chrismcnab at 5:55 pm Thursday, 5th April, 2018

To my hacker I will delete every PiC you you post until all gone and that's it !!!

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Love men that are rewarding💋

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why use photo shop?

why use photo shop?

My friends, I am moving out from Tamavua. Now the fun it will be around Damodar City. Hope to see y'all at my new place! 😘

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T como toda mujer

T como toda mujer

Mid 40’s and have been dressing in secret for a while but recently came out to my wife and she has been very supportive. We have had a few shopping trips together. She is allowing me to dress at the moment while she is out as she is not yet ready to see me as the other person in the relationship.My style of dressing is smart / casual such as a pair of jeans and a jumper or t-shirt, a denim skirt again with a jumper or a t-shirt combined with a pair of thick tights, socks and either a pair of heels, pumps or a pair of trainers. Underneath I love to wear a matching bra & knickers or bodysuit.  Finishing my look I love a simple watch, bracelet, necklace and a couple of rings, I don't like chunky, brash in your face style of jewellery. I also pad my cups out with small silicone breast forms that are available on that popular auction website. I like a small breast such as an A or B cup. Next on the 'To Get' list is hair, a nice Auburn wig.  My legs are smooth, I shave them once a week,

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Love being all dressed up and no panties. Who knows what could happen ❤️💋

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Pics or it didn’t happen 😂, jk 

by jimderbyshire at 10:28 pm Sunday, 1st April, 2018

Horny bunny today.. halp

Any srilanka bisexual couple here??

Happy Easter ❤️

The sexiest thing a wOman can wear is a strapon

Happy easter everyone xoxo 

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thank you hun, and you to. XXX

by stuartbroadben at 7:37 pm Monday, 2nd April, 2018

thanks, and you to daisy. XXX

by stuartbroadben at 7:26 pm Monday, 2nd April, 2018

Cheap blowjobs got videos that I love being rewarded for! X

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Freshly shaved, fully moisturised, new tights- feeling so damn horny!! 💋❤️

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My plan to go on a cruise boat tomorrow has been canceled due to weather. Lets find out whats good for tonight in Suva then... 🙂

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mmm nice

by blk1980 at 7:31 am Saturday, 31st March, 2018

Hello ma friends from West. I am coming once again for the weekend! Shall we have some fun Brazilian way? Pvt me! 

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Yes yes yes

by vishalFiji at 9:20 pm Friday, 30th March, 2018

I’m looking for men that will reward me for being there dirty little slut and give me an allowance x  

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Hi I'l love for you to be my dirty little south you are absolutely stunning I would love to arrange to meet 

by Osbourneckwuj at 11:18 pm Friday, 30th March, 2018

I'm planning to dress this week and my question is should I go blonde or redhead? Also for bra, suspenders and stockings choices are red, white and black. Please help me to decide? xxx

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I do wish people would read profiles first .I know its the small print but it is there for a reason 

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You and me both...

by amyjane58 at 5:54 pm Friday, 30th March, 2018

Hope everyone has a great easter with lots of choccy...mmm smell the flowers, spring is here...or is it 😘😘😘 x

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I really want sex!!!! so horny!!!!! 

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What's this

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