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7:06 pm Monday, 8th July, 2013

My suitor writes to me every day, nay, several times a day. He pursues his suit of me diligently and tirelessly. And I want to reward him.
I have taken a solemn vow that when he catches me, I will..


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10:22 pm Sunday, 7th July, 2013

It just struck me like a lightning-bolt that up the street, round the corner, in the next village or town there may be someone whose life could touch mine and yet for all the wonders of the virtual..


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10:00 pm Sunday, 7th July, 2013

. . . . is all very good, but a LOT is even better. I've never been known to be moderate in my desires and don't see why I should start that now!
There are a lot of people who say they are..


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7:44 pm Monday, 22nd April, 2013

How would YOU like me to suck your Cock?
I wonder?
I could kneel before you, quite submissive as you stand, tall and manly, over me. I would unzip your trousers and slip my hand in, to free your..


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1:39 am Monday, 22nd April, 2013

There is nothing like a Cock!
Oh, how true that is.
An engorged penis, standing proud just like the Lion Rampant of Scotland - erect and throbbing and packed full of the goodness I so love to taste..


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8:37 am Sunday, 1st January, 2012

Well now! How can I describe him?
My First Foot that is.
One word, five syllables: FAN-TAB-YOU-LOS-A, Darling!
Just after midnight, I was curled up on the sofa, watching Jackie Bird presenting the..


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11:02 pm Tuesday, 30th August, 2011

Well, Darling, there are so many ways:

I can Love Thee with my Fingers, when they run up and down the scales on your Clarinet, raising your expectations and increasing your excitement - and your..

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9:51 am Monday, 29th August, 2011

Well it happened like this - there I was, alone in Melrose after dark and reconciled to making my way home when I bumped into a guy in a KILT! there are a lot of them around, especially after..


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8:47 pm Saturday, 27th August, 2011

It all comes down to personal preference, don't you think? I like Al Fresco - no, not one of the Sopranos - it means out of doors, in the open, under the stars if you're romantic (like me) or on a..

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9:31 pm Friday, 26th August, 2011

The Weather Forecast is not so HOT! It looks like Rain - But I don't care what the Weather Man says when the Weather man says it's Raining, You won't hear me Complaining - NO! NO! NO! NO!
I've got a..


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10:47 pm Thursday, 25th August, 2011

What kind of man do I like? - Someone kind and caring, a real Gentleman who treats me like a Lady. Strong and virile, who holds me tight and kisses me passionately. Tall and broad, with firm hands..

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10:03 pm Tuesday, 23rd August, 2011

Gosh! What to say? - Dunno!
What's it about? - Me!
What about you? - Well, what I do and see, or who I see and do!
Friends and Lovers? - Oh that would be Naughty, I don't kiss and tell, well, not..

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