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What Kind of Man am I looking for?

10:47 pm Thursday, 25th August, 2011

What kind of man do I like? - Someone kind and caring, a real Gentleman who treats me like a Lady. Strong and virile, who holds me tight and kisses me passionately. Tall and broad, with firm hands which caress and explore me. Someone with a good sense of humour who makes me laugh when he tickles my fancy. With a tasty tongue and an even tastier cock. Someone who will take decisions and act on them. Who will tell me what he wants and how I can please him. Who can make love with me for hours and come back for more again and again. Who will discuss movies and novels and with whom I can act out scenes from them - Heathcliffe to my Cathy, Bogart to my Lauren Bacall. Someone I can love. Is that too much to hope for?

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Lady seeks Gentlemen Friends for Fun and Frolicks

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