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7:32 pm Friday, 6th April, 2018

I feel if we listen and listen well is enough...most of the cpl wish to talk speak  out their fantasies, want to make intimate friends though they may or may not wish for real action...In day to day..

4:10 pm Sunday, 1st April, 2018

Travelling by train and I feel that meeting cpls is like meeting people on train journey.We be together for a short while and then part away...And sometimes if we feel more stronger the bonding we..


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12:00 pm Monday, 12th February, 2018

Sometimes interacting with ppl on ths site gives us impression that we are not humans but products....cam confirmation,hangout verifications,visual sites verifications and if at other end you dont'..


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Blog Introduction

We r a cpl from India.good looking and genuine.

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