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My first shopping trip.

10:29 pm Saturday, 14th April, 2018

So this is my first ever blog post here and after today, I finally have something worth telling!
For this weekend I have had the house to myself which is something that never happens. On Friday I went to my local Supermarket to get some supplies for the weekend and also some ‘extra’ clothing. I wondered around the women’s clothing section (with a list in my hand so I could pretend I was looking for a ‘gift’). This was the first time I had ever gone shopping with the intent of buying ladies clothing and if truth be told, I could have purchased everything right there and then! I actually just blindly picked up anything off the lingerie section and a few other items and wasn’t too sure what I had till I got home. It was very difficult picking them up as I hung around waiting for other shoppers to be out of sight before picking them up and hiding them in the basket!
I then made my way to the self service (of course!) and quickly scanned the items and just as quickly put them in my shopping bag.
So what did I get in the end? Well, a mix match to say the least!
First I got a black corset that is a little small but fits alright. A pair of tights and a skin tight dark green dress that actually fits surprising well! I also stopped off at a party shop on the way home and purchased a longhaired, brown wig to complete my feminine look. Oh, and a bag of balloons which I filled with water to act as my ‘breasts’. Needless to say that I have sent the entire day at home getting to know my feminine side who I really wish I could explore more often.Of course, they will be disposed of by Monday but for now, I enjoy it as much as I can!

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Looking for crossdressing friends in my area.

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