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This one’s for my king.

11:36 pm Wednesday, 14th February, 2018

For my King.

I sit in his office. Blindfolded. My hands tied to each side of the strong wooden arms of the chair. My ankles secured to each leg too. I am naked and exposed. For all I know I could have an audience. But there’s only one person I have in mind, he is the one I want to be surveying me, taking in the view, enjoying my body, watching me pant in excitement and anticipation.

My head is moving from side to side as I’m searching for the sound of him, hoping he is near. I almost jump out of my skin when I feel his breath on my ear as he crouches down behind me. I feel the hairs on my neck stand on end.

“I’ve waited a long time for this” he says in a deep and lustful voice. I tilt my head back. Desperate for contact, straining my neck, mentally begging for his hands to be on me, his lips, anything.

He gently sweeps my hair away from my other ear and again he whispers “oh the things I’m going to do to you girl, you’re all mine now, you know that right”

“Y...yes sir” I stutter.

“Excuse me?” He questions.

“Yes sir, I am all yours”

“That’s better girl”

He circles around me. I can sense he is standing in front of me now, I hear that low approving rumble in his throat as he takes me in.

“Those lips are mine, those tits are mine. And that exquisite Arse, Is. Mine.”

At his words I feel my cunt swell, the juices rushing, soaking the chair. I want him so badly now.

I begin to grind against the seat. Wishing my hands were free. My cunt begging to be stroked.

He unties my ankles and commands that I spread my legs open. I immediately oblige.

“Look at that gorgeous soaking cunt. So wet already. Dirty dirty girl.”

Suddenly this cold hard chair isn’t so uncomfortable, I continue to grind against it, desperate to entice him closer. Each motion feels better than the last, my cunt gliding back and forth on the soaking seat, the exquisite feeling starts to surge through me.

He takes a deep satisfying breath.

“Mmmm are you trying to make yourself cum girl?”

I let out a deep shuddering breath.

“Look at you, filthy girl, trying to fuck that chair. You like that?”

“Yes sir” I gasp.

“Are you sure? Wouldn’t you rather have my cock girl?”

“Oh yes please sir” I beg, still gliding and grinding on the chair, my excitement building, my cunt pulsating.

He continues “oh you would? Where shall I fuck you first, your mouth? Your cunt? Or does that exquisite arse need some attention?”

“Please sir, please. Fuck me. Fuck me any way you wish. I need your cock” I cry.

He moves closer. Kneeling between my legs. I feel his warm breath on my cunt and I immediately try to push it closer, wanting to feel his mouth on me.

“Mmm look at that pretty pink cunt. So wet. I definitely want to feel that wrapped around my cock, want to see you suck all your juices off”

“Oh yes” I feel the pleasure building. His mouth still just inches from my cunt.

“Once you’ve licked my cock clean, it’s going in that tight arse of yours, I want to watch you ride my cock, your arse bouncing as you get faster and faster, begging me to fill you, riding me hard, desperate to milk my cock dry”

Oh no. I can feel it coming, the pressure building. His voice, the desire in his words, the thought alone is all too much.

“Oh god. I want to cum, please sir let me cum, I really need to cum”

“Very well girl, cum for me” and as he finished speaking he pushes his mouth deep into my cunt. I arch back in the chair and scream in pleasure. “Thankyou sir, Thankyou Thankyou. Thankyou for letting me cum”

I’m panting and aching, my wrists hurt, tied so tightly to the chair I almost tore them off while I came.

“Good girl”

Mmm I do love when he says that.

Still between my legs, on his knees, he lifts my legs over his shoulder, I feel his fingers sliding up and down the opening to my cunt, swollen and tender and so so sensitive it almost hurts.

He pushes his fingers deep inside my cunt and I moan loudly. He starts slowly, fingers sliding in and out. Curling up, teasing my gspot. As he build speed he stops, removing his fingers and teasing me. He runs his finger up and down my arse and teases my holes. My cunt girating wildly.

He pushes his fingers deep inside my cunt again and begins to pump his hand harder and deeper, I feel the pleasure begin to build. The pressure is getting stronger by the second. As he pumps the delicious squelching sound gets louder and louder, his tongue begins to tease my clit, licking and sucking, tracing every part. I feel my body tense, ready to let go. Again, I beg

“please sir, please let me cum”

“No” he says. Pushing his hard in harder and faster.

“I’m going to count down from 10, when I reach 1, then you may cum”

“No please, I can’t, I want to cum now”

“10” he says, deep concentration in his voice as he focuses on my cunt, each hand movement, deeper and stronger, hitting every delectable spot as he goes.

I’m trying to clench my legs together, but his strong body between them makes it impossible.

My hands pull at the rope binding them to the chair, I desperately want to free them and grab onto his shoulders.

Pleasure starts to become pain, the pressure of my juices building, my swollen cunt, the speed of his hand as he dives ever deeper.

I throw my head back and cry out

He moans as he continues, enjoying the super soaking squelching sound of my cunt being fucked by his fingers.

Fuck, at this point he may aswell be back at 10 , I can’t hold it much longer.

I’m certain the pace in which he is counting is slowing down, he’s just being cruel now.

I let out a frustrated moan through gritted teeth.

“Please please sir may i cum”


Never before has the number 1 meant so much to me, hearing it from his mouth is like hearing I’ve won the lottery, like I’ve been told I’ll live forever.

I arch back and scream as I begin to squirt, huge streams escaping my cunt, I feel his hands grip my thighs and steady me as I squirt over and over, my legs trembling, my whole body pulsating, my senses heightened. I feel my blood pumping around my body, every hair on my body spiking.

He releases my legs.

I feel his face close to mine. He kisses me softly, I can taste my sweet cunt, I can feel his wet mouth, soaked in my juice.

He unties my hands, and then removes my blindfold. The neon lights of his office beaming down, as it stings, I try to focus, searching for his eyes. Making contact, I see the brightness of delight in them, sweet satisfaction beams across his face.

He takes my hand and I struggle to stand, my legs still shaking, weak and barely able to hold my weight.

He sits. His glorious cock standing to attention before me. Glistening.

I drop to my knees and look up at him, my eyes say want I want. He can tell. He knows that look, that need I have to please him and show my gratitude.

He nods.

I hungrily take his cock in my mouth. My lips slide over and down. My tongue licking, my whole mouth sucking with deep desire and want. I feel his hands pull back my hair, a huge handful bunched together. He guided me deep and hard, my eyes streaming with tears, my throat clenching.

He holds me there, I relish every second.

As he springs me free I gasp for air and look deep into his eyes. So lost in the moment, a hug grin flashes across my face. He smirks.

I stand, still on shaking legs and turn around, his hands immediately holding my arse. Squeezing it, taking it all in.

I guide his cock inside me, my slick cunt gliding Down his entire length. I suck in a breath as I continue to lower myself on to him. And I begin to writhe in pleasure. His hands still gripping me hard, I bounce and grind harder and harder, feeling his cock twitch inside me at every move. I rub and squeeze his balls as I ride, enjoying every part of him. I can feel his gaze on my arse as I bounce harder and harder on his cock, but I begin to slow, I’m not finished. I need to taste my cunt on his cock.

I hold his gaze as I take his cock back into my throat and lick and suck like my life depends on it. I want his cum. I want to hear him groan in pleasure. I force myself deep down into his cock again, and I feel his legs tense. As I come up for air again, he stands, I look up at him again, never breaking contact as I lick and suck his balls and beg for his cum.

“Please sir, let me have your cum, I need your cum”

He pulls my hair and guides me back into his cock, short sharp thrusts into my throat, I try to steady myself by holding his thighs.

“Hands” he bites out

I know the rules.

I place them behind my back as he continues to fuck my throat harder and deeper.

I hear his breath quicken. His grip on my head tighten. He releases me. As I spring free I place my hands on the floor and look up like a begging dog. Waiting for that sweet treat.

As he cums. He covers my face, I feel the delightful hot liquid run down my chin and begin to drip onto my tits. My tongue searches around my mouth to lick it up, savouring the taste.

“Thankyou sir” I say with deep gratitude. Enjoying it so much I want to do it all again.

He sits back in the chair and knowing my place, I curl up by his feet and clutch his leg with a wicked smile.


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12:31 am Friday, 16th February, 2018

Enjoyed x

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10:27 pm Friday, 16th February, 2018

He is a lucky guy if he exists. If he does not, where do i apply?

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8:44 pm Monday, 19th February, 2018

Stunning .. and very lucky guy....

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5:40 am Thursday, 22nd February, 2018

 Love ur story have u got any more

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12:41 pm Thursday, 22nd February, 2018

really enjoyed this very realistic, well written by a perfect sub xx 

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6:16 pm Saturday, 10th March, 2018

Thats so hot!

9:08 pm Saturday, 28th July, 2018

You are a very good girl 

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