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11:36 pm Wednesday, 14th February, 2018

For my King.

I sit in his office. Blindfolded. My hands tied to each side of the strong wooden arms of the chair. My ankles secured to each leg too. I am naked and exposed. For all I know I could..


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10:39 pm Friday, 8th December, 2017

With great wonder,
I'm wrapped in Your love
And peace washes over my soul;
Substantially sweeter,
A longing much deeper
Is filling my heart's every hole.

A longing to know You,
And strive ever..


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11:55 am Thursday, 16th November, 2017

undefinedI took the envelope gently from his hands. I wanted to tear it open there and then. My heart pounding in my ears, desperation evident in my eyes.

I gently pulled the letter from the..


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11:56 pm Monday, 13th November, 2017

I want to be his. Completely. I want him to own every part of me. To have me however he wants. I want to please him, give him things he didn’t know he wanted. I can’t recall when it was that I..


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12:49 am Wednesday, 8th November, 2017

I apologise in advance, this site doesn’t seem to appreciate my writing and butchers it with random censors and punctuation. In my attempts to defy them I have typed this one up elsewhere and have..


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8:09 pm Monday, 6th November, 2017

We’ve been driving for a while now. I’ve asked where we’re going but he just smirks and say “you’ll see”. It’s late. The roads are getting quieter and there’s less and less street lights. We turn..


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10:14 am Monday, 23rd October, 2017

Getting my frustrations and thoughts out in writing. Generally consist of fantasies I’ve had during the day and normally at inconvenient times! 
It’s dark, and the air feels cold and damp. I can..


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I’m a good girl and good girls do as they are told.

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