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A recurring dream.......drifting off thought

12:47 pm Tuesday, 13th February, 2018

Since coming on here and chatting to you lovely ladies I've had recurring fantasy or horny drifting off to sleep dream....it hasn't come true yet but we live in hope. 
It's about meeting a stranger off this site. Maybe you can visualise this one. Meeting the mystery lady at Stafford Railway station.... Sat waiting in the station with my starbucks and in through the doorway from the platforms walks this woman. Is she the arranged meet ??? Hope so. She is just as i hoped, medium height, long hair, red lipstick, high heels, possibly wearing stockings under her rain coat, fuck she looks hot. Is she, isn't she ???? She clocks me and walks over......  Get in. We had aranged to go to mine to chat and maybe get the show on the road. 5 mins to castlefields home. Out we walk to the multi story carpark where I've parked. Already i can feel a spark, my cock is hard in my trousers making walking normally tough. Into the lift and the door closes, alone, i don't know what to say, but no worries, she plants those red lips on mine. Instantly relaxed but instantly harder. She gently rubs my crotch and notices i am hard as rock. With a bit more gentle stroking she moves to the other side of the lift, presses the stop button and slowly opens her coat. Bloody hell....... Dreams come true. There she is.... High heels, those are stockings, basque, no pants and a shaved / trimmed pussy, large firm tits with erect nipples. Dream come true...... No . wet dream cum true. She starts the lift and unzips me. As the door open she leads me out into the carpark by my cock. As we stand overlooking the park, people going about their day, she takes me in her mouth, ecstasy, she knows what she's doing. Thats it i have to have her. I turn her to face the world, spread her legs and slip my hand between her legs, my god she's wet just awaiting me. So in i slide , straight up my full length as she gasps, so far up i can't get in any more. She pushes back on me. I don't even need to move, she takes control. Back and forth , slowly, quickly, groaping my wet balls through her legs, rubbing her clit and licking her fingers. I can feel her insides clutching my cock and that starts me off on the road to cumming, she feels that. I don't know whether to pull out, shoot inside or what, but decision made..... Down on her knees she takes me in her mouth, finishes me off whilst doing the same to herself ......fuck me, my head nearly explodes along with my cock. Amazing. .... We kiss then our first words, "morning Dave, nice to meet you. Live near by ????"

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