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Two Peter Norths for the price of one! Part 1


Several weeks ago, we received a mail from a guy in Eire wanting to meet us. We do get lots of mails, especially from single guys, and we filter these carefully, meeting a few nice people from time to time.

This particular mail stood out from the norm...A...

11:02 am Saturday, 7th April, 2007

Monday 2nd April


I was driving back from my parents’ house after I’d spent a couple of days there. It was late and I’d been driving for about three hours. I got to the lay-by around midnight and decided to check it..

10:15 pm Friday, 6th April, 2007

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Spank you very much!........( our first bdsm adventure) Part 3


I could have easily shot my load of cum into her mouth right then, but I had something else in mind as the other bench had looked very inviting earlier.

I laid S down on the bench and restrained her wrists in black leather cuffs chained to the wooden stocks..

3:20 pm Friday, 6th April, 2007

Spank you very much!........( our first bdsm adventure) Part 2


After spending days of fucking each other's brains out and being incredibly turned on thinking about playing in the dungeon, we arrived at C & T's home around 8pm last Thursday evening and sat down in their lounge for a drink and a chat.

S was..

1:04 pm Thursday, 5th April, 2007

Spank you very much!.......( our first bdsm adventure) Part 1


S and I have just encountered our very first bdsm experience together and we thought to would to be good to relate this to others, as there are probably many people out there who like us have often thought and fantasised about these alternative activities and who perhaps..

2:43 am Thursday, 5th April, 2007

To see, or not to see; that is the question!


About a year and a half ago we had an email from a couple in the UK (M & N) who liked our profile and wanted to meet. They owned a holiday home here in Spain and were coming over with family, because of the circumstances they weren't sure if a meeting was..

4:07 pm Wednesday, 4th April, 2007

A very European "Union" Part 2


We then arrived at that often awkward 'breaking the ice' moment i.e. how and who should start it happening, J of the couple (who I take my hat off to) suggested that he kiss his partner K, then he kisses my partner S, then the girls kiss each other.

This then..

10:28 am Wednesday, 4th April, 2007

A very European "Union" Part 1


After our fun with our male friend A on Friday evening/Saturday morning we spent a relaxing day on Saturday, in bed of course, with lots of sexual activity thinking about the night before and the intensity of A fucking S, which always makes us hot.

On Saturday evening we..

9:10 am Wednesday, 4th April, 2007

Return of the Sperminator


S is glowing, and so would you be if you had the amount of cum sprayed over you as she has had lately!

When they coined the phrase 'greedy girl' I am sure they had her in mind, but I love it, horny to watch, keeps her skin looking great and it's cheaper than ass's milk..

2:59 pm Tuesday, 3rd April, 2007

If you go down to the beach today.....you're in for a big surprise!


We have discovered a horny dogging/outdoor fun spot near Altea.

We are unsure of the name of the beach but it is quite private and a long narrow naturist beach between Altea town and Mascarat.

We went down there a while back for the first time and within..

2:43 pm Tuesday, 3rd April, 2007

oh wot a night


hi all . well saterday night was wonderful. i herd from stu & tracy about 8pm told me to be ready for 10.

10 arrived & i was greeted by a lovely site. tracy in a red pvc corset with no cups so her gorjus boobs were in full view. she also had on a pair of red pvc..

5:37 pm Monday, 2nd April, 2007

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mmmmm stu & tracy again


just talked to the hrny couple again. will be performing for me next wknd so i can stroke my dick & tell them what to do.

cant wait. will let u no how things go.

cris ..

8:55 pm Sunday, 25th March, 2007

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horny me again


hi all. was on a site called photo amatures the other day & got chatting to a couple from leeds. stu & tracy. tracy was another wonderful bbw. i told her i would love to wank on cam for her & she said she would love to see me.

so on went her cam & mine. she was..

5:13 pm Thursday, 22nd March, 2007

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Fun in May



We a cpl looking for fun with cpls, males and females in or around the Plymouth area.

We cannot accom but can travel.

We thinking of going to secrets last w/end May aswell

Check out our profile and drop us a line


1:52 pm Wednesday, 21st March, 2007



... perhaps I should do something to put the cum back in Cumbria...


12:43 pm Wednesday, 21st March, 2007



Maybe one hot sunny day in the summer I'll spend the day riding around the lakes on my motorbike with someone I've met up with, if only for the while. Up and over the tops and down the other side, along narrow winding roads to a secluded inlet or river bank where we'll have a dip and play..

12:19 pm Wednesday, 21st March, 2007



I sort of understand the relevance of most of the questions in the profile bit. But I have to admit, I don't altogether get the size thing - how the heck should I know whether I'm a small, medium, large, gargantuan or whatever. Never having had any sort of complaint, nor ever having been in..

12:19 pm Wednesday, 21st March, 2007

just say hi



9:19 pm Tuesday, 20th March, 2007

1st post continued


can enjoy just being with a woman, or even being a friend, a lover, without ever having to worry about her saying 'let’s have kids', 'a mortgage', two cars and a cat. I mean a cat? Everyone knows dogs are cooler.

Well I'm going to try contacting some people in the next few days...

12:34 pm Monday, 19th March, 2007

A trilogy in five parts


So here is the second instalment of my adventures on this website. First of all thanks to those of you who said nice things about what I wrote last time. I was amazed when people read it and I felt flattered when some of you said you liked it. Flattered and a little bit guilty too. What I..

12:30 pm Monday, 19th March, 2007

Part 2


So far the people I've talked to have been really nice. I've found the women on here to be honest and genuine and usually quite chatty. I’ve also found out that even though this is a website for casual sex, you still need to be able to turn a girl on, and that apparently the words 'fancy a..

12:25 pm Monday, 19th March, 2007

Part 3


There are some very attractive ladies on this site, although you do have to be careful when viewing photos, as there are a few ladies out there that have anatomy that I wouldn't ordinarily associate with ladies. It's happened me once or twice that I've enlarged a thumbnail and instead..

12:18 pm Monday, 19th March, 2007

Part 4


So enough with the casual observations, get to the juicy parts. Have I actually met anyone from this site yet? Yes I did meet with someone, but sadly just for lunch. I met with a very attractive bored housewife but unfortunately I didn't really take her fancy. Still it was cool to realise..

12:11 pm Monday, 19th March, 2007

Flyin the Flag!


Unfortunately I missed the Eurovsion Qualifying programme, however I have just seen the winning entry on the news. Is it just me or are the ladies in the group, Scooch, very sexy! Particualrly love the dark haired lass - perfect body ! OH well back to reality - one day, wonder if she is..

5:36 am Sunday, 18th March, 2007

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more fun times


well its me again .

i got a mail from julie in birmingham saying she would love to see me perform 4 her while her hubby fucked her so we aranged a time & got ready. i started off stroking my cock slowly to make sure it got as hardas possible. i watched her as she sucked her..

5:16 pm Saturday, 17th March, 2007

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