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Predominantly submissive but also switch on occasion.

Swinger ThermalComa (Female) from UK, Doncaster

Being able to be myself, flit and wander without the constant fear of judgement or having the stress or worry that others with get frustrated at my whimsy. Being able to show both my delicate side and dominating and 'intimidating' side but that not causing others to back down from me but spur them on.

I enjoy art, reading and creativity and being free to do this makes me happy. Supporting others with their hobbies, making them relax, brings a thrill too.

Seeking Male

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ThermalComa Personal Details
Gender Female
Age 33
Location UK, England: South Yorkshire, Doncaster
🌈 Sexuality Straight

Media comments
12:23 am Saturday, 3rd February, 2024

Hello would love to meet you

11:24 pm Friday, 27th October, 2023

Hey there. Check my profile and get in touch 😉

7:48 am Monday, 16th October, 2023

yes yes ur stunning 😍

1:52 pm Saturday, 16th December, 2023

perfect vxxx

7:48 am Monday, 16th October, 2023

let's meet xxxx

9:32 am Saturday, 6th January, 2024

Sexy x