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looking for love and fun xoxox

Swinger evelynwh117 (Female) from UK, Islington

It's hard to tell about myself)) It turns out that this is a subjective opinion. My friends and colleagues say that I am a very kind and positive person, it's easy to communicate with me. I'm not conflict person, and I also do not like to argue. I live by this principle: "If everything is bad, then the words will not help, but if everything is good, then why talk about it?". This principle greatly facilitates the life for me and others.

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evelynwh117 Personal Details
Gender Female
Age 38
Sexuality Straight
Location UK, England: Greater London, Islington
Ethnicity White / Caucasian
Height 5ft 6in (168 cm)
Build Average
Hair Light brown
Body hair Natural
Body decoration Earrings
Drink Socially
Smoke No
Drugs None
Cock/Breast size Medium
Travel Can accommodate, Will travel
Safe sex Always
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Recent status updates
evelynwh117 evelynwh117
  11:06 am Sunday, 28th February, 2021

is there anyone there to take me out for a drink or meal????

PM Me 😘

by Esxboy0000

evelynwh117 evelynwh117
  4:48 am Thursday, 19th November, 2020

I feel lonely and I can’t sleep, is there anyone who can keep me company😘😘😘?

Hot 💕

by cosworthf924

Never sleep - so we have in common 

by cutecock

Very Sexy 👙

by allsortsofsex

evelynwh117 evelynwh117
  10:11 am Wednesday, 22nd April, 2020

hiya is anyone there to say hi?

Wow she looks amazing 😻 

by cosworthf924

Hiya bueatiful what's shaking. X

by MrEeee

Well Hello There.....💕

by TommoLincoln

Hey beautiful. You are stunning xx

by anddd707

Hi LV how are things with you. X

by phill1968Seacroft

hi how are you you look so sexy

by gre279


by daij79

Hi from Newcastle pm me if you want to chat gorgeous xxx

by marksm578

Hey gorgeous 

by paullucas5B54

Hey Evelyn ya wee hotpot❤️👅💯

by Wullypaul


by earthmover407

hi hows uru upto much

by hardyand746

Hi beautiful lady x

by damianf369

Let me know honey and I’ll do a hell of a lot more than say hi to you xx

by lgrie073

hi evely

by andys145

Hey gorgeous 

by paullucas5B54


by joedow559

Hi hi hi hi

by Tomaszek19

So Sad 😭

by sissybecca85


by Tomaszek19

Nice Boobs! 🕵

by Cowellsta

Hello beautiful lady, would  love to serve you x x

by damianf369

I think you are one fantastic beautiful woman

by georgemer161

Hey you! Your stunning 

by sea429

hi sexy lady xx

by truckerone69

Fuck my cock sexy 

by markhorne123Derby

Well hello there im dbarnes from Newcastle upon Tyne and would love to show you a few things like mmm x

by davidb2671

Hello sexy 

by Raverjonb26ADWestminster

Yooo hoooo

by bobe921

Bling! 🤑

by grahamstead

Hello sexy

by theakst250

Hi 😃

by matt817Darlington

good morning wonderful as you are amazing.

by mar246Westminster

Hello 😍

by PapaOrca9300

Hi cutie how you doing 

by jamesmilford76

Gorgeous Lady xx

by Josepi19Partick


by dgr938

So Sexy 👠

by campb504

Lick It 👅

by dgr938

Hello there Eve u look stunning  😉 xxx

by weaponA

Delicious 👄

by paullucas5B54


by howard67

Wow 😍

by Johnny

Love it 💕

by stevster7619

Hi Luv to chat (and more)! Wx

by naughtywill56

Yes please 👍

by carr162

Amazing bod

by Hornylover87

why are negative comments removed, are there any real people on here 

by mosul50

Cute 🤗

by bob996

Yep!  Anytime, would love to xx

by niceass2012

Evelyn say hi if real it will make a change on here 

by mosul50

hi me all the more please thank you 

by sowyme

Perfect 👌

by dgr938

Classy 🍸

by Direc264

Hot 💕

by sbainbri032

PM Me 😘

by Cdlover93

Hi gorgeous x

by horni20


by markkenyon38

Hi baby xx

by dervmanInverness

Hello Beautiful xxx

by Josepi19

Very Sexy 👙

by mikarn177

Yummy 👅

by Simonconnell1977

Hi Evelyn, how are you?

by jinglejangle43

Hi 😀

by swinglematty

Hi  love to chat x

by horni20

Hi..You are stunning

by Danecaldicott41

evelynwh117 evelynwh117
  5:15 am Friday, 1st November, 2019

is there any nice guy out there wanna take me out for fun???

Fancy going camping

by Marvins3oomWatford

Yes I’d love to have a great workout with you sweetheart ❤️❤️❤️

by cosworthf924

Just beautiful

by Mowfy1953

Yes plz xxx

by Wavey27

I would love to, I live pretty close to felling to if that helps at all

by rizzogon

Y go out u could stay in

by peterpar112Corstorphine

I definitely would love to 😊 xxx

by weaponA

If u was closer I'd show u fun....love..to take u out..

by willbo77

Well i would love to take you out Anytime

by earthmover407

What fun sexual  if I live where  you are I would  so you fun Brian  xx 

by brian62Derry

We’re you thinkingNando’s,two for one!

by sturobo


by benjfish38

Right here 

by Firsttime8776

Are there any real people on here

by mosul50


by mosul50

Well sexy let's catch up sometime soon

by silscarl780

Just tell me where and when x

by seanwhitter16

Certainly do!

by lgrie073


by Firsttime8776

Yes evelynwh I'm here you looking am

by Dcoff

Bling! 🤑

by rexcoritani

Pretty woman 

by stephenrich733

It's a shame she's just messing everybody about it

by willismichael94

So Sad 😭

by ryand225

Nice Boobs! 🕵

by silscarl780

I'm a nice guy I'll take u out

by trippdanny37Sutton

Hey love to x

by scotthart605

Cn still rip them off lol

by Wullypaul

Hello x

by Andy3618

Yummy 👅

by rmacd30

Want me to rip the nickers off you ❤️❤️❤️

by Wullypaul

Amazing bod

by david9833

I would willingly take you out for some fun, but where at the moment?

by elbungle

You are a very attractive lady xx 

by Badboyboston

Delicious 👄

by trippdanny37Su

Love too babe

by Wullypaul

I would love to 

by russwin

Im Davidbarnes from Newcastle and would love to take you out x

by davidb2671

Oh my God I am here for you 

by brummiekel

I would love to take you out 👌

by jamie43WarleyEssex

Love it 💕

by Seabiscuit40s

i would love to x

by adam1234Gomersal

Perfect 👌

by NeilscorpioGateshead

Yes and I'm close by

by sandcar774

So Sexy 👠

by jakmeov

Message me x

by ollie982

Most definitely would be my pleasure x

by Jecke

Send number let’s date xx

by keith445

Pm me would love to take you out xxx

by Andy3618

Personification of perfection 

by Jonboy86UshawMoor

Lick It 👅

by geoffreyricha2

Very Sexy 👙

by sexyman35uk

Id love to take you out

by Leeab63

Hot 💕

by Alistairjaffre19

Wow 😍

by Fukemme

PM Me 😘

by Rayjue

anytime, anyplace, anywhere. you know where to find me....  

by mreee72

Definitely. Yes please. 

by basingph257

Oh yes...I'm in Brighton👍

by winston2000UK

Yes please 👍

by Richy6669

Hi 😀

by WelshJaguar

It would be my pleasure what time Are you free 👍

by Jecke

Classy 🍸

by Alistairjaffre19

Yes , I will ,and I’m in London so pm me baby x

by Mickyboymichae

Media comments
2:33 am Saturday, 13th March, 2021

Absolutely Beautiful what more can i say 😋😊😁👍

4:05 pm Sunday, 28th February, 2021

Love to eat your sweet pussy 

9:32 am Friday, 2nd December, 2022

Adorable picture 

9:30 pm Wednesday, 3rd November, 2021

Your mine girl xx