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Stricly Paid for Sometime for some emergency & Dont message if you cant pay not intrested for unpaid as of now! I m looking forward to explore the adventurous ride with Straight guys, girl, couple, group sex or gang bang.

Swinger Sexxdollindia (Female) from India, Ahmedabad

Paid Only - I'm too kinky to be handled. Well i liked who are shaved so please don't approach who are not shaved and yea profile who doesn't have profile pic wont be entertained so if you interested kindly send me your pic in private. I m to curious to explore it deeply so privacy need to be maintained on high level. I m genuine looking for longer period of time. I respect if you keep the privacy at the top level. I'm straight forward, open, easy going and friendly. I Love travelling and very passionate about all kind of adventure and outdoor sports. I'm Party Animal and Music freak like into house, techno, electro, drum n bass, deep house, trance.

Well most importantly I have not done this before but just want to give it a try for the first time. And i love travelling so if anyone looking for a partner and travel and love to explore the world while making amazing memories then i will be interested but just not with the intention to fuck as i would appreciate somebody who is interested to make NSA memories and want to make love not to fuck. If anyone who can understand this difference between making love and to fuck and wants to make memories and make love please contact me otherwise strictly don't waste your time and i wont be interested.

About me more I Love travelling and travelling and travelling and explore the world and shopping and and partying and make memories. So we can be partner to Shop around and Party Partner and enjoy wearing new sexy clothes and party hard and finally make NSA Love not FUCK. I can never say no for Travelling and Shopping and Partying. I would connect this as like its good to travel around with a partner and Shop Sexy Stuffs and Party and make NSA Love not Sex or Fuck Specifically and even do shopping together as it brings charm and sensible companion for longer period of time not just to fuck around and go home. So, lets go Travel, Shop together and Party Hard and Enjoy the NSA Love making time harder too :D :P

And as of now people i will be available for paid one as due to some emergency i need it to help someone but kindly respect as its the need for someone I'm not a prostitute so don't even message me by thinking this. While even if you paying doest mean you just come to fuck around please note i just want to explore it in a good way and make memories with NSA and privacy at the top level so please mind it.

And yes kindly just don't drop me your no. or just say hi or one word message directly in my inbox because you wont be entertained so don't waste time. It would be Appreciated if it can be real conversation and try to create a bond and get to know about likes and dislikes and then take a next step further. Just drop me message with your no. directly. Try to introduce your self in brief and talk about what you feel after reading my profile whether you can give and understand me what i have mentioned in my profile about me then try to talk about it and drop me message. Thanks alot!

Have a Trippy Time Folks!! Cheers \m/

I am looking to hear from Male, Female, Couple members

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Sexxdollindia Personal Details
Gender Female
Age 29
Sexuality Bi-curious
Ethnicity Indian
Height I will tell you later
Build Athletic
Hair Black
Body Hair Shaved
Body Decoration
Drink Socially
Smoke No
Location India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad
Interest Longterm
Drugs I will tell you later
Cock/Breast size Prefer not to say
Travel Will travel
Safe Sex Always
Paid Services Yes
Friends desibond007, Candl2636, VishwaKD, albakshmulla, kiyara, humtumbabes, Hardy0025, armaan26, Raviplaytime9282, vihaanraj, Rudra69Isha, sunnyRajasthan, Aksh69, harshvrdhans, raag0008, Dare2Shashi, fyziemeighoo, GSSPandey, Mike4047, ronin2006k, kp9995 

Profile Reviews
3:08 pm Saturday, 16th January, 2016

she is a very sweet girl to talk too and very polite understanding and caring too.She is an amazing person and i am looking forward to meet her someday.

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Recent status updates
  10:09 pm Monday, 11th January, 2016

Anyone interested in sex? Available for non localite only. Can travel and Paid Service with full satisfaction.

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Sup doll ... I m ready and for now in Ahmedabad 

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like i already said. can get to something

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by bullrider41

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by Nilesm

how much do you charge?

by silverexplore

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