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It's National Orgasm Day - Are You Coming?!

It’s the 31st of July and National Orgasm Day today. A perfect day to get your friends and loved ones to celebrate with you! However, if you are on your own, what better way to celebrate the best day of the year, than by treating yourself to a new toy and some sexy lube! Either way, be selfish for once. You deserve that orgasm! It is your right as a living, breathing, tax-paying, citizen of the world to reach that mountain top of lust!!

Over in Blog Land: What's more important than sex? Turns out a whole bunch of things, according to an online poll conducted by one of the world's leading market research firms. On a list of 10 things people can't live without, sex came in near the bottom - behind food, cars, Internet access and smartphones. So, which could you live without? Sexing or Texting? Click here to join the discussion.