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Germanovichvadim1981 (37) Straight Male
Financially independent. I live alone in a spacious apartment. Forgot about the cat! We live together.
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk

max193 (25) Straight Male
I am a truster from Belarus and I want to find girl
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk

markuae (45) Straight Male
I’m indian, in Minsk for a short holiday looking for some company
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk

sanyk771 (40) Straight Male
люблю секс и все что с ним связано,но в пределах разумного
Belarus, Hrodzyenskaya Voblasts`, Grodno

Aleksandr259 (35) Straight Male
Soy el mas ordinario) Cariñoso, amable, capaz de escuchar)
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk

breildubai (40, 40) Straight Male, Straight Female
We re international couple 40 years old, she full bisex. Contaci.
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk

Papapaip (30) Straight Male
If you want to have a brother, said your father fuck your mother.
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk

belarus2018 (32) Straight Male
32 года, мобилен, 175/85, без материальных проблем,
Belarus, Homyel`skaya Voblasts`, Gomel

fazalaminpfn (28) Straight Male
Its hard to find true friendship but it's easy to lose
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk

Rixio2016 (26) Gay Male
Contactar travestis para tener una linda amistad y confiabilidad para ambos buscó lo qué quieran y pasen por sus mente
Belarus, Brestskaya Voblasts`, Brest

Handsome1989 (29) Straight Male
I am a good boy. I seeking a strange lady for a long web relationship. more about me, I say you later /
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk

nikvelk (40, 36) Straight Male, Bi-curious Female
Open minded end willing to find new exiting destinations and share them with friends.
Belarus, Brestskaya Voblasts`, Brest

Lovesex7518 (36) Straight Male
I m sportif dark man , i have big cook 19 cm. I love long and hard sex
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk

ALEX5860 (20) Straight Male
I'm a well respected, well educated and well deciplined decent as well as a handsome guy who likes to attempt a crazy thing that is out of my mind that i think having some private ..
Belarus, Vitsyebskaya Voblasts`, Vitebsk

asdborisov (34) Straight Male
люблю свободно мыслящих людей, без стереотипов . знающих чего хотят от жизни.
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk

krell18 (24) Straight Male
посредством своих социальных сетей сообщил о том, что его альбом выйдет в начале 2018 года. это будет лучшая его музыка на сегодняшний день, а сам альбом будет включать все жанры ..
Belarus, Vitsyebskaya Voblasts`, Vitebsk

Adamjab (32) Straight Male
PR in a fashion company Business consultant MBA , MEL Horse trainer I write poetry and short stories I Love animals especially dogs I Love hard rock and metal music World tr..
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk

caringheart8883 (38) Straight Female
I am a person with a sparkle in my eyes and in my personality in general. Yes, I can seem shy at first, I am like that with people whom I hardly know, in many life situations my mo..
Belarus, Minsk, Bobruisk

Cockold17 (35) Bi Male
Experience about 2 years of wearing a chastity belt, but I want to go further
Belarus, Homyel`skaya Voblasts`, Gomel

vitaliyMogilev (43) Straight Male
Высокий, симпатичный, спортивный, люблю красивых девушек
Belarus, Mahilyowskaya Voblasts`, Mogilev

oiannas (45) Straight Female
Just simple, easy and going fast....looking and thinking....good luck....
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk

STUL8000 (36) Straight Male
Есть реальнный опыт, долгое время жил в Европе сейчас снова в республике Беларусь ищу друзей по интересам
Belarus, Hrodzyenskaya Voblasts`, Grodno

JamyPatison (28) Gay Male
Проще поговорить и узнавать человека, чем писать о себе!
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk

Vlad17 (45) Straight Male
серьезный и т. д ищу женщину для отношений и общения
Belarus, Minsk, Minsk

sasha17Grodno (33) Gay Male
? ????? ?? ????? ????? ? ???-????? ??? ? ???? ???? 8 ?????: ????? - ????? - ????? - ????? - ????? - ???-???? - ????? - ????? - ?????. ? ????? ? 6 ?????: LEJ, AMS, ORD, JFK, MIA ? A..
Belarus, Hrodzyenskaya Voblasts`, Grodno