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Lip Service: Oral Sex Tips and Advice

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Hey everyone,

So this week we have Worship of Tools Day, this is a day meant for organising workshed tools...zzz, oh sorry, must have drifted off there. With a name like that and dirty minds like us there’s much more exciting possibilities like honouring phalluses everywhere. With it also being Women’s Day on Thursday, a day for giving ladies the special treatment, this week is prime for something where both sexes get the appreciation and attention that they deserve. Oral sex anyone?

We have a couple of pointers on how you can worship their wangs and praise their pussies.

If going down on a man:

Foreplay isn’t just for females, sure he may still cross the proverbial finish line and achieve the big ‘o’ if you go straight at it and skip the build up but if you take your time and allow him to savour each little sensation his eventual orgasm will be stronger, bigger and better.

Remember the passion, he wants to feel like you’re enjoying being down there pleasuring him. So make the right enthusiastic noises, give intermittent eye contact and keep your teeth well away. Don’t lose yourself in the attempt for passion and forget the no teeth policy by having at it like a drunk on a kebab.

Don’t forget his balls, the penis always get the glory and focus but then there’s two little shy fellas hiding behind it, they’re sensitive and have feelings too. So show them some love by giving them some gentle, emphasis on gentle TLC as you simultaneously pleasure the phallic star of the show with your other hand and/or mouth.

If going down on a lady:

Be gentle, you’re teasing the clitoris, a teeny, tiny organ packed with over 8,000 nerve endings not sanding down a coffee table. If you go too hard, chances are it may be uncomfortable for her, so gently does it. Men often mis-underestimate the clout of the clitoris, not realising that such a little goes a long way when it comes to touching one and even the lightest, sensation can be felt and appreciated.

Once again, once you’re down there and perhaps have your tongue or fingers inside her vagina, a delicate approach is best, at least until you’ve put in some foreplay anyway. A come hither movement when finding her G-Spot is better than the forcibly unblocking a toilet with a plunger motion which some pornos may have you believe.

Last but not least, create a vacuum on her clit with your lips to draw blood into the nerve endings there. It will be super-sensitive upon your releasing. Repeat or hold this vacuum for as long as she prefers.

Share your own advice, pointers or simply how you like oral done to you by replying to this post. So, how do you eat yours?

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What about going down on her anus as well???Full of nerve endings.

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thanks for the pointers muchess welcome

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Mmmmm sounds perfect spank you SAMaria ??

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Dont forget to practice your ABCs, with your tongue ??

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Don't forget to take your time in every inch in here yummy body 

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Remember spitters are quitters!!!!

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Just reading your advice on going down on a woman ..gets my juice rising ...xx

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Understand and feel what you are giving to your partner ??

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Hay it takes two , all it you then three or four iam kidding I wish you were next Door, to the teacher 

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Thank you maria, you are my munber one I think people know how I feel about my tearcher she good at teaching , I like how it feels after you do all this its real juicy no need for Vaseline so juicy good.

Yes Maria is a good teacher , I like oral it’s good as the sex part. She’s  had a lot of good points I love ?? oral . When your done it’s so juicy when you have sex  , no need for Vaseline .
. ????????

Yes Maria is a good teacher , I like oral it’s good as the sex part. She’s  had a lot of good points I love ?? oral . When your done it’s so juicy when you have sex  , no need for Vaseline .
. ???????????

M aria :  night I try four times for a post here go’s night I love ?? you keep this for you who’s you I don’t know oh talking about oral makes me thanks 

Don't forget to play with her nipples as it gets me so horny

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i no ho to eat pussy been doing it a long time

2 weeks ago I was in a sexy bikini my best friend wanted a bj I took his 8" balls deep sucked his balls. I moaned he was ready to cum I stopped. Started gain after he was getting soft out my finger in his ass he almost blew my head off

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LOVE, how our admin Maria, speaks as if, from (personal) experience ?? ??

You know what you like lol....????????????

I love to take my time.  Responding to the sensual sexy moans and reactions from different places... I love ro taste and feel the pressure to orgasm build and  want to prolong this as much as I can to make sure when you cum it is incredibly powerful...licking pussy and clit Omg gets me hard

Hi its so good time for more enjoyments thanks locantoo web


what of the medical implication of licking pussy with your tongue,

Oral is Floral - the better done makes the flower unfold to its maximum - let's respect it this women's day ! ??

I find that gently tickling the ass hole, whilst working on the pussy, achieves tremendous results!

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The part about sucking to drawinto the clit is very important.  Just remember that it makes it more sensitive, too. Light little tongue flicks around the very end drive her nuts.  The closer she gets to cumming, the lighter (and faster) your touch should be.  When she cums, stop moving the tongue; but put your mouth all the way around it and suck hard and steady until her pelvis stops bucking around.  You'll be forever welcome at her place from then on. 

I love ?? 69 I’ll like to take my tongue slow and ease on your clit for a while ,then take my finger put it in your pussy take it out not all the way and back in slow and ease then tease you in out in out ,then when you are juicy fuck the hell out you dear . WOW

You don’t like what I worte. You lead me on mow you won’t even put up what I post it , why allway me I won’t bother you no more sorry 

Don' be shy ,they like it when they gag really x

oral sex is my favorite food