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Dogging NI

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Any good real dogging spots in Northern Ireland. We are looking fun!

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If there is let me know please 

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Hi. I too am looking for some dogging fun
Can u let me know if anything comes up  please?
Tom xxx 

Hi lm really looking an invite to go dogging really interested if some female could take me many thanks merlin

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Hi there do you know if any good dogging spots in Belfast?

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Pick a spot and time and let us know x

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Hi there great to meet yous giants ring 8.00 pm does this time suit if not let me know I will be on my own tnks

Hi decide we’re and get in tou

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Can you send us your private media Merlin ? 

Hi let me know if you get my pic plse 

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How about Ballyhackett viewing point guys?

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Is that up the lane ?

Yea, small turning circle with a picnic bench. You can see anyone coming for miles.

Hey guys let me know wen and we’re please 


A bit cold though? 

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Hey guys let me know wen and we’re tnks x