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Help needed for purchasing false boobies

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Can anyone help me choose a decent size silicon breast. and what type, straps, adhesive or what ever feels and stays in place. and advise on what size of bra to useĀ  with them, as I find it very confusing, My chest measurement just under the nipple is 40-41 inch, can anyone advise what size bra I would need to hold a DD or D sized breast. greatly appreciated, love you all. xx

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Hi Babe

I would not use the glue as I have found the boobs just fall of and the glue ruins the bra. I have a large pair of silicone false ones that I wear with a pocket bra bought off Ebay. Nicola Jane also do pocket bras for lades that have had operations and need to wear falsies. These are sized with DD and D cup sizes and work well. See my pics for examples.

Truekare.com good place to by boobs! not to expensive not cheep either and they have size charts
....I always were a lil bit oversized sports bras to me it holds them just right and I never use glue Iit screws up your boobs... but you gotta see what works for you