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Older men younger fems

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Nows heres the thing. As a lady I like nothing better than a lot of attention and if I am honest Im finding it increasingly irritating that younger men don't know how to look after a lady. Im very lucky to be with an older guy who is a real gent as well as being self assured enough to be confident in the bedroom and still relaxed to meet with other couples. So for me its couples with older guys all the way. Any takers? 

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ill take you

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????Check me out I'm an older man????

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my mrs is natural blonde 32 and looking for a olde guywith large cock above 9inches to fuck her friday night while i watch at ours manchester , genuine reply wanted with face pic and cock pic ,please look at our profile first 

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Id love to be a taker on that offer

who knows..

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im up for that

What can I say the women is very wise and know what she wants and the gets with older men

Let me get my reading glasses and hearing aid and then I'm all yours. ..quick visit to the toilet first. .


still waiting for offers 68 ciao


i am on offer to all you ladies and couples,,

Looking  for an aunty aged above 35 to 45 years

a complete waste of time.

Even at our ages can go all night and over yearsthe more senior have learnt more.  Gone is the quickie.  It's so much fun to make it last.  Watch your girl orgasm time after time.

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In standby at the ready lol 

As an older man my self  I can say (In my unbiased opinion) that you are correct! older men ARE better lovers  Chris xx

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really wow sounds hot - anytime sounds great 

Would love to be part of your meet x

hi, I'm 48 and have had some great times with younger women I can certainly relate to your post. There is a lot to be said for experience and confidence. I'm told that many younger guys make it all about them rather than mutual satisfaction.

I am an older gentleman
 Look me up

Well I'm certainly experienced in pleasing a woman if interested