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Gang bang with us?

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Date start: 18.02.2017 Date END: 19.02.2017 We're looking to set up an evening of lots of cock and pussy, ,couples and females more than welcome.. please message first and show us who you are etc

Sex pests will not get replied too... ??????

We looking forward to having you ??

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RE:Gang bang with us?

Not done this before.
As a single man am I included?

What is a sex pest?


RE:Gang bang with us?

Sounds good, message me if I'm ok to attend.

would like to attend

Get in touch for feedback if ok to attend..


can I attend please let me know if ok

RE:Gang bang with us?

please may I be included

RE:Gang bang with us?

message me if I'm ok to attend.
I would like to have one to one with your wife.


Hi I would like to attand can pleaes have more info thank u

Hi there

Hi would like to attend this event can I please get approval to join in the fun?

RE:Gang bang with us?

Hi still got no info