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A special relaxing luxury party with service.

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Date start: 18.02.2017 Date END: 19.02.2017 Hey, don't miss this: You like to come to a special partý ? We like to try new things and new kind of party.

We are New to this and like to try.

We are organizing to have a special and little different partý next Weekend. Only 3 couple can come and join us.

When people like the can take a shower or a bath, and right after shower, we will offer all couples 4 hand massage on massage bed.

This will be to turn all senses up to next level. And it´s up to themself what they like to do next, take a swing, lay down or dance. Our four hand massage can be 6 hands if partner like to be apart of the massage.

We will have different places in the apartment, it´s small so all will be near others, we will have big bed, normal bed, swing, and more to play on or with.

2 bathrooms, one with bath and other with shower you can always jump in too.

We offer in the party all drinks, soft and the rest..... we will have some food for all, and gift for all that will be there.

Our job in the party is to serve you and make all so you will have the best time ever, and relaxing time that will last.

The party will stand from 22:00 where the point come they like to leave, no stress and no hurry. We will charge a little fee for every person for the cost of it all.

More informations if you ask us. We try to choose similar couples together.

Hope you will not miss this partý.


Event cancelled

Event cancelled