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The club is open from 11am each day (12 Sunday) and you are welcome to stay as long as you wish. Adam and Eves is renowned for its relaxed friendly atmosphere, which is one of the main reasons it has been open for 27 years. The staff are all formerly customers of the club and are as such, part of the family.

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Club Information
E-mail enquiries@adamandevesclub.co.uk
Phone 0161-789-8500

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Reviews and Comments

Hi am new on here

Never been but want to, bit nervous

No reviews since 2012?

We went there last Thursday and were well
Looked after no other guests were there was a quiet night . Myself and bf played alone watched porn and enjoyed having the room to ourself

The jacuzzi was being cleaned out otherwise would have had a relax in there

Will attend again and hopefully meet some couples

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I liked this club and want to be a member of this club. Thanks to all of staffs and members in advance

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There were no lockers to put your valuables in, you just hand them into reception. They have four large play rooms for communal use, but no private lockable rooms. There is one Jacuzzi and one sauna, both of which only accommodate four people. There is only one shower and you're not gonna share that with anyone. The place is looking quite tacky and in need of redecoration in some areas. I called before I visited and also asked at reception and was assured there were quite a few other users. There were fours guys and one lady and upon my arrival, she appeared to have finished. I sat around 90 minutes, played a bit of pool alone, had a dip in the Jacuzzi and watched some videos. I'm no gay or bi and with no ladies at a 'Greedy Girls' event, I left. In fairness it was an afternoon event, but the clubs been around quite some time, so why have an event if no ladies turn up. Perhaps evenings are the best time to go. Disappointing experience.

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Am a single guy always wanted to visit adam and eves been thinking about it for some time now so I will surely will go Patrick

Iv never been to a club but will be checking this out out shortley and attending in the future with my gf, hope to see some nice people there, x

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Ifound the staff take good care of new visitors and they made shure I had a good time.

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Our first time at Adam and eves the club is very clean ( inc the rooms ) and warm .
The owners made us feel very welcome and the people that were in there were non clicky they made us very welcome.We had no pressure from any of the single guys what were in there we will visit this club again very soon .
we had a good night and the guy from canada went home very happy.

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We have been members there since 2002 but only get to go a couple of times a year. There is a friendly atmosphere and lots of action. We have met several first-timers there and they usually comment on how safe and unpressured they feel at this venue. The staff and regulars take good care of new visitors. Not a "plush" venue but clean and offers lots of room sizes for various combinations (even has a "bi" room set aside on Monday nights - well on my last visst sep 2011). Give it a try x

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Bit scruffy, decor dated, but more playing happens here than at any club I've been to, and that's a good few!

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We went to Adam and Eves for the first time on last Fri we were a bit nervous at first but the staff and members were really friendly and made us very welcome we had a great day there so we will be back soon for lots more fun see you all soon.

Karen & Mick xx

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the club is a nice friendly relaxed place where first timers to hard core swingers are always welcome, i go often on a friday night as well as weds daytimes

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too small been to adam and eves twice and was'nt really that impressed..to small and poky ..

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adam n eves we went about a fortnight ago on a saturday.
we got there about 11pm, we were the only couple in and about 8 single guys.

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great club we have been on friday nights and saturday nights and had some great time with bif and couples the ONLY probs is the single man in the club..so we are hoping to go on a sunday about 4 pm.... the staff are great and will help you

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adam n eves me and my partner went to adam n eves for the first time , was really looked after staff were great very nice clean place nice atmosphere we will definetly be regulars there

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adam n eves been going to adam and eves for past 7 yrs
in fact i met my partner there
all staff are freindly and very helpful
in fact a single girl is safe there on her own as all the regs look out for you and make sure your safe at all times

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