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The Paradise Spa has a large dance area with Two poles for those women who like to show off their talents. They have DJ booth with lighting and sound system, Next to this we have 3 themed double lockable playrooms. The area leads onto the front of the bar where there are multiple black leather settees and black leather bar stools. we now have a very popular sex swing. The club boasts a 2 large Jacuzzi's as well as a Sauna and stream room. The club is open 7 days a week and Couples as well as single males and females can attend.


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Club Information
E-mail info@theparadisespa.co.uk
Phone 020 8598 8575
Zip RM8 3UH

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Reviews and Comments

The club has closed any 1 know if it reopens let us know please

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Anyone fancy goin wiv me

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hello just seen not been yet but happy to go along one night with anyone !

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Me and my misses went, we didn't like it.
If you are interested in men it would be cool.
On the night we went it was 90% single men.
We left without playing at all.
When we decided to go to a room just to play together we had men throwing them selfs at us and made us very uncomfortable.

I've never been to a club or done anything like this but 2016 is the year to to it in if anyone would like company I'd love to chat

Hope to hear from you soon x

Ive always wanted to go but a little nervous to go it alone as never been to a club before, would anyone be interested in coming along with me?

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Tell us what you think of this club...been thinking of going here for weeks now im a single male looking to try something new any advice anyone

Anyone want to visit with me in September? So I dont feel like a lemon :P

id like to try this place if anhones interested?

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How do I join and how much is love to know

Seedy, shabby, not a nice atmosphere - avoid.

i would l[ke to try this club is there a female that would like to come with me and take a look

What is the average age range at this place?

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I been to Paradise Spa twice. Located on a main road with a car park nearby as well as street parking. Prices are gradually going up, but still reasonable for a few hours of fun.

Unfortunately its mainly an evening event place, but they do have daytime events every Wednesday. The last time I went they had all the things that Barry1000UK did not see, but there were a number of changes between my two visits.

Facilities are good, as this is a swingers club then everyone is looking to play. There were a few couples on both occasions I went but not enough ladies on my first visit. During my second visit, there were a number of single ladies, but judging the way they were going at it with everyone, I believe they may have been escorts hired by the club. Some were genuine though. I haven't been for a few years, but worth a try.

I'd like to see more daytime events.

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What's the price like to get in there as me nd my partner was thinking of going there xx

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What's the age range like at this club?

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I need a female that enjoys group sex to be my partner and visit this club.

can anyone tell me what the club is like? im was thinking of going at somepoint

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visited last Wednesday.Verry friendly Host/Hostess.Girls VERRY playfull,had a great time..Although no sign of Poles,St andrews cross,Wooden stocks,black Whipping Bench,or Sex Swing.As advertised.But the girls made up for it..

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friendly place & people I have been to the paradise spa a number of times over the past couple of years.
Everyone has always been friendly & fun and I have had a number og good times there on my own and with a partner.
I shall go back!

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