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This club is now closed

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Club Information
E-mail info@swingerland.info
Phone 622 838 324
Zip 29650

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Reviews and Comments

this site is closed since 2018 ( esta cerrado desde 2018 mas o menos )

Lo cerraron hace varios años

Hi is it still open

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Yes. It exists! I went there recentely and I am going again on 13th of August. Allaurin de la Torre. I guess is Paseo de las Viñas 7

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Imposible found it, yesterday
And I kept a message three o more times in the tel,

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Fantastic Place...We are traveling there in August, Come join us...

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does this place no longer exist?? are there other clubs in the area of costa del sol??

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jo, yes it is, i called in one time in june 2013.

nice place, just add people.

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not existing anymore.

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