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Liberty Elite is an exclusive members only swingers and fetish club and is considered THE UPMARKET CLUB for those pursuing a liberated lifestyle.

The club has excellent premises, a substantial hotel to prolong your visit and relax after your play.

It is now a dedicated adult venue where people can meet in a pleasant, relaxed convivial atmosphere whilst enjoying various adult themed evenings and events.

The premises, having recently been the subject of a £500,000 refurbishment program are maintained to the highest standards.

Additionally we are able to offer ON SITE HOTEL STANDARD accommodation, which is available both when the club is open, and also during week for discreet meets.

We are conveniently located in Lutterworth in the Midlands, in the centre of the UK's motoring network and are thus within comfortable driving time for the majority of people.

Please contact the club for further details via their website or by phone.

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Club Information
E-mail info@libertyelite.co.uk
Phone 01455 552237
Zip LE17 4HU

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Reviews and Comments

Can single ladies come

We have been swinging around 10 years and have been to a few clubs, can honestly say this is by far the best club in central England. Much more up market than anywhere else around and they don’t allow the drunks in after hours which makes the place much better than any competition. Very clean club with great facilities and great staff. 10/10

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We have been to this club many times and love it, we have tried many clubs over the past 12 years but none come close to the overall experence you get from a visit to Libs.

We have been here on more than one occasion and it has been amazing! Would recommend this for any couple looking for a lovely night with lovely company!

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Can men just go

my hubby and i attended ladies pleasure night last night and i have to say... boy was i pleasured.... the people were very friendly... non pushy..... the men waited to be invited... and they were....i even had the attention from the ladies too and the fun didnt stop there. it carried on when we got home.... we will definately be attending again. i thoroughly recommend it.... absolutely brilliant night

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I went with my wife for the first time and stayed the night, the accommodation was separate from the club with good facilities. The club staff were friendly and the main group room with neon blue lighting was very erotic. I thoroughly recommend it if you are a newbie.

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Our first ever viit to a club, we joined, and had a lovely evening.......Lovely Jacuzzi, with a large, well-used playroom, facilities are all superb......staff very friendly, and welcoming. The dress code is perfect for the environment....we loved it!

hello how are you you pussy wery well

Been to a few clubs across the uk and found this one to be the most pleasant friendly and welcoming club . The hot tub can hold 43, we counted, was a squeeze but hey a lot of fun lol one petite girl was crowd surfing lol a sight to see indeed lol she had hte biggest smile, for some reason

Definately a repeatable club and have to say, best one we have been to in years

Meet you there hehe, just tell us when

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Poor Welcome We Are established Swingers , visiting the Uk From Spain.

On arrival at this Club Last Saturday we were told to leave because I had dark jeans on .
Although I tried to explain their telephone and web site was not functioning so we had no way of confirming above ///// We were still met with the response that we could not come in.
We had booked in nearby and explained this to them , but despite our reasoning-----And that of others we were told to leave.

For the record I was dressed in jacket woold top and dark jeans, We have never before been turned away from any club in Europe , and all that we can say is that they seem to have a prettyy stupid rule on dark jeans ......When at the end of the day i had no intention of keeping them on =====Isnt this the point of going to a sex club ??????


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good upmarket club nice venue run in a friendly no pressure enviroment with nice couples who do get down and dirty.the single guys are respectful and there seems a good range of types attend each event.highly reccomended.
As a couple we have always had a good time there.A bit pricey but worth it for the quality feel of the place.
Private secure parking and away from everywhere so no running the gauntlet that one has to do in some city centre venues when entering.
A nice hotel for swingers only on site too.
Several intimate play areas plus spa area with large playroom also.